Happy to Disappoint You


Ripley, Burke

Eff you, Burke

To the Brìds, Sesquipedalians, David Sirotas, and like-minded miscreants of the world: F*CK YOU.

So hate-filled are the rotten little hearts of these so-called “liberals” that they rejoice in the death and destruction of innocents simply on the hope that responsibility for the carnage might be placed at the feet of white patriots.

And when the predictions of patriots that are based on historical evidence invariably prove true? These wretched creatures slink bank under their rocks and hope the bile and hatred they spilled toward their fellow whites gets scuttled down the memory hole.

But we won’t allow that to happen.

We remember the suicide of Bill Sparkman, whereby Time Magazine, amongst others, jumped to the conclusion that it was a homicide and, of course, implicated Tea Partiers as the responsible party.

We remember Joseph Stack—a man with Communist sympathies and zero—repeat: zero—Tea Party affiliations—who flew his plane into an IRS building, which the NY Times nonetheless blamed on, of course, Tea Partiers.

We remember Faisal Shahzad—a Pakistani allowed to enter the US thanks to liberals’ 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act—who tried to set off a car bomb in Time Square—which Mayor Bloomberg and The Nation pinned on, of course, Tea Partiers.

We remember Jared Loughner—a verifiable schizophrenic who listed the Communist Manifesto as one of his favorite books and had no discernible political philosophy whatsoever—who killed, amongst others, a five-year-old girl, a conservative judge (whose name no one remembers) and wounded a liberal congresswoman (whose name the MSM will be sure no one will ever forget), which was promptly attributed to, of course, Tea Partiers.

We remember James Holmes—an apolitical nutjob who thought he was the Joker from the Batman franchise and mowed down a bunch of people watching the new Batman movie—who was “innocently mistaken” for a “Jim Holmes” of the Colorado Tea Party by ABC News.

We remember Adam Lanza—the psychotic teen who stole weapons with which he killed innocent school kids—whose horrific crimes were immediately used to demonize legal gun-owners across the nation who are, of course, overwhelmingly white.

And so now we also will remember the Tsarnaev brothers—two Chechnyans allowed entry into the US again thanks to the liberals’ 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act—who appear to be the culprits in the Boston Marathon Massacre…but whose actions were hoped to be blamed on, of course, white patriots.

. . .

The T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) Party came into being to protest the fiscal insanity of our federal and local governments. Since its spontaneous arising in 2009, there have been zero—count them: ZERO—acts of violence attributed to anyone associated with the Tea Party. And yet it has been the target of endless and entirely baseless accusations of being racist and violent, all the while being maligned for being “overwhelmingly white.”

Compare this with acts of violence, crime, and failed terrorist plots of the Occupy Wall Street crowd that are too innumerable to even attempt to recount here, not to mention the incessant attempts by Muslims to blow up American people and places, and anyone with a shred of intellectual honesty and an ounce of testicular fortitude must be willing to ask themselves a question: Why are those in the media and in government, and their brownshirt flocks, so desirous to blame conservative whites for every high-profile atrocity?

Why is that, if not for a pathological hatred of whites who love their country?


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