I want to wish everyone a happy 4th of July. This was posted last year on Independence Day. I pray that my children and yours will experience true liberty and freedom from tyranny in their lifetimes.

AWD got hisself a new two wheeled toy and is out scooting around town today with his hot filly on the back. I’ll get back to writing new stuff tomorrow. Promise. I think.

A few years ago, AWD was on a private tour of Congress. Our host was a Texas Congressman with a tremendous knowledge about American history and the building that houses the House and Senate. While standing before statues of Washington and Jefferson, I wondered how they would feel about current day America and the direction of the country. I think we all know the answer to that question. Revolutions have begun over far less than the tyranny we face today as Americans.

Lovers of liberty in America today celebrate Independence Day as when American colonists risked their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to declare that tyranny must not stand and that the rights of the individual must be protected from government. In the late 1700’s, the tyranny had a British face and accent. In 2014, the tyranny is homegrown and flourishing on American soil from domestic enemies.

We no longer have a government for the people. We have a government for the government that frightens and persecutes the people. Government and those who hold office have become the ruling class that hold and use tremendous power over American citizens. Three letters…IRS…are enough to bring fear and trembling to any American! Unelected bureaucrats in that sick institution can literally destroy one’s life. As we have seen with Obama and Democrats (possibly Republicans), the IRS has been used as an attack dog to silence opposing voices. This, my friends, is tyranny. This is what our Founding Fathers risked their lives to defeat! Why do we suffer it?

Americans are losing freedoms at a horrifying rate. From warrantless government spying to having every aspect of our lives regulated, we are watching Big Brother completely take over. Our elected officials enrich themselves while in office for life while ignoring laws they have sworn to uphold that they themselves have passed!

Crony capitalism and corruption have destroyed the average American’s trust in government. As well it should! Votes and legislation are bought by big money lobbyists while the desires of American taxpayers are ignored! Our southern border is a disaster zone because of a unchallenged third world invasion of moochers. Yet our representatives turn a blind eye while trying to push amnesty for illegal aliens on us! Why? Because Democrats need more lifelong voters and Republicans want more cheap labor for their big business bosses. Meanwhile, Americans are paying for all this madness!

Big Fur Hat of I Own The World has been staying at AWD’s house for the past week or so. We’ve had some great conversations about the direction of America and what will happen when it all comes crashing down. This morning at breakfast we spoke of how liberals (“progtards” as he call them) have indoctrinated the American population with their system of beliefs. How they have nearly destroyed the middle class in America while making millions completely dependent on the government. Government is the new daddy! How they have destroyed the family unit and embraced every strange and perverse lifestyle. Anyone who speaks out against their diseased dogma is ridiculed, harrassed, and destroyed.

AWD told Big Fur that I’m to the point where I believe the only way America can succeed is for it cease to exist as a republic. I believe the Red States should break away from the Blue States. I’m to the point I’d prefer to live in the Constitutional States of America than the United States of America. Like Texan songwriter Ray Wylie Hubbard says, “I don’t care if I ever go to Delaware anyway!”

Drudge Report’s headline today reads “Divided States of America?” As if that’s even a question these days! Blue States long ago chose socialism over pure capitalism. Let them live and die with it! Statists control the American university system and indoctrinate millions of young, stupid people each year. Some never recover to realize that government never EVER created one cent of wealth! Wealth is created by the American producer. The dwindling number of American producers due to governmental malfeasance. Wealth is seized from the producer at government gunpoint and redistributed to the growing mooching classes in America. Not only must the American producer support domestic moochers, Washington now requires we support imported Third World illegal alien moochers looking for a handout. No country can survive with such corruption and stupidity! Not even the United States of America.

Today, AWD listened to some beautiful choral renditions of the Star Spangled Banner while driving my bad ass, gas guzzling F150. The music actually brought tears to my eyes. I am an American. I’m an American patriot. But my heart breaks as this once-great country disintegrates before my eyes. Even though I love America, I cannot stand idly by in silence and support the corruption and disgrace brought upon us by tyrants in Washington.

Last night, Big Fur, the filly and I went to Kaboom Town in Addison, Texas for the fireworks show. It’s one of the top five largest fireworks shows in the country and is always held on July 3rd. The show was spectacular and very moving. But for the first time in going to Kaboom Town for nine years, I found myself thinking about the suicidal direction of the USA. At the end of the fireworks show, I yelled out “God Bless Texas!”

Indeed. God Bless Texas and our love of liberty! I pray that America can soon put itself on the path to freedom and cast off the shackles of tyranny that have been placed upon us by an ever-increasing tyrannical federal government.

God bless those brave souls who risked their everything to stand up to King George and tell him they would no longer suffer his tyranny! And God bless those current day patriots who will one day say the same to Washington!

Molon Labe!

Angry White Dude


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