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As AWD predicted months ago, it’s being leaked Hillary will not be indicted for her multitude of crimes against America. You realize America has become a Banana Republic.

I wish you a happy future Independence Day that I pray will come soon and free us from the corrupt tyranny that has become Washington, DC.

God bless Texas!



  1. Disgusted Caucasian

    Do you have a link dude? I checked over at fox news and they didn’t have anything posted.

    • DC, here’s one from Infowars. I know it’s Infowars but they have been right on a lot of things lately.


      • Disgusted Caucasian

        Thanks AWD…I’ll consider the source. One thing though, if I can get it from the boss, and I realize this may be old news, I thought I was banned a few months ago and didn’t attempt the site until now. Now I see a new site with scripting issues and I’m figuring that there was a big site/html/domain change and I wasn’t banned. Is this the case?

        • DC, you’ve never been banned. We did change servers about a month ago. Let me know if you have problems posting in the future.


  2. I worked as a correctional officer for the great state o Tejas for almost 5 years. It is really difficult to have a conversation with an inmate about why they are locked up over a relatively minor yet illegal action whilst ( as Liam the Englishter might say) every crooked politician with money in this nation gets away with much worse every day. There is no justice for the rich and wicked until the Lord comes again. Unless we hang em from the nearest tree.

    Psalm 12:8 Geneva Bible
    8 The wicked walk on every side; when they are exalted, it is a shame for the sons of men.


  3. we all knew that our government was corrupt…..that the d’himicrat and republitard parties have sold out to special interests and big business only to enrich their cronies and themselves……….we all know what is going on……we all know…..and the parties, know that we know what they are all about….they know that we know what is going on………they know that we know what is going on and they are so arrogant they don’t care that we know…….what are you going to do about it…..”nothing” …….they have us coming and going……our hands are tied and they know it…….they have the power and are going to wield that power with an “iron fist”……..

    the elected officials in the House is a mere rubber stamp…..and is occupied by a den of snakes…..the sell-out Senate is a rubber stamp and is also occupied by a den of snakes…..and the Supreme Court is nothing but a rubber stamp and a den of snakes………………

    and now we find ourselves in a quandary…..damned if you do and damned if you don’t………how the hell did we get here at this stage of the game………things look awfully bleak…..the republic is dying right before our very eyes and we aren’t able to stop it or prevent it from happening……..corruption abounds every where………our elected officials can’t be trusted….they turn on us the moment the realize they have been duly elected……..

    if Donald J, Trump is not sworn in as “47” the only thing left to do is kiss it goodbye………

  4. Josie Gallo

    Here’s a story that should shake you to your very core. In 2009 35 Rabbi’s, 3 New Jersey mayor’s, and 2 state senators…ALL JEWS were arrested for harvesting and selling human body parts to their fellow Jews in Israel.


    Is this what happens to missing children?

    All you sorry pieces of #%& that support the Antichrist Zionist Satanic Jews.

    • Josie Gallo

      You sorry ass people….Jews sell the body parts of your children to save their fellow Jews in Israel.. and you’re more worried about Hillary’s emails…woe to you. Jesus Christ warned you about the Synagogue of Satan but no amount of truth will open your eyes.

  5. BubblePuppy7

    Comey just made it official…no charges to be brought against Clinton.

  6. carnac123

    Bill Clinton has a meeting with Loretta Lynch in a plane and suddenly Hillary is not recommended for any criminal punishment. Did we not all say she would skate?? I am damn sick and tired of all of the shenanigans of this elite group of criminals who disguise themselves as “public servants”. This was all a set up. The American people can see that some people are above the law all of the time. Do not give me this lie again about ” everyone is subject to the law in America”. There is no law in America for the minorities and the elite. Our senate and congress is just about as worthless as the Roman senate was in the days of the Roman empire. We have Caesars instead of presidents and I am fed up with the whole bunch. They all need to be in Jail….every damn one of them; especially Hillary and Bill. Both of them have made a mockery of American politics. That is say a lot. Do not forget the black, shaky fingers of Obama were in this mix also.

  7. Yea… Dude nailed it when he called the US a banana republic….That’s what we’ve become with all of the despicable corruption and lies of Hillary & Company…. Indeed, as in a banana republic, it was a foregone conclusion that she wouldn’t be indicted for her numerous criminal activities….

  8. Holy crap, Comey let’s Hillary skate FREE! Comey exonerates Hillary on the same day Obama starts campaigning with her……coincidence?!? The fact that Obama is campaigning with Hillary today is his way of once again ignoring the rule of law and giving the middle finger to the law abiding citizens of this country. And what about Bill’s meeting with Lynch?

    The big question still remains, does Comey suddenly resign and spill the beans to the world, or will there be mass resignation of the FBI. People, the DOJ and FBI just told the American people to lie about crime, withhold evidence and destroy evidence, just claim the Clinton defense, the dog ate it, accidentally hit delete, see how far that gets ya!

    General Petraus got nailed for doing far less. Scooter Libby was convicted for doing nothing. The machine rolls on and will roll over whomever voices dissent.

    What were we celebrating for exactly yesterday? This is Tyranny!

    • Red Ruffansore

      Is there not still an investigation of the “Clinton foundation” money laundry and bribe depository ?

      • Yes, there is that. Sorry, I was a bit pissed when I listened to Comey cave today. Why should that investigation be any different? They are untouchable. Nothing can stop them now.

        Just imagine how much money they’ll rake in if Hillary gets elected………
        Every country in the world who wants something from the United States…and that’s most of them, isn’t it?…will be hiring Bill to come give some lame “wash behind your ears” speech for two or three million dollars a pop. And it’ll be a good investment for them, because they’ll get whatever it is they want…whether it’s foreign aid, trade concessions, high tech weaponry, etc.

        One thing you have to admit about Hillary Clinton. In the words of Don Corleone, you can “do business” with the lying scum.

        The American People need to wake up. We need to take our country back before it’s too late!!

        • Jenna,

          Bill can have fun trying to spend his ill gotten gain in Hell. His punishment will be spending eternity with only Hillary.

          Just think a real legacy of being a rapist, whoremonger and general all around criminal.

  9. laws do not apply to the elite….we out here in the hinterlands have to obey the laws but not d’himicrat elites…..”NO” they don’t have to obey laws……..

    now the FBI is rewriting the law so they can give “the Hildabeast” a pass and let her walk scot-free…….

    the Supreme Court rewrites laws that force us to purchase Obongo’s insurance that is nothing more than a damn scam………Obongo himself rewrites laws regarding immigration when ever he feels like it…….government agencies like the EPA write laws and regulations that no one in the house or senate have approved of……..this administration lets illegals who have committed murder and who have broken every law there is on the books to walk free to commit even more crimes……….

    and now the FBI is rewriting laws regarding the security of the United States to let a criminal elite, Hildabeast, to walk scot-free………

  10. Rebelpatriot

    The fix is in and Hillary the crook, I predict will be our next president. Nothing matters anymore and if I were in the military now, I would get the hell out. I sure as hell would not serve in the military under these slimeballs. To hell with them!

  11. Disgusted Caucasian

    I’m pissed that she walked too but it’s not as bad as it seems. If she was charged, she would have to resign her campaign and Trump may have had to face someone that had less exploitable baggage. If she got charged and convicted, Obama would have just pardoned her anyway. Now, she is still open to prosecution from an incoming administration. Don’t let the liars in the polling outfits fool you. Trump WILL win in a fair election. I know 10 demonrats through my business dealings. Nine of them despise the beast and five said they will vote for Trump.

    • “Trump WILL win in a fair election.”

      Yes, IF it were a fair election. But if you’re mad now, wait till Trump purposely does something stupid enough to make sure that Hillary wins the election, and then gets incredibly rich on business deals under President Hillary as re-payment. Then see how mad you are.

      I’ve been saying it for over a year now. Trump is only in this race to make sure Hillary wins. If I’m wrong after November I’ll personally post apologies on this site. But I doubt I will have to do that.

      I wished it weren’t true. I honestly do. But the man most of you are supporting has already said that Hillary was the best Secretary of State in US History. And they are close personal friends. Never mind that he has helped finance her presidential runs with 4 donations in the past. Not only is the handwiting on the wall, it’s written in bright neon paint.

      God help us all!

  12. rhe “left” is celebrating…..all up and down the byways and highway…… the “left” is dancing in the streets………Marxists are clamouring for the destruction of America every where…..they’re screaming from the roof tops….”we got you now”……..

    Communists are laughing their asses off… of them got away with it and they are all giddy with this win…….you can hear them saying “one of our own has beat back the patriots”…….

    the Black Buckwheat Caucus is patting each other on each other’s backs while the Buckwheena’s in the caucus are ass clapping on the House floor while the buckwheats in the House egg them on…..and all the buckwheats around the country are eagerly anticipation the increase in their welfare checks……….

    Nasty Pelosi is experiencing orgasms… right after another…..non-stop…..

    Leena Dunham has just pulled a train with 50 men in a gas station restroom…….

    they’re celebrating all over the Hollywood……Sandra Fluke is offering free “blow jobs” to anyone who wants one or two or three……..

    d’himicrat bed-wetter Debbie Wasserman Schultz is master-bating in her bed in a puddle of pee…………

    today is a great day for the “left”…..a very great day………

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