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While the wussified libtards at MSNBC have difficulty calling our men and women in uniform heroes, we at Angry White Dude do not! Happy Memorial Day and a big thank you to our military heroes alive and fallen. America is America because of our fighting men and women. No other country has ever possessed the power, integrity and yes, decency of the American soldier!

AWD did not serve in the military and it has always caused a bit of secret shame. I love my country. I’m an American. And I would gladly go nose-to-nose with our enemies. But, having said all that, I didn’t. One of the biggest sources of pride I have at this website is the number of veterans and active duty soldiers who read and comment. I respect every one of you beyond measure. Especially those who have had bullets whizzing close by.

AWD posted this music video and tribute to our soldiers and the efforts to keep the Mt. Soledad cross standing a week or so ago. It was written by Texas songwriter and patriot Jon Christopher Davis. I’ve met Jon a few times and he is PLU. This is the perfect tribute to our military fallen. Please put it on your Face Book and Twitter accounts. This needs to go viral!

To all our soldiers, we thank and honor you. To all who have put yourselves in harms way to protect our freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution, we love you. We ask that you not pay attention to your detractors on the left. They are not worthy of your time nor thoughts. But know that we Americans who love our country appreciate every drop of blood, sweat and tears you have shed for our benefit. You are our heroes.




  1. Swamp Music

    I’m with you on everything you wrote. I’m not qualified to stand in their shadow. When my Navy recruiter called me and wanted to know what I was going to do regarding my enlistment in 1977, I told him I had ‘cold feet’. That was the end of that. I guess he didn’t have time for a wishy washy 19 year old kid. I’ve regretted it ever since.


  2. Death to Libtards

    A good quote is worth rerpeating:

    “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”
    George Orwell

    To that I add my personal thanks.

  3. Swamp Music

    Is anyone watching this crap on Fox? Some guy named Hagle said Obama and Biden were the most supportive political figures of our troops ever! What a crock. Then, at the presentation of the colors Biden had to tell his stupid wife to put her hand over her heart.

    Oh here is Mack Daddy. Make me puke.

    • Swamp, I’m getting my oil changed and they have the tv in the service lounge on CNN. Panetta, Hagel, Hussein and Biden. Yep! True supporters of the military as they strip benefits from our soldiers and cut ANOTHER $500 billion from the Pentagon. I hate those people!


      • I love the fact that Hussein is getting zero applause from the audience! What a tool! Does he think no one notices he hates America?


        • Swamp Music

          Empty words from an empty suit. In part of a speech he made earlier, he managed to get in a plug for equality and fairness. That was in the first five minutes.

          You LIE Obama!

      • YUP! if this were the Roman Republican government with Praetorians we would have a new Caesar already.

  4. Swamp Music

    Hopefully next year we won’t have to suffer through another one of these fiasco’s. And there stands Chicago Jesus and Sasquatch smiling at such a somber event. Obama, ‘it’s all about ME’


    Yeah thats kept this nation free so a bunch of dirty no good long haired stinkin cockroaches could spit on and called terrirble names including our former commander and Thief BILL CLINTON

  6. You can thank Veterans 11 Nov, Veteran’s Day. Today we remember our fallen Brothers.

    • You can thank Veterans on NOVEMBER 6th by voting that half black, all socialist muslim out of office. None of our votes from over here are going to count because most all of us over here vote NOT DEMOCRAT so some means must be found to disqualify our votes…Remember Florida threw away a LOT of votes from here because the absentee ballots HAD NO STAMP ON THEM! For those that may not know, we write FREE MAIL in the stamp corner from here as we did in Vietnam, we only pay postage on packages, boxes and such, but not letter type mail.

  7. It’s just disgusting to see the number of people rushing down to their local malls to engage in useless “Memorial Day sales”!

  8. ARbuilder

    This is still a damn fine country that nowhere in the world can compare to. I salute the fallen on this day,..Lets all work diligently to be sure that next year we won’t have the disgraces in our government that we do now.

  9. No greater love has man than to lay down his life for his friend, God bless all our vet’s.

  10. How to be thankful on Veteran’s Day: Show up the Saturday before and help your local Boy Scout, Legion, or VFW Post put flags on fallen Vet’s graves. On Memorial Day go down to your local VA or Old Soldiers’ home and help put up flags and at sunset show up to help fold flags. To support veterans go down to a VA hospital and spend some time just talking to some of the guys. I just heard on the news tonight my state is losing 38 WW II Vets every day. A lot don’t have any family left to talk to and are very lonely. Most American Legion and VFW posts have a night that’s open to the public for meals or bingo. My post has all you can eat pizza on Wednesdays for $5 and this money goes to help Veterans. One thing most Vets don’t like and makes them feel uncomfortable is for people to go up to them and say “Thank you for your service”.

  11. God bless all our veterans. Tell MSNBC to fire Hayes for his unforgiveable comment. He is pond scum.

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