After months and millions of dollars, the Department of Justice has found that #Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson told the truth. Why are we not surprised?

The last of the lying witnesses who said Michael Brown was shot in the back with his hands up has admitted to lying. Of course, there will be no perjury charges. They are black. Eric Holder and Barack Obama are black and have proven over the past 6 years that they too hate white Americans. Under Holder, blacks fully achieved blameless superiority in Holder’s Department of Just Us. Unfortunately, an honest, young policeman has had his life destroyed by Obama and Holder’s dishonest and despicable political theater.

Rather than criticize the barbaric burning and looting committed in the riots of Ferguson, the white hating Holder rationalized the savage behavior of the thugs:

“[A]mid a highly toxic environment, defined by mistrust and resentment [of police], stoked by years of bad feelings and spurred by illegal and misguided practices, it is not difficult to imagine how a single tragic incident set off the city of Ferguson like a powder keg.”

If blacks can be excused for torching a community because they distrust police stoked by years of bad feelings, why are white people criticized and labeled racist by avoiding ghetto black people who prey on innocent victims? Because….wait for it….slavery.

White hating black racial extortionists will never admit the number of slaves that were owned by blacks in America nor the number of white people who died to abolish slavery. It doesn’t matter. It’s all a game and there’s black voters waiting to get riled up before election time!

Now Holder wants to control the Ferguson Police Department because he found an 8 year old email that made fun of Obama. This is how farcical America has become under the poisonous political correctness of Obama and Holder.

It’s all part of the grand scheme where black people cannot be held accountable for any criminal action because the police in their community are….wait for it….racist. Yes, that must be the reason. It couldn’t be that the majority of crime are committed by blacks! Ferguson is 67% black but blacks are arrested for crimes 93% of the time. AWD wrote of this new shift in black non-blame in January:


Ferguson, as well as the Trayvon Martin episode, are a double feature of how black people in America despise white people. Not all black people hate whites, but the vast majority do as anyone who has lived in close proximity to black people can attest. The next racial sequel will occur a few months before November 2016. Gotta get them blacks riled up and to the ballot box to vote against Republican crackas!

Read the comments from black people in AWD’s 2010 post “The Hard Truth: Blacks Hate White People.” Blacks who commented prove the veracity of the title of the article. I rest my case.

Ferguson showed America the physical and ideological sh*thole that is Ghetto America. Fraught with ignorance, irresponsibility, laziness, anger, immorality, dependence, and hatred, nothing will change in the present climate. Obama has created a racial disaster zone in America. The country is more racially divided than in the past 60 years. Congratulations, Mr Post Racial President. You can take the Community Organizer out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the Community Organizer.

Obama, Holder, Sharpton and his racist reverend ilk, looting thugs, and lying witnesses should be wearing stripes over Ferguson. But white politicians are petrified at being called…wait for it…..racist! What control that one word has over weak-kneed crackas!

Something is tremendously wrong when an innocent man can be destroyed and perjuring witnesses and corrupt politicians get away with zero consequence. Maybe one day white people will erupt in the streets and riot to protest the corrupt hellhole federal government and those who run it and what they have done to destroy America. My guess is that riot would be violently put down by federal troops in less than an hour.

So Ferguson has put its “HandsDown.” Don’t expect those “HandsToWork” anytime soon. Just another American city turned into a sewer by Ghetto blacks with assistance from Obama and Holder!

Officer Wilson, move to Texas. We have your back. More than you know.


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