AWD knows what y’all are thinking. You’re thinking what the hell is a Quadrophenia? Well, goat ropers, settle down because it’s not a new device you can hang on your AR! And no, it ain’t no 4 Phenias, either! What Quadrophenia is is one of the most underrated albums of all time by one of the greatest bands of all time, The Who. This weekend is the 35th anniversary of the 1979 movie bearing the same name that was produced by The Who. I mean, dude, it’s been 35 years! I’m sure none of y’all saw the movie although probably some have heard the album. I know Calamity Jane has. Shouldn’t be surprised that Kathy Shaidle has.

Here’s what the movie was about:

It’s Sunday and AWD has been working on his tan this weekend while tooling around in my 41 year old cool-ass Jeep laying down rubber and soaking up rays. Listening to KISS, Steely Dan, Drive-by Truckers, and, of course, Dale Watson (may the blessings of Bob Wills be upon him)! Went and saw my buddy Austin Cunningham and his band on Friday night. That boy can just play. Since this weekend has been perfectly peaceful and fun, AWD is hardly in any mood (presently) to go on a rant. I just wanted to check in with y’all and say hey.

Back to Quadrophenia. AWD loves The Who. While Tommy and Who’s Next get more press, Quadrophenia is a tremendous work of art. How AWD wishes people still wrote music like this. I miss the days when people played music like this!

Y’all are wondering how a big, sexy honky-tonking Texan like AWD can like music about a bunch of Englishter, Vespa riding mods in the sixties? Well, there’s a whole hell of a lot to AWD that y’all don’t know. But by now y’all should know that AWD knows more about goodern’ hell music better than anyone on this globally warming cooling whatever Earth! I ain’t just “All Merle, all the time!” So I will post a few videos from Quadrophenia for your listening and educational enjoyment. Noblesse oblige.

Here’s the fantastic “The Real Me.” John Entwistle lays down a bass line on this track so tight you could hang laundry on that sumbitch! Or strangle the nearest passing libtard.

Here’s Pete and Roger (the last remaining originals) live at the 12.12.12 concert with a great tribute to Keith Moon who sang on this vocal. Don’t know what it was Moon is saying because he’s speaking Englishterese. But I still like it. AWD describes Moon’s style of playing drums as “lead drums” as only drummers will truly understand. Cool video!

If you’re just sitting around cleaning your shooting irons and need some good music for the day, let AWD broaden your musical horizons by posting the entire Quadrophenia album. Why do I do it? Because it’s just the kind of AWD I am!

Enjoy your Sunday and I hope it’s as pretty where you are as it is here today in Dallas! I’m off to Dallas to enjoy a concert with my daughter and son in law.



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