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Happy Father’s Day!


Father's Day

This Father’s Day brings about some mixed emotions for me.

My father, who though fortunately is still around, is decidedly in decline thanks to a recent health issue. When I was pondering what to get him this year, I realized that what I’ve been getting him my entire life—tools, lawn care equipment, workout stuff—is no longer an option. Those are gifts for those with vitality. My father, however, is now in the terminal years of his life. It is a sad reality to face.

But then I’m comforted—or, more likely, distracted—by the joy Little Stater brings to my life. And in a couple months, that joy will be doubled. To watch these little personalities take form in front of your own eyes is really something else. I highly recommend it!

And, as a bonus specific to those of us who are concerned about the long-term survival of the white race, knowing that, if nothing else, I’m at least not contributing to the decline of the white demographic is satisfying—or, at least, it takes some of the edge off the worry.

So to all the fathers out there—past, present and future—a hearty congratulations to a job well done.

And now, here’s a special message from Little Stater…




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  1. Spurwing Plover

    Time for a BBQ cook a few burgers.hot dogschicken or steaks on a grill and get father one of those conservative books or a bullet shaped pen

  2. Happy Fathers Day !!!

  3. Hoping all you dudes out there are having a great day!

    Btw…Loved what Little Stater had to say, understood him perfectly.

    Also Red, sorry to hear about your dad’s heath. I can relate to how you feel, I lost my dad to terminal cancer years back now.

  4. Get your Dad an iPod or iPad with music on it from his era, and blue tooth headphones. Just an idea.

  5. Whats one holiday unknown in Chicago ? Fathers day !

  6. Happy Father’s Day Red! Children are a gift from God. I can already tell when Little Stater starts writing on AWD I’m going to have to use a Thesaurus to look up the hard words like I do when I read your posts. 🙂

    One of mine and my daughter’s favorites:

    Staind….Zoe Jane


  7. Spurwing Plover

    I see those idiots from PETA wants paw to go vegan for fathers day so in my earlier message i still say Hambugers,Hot Dogs,Chicken and Steak and drive these PETA jerks crazy

  8. Sadly my dad is a no account loser who chose stay with momma in Irland instead of owning up to his responsibility for his half yank son…never even seen or heard from the jerk!

    However Momsie made up the difference in being a dad as well as a mom…she was more a dad then a mom to tell the truth! Heck when I asked for a BB Gun at age 9 she got me a .22 rifle and a 12 gag shotgun set! Lol! Also she was the one who showed me how to fight as well as defend myself! As for hunting…well…we lived on a farm and raised our own meat, but she showed me how to butcher a cow as well as skin one! (I Didn’t enjoy doing that however! lol!)

    Anyway…for a Father’s Day gift I got her an iPhone 5s…mostly so she would stop stealing mine! Lol!

    I Hope explaining this unorthodox tribute celebration of mine doesn’t upset y’all but…Tis how I was raised. Where a true dad failed she “manned up” to fill the void and did an outstanding job!

  9. Alexandra

    Even though my husband and I are not together right now (still praying for reconciliation and I despise the term “ex-husband”) I helped our son pick out a card and a balloon. I had our son write “I love you Daddy” in the card (remember he’s 12 and mildly autistic–and he wants his daddy home), and when I took him over to where his daddy’s staying, he gave them to his daddy.

    Yesterday when my husband brought him home he said thanks for the balloon. 🙂

    When he gets with the program and figures it out, the fact that we’re friendly with each other will help, I think.

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