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It’s Earth Day and cold as hell today in Texas which has put a hurt on my Harley riding plans! Sure could use some Global Warming today. @#&* liberal environmentalists could screw up an orgy at the Playboy Mansion! Enjoy this perennial Earf Day post. I’m pissed.

Hello happy root huggers! It’s Comrade AWD reporting from the Casa de Amor backyard where we are smoking the hell out of some pork ribs celebrating Earth Day! So far, the annual pig smoker has turned into a 3-alarm fire call…but that’s all right! We’ve got more pork and my town has more gas-guzzlin’ fire trucks!

The Fire Chief finally rolled up and told the assembled firefighters, “I told y’all it was just AWD f-ing around because it’s Earth Day! Hey AWD, how’s your mama’n em?”

Oh, you have to love Earth Day! It’s the enviro-tards equivalent of Kwanzaa. Both are made up holidays and were invented by criminals. The cat who invented Earth Day is Ira Eichhorn who killed his girlfriend and locked her body in a chest. Turned her into compost and then invented Earth Day. Then he fled America and is currently residing with the comm-a-nist Eurotrash kissing trees. He could at least buried her body so she could provide nutrients to the plants!

Which reminds me. What would Earth Day be without these sensitive types?

Damn! I love that video! If I could find out there the next Earth First tree lovefest is taking place, I’d show up with a chainsaw to liven up the festivities!

A local tree said:

“I wish someone would take a chainsaw to my ass so I don’t have to listen to those Earth First tools yelling and scaring the hell out of my saplings every year! Hell, it’s always been my dream to end up being part of a nice house, anyway!”

AWD has enjoyed Earth Day today the way I do each year. I filled up the pickup and put my right boot on the floor board all day! Air conditioning running full-speed, of course. It got so cold I even had to pull over to put on a ski parka. I’ve put about as much carbon in the environment as Michael Moore after a all-you-can-graze Mezcan buffet!

To honor Earth Day, AWD has uncovered 5 little-known facts about the celebration:

  1. Environmentalists are worthless to civilization. They smell like a compost heap and have less intelligence.
  2. Earth Day was invented by a comm-a-nist murderer who smells like a compost heap.  With less intelligence.
  3. Earth Day results in more carbon released into the atmosphere than any other day as normal people use more electricity on this day than the rest of the year combined just to piss off comm-a-nist environmentalists who smell like a compost heap.
  4. All the carbon released into the atmosphere does not damage the Earth one little damn bit!
  5. AWD is the best hog smoker in the world and puts out more carbon cooking pork on his smoker than Al Gore puts out on his private jet in a decade!

I hope you’ll share all those fun facts with all your environmentalist neighbors (if you live outside of Texas) and tell them AWD is doing his part on Earth Day! I hope you too have helped celebrate this wonderful celebration of Mother Earth.

I think I’m going to go chop down a tree.



  1. Earth first
    we’ll mine the other planets later.

  2. Spurwing Plover

    So how big its Leonardo DiCaprios Carbon footprint what about Robert Redfords,Luarie Davids and John Travolta,Bill Nye and Robert Kennedy Jr BIG BIG CARBON FOOTPRINTS LETS SAY GRAND CANYON SIZE

  3. worthless, talentless clown’s death probably due to drug induced coma that led to his death…….the flu my ass……do you really think we are that gullible to believe it was the flu……..Bwahahahahaha…..

    10 to 1 Prince’s death due to overdose of drugs…..want to bet… know damn well this talentless hack was strung out……now he can be put in the ground and fertilized the “Earth” for earth day……….

    maybe he shouldn’t be put in the ground….he might poison the very ground he is put in……burning him would probably be better………….

    good riddance you talentless hack………

    • Prince just finished a concert in Atlanta a few days before, There’s some real bad dope in ATL been making the news for some time so your probably right.

  4. Earth Day… Here, the local hipster burrito chain (wonder what their electricity and food waste bill looks like) offered up terrible fare for $4.22. You know, in honor of Earth Day. All the little hipsters went to blindly ‘contribute.’

  5. I had a great time celebrating Earth Day. I burned large amounts of fossil fuel driving to a shooting range and burned up a lot of gunpowder while there. Doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂

    Seriously though, Global warming is the greatest hoax in modern history.

    I remember as a kid in grade school during the 70’s reading about the Mayan culture that existed centuries ago, and how they sacrificed humans to appease Mother Nature during a time of severe drought , I was amazed at how ignorant they were about what actually drove the climate.

    ….that made me realize that things have not changed as much as I thought.

  6. Eichorn was allowed to make bond on a murder charge even with all the evidence against him, Chuck Schumer was the D.A. at the time that allowed the bond.

    • It was Arlen Spector in Philly who did this and became a RINO senator later on.Einhorn lived in France for many years and was sent back only after we agreed not to use death penalty on his sorry ass.

  7. Spurwing Plover

    I wonder if they did’nt have the school kids singing this stupid song WE DONT NEED NO CARS,WE DONT NEED NO BATHS yeah the so called Climate Fairy this eco-crap they spread and i’ll bet theres was just a few wanks out there meditating sitting lotus style around a tree their arms hanging at their sides their thump and other finger forming little O’s and going OOOOOOMMMM,OOOOOOMMMM,OOOOOMMMM, or waiting at the full moon rose and howling like a pack of wolves

  8. Quartierleblanc

    I really like the Earth Day/ Kwanza analogy. Simply brilliant.

  9. bluecollar

    The woman on the video crying about dead trees probably has had 47 abortions

  10. Spurwing Plover

    Hang Einhorn from a tree cremate his filthy carcass and scatter his ashes all over some tree sitters protesting some logging sales

  11. Spurwing Plover

    The outright hypocracy of the eco-wackos and their Hollywood supporters like Robert Redford,Leonardo DiCaprio,Luarie David,Al Gore,David Suzuki and crack-pots like Bill Nye dictating to us how we should live as one with the Earth and the Useless Nations forcing veganism on us becuse of some hindu crack-pot doctor

  12. Spurwing Plover

    On may 2nd a DVD called CLIMATE HUSSLE is coming out its about this whole climate change poppycock and on part of the tialer i saw there were the usial Useful Idiots meditating on a lawn somewhere or parading around in stupid costumes or face paint what it realy proves is how rediculous these eco-weenies are Just look up BOG GREEN RADICALS and find out

  13. I’m not sure Einhorn was guilty, he might have been set up. He might be a crazy liberal, but from what I read about the case, he might well have been framed.

    He’s in prison in Pennsylvania, for the record.

    “Earth Hour” cracks me up, that’s where I have all the lights on. LOL

  14. Spurwing Plover

    Yeah like enviromental nutball Julia(Butterfly)Hill who made big headlines in all the birdcage liners/Parrots Toilets by sitting i a tree she named LUNA(Such as Lunatics like herself and her followers)then someone went and sawed around Luna’s girth and how these eco-weenies put up a fuss over it all proving enviromentalims a mental disorder cuase by a strict vegan diet and watching crap like AVATAR until your brains turn to mush


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