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Half Bakery: For-Profit Prepping Communes


Homer Simpson
Genius at work.

Anyone ever check out the site The idea is you have a half-baked idea and you throw it up there for others to flesh out (or shoot down if it sucks). So let me throw out a very half-baked idea to the crew and see how much mockery I can withstand. (Maybe this will be a new series as I’ve kind of petered out on stuff that grinds my gears…)

Idea: For-profit prepping communes.

Details: Some people may wish to be prepared for a SHTF scenario but may not be able to adequately do the prep work themselves. There are a number of constraints that might prohibit someone from adequately prepping: lack of space (think NYC), lack of know-how, too busy, etc. Add to this that there is strength in numbers, and that a commune of preppers would be far more desirable than trying to survive on one’s own. Enter the for-profit prepping commune.

Basically, it’s priced like an insurance policy—annual or monthly contract fees buy you a spot on the commune. The commune is entirely self-sufficient and well defended: off-the-grid energy sources, gardens, water towers, housing, fortifications, weapons, etc. It is staffed by “professional preppers”—i.e., those with long-term survival skills in the harshest of conditions, craftsmen, chefs, medicals, etc.

You may use the facilities any time you wish, including dining there (as food will have to be rotated, and thus either served to members or thrown out). And in the event of an emergency, you are welcome to stay there as long as you like.

But wait—there’s more!

For an additional monthly/annual fee, the commune also offers extraction services. Say you live in, ahem, Brooklyn, but the commune’s in upstate New York. The entire city is in shambles and you can’t possibly get through three boroughs of anarchy with the family. What do you do? Well, good thing you signed up for the Prepper’s Commune Extraction Service. Boasting armored vehicles and choppers, there’s no place they can’t get to to get you and your loved ones out of harm’s way and back to the commune, lickety-split.

Two obvious hurdles jump to mind when contemplating this idea: One, to get this off the ground would require massive capital outlays. Someone would need to have access to someone with some serious money to ever make this happen. Two, how freaking expensive would this be? Would anyone be willing to pay that much?

I’m sure there’s a ton more problems with the idea, but I have to work and my brain has the dumb, and so I entrust the peanut gallery to get busy.



  1. Good seed idea, lets see if it grows. The self sufficiency is key with all having a job to do when visiting. Lets do it in Texas, lots of land, wide open spaces.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Michael. I was thinking that there would be many of these all of the country. Keep extraction as local as possible.

      • When I was working I sat in on some emergency preparedness and evacuation meetings for the Phoenix metro area in case of dirty bomb or bio threat, etc. After months of planning and dozens of meetings all around the area it was decided the best way out of the area was To Walk Out. Every freeway in or out of the whole area would be a complete stand still for days or weeks. The area talked about was the size of LA, we are well spread out with all roads leading to Desert and 5 months of the year its 100 degrees or so with no water. Unless your already bugged out, your stuck where ya are with a need of three gallons of water /day/person to survive, in the shade. Just a Catch 22 scenario. FEMA already has plans for my area, its Oakland, Califorica. I shelter in place till I run dry.

        • riverlife_callie

          Maybe RedStater could expand his idea to include communes in urban areas. You’re right, not everyone will be able to escape the cities.

  2. Spurwing Plover

    Eco-freaks soon to force rationaning upon american’s shutting off their electricity on certian days to achieve the goals of the gaia worshipping earthday freakos

  3. riverlife_callie

    I really like the idea, RedStater. For older people, like myself, it would provide safety in numbers. I still have a lot to contribute, but would not be much good and defensive fighting, for example. I think you need to really work on this. You have something.

  4. David in SC

    Great idea red. But they will have to be well fortified. Think about 10,000 zombies trying get in an area with a few hundred people. Until natural selection takes it’s course we will be outnumbered 10 to 1.

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