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Today, a guy named Sean commented on the page and wrote,

“You right,personally I do hate all of you,can’t stand you, what do you expect,from the way you devils treat us,thanks”

With what’s going on in Ferguson, AWD thought I’d repost this. In six years, this post has received more comments than any other we’ve written. Mostly, the comments from black people echoed the words of Sean that they do indeed hate white people. I thank them for their honesty.

Today, Eric Holder said he is going to Ferguson not only as the Attorney General, but as a black man. Would any white man in office go to Ferguson as a white man? This is just one of the many instances we deal with in America with racial double standards. They’re accepted. And they’re wrong…if you’re interested in equality.

This subject of black racism is one that nearly everyone knows from sad experience but no one wants to discuss. Except us!

Andrew Breitbart wanted to destroy the leftwing mainstream media. Angry White Dude wants to destroy political correctness. I’ve never been much at pretending or lying and I have too much self-respect to fool myself into thinking something is when it is not or is not when it is. That was one of the reasons this blog was started.

Rassmussen released a poll titled Voters Are Much Less Optimistic About Black-White Relations. The report states that just 36% of voters now say relations between blacks and whites are getting better, down from 62% last year. Here’s the kicker, thirty-nine percent (39%) of whites think black-white race relations are getting better, but just 13% of blacks agree. While that will surprise a lot of liberals, it really is no surprise at all.

While it will chill the blood of liberals, AWD will break it down for you: Black people hate white people. Certainly there are some who have broken the hate for whites that nearly every black person learns from an early age. But nearly every black person in America has an ingrained hatred for white people. Black people can be civil towards whites individually at work and at play but never let yourself believe your black acquaintances don’t really hate your white guts deep down.

How do I know this? Simple! I made the same comment to black acquaintances of mine and they were honest enough to answer that I was correct. I had a conversation with two professional black men I like very much and consider to be friends…not extremely close friends…but friends nonetheless. Our conversation began on politics but quickly jumped to race relations in the United States. Both are staunch Democrats and view the Tea Party movement (which they know AWD supports) as a racist group. Both support Obama and big government even though, as I explained, the government takes money from their pockets as producers and gives it to moochers.

I mentioned that I believe most white people embrace the dream of a race-neutral society of Martin Luther King more than blacks. Most white people do not understand why in the year 2014 there is a NAACP, BET, Miss Black Universe, etc when we have a black President. I believe most white people try to judge others on their actions.

Both black friends believed that another white friend present and I are beneficiaries of white privilege. My friend explained that he was not granted school loans because he was white when he came from a very poor, single-parent home. After he graduated, he took a state police exam where the highest 300 scores were accepted. 1100 took the test. My white friend’s score was 179. He was in. Right? Wrong! After the state applied the race curve that improved the scores of lower scoring minorities, my friend’s rank was in the 800s. No job with the state police. What did he do wrong? He was born white.

I mentioned to my black friends that I cannot do business with local city and counties because they prefer and accept bids from minority contractors, even though they cannot compete on a service or price basis with my company. So much for white privilege!

My black friends said there were many years where blacks were treated unfairly by Jim Crow laws and it was payback for those times. My white friend asked them how long he and his son and future white generations would have to pay for things done before he was born? Very few blacks who suffered under Jim Crow laws are even alive today and certainly none of the young black thugs who commit such a great number of crimes today was ever a slave or forced to drink out of a separate water fountain.

We then discussed the actions of young blacks today and if black Americans were better off today than they were in the sixties before the Great Society reparations began? I said I believe you cannot give someone something for nothing and expect any good to come from it. Generations of blacks have now been told they are victims, whites are evil, and blacks are entitled to free money, housing and everything else when very few blacks alive today have ever faced systematic discrimination. If blacks have faced discrimination it is because responsible blacks are grouped with the great many blacks in America that cause such tremendous crime and problems. I also added that if I was held responsible for actions I did not commit by members of my race long ago, shouldn’t it be fair for my two black friends to be held responsible for the violent black thugs and criminals today? It’s simple logic but not so easy under the laws of political correctness.

50 years of welfare, social programs and excuses has had a tremendously negative effect on the black race in America. Blacks under perform nearly across the board when compared with other races. Why? Political correctness, liberal politics, ignorance and hate. It is easier for blacks, as a whole, to blame their station in society on white people for slavery than it is to blame themselves for making bad life decisions. Most people who are not black are taught actions have consequences. Young blacks are taught they can do or say whatever and they will be excused. This is why we are seeing a growing number of brazen attacks by groups of young blacks on whites these days. These young black thugs believe there will be no consequences. But there are consequences, even in the ridiculous world of political correctness. That is why such a large percentage of America’s prisoners are black. Political correctness tells us it’s because of racist judges, police and laws…but the realistic know it is simply because so many blacks commit crimes.

Look at how so many young blacks look and act today. Wearing pants below their asses, tattoos, speaking filthy language or ebonics, loud, immoral, violent, sullen… that what Martin Luther King dreamed?

So it’s no surprise for me to have read of Obama saying the police in Boston “acted stupidly” when they did not in arresting a belligerent, trash-talking black Harvard professor, or Eric Holder for not prosecuting hate crimes or discrimination when blacks are the perpetrators. A quick glance on Drudge Report today tells of a black judge who rejected a plea agreement for a white youth because it, in his words, “a ridiculous plea that only goes to white boys.” And you better believe a black community organizer who studied at the feet of the racist Reverend Wright for twenty years hates whitey too. It’s what blacks are taught. It is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to acknowledge. Certainly not PC liberals!

I don’t know if blacks can ever escape the ghetto mentality of white hatred that is so ingrained in their community. But I know this….blacks are the only ones who can help blacks. I am not responsible for slavery any more than my honorable black friends are responsible for Beat Whitey Night at the Iowa state fair. I cannot save blacks nor can my tax dollars. Hatred, violence, ignorance and laziness are the hallmarks of the American black race in general. Many black people have escaped the chains of ghetto culture to enjoy the benefits of hard work, sacrifice, achievement and wealth. But far too many blacks are chained to poverty and ignorance by the slave master….and they don’t even realize the slave master is black!

I’m glad more white people are starting to let their voices be heard concerning racial issues. Political correctness has for too long forced us to sit back like whipped dogs and not comment or complain about what we see going on around us lest we be labeled racist. Why must we walk on eggshells to not offend the perpetually offended when their actions are offensive!?! Nuts to that! Say it loud, I’m politically incorrect and proud! I tell and stand for the truth!

As AWD has stated over the years, I care about the actions of the person and not the pigment. I don’t like trashy people of any race. Therefore, I am a trashist. I believe black people can achieve like other races if they will only do so. Making poor life decisions brings negative consequences. One makes a conscious decision to be what we are. Everyone.



  1. Yeah…lather, rinse and repeat. Most of us that have been here along time know all about it…tired of it too. Same old, same old. I, for one, have had enough. – Had my fill…period, full stop.

  2. you dumb-ass blacks….what the hell do you think we are suppose to do…..””kiss your black asses””…

    why don’t I think so……it seems every last one of you thinks we owe you something……well, we don’t………don’t owe you a god damn thing……tired of having to carry you blacks…..tired of having to support your black ass……get a damn job and support yourself….and your own off-spring……and another thing learn how to talk dumb-bells…you’ve been in this country for four hundred years and you still can’t speak the language……

    and you can stick your rap music up your ass……….

    oh yeah, and pull up your pants….jack-off……….

    • Mr. Rational

      Repeat it, over and over:

      Whites Owe Blacks Nothing.

    • The low pants trend came from young ghetto birds seeing their “heroes” in prison on the outside of the fence. While looking in, they seen some of them wearing their pants low. Little did they know is that was a sign that the person was “Available” or gay. So in attempt of being “hardcore” they ended up copying the wrong people.

      • That’s not true at all. That is a completely fabricated explanation perpetrated out of anger. As a proud heterosexual white conservative, I feel it is important for us to vheck our own. The trend of sagging pants amongst black youth stems from “hand-me-downs”.

        • That’s not true either, it’s called jailin. When you go through lock up, they take your belt so your pants hang down. Don’t know if it could ever be traced back accurately buy who cares? It’s stupid but none the less it exists and it’s mainstream. Don’t really care about dress accept for the fact that it helps in presenting a rebel image and that’s why they do it, just like most who are young and or uneducated but thats not always the case! I don’t like being hated or discriminated against because I’m white and don’t know that any of us can change that? What’s needed is leadership from those communities with the hate n violence to speak up as Americans not as a black Americans or any other American!
          We’re the last standing free nation of morons who are so divided. No wonder why the world is so fucked up, we can’t even get along at home but will put ourselves out there as the leader of the free world? Stop the hate and all lives should matter! Want to make a change then get off your asses and do something positive where it matters!

    • @ Bluto
      I am a black educated women with multiple degrees. have I ever asked you to pay any thing I own? have I ask you to carry me any where? have I asked you to take care of my children? you want to talk about the English language. it seems you haven’t done a great job learning the English language yourself. lets begin with English 101 to English level 300. I bet you haven’t gotten that far in English class. as for blacks on welfare. I laugh at you darling. there are more whites receiving more benefits besides the jews. so stop the hate and focus on educating yourself and your children.

      • Ahh, the jooosss. That didn’t take long. My only question is why no slurs against the latinos?

        BTW, as long as you’re schooling people on proper English, it’s customary to capitalize the first letter of a sentence. Guess all of your degrees didn’t cover that.

      • You have multiple degrees and yet can’t use capitals or proper writing skills. It looks like you could not pass a basic middle school writing class, let alone pass English.

      • Well, you certainly do not give off the impression of holding multiple degrees. For one, if you are going to use your supposed education as the meat of your argument, you would want to be absolutely certain your response is utterly devoid of apparent grammatical error. Women is the plural form of woman, so unless you are a made up of multiple people, like some warped Goddess from myth, you are actually a “black educated woman.” As was already mentioned, you should capitalize the first letter of each sentence. To make matters worse, “any thing” should be “anything.” “Any where” should be “anywhere.” Your demonstration of grammar would fail in middle school, sweetie. (Yes, that was indeed me insulting you.)

        You also do not truly appear to have attended college. You would know that the numerical classification of courses are not so simple as “101 to 300.” Numbers are skipped, many schools now operate in the thousands as opposed to the hundreds, grammar past the basic English Composition courses most freshmen take typically are optional classes or only required for English majors, and anything in the “3’s” and up are reserved for those majoring in the field.

        Majors of English are so practiced that they habitually use proper English, as do most who major in any of the liberal arts (History, Social Sciences, Rhetoric and Speech, etc.)

        Now for your points, dear. As any school worth attending would teach you, opinion and bias must be discarded. Never trust the words of another without doing your own research, and research the research you use in your research. Question everything from what you are taught in school, what you read in academic journals or anything of that nature (everything has a spin somewhere, as it’s made by a human,) but question too your own upbringing and what you have been taught. Then consider why you believe what you believe, and question those beliefs.

        To own slaves one needed the ability to afford slaves. To think all whites had that much money is illogical and a sign of stupidity. Not all white people come from the same place. Most whites in the United States cannot trace their ancestry back to Great Britain. Indeed, many southerner’s ancestors are not necessarily from the South either. Some families moved south well after the Reconstruction, but even more migrated to the United States from Ireland, Scotland, Italy, etc. None of which are known for owning slaves, but all of which share white pigmentation in their skin. A few hundred years have passed since the first settlers came to the Americas, and there has been some mixing of cultures. My family in particular is of Irish descent and in the 1800s married into a Cherokee family. We had no slaves, needed no slaves, and never condoned slavery. In fact, my family were advocates of the underground railroad, and were even supporters of the Civil Rights movement. We live in the South, by the way.

        Those who owned slaves were wealthy land owners (quite likely inherited land and wealth, mind you,) and not all slave owners chose to inherit slaves either. A lot of fear existed from within the whites as well. Many understood how cruel they had been to whites (yes, it is possible to understand without living through it, otherwise you had best stop spouting white privilege as you are not white so you do not understand.) Unfortunately, the fear was not only would ending slavery possibly utterly destroy the economy of the south (dependent almost entirely on agriculture,) but a greater fear existed with how the blacks would react once free. Would they assimilate and be peaceful contributors to society? Or would they start a violent uprising, putting whites to death simply for being white? This stalled the freeing of slaves, but many wanted to free them for as long as slavery existed. Just like today though, some people value profit more than morality.

        You best honor those who earned your freedom by honoring their wishes. I highly doubt Martin Luther King or even Frederick Douglas yearned for black rule and white subjugation. Instead, these people wanted simply equality. A color-blind society in which blacks and whites, natives and immigrants could live and procreate together peacefully, forming a truly diverse yet united United States.

        If you do not share this dream of a truly unified and peaceful color-blind country, you are an enemy of the state and of your own people, and I would gladly see you removed.

      • Shay, again, you don’t know anything about ratios, do you? And Shay, you may be doing fine, so GET YOUR PEOPLE TO DO THE SAME.

      • Shay…….I have more education than you dearie……a lot more……..

        you’re the one that doesn’t know what your are talking about………

        so what is wrong with telling your chillen to pull up their pants because their ass is hanging out…..all over the country it’s you blacks that are the one’s refusing to educate yourselves…….you damn well know that in your black neighborhoods your little black picaninnys running around the streets dealing their crack cocaine is the only education you blacks seem to be interested in……learning anything other than how to bounce a ball just isn’t the “black thing” to do and you know it….I will say that blacks do learn….they learn to steal….rob….break into homes….flash mob and loot local businesses…..burn your own neighborhoods to the ground…….scream, yell, piss, and moan about how you are victims……and lets not forget about you being a slave….even though slavery ended a century and a half ago you still claim your a god damn slave and that we are persecuting you……

        it’s time for you blacks to stand on your own two feet and stop relying on the white man for your existence…..we’re getting tired of carrying your blacks asses…….either that or go back to the Congo and do what you do best.. swing from the trees……you just might like that better than this horrible oppressed life you live here with the big bad white man……….

      • I can guarantee you there isn’t. Tired of having to deal with black people acting like assholes. My ancestors were not slave owners. They came here in the 1900s. We don’t owe y’all anything.

    • Lol sir! Why are you so angry? Plus I truly don’t think YOU should judge a whole group of people on their spoken grammar. You don’t speak so well yourself …Oh! Lazy? Really? You are going to use that same old stereotype that has no merit whatsoever, because let’s be honest white people only started calling black people lazy when we stopped working for free. But hey! Guess what? We don’t work for free anymore yay! Also we don’t care about white people and their opinions anymore! Double yay!! Most Black people are focused on the future and working towards EXCELLENCE. So y’all can stop worrying about us now. By the way isn’t it ironic how this whole post is basically about “Black people secretly hating white people”…but the only hate I see on here is coming from a bunch of bitter white people ╮(╯▽╰)╭ Oh well. Take a chill pill because most black people don’t hate you, nor are we worried about you. Kk!

    • This is why blacks hate you ! You keep the f***ing fire going when you should be trying to put it out ! It’s talk like this that will get you killed !! Your are pathetic ! Blacks wouldn’t be here at all if YOUR ancestors did decide to bring them here to work for your lazy asses !!!

      • Our ancestors? You really are dumb. Most of us don’t even have ancestors that were slave owners. My ancestors came here in the 1900s so wtf are you talking about? You don’t have a clue. Africans sold their own people dimbass. They were not kidnapped.

    • kill whitey

      F*** you!! You racist white piece of shit. Black people do hate all white people & 1 day we’re going to kill all of you.

      • Keep dreaming, spook. You’re 15% of the population, you will lose. Even the Mexicans and Asians hate your black ass.

      • Kill Whitey……….

        why don’t you come and kill me…….I’ll be waiting for you KW…….I got something for you…….why don’t you come and kill this white man……..

        you piece-of-shit…………

      • Most of us have guns just so you know. I have 3 guns and a dog. I dare you.

        • Pretty black

          I have guns and I’am black. White people like yourself talk a lot of trash but you are out numbered. Your ancestors won some battles but you did not win the war. White people are serving blacks. Mrs. Obama and the countless blacks who are running shit. Go suck a black dick so you can stop hating on our awesomeness.?

          • Pretty Black…It’s clear that you don’t actually understand the demographic reality in America. You are VASTLY outnumbered by White People. Even by just the White People who own guns.

            You are also despised by all the other races in America (i.e, browns, yellows and reds) who, if moved to take sides, will side with Whites against blacks.

            If you provoke a race war, you will lose. Utterly and swiftly. There is simply no other conceivable outcome.

            That you don’t understand this is no doubt due to, and clearly demonstrates, the one racial disadvantage neither of us can do anything about: your race’s position on the Bell Curve.

          • I think she refering to white being out numbered by people of color or a greater amout of melanin.

          • Obama’s on his way out, and there will never be another black person in the white house. Hope you enjoyed being represented, because it will never happen again.

      • Listen very closely my little Negro, when the race war commences, the American Negro will be eradicated in hours, Yes hours, not days, weeks. Too bad Negro man after executing mirco-weapon technology, cutting off food, water, electricity to the Negro, & killing millions, the Negro survivors will be forced to pillage white areas for food, water etc. This will be a killing field, but your non-intellectual Negro mind can not comprehend this military concept. The Negros left will be physically deported back to African. Have a great day Boy

        • BILL you sound like you have lots hates for black peoples now see why blacks feel that way about white peoples not all but some.

      • Wow. Who’s the real angry racist?

      • Peep peep peep…backing away from the craziness.

    • Ironic person trying to teach a retard that he is a retard

      Yeah its not like white people enslaved the africans took their countries raped their familys killed them and such. No no nothing like that and how they took africans back 100’s of years beacuse of it and made them super fucking poor while also stealing their resources. Of course man, its their fault because they dont fucking work yeah? Huh i wonder how it was to have black slaves. Let them do all the work for you and you didnt do shit. Oh wait black people dont work they’re poor OH SHIT THEY MUST BE RETARDS WHO CANT DO ANYTHING IN LIFE WE ARE SOOOO MUCH BETTER THEN THEM. Man how fucking retarded are you? like seriously what you just said is so fucking racist and black’s do have a really really good reason to hate whites. So maybe get a fucking brain and dont be a crying bitch because ur not the one who got enslaved and had your daughter and wife raped and killed in front of you and had to work for the person who did that and took away your rights as a human being.

      • Quartierleblanc

        I can see why you got the award for 6th grade writing…. in the 12 grade.

      • Uhhmm, You never had your daughter and wife raped and killed in front of you, either. All that shit ended150 years ago. Blacks have had equality-by-law for the past 60 years, with the added advantages of public programs that give free shit and free assistance to blacks only, and look what they have done with it….NOTHING, absolutely goddamn nothing beyond taking that free shit and living off of it as a profession, then bitching about how hard they have it.

  3. I have dated black and mixed women. I have had many black friends. It doesn’t matter if they hate us they have no choice but racial alliance. Just like Liberals and PC has forced good people to behave in a way that is against their own morality and beliefs Black people who associate and “act” White are still forced into a racial alliance.

    I do believe there are a talented 10% and can seamlessly integrate into White European society but they have families and friends. They must never forget they are Black and therefor owed. It is an easy out to claim racism or bias. This is another reason why there was Jim Crow. A nice Black family moves into a good neighborhood and before you know it family wants to move in to because it is a nice neighborhood eventually they regress to the mean and now the neighborhood is no good and White people move out.

    Our cities are war zones and are unlivable. There are schools where kids can not read and violence is an everyday occurrence. Black teachers, admin, janitors, lunch staff, etc. are all make work projects for unemployable Black people. Look at DC all Federal jobs are over staffed with minorities well above education and population numbers. Rockville, MD is an artificial Black Middle Class neighborhood and crime is still rampant.

    The only choice is segregation so the Feds will not allow that. Maybe this is the start of engineered Race War? I moved out of the US it is infected and very sick. I wish you all well.

  4. Here is something the liberals do not understand
    They expect other cultures they protect to act white and share the same values when they do not.

    Thus it “multiculturalism” on the surface, but a more slick way of pushing the very values and expectations the left are taught to rebel against.

    Bring up the idea other groups may have a different culture and values and that some how being “negative stereotyping” and “racist” yet somehow they (liberals) expect everyone to act white and have same culture.

    • Don,
      At one point, a sizable number of Americans decided that their culture was diametrically opposite to that of there fellow Americans. They had been subjected to terrorist acts by other Americans and their business and wealth had been targeted. Special laws were passed to isolate these people and tax them in a more aggressive manner. The put upon Americans decided to form their own political region and enact the doctrine of “self-determination”, the very bedrock of American principals. In response to this activity, the American government greatly increased the size of the military, sent armed ships against the harbor cities of the involved states precipitating an armed response. This was then followed by 5 years of warfare were the Americans (known as Yankees) destroyed as many homes, businesses and infrastructure in the South as it could. They killed soldiers, women, children and just about anything else that the could find beneath the Mason-Dixon line. They took so much wealth and property that the South is still recovering. All this due to the fact that the South is culturally different from the North. These same people then turned their attention to the remaining Indians on the continent and virtually exterminated them. These same people are “playing” with the blacks and still attacking those of us in the South with this group and others ( Latins). When are we going to say, enough?

      • david my Great Grandfather and many of my relatives fought for the South in the Civil War. I’m a fourth generation Texan and my family will never give up our heritage and cultural differences!

      • You missing the point. The point is the left is racist according to the supposed standards they uphold. If analyzed close enough, it wouldn’t surprise me a “racist” cynic who just wanted wealth and power created the leftist ideology.

        Case in point, a lot of black politicians ripp off their fellow travelers. Yet to point this out would be considered “racist”

        My grandfather (despite if you agree with his view or not) said things began to go down hill when women were aloud to vote. Not I agree with it, however whoever wrote the leftist ideals might have thought of things the same way and instead of saying “keep them in their place” thought “hey if give these non white and non male and non heterosexual people privileges, these misfits will screw up the place and allow me to make changes that allow me more power!”

        I mean, the idea of those who are traditionally rejected by society being used as fodder to bring in sweeping changes, to destroy the old order is not a new idea.

        If the left’s heart was truly in the right place, things would have gotten better. Not worse. Judge an ideal by its consequences, not by its tenets or promises.

        The tenets of the left give the idea we would be all one big happy family by now and things would work better. Not true. It has created a society divided and at each others throats. It has destroyed any sense of community regardless who you are. It has created a society based on feel good instead of rational decision making.

        When I say cultural differences, I mean non white cultures. They do have different values but to point this out would be considered “racist”

  5. Spurwing Plover

    Frankly if these black savages cant be more civilized then we return them back to where they came from

    • and where did I come from since you know it all. stop being ignorant. I hate knowing and be around ignorant white people. blacks are not savages just like you wouldn’t like it if people look at you like a rapist, child molester and serial killer because white men are known for that kind of behavior. judge each person as an individual and not a whole race.

      • The number of criminals including pedophiles are at a normal ratio compared to white population. Black population is 4 times more committing in crime. So there goes the white Pedophile serial killed rapist bullshit fo the blacks.

    • Pretty black

      Go back to where you came from America belong to nobody but God. Go kill yourself loser.

  6. Perhaps you missed this recent story

    American black Ali Muhammed Brown gunned down and killed 4 americans because he was on a payback mission for american foreign policy in the middle east. Of course this won’t make national news…

    • True Conservative

      “……Of course this won’t make national news……..ashington/”

      I usually don’t bother reading tripe like this blog and the related comments but I have an Uncle who has been milking Social Security for a disability pension for nearly 35 years (who hates all Government programs because that is what Fox News tells him to do) who sent me this link and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the claim that the Ali Brown story wouldn’t be seen in “national news” and then having this confirmed with a link to CBS News. This is probably why black folks hate ya’ll….because ya’ll are dumber than a sack of hammers.

      • If you’re white pal, they don’t care if you feel their pain. You’ll being lying in a pool of your blood with a bunch of these thugs standing over you, laughing at how you’re twitching, just as easily as me after I’m out of ammo.

        Of course there’ gonna be a much higher body count with me.

  7. GadsdenFlagFlyer66

    The left will never give up the PC war. They will just keep expanding the ranks. Central American illegals and Muslims are already jumping on board. If you’ll notice, all of the loudest screaming members of the PC police force are extremely wealthy. Obama, Holder, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jamie Fox, Danny Glover, Morgan Freeman, JZ, Beyoncé, Maxine Watters, Oprah, James Clyburn, Neil DeGrasse etc. are all mega millionaires. The race baiting game pays way too well for them to ever abandon their “product”. Look at the media’s ratings increase since Ferguson erupted. They are all popping champagne corks as I write this.

  8. Reading your perspective if quite intet

  9. Don’t forget that now in most American colleges and universities one can major in “African-American Studies”. You can receive an actual college degree in in hating white people, how evil white people are, and how whites keep blacks down. These degrees are even paid for by white tax dollars. After receiving this degree, which has no practical application as far as getting a real job, one becomes a “professor” of African-American Studies and the cycle repeats.

    • not one single white person paid for my degrees, so that is a lie. I work to pay for my education. my tax paying dollars helps the whole country not just only black and whites.

  10. I think they are living MLK (Michael Lucifer King’s) dream. MLK wasn’t much more than a thug himself. Plagiarized for his degree, for one thing. Then he cheated on his wife with black and white women, and the night/morning before he was shot he was with some women–and abusing them. In short, he was no hero. And there are rumors that he was also “on the down-low.”

    Christians ought to be leery of him because he denied the basic tenets of the Christian faith, such as the virgin birth.

    I might add that MLK was a Communist. So was Rosa Parks for that matter.

    Before the so-called “civil rights” movement you didn’t have the knock-out game and all this other crap that’s going on.

    • “Rosa Parks was not communist. She was black. She didnt get up cause she was too tired and thus ending up so “No!”

      Thats the difference in black culture and white culture. In the military if you have a white guy told to cross a mine field, he will consider how to do it while a black guy will straight up say “Fuck you sir, do it yourself!”

      Not every thing of black culture is a mess. There somethings that CAN be learned from each other. The good parts are really good while the bad parts are really horrible.

      • If I’ve read you correctly, I’d respectfully disagree. Both Rosa Parks and MLK were Communist sympathizers. They have photographs of them at a Communist conference. MLK’s ties to Communist organizers was well-known at the time.

        The entire Rosa Parks bus fiasco was pre-arranged and practiced as a means of drawing the media’s attention to their cause.

        I’m not saying MLK was a hard-core, card-carrying Communist per se (although I suppose he could have been one?), but it’s hard to deny that he had very strong sympathies for what they believed.

        • Rosa Parks….took several buses a day sitting in the “white seats’ trying to get some bus driver to say something. She thought her “protest” was not going to work until she finally got a bus driver to bite her bait and say something. It was orchestrated. Now…libs and blacks make this old commie sympathizer some kind of hero. She is burning in hell right now.

          • Remember the pictures of whites pouring ketchup on the heads of black in Walgreens? That was pure Hollywood, the whole thing was staged. Then many of the riots that you saw on TV were actually recreated or staged as well. The news people would take over a whole town and have their actors come in to get the action they desired. Never, ever believe anything that you see on the news.

      • Please……The black soldier would not be there. He would be already in some brig for raping one of the local girls. White soldiers are all there is. A few tokens are in the field for the news pictures.

  11. Spurwing Plover

    I see where hollyweed director SpikeLee is calling for a uprising of blacks over this Frankly Lee should be arrested for attempting to instigate a riot

    • I say let ’em have their uprising. Give everyone else a chance to defend themselves from the violence, and rid ourselves of this four hundred year long plague.

  12. No pun intended but isn’t it time to call a spade a spade? How many more new psychological disorders, social ills, or just plain ole insane excuses will we have to listen to and accept as a justified reason for Black violence, crime, and mindless Negro behavior and immoral degeneracy?

    For those of you who do not already know this the Black race is the only race of people (if you can honestly call them people) that does not possess the FYY genetic profile the rest of humanity does.

    Genes do not and cannot lie. We are NOT all the same.

    Hasn’t century after century, decade after decade after decade of Black failure and ever increasing Black degeneracy proven beyond any reasonable doubt that not only are Blacks totally incapable of creating or maintaining civilization but are not even capable of adapting just a few simple rules that governs decent human behavior as an absolute for civilization.

    If Negroes cannot reason with themselves that their way of doing things always and absolutely always leads to chaos and total destruction of everything around them how can any reasonable human being believe that they will someday change?

    If Negroes cannot see the disgusting vileness of dropping their pants and showing off their smelly assholes on a hot sweaty summer day but actually think this is what defines them then they are completely and totally deranged. YOU CANNOT REASON WITH A DERANGED PERSON!

    We have all been brainwashed into believing that hate is bad but if it is soooooooooooo bad then why is it a normal pre-programmed human emotion?

    After seeing the endless videos of Black violence and mindless behavior how can you possibly have love for these savages?

    I say hate is good and hate is necessary. It’s time to avenge ourselves and give back in full measure what Negroes have given us for decades. It’s time to let the Negroes do what they want and that is to live without law in squalor and laziness befitting their hearts desires. And that is why they MUST be removed from us or else we will perish with them.

  13. edward boyce

    is this about African americans,or Ni****rs?

  14. I can’t even think of ONE nice, respectful thing to say about the Negro.
    Not one.
    So ,,,, I will leave.

  15. Bluto&Bt, Yes blacks hate whites. Isn’t that racist?????????????????????????????? sick of everything going on in America. Fork them all. lock&load time is coming soon.

  16. Right on Dude! It’s about friggen time we whites get up off our knees.

  17. Excellent comment on blacks hating whites. It is true. They do. That is why whites should get off of neutral and realize they have an enemy in their midst and do something about it. Teach your white children to avoid blacks and do not befriend them. They just want something or they are luring them into something. Let the PC liberals suffer their stupid PC anxieties over some innate racism. The racism in this country comes from blacks and the black controlled government. Start saying and writing what you feel and what you want. You know that blacks hate you and are purposely destroying this country. Forget the cat-calls of racism coming from the left who are so brainwashed they need someone to tell them their talking points on when to use the bathroom. Many millions upon millions are with you and are in the same boat. They fear being called racist when it is you (whites) that are being discriminated against because of your race,……not blacks. Whites need to boycott the liberal media, liberal stores who push race mixing in their commercials, and boycott the whole country if need be to get your point across and your rights back. You need to band together and strike when you are struck. You need to quit giving to any organization that gives to blacks. You need to act as if the blacks are lepers and do not fool with them. You need to shun any white who is married or in a relationship with a black. We have the money, the guns, and the numbers to make this government come around and see it our way again or else.

    • And may I please ask you why you have such hatred of a person with a different skin color?? Yes, I do agree that many things when wrong. So my question to you is: do you think, by your standards, could we possibly get along?
      All the best!

    • I’m a black woman and I tell my children from day one. do not trust white people especially white men. they are rapist, child molesters and serial killers, don’t hate its a fact. black children fear white men because white men are animals, savages and killers by nature. white women, I have no problem with them unless they have a problem with me. I don’t like to mix race because I feel blacks should stick with blacks and whites with whites but I cant control who people fall in love with. I can only control who I fall in love with. you just make sure you teach your children how to fight because they will think like you. getting beat up everyday by blacks is no fun especially for white children.

      • How do you figure that Shay? Show me the stats that prove white men are guilty of raping black women and children. Facts are, black men are the fanatical rapists, not white men. In fact, blacks are only 13% of the population, yet they commit over 50% of the violent crime (rapes too) in this nation. Don’t hate, facts are facts, and these facts come from DOJ, run by one of your own.

        See, the fact is, that you are an ignorant racist skank who is pissed that black men would rather bed down a white woman instead of one of you obnoxious, fat, loud mamajammas.

        • JMV
          Probably a blue gum too.

          • I’m not too sure Ga Steve. Her writing pattern, diction, and punctuation, show that she is educated to at least the equal of a middle I.Q. white. While she claims to be black, that is no proof, especially on the internet, and as the recent outing of a NAACP president in the PNW proves, people can claim to be anything.

            The NAACP issue is a white woman claims to be mixed race, gets to be president of an NAACP chapter, starts mudsharking, and denying her heritage. Then her parents, both white, step up and out her.

            No, I don’t believe anything Shay says, she has already proven how whacked out she is.

            Anyway, I’m in a bad mood today, and looking for a fight/argument, but unfortunately, all my potential opponents are limited by their low I.Q.s. It looks like my best bet is to just crack the bottle of Pappy Van Winkle, and sit back to enjoy a couple of fingers of the worlds best whiskey.

        • Pretty black

          Black men in general don’t normally go for white women only a few does. It’s a fact that white men are rapist and serial killers. They have no respect for Mother Earth. Some black men go for white women purely for the thrill of conquering them for sexual pleasure and to piss you white scum of the earth off. The black men are only using the white women for resources.??.

          • Again, show me the statistics that prove your point. Or keep your fat black mouth shut, Jemima.

          • Buckwheena, you’re a damn fool………we whites sure as hell don’t want your black ass……..go ahead and stick with your buckwheats…….we’re not interested….ya got me Buckwheena………

      • You’re just as bad if not worse then some of the other morons on here! Disgusting! I’m sure you’ll reap what you sow one day. You can also be sure that you will have the evil you spew come out of your own backyard and will be as clear as the front. You’re a moron racist just as much as the ones you rant against! Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it! I can’t believe our children have to grow up with all you morons, black n white! Stupid ignorant fukn wastes of space

      • SHAY says she tells Her kids to hate white people? What a moron! Only proving to what’s being said here, I don’t agree with all said here but I can guarantee you me and a group of my white friends in my neighborhood do not make a single black passing by feel threatened but turn it around and I’m fearing for my life! I shouldn’t have to feel that way! I’m not responsible for slavery or what’s holding anybody back, I’m not responsible for others actions of today or yesterday! That mentality will certainly bring anguish and death upon those you love you stupid f***ing moron! I don’t care what color you are but I care if you teach hate and I care about allowing dumb ass stupid f***ing hate breeding morons like SHAY existing! If that’s how you feel and if thats what you do then I truly hope you die a painful death you dumb moron!

    • Pretty black

      Haha in your dreams. Black people are taking over deal with it or leave America and return to the caves you came from. Blacks build this country now we taking it back.?????

      • it just amazes me Buckwheena……you buckwheats have been in this country for four hundred years and you still can’t speak the language…..your syntax is atrocious……..go back to school and learn the language………..ya got me Buckwheena…….

      • Now that is some funny stuff there. To ‘pretty black.’

    • The blacks are trying to provoke a race war (along with Obama, holder, SHARPTONS) and they are getting very frustrate do because the only ones showing up for this “race war” are themselves! How can you have a race war when the other side just laughs and ignores their rhetoric. You can’t have a race war with your own people (although maybe that’s what will happen because they are so anxious to kill and fight) so let them go ahead and kill each other while we sit back and enjoy the show!

  18. inagadadavida

    I dream of a color bland society…

  19. “Blacks under perform nearly across the board when compared with other races. Why? Political correctness, liberal politics, ignorance and hate.”

    You left out the most important factor. Maybe you left it out because this fact results in a harsh reality which only nature can correct and may not be correctable. Maybe you dispute it is a fact. Maybe you haven’t looked to Africa and realized there are no modernized successful African cultures.

    Blacks on average do not have the intelligence to form successful Western style civilizations. We must remain separate. Like Fred Reed recently pointed out. We don’t really want to live together anyway, and blacks don’t like being forced to behave like whites.

    • Do you think they can be thought to gain this intelligence? Do you think, honestly, that we could exist and function in a multicultural environment? I am white and I do see what you are speaking about but honestly how can we make things work??
      Best Regards,

  20. Such a great line “Why must we walk on eggshells to not offend the perpetually offended when their actions are so offensive
    ?!?!?” I have witnessed this behavior too- nothing will please them! I didn’t cause slavery or racism and my ancestors were conscientious objectors on one side and in Europe being farmers on the other. Others parts were native Americans and others Asians who were not here either. I am not responsible for the events in past! I am not your oppressor to think that I am your oppressor then you give me way too much power and yourself too little. Anyone can do something with your life regardless of their situation. I have a friend that I grew up with who has down syndrome and of course she never was able to attend college but she’s become the number one Avon sales person in the state of Texas! If she can be successful than anyone can!

  21. the problem is blacks breed like rats and over populate the cities to the point the kids grow up on the streets, many white people family plan and only have one two or three kids then take care of them and spend money to send them to good schools most blacks are born to a welfare hoe and have not a chance when they got 10 brothers and sisters roaming the streets stealing from stores and bulling the hell out of the white kids that are unfortunate to have to live around the or go to school with them

    • @ Dennis
      your grammar sucks dude. stop talking and writing. you are very uneducated by the way you write. sad, it seems a lot of white folks haven’t passed the basic English class. smh, its very sad. welfare hoe, you must be talking about your mother because she raised you all wrong. are you on multiple medication? I need to know because if you are, its making you really really stupid. what black kid beat you up? you have a big mouth but cant back it up. focus on the English language like passing the basic and then maybe you have a chance passing eng 101 to eng level 300 and better

      • Like you are any better with your missing punctuation. But at least, for a black, you can make yourself understood compared to your uneducated, low life black brethren.

        But that’s ok, you are just a passing racist troll, dropping a turd, then moving on before anyone can respond to your tripe.

        • You’re a huge part of the problem-too bad we didn’t pick our own damn cotton, then you could be telling your children the same thing about the tribe across the river in Africa.

          And we could be living in peace.

    • Who are blacks going to blame in thirty years?
      Whites projected to become a US minority

      Among non-Hispanic whites, deaths are exceeding births, according to new census estimates. The nation’s demographics are on a clear trajectory: White people are dying faster than they are being born, which means they are on target to become a minority in the United States in 30 years. Jun 25, 2015

  22. Brain power does not have a skin color. The Civil War was NOT about freeing “brown or black” slaves; the war was over TAXES wherein the people of the “north” wanted to impose a tax on the states in defiance of the “constitution” that originally read that the STATES would tax the citizens of the states. The idea of the “federal tax” was a primary reason the Europeans who came to this land wanted to be free of the British. Consider the difference between the “blacks” in Africa and the “blacks” in America. If the “blacks” in america were as “smart” as they like to think they are, they would get a job, save their money and go back to Africa and create their own country. If “white” people had not TAUGHT the “blacks” what the “blacks” so desperately want to own and control in THIS country, and had LEFT the “blacks” in Africa, MOST ‘blacks” would be DEAD today as a result of what they do to each other and themselves in Africa. What happened to the Indians is far worse than what happened to the “blacks.” White people are their own worst enemy, just as “blacks” are their own worst enemies. Today, “black” means the same as 90% WHITE; and also means dark brown, medium brown, light brown, dark tan, medium tan, light tan and Michael Jackson off white. The theory of evolution is largely based on the similarity of appearance between African blacks and gorillas. White people today are in NO WAY responsible for the “black condition” in that “white people” have tried everything they can to integrate “black” people into a SYSTEM that provides opportunity not found in Africa. Whites and “blacks” SHOULD be separated for the sake of ALL involved. Yes, there are some totally disgusting and evil white skinned people. However, no matter how disgusting SOME white people are (I am “white” and I want NOTHING to do with MILLIONS of white people), “black” people are FAR MORE “racist” than ANY white person I have EVER known. White people are far more likely to give a “black” person an equal opportunity shared by other “whites” than “black” people are willing to realize that SKIN color is NOT the PROBLEM between the two groups of people; it is BEHAVIOR that is the primary issue. “Black” people are FAR MORE likely to call whites “racist” than vice versa. Hate for white people is TAUGHT to “black” children for more often than vice versa. (I have to take care of something else now, don’t hate me because of my skin color, my skin color is NOT IMPORTANT at all in the BIG picture of life. Idf the “universe, or GOD, “judges” people based on skin color, we are all doomed because skin color is NOT of any real value to the universe or GOD, but BEHAVIOR is. My Dad, was a dark skinned Phrygian from Syria, my mother was a lily white English woman. White people THOUGHT my dad was “black, and a group of whites tried to “kick” my parents OUT of the white neighborhood. “N*gger” is a word that originally meant “a lazy, slothful person;” niggers have NO skin color by BIRTH, they have ALL the possible skin colors. N*gger is NOT a white only word, and “blacks” call each other n*gger FAR more often than whites call “blacks “n*ggers.” )

  23. I wasn’t like this before say 2008 but after seeing Obama in action and all the rest of the violent blacks in America and around the world, I’ve had it wit them. What a mistake it was to bring them here as slaves. Just think if that morons 300 yrs ago didn’t do that and how well off our country would be. Its not o say there are not good black people, but about %80 of them are the most lost, violent people on earth. They are a true lost people, don’t want to be around them.

    • that’s how I feel about most whites in America. they are some nasty ass people. they keep every thing dirty from house to children. aleays have lice and bugs in their hair and a million of animals in their house. dead mice and animal feces everywhere. I know b/c I enforce taking children from unfit mothers and fathers. the most children I take away is from white parents. its sad that I have to depart children from parents. just because you white doesn’t mean you clean

      • Shay, I’m curious. Based on your comments, it appears you agree with the article. Do you agree and admit that most black people in America hate whites? Thanks.


      • Shayisstupid

        Dumb negro.

        Yes, your race is nothing more than savage animals.

        Your race is less than 15% of America. Your race commits more than half the violent crimes in America. Fact!

        Do yourself and the rest of America a favor and go back to whatever jungle you were pulled from.

        • Suzanne Williams

          You brought them here, didn’t you?

          BTW. Blacks live very well in most countries among themselves ; i.e – the Carribean that you folk love so much.

  24. Arnold Pierce

    Black men are usually very loud, rude, crude, foul mouthed, lazy, good for nothing, violent thieves and rapists. But not all of them, just most.

    • that is your opinion which is irrelevant

      • It’s as irrelevant as your opinion, Shay. I agree with Arnold, but my opinion is based on experience and cold facts.

        • Every race has trash it’s more about how your raised, alot of these comments are ignorant. You should get out off of your computer and meet people from all cultures. Why live your life so boxed in? There are alot of good people in the world.

          • That would be because in my life I have been to foreign lands and have met people from all cultures. My life is not boxed in, I’m retired. The one thing I have found, is that wherever I go, wherever there are a majority of blacks, that area is a literal shithole. Blacks can’t successfully govern themselves. Wherever they settle, they bring crime, drugs, miscegenation, and bad attitude with them. Where whites tend to be roughly 80% good, decent people, blacks are the exact opposite, with 80% criminally inclined, and 20% decent, good folks.

            Don’t ever make an assumption about me. I’ve been more places and seen more things than your little mind can imagine, junior. My statements are based on my experiences and observations throughout my life, if you disagree, good for you, prove me wrong.

  25. jonduke11

    Ill start by apologizing for not fitting your typical “black” person but i am of the kemetic descent (and so are yoy) and i do not hate you, white wife, or my white parents. The definitions placed on other kemetic people shouldn’t be constrained to a color. This is the first problem of why the ignorant “black” people you mention feel that they should hate so called “white”. Continue to focus on what angers you and thats all you will see.

    Are you saying there’s something inside of these so called “black and white” people. If so what would that be?

    You spend your time pointing out things to make white people upset. Its really easy to point out the problems. Would be great if you spent time looking for a solution.

    • Jon, keep reading. I offer lots of solutions in addition to my opinions. My posts don’t always incite anger. Most are just plain stupid in an attempt to be funny. We welcome your comments here.

      I hope you took the time to read the post before commenting. It answers your questions to me.


  26. I neither hate white people, nor black people exclusively. I Just hate people in general, you’re all a bunch of c**ts and I want nothing to do with the lot of you.


    Totally agree with the above statements. I grew up in Detroit. 1953-1970. I went through the 1967 riots when we had a 7:00 pm curfew. National Guard tanks going up and down the streets. I was a pretty 14-year-old girl and would watch my parents not be able to work for two weeks because their businesses were burned and looted.

    I used to be able to walk 1/3 mile down to the library after school to do homework, unafraid. But shortly before the riots and certainly during and after, that changed.

    I couldn’t walk down my own once lovely well-maintained middle-class neighborhood in NW Detroit without having a carful of black young men calling out obscenities to me. Horrible things I wouldn’t even repeat here. I was shocked and frighted – repeatedly! I’d done nothing wrong. My parents were immigrants and had nothing to do with slavery. I certainly had nothing to do with slavery, but I was forced to submit to this terror by the angry blacks in Detroit. Girls going to the local public high school who were white were grabbed by the angry black girls and drug into the bathrooms where their long straight blond hair was cut off. Then they were kicked and left lying on the floor. My male friends could no longer go to a football game without fear of being attacked by black students with knives. I witnessed. I saw. I was there! In 1971 when I was going to a community college in a predominantly white suburb, the black guys were coming in more and more and would wait at the end of a hallway for a white girl to come their way so they could embarrass her and humiliate her with sexually directed remarks. I personally lived this scenario many times.

    What really irritates me is that the media won’t do a thing to show how many times whites have been murdered at the hands of blacks in the past 100 years, or remind them of all the white lives lost during the Civil War which was fought mainly for freedom of the slaves. In my opinion, if they hate whites so much and want to get rid of us and have a place where no whites exist, they have a very large continent with many different climates and lots of free space where they can set up their own culture. It’s called Africa. Their Homeland. They wouldn’t have to even look at a white person again in their lives. Of course, nothing of value would be built. There would be no decent roads. No electricity, no water treatment plants, nothing of what the white man has provided for them in this country. The black athletes and movie stars and rap singers who make millions probably wouldn’t be able to ply their services there, but Oh Well! They wouldn’t have to deal with the white man. Oprah Winfrey could spend all her millions helping them all get food and water – at least for a while. But she prefers to lives in a white neighborhood with huge gates surrounding her and like Obama, take her vacations to lovely places where the white man has made the beautiful homes, ships and restaurants and resorts.
    Don’t see Obama taking his vacation down in Louisianna in a black neighborhood do we? Or Kenya? Nooooooooo. He wants to be at Martha’s Vineyard. The whitest spot in America. And Michele Obama has made it clear as water that she hates white people and even hates America although for the past 8 years, and no doubt the rest of her life, has and will enjoy all the amenities that white society has to offer. I’d say the blacks have much to be grateful for due to the “Crackers”.

    Angry White Woman

    • Ma’ do know that Africa is a continent right? Within that continent are several fully developed nations, who have a promising future in our global economy. I suggest you start investing now. Also your “horror” story makes you look crazy. Stop generalizing a whole group of people. Trust me. This country would not be where it is today without Black Americans. So what makes you think we would leave a country we have contributed our time, talent, and lives to? Why would we leave? This is our home, and we as Americans will continue to stay in the United States of America. Goodbye crazy white lady.

      — Black Girl With Common Sense And Culture

      • No common sense and no culture. Go over your posts, you will see that there were no racist language used until you started to lose the debate/argument, then you let loose the term “White Boy”. Now, you may not see that as racist, but how many in this conversation have called you coon, ni@@er, spook, etc.? You are just as bad as you say we are, worse actually, as you hide your hatred behind a facade of educated progressivism bolstered by afrocentricity.

        It seems to me that as a so called educated person, your racism is showing. Many of us come here to vent our frustrations at the non deserved guilt being forced upon whites today. If you can’t deal with that, then maybe you should hop over to the worldstar site, where hating whitey is more accepted. Simply put, mind your own damn business, we are doing fine without your sage input.

        • JMV
          I think the moniker ASS-end is better suited to this one…..
          Same mouthy Black troll as we always get here on this post…..amazing how they come to just this post????
          and they all say the same damn thing…none have ever won a single debate and it is never long before they all fall into the name calling and the true hate comes out…..
          hard to find a non-racist black these days…..
          oh well enjoy bitch-slappin this one and have a nice day

          • Jigg, this is one of the most genius threads that AWD ever started. It’s a magnet for idiot militant type blacks who want to “educate” us evil whiteys on the error of our ways. They show up, spout off on how educated they are, demand documented proof of claims, then try to find fault (Oh, it’s out of date, numbers change a lot in 10 years(Yeah, right)) yet still miss the glaring fact that out of 13% of the population, comes over 50% of the violent crimes. They always trot out the same old flags of slavery, you owe us, blacks invented everything and it was stolen by whitey, you know, the same curricula that is taught in African American Studies. AA studies, BTW was created for blacks to have something to do between robberies or on campus rapes so that they would have some self esteem, because they don’t have the I.Q. to keep up with the rest of the student body.

            Anyway, back to the point, sometimes I get bored and feel like a good argument, and this thread is the best place to come for one, it’s fun to pick apart their points and show them to be the clueless fools that they are.

            While Ascend is delusional, she did make one point that I agree with, and I doubt that she even understands how significant it is: We need to leave each other alone…..True, blacks will never improve or evolve into true humans until we segregate ourselves from them.

            All the help and support we give them just holds them back. They are dependent on us for so much, and they are loathe to admit it. Give them their own nation, land, kingdom, whatever. They need to sink or swim on their own, and we need to let them. Not to mention how much better off we would be without the burden of having to provide for a nations worth of useless leeches.

          • JMV
            Well said…….
            I found this video…I can not be sure but I would imagine our troll Ass-end is very much like this woman…

            sort makes ya all warm and fuzzy feeling huh??

          • Ha! And Ascend says that her people are all “striving for excellence”, all I see is a people striving to descend back into the primordial slime.

            Total segregation is the answer. If they think they don’t need whitey, let them prove it.

      • Ascend
        In an attempt to make Mary look stupid you only made yourself look stupid, Mary did refer to Africa as a continent and not a country, How about telling us about all the degree’s you have and how much money you make thats what all the other colored people do when they come here.

      • I read a bullshit post by Ascend basically stating that culture was the driving force of society and that we were going to be taken over because of culture and that her “black” culture was going to bury us whites……………

        well, all I see all over the world every one of these crappy cultures like Muslim culture wanting to literally invade the cultural lands of white people…….the Muzzies come here and refuse to leave and go back to their paradises in the Middle East……..Africans by the hundred of thousands are trying to get into Europe and leave their African paradises like Zimbabwe, the Sudan and Ethiopia………….

        and if we deported these blacks here in this country like Ascend back to the dark continent and their African paradises they would scream…….”and I mean scream”…….No…..No…..I don’t want to go back…….seems to me these blacks only want to live in a white dominated culture and then they bitch piss and moan about it…….anything anywhere else would be like living in a shithole of their own creation……. like Baltimore, Detroit, Ferguson and on and on and on…………….
        and every place where blacks like Ascend dominate our cities those cities are nothing but shitholes…….so I think Ascend can stick her black culture up her black-ass……

        the truth of the matter is Ascend should be in second heaven in one of these black run cities…….but we all know the truth……she would complain, yell, bitch, piss, and moan if she had to live in any other culture than a white dominated culture……none of these blacks want to leave the lands where white people have settled………

        35 million Muzzies and Africans want to get into Europe or come to the U.S…….and those that come on visa’s refuse to go back………and that includes you “spooks”…………..if it were up to me Ascend would get a one way ticket to the African paradise of Liberia and lets see how she likes that………………..

        don’t like it here Ascend…..the get the hell out and take your entire family with you and go to one of your African paradises………

        ya got me bitch…………..

    • Pretty black

      Black people don’t care that you are angry. We only want your money and to get you pregnant with our babies. Hahaha

  28. Hmmm, I think racism is everywhere, not just the US.

  29. In 1865, the US population was 24 million, now it’s well over 400 million. My forefathers & most of your forefathers weren’t even in the US before 1865 but yet we still get blamed as whites now for something someone else did well over a 100 years ago. My forefathers like most here arrived in Ellis Island & were poor dirt farmers with NO say or authority about anything. The blacks will blame a white new born baby of being a racist too.
    I don’t know if it’s evolution or what but I’m thinking that blacks have another 1000 years to evolve into society. I grew up as a farm kid & never around blacks until I was 17 & joined the military. It was in the military that I saw how blacks really were. After 4 years of active duty I was ready to get out so my buddy talked me into going into Army Aviation & rezin listing Why Aviation? Because most blacks can’t pass the test & dam few are even seen on the flight line period. Guess what? I did 20 years total & retired at age 37. Why? No blacks. Oh sure there were a few black pilots but they were college educated & sharp & they didn’t play the RACE CARD ever. They fit right in.
    At age 53 now, I’ve yet to find any black that acts as professional as the blacks I flew with back then.
    This tells me that blacks as a whole 95% don’t give a dam about anything including their own kind.
    When I watch shows like 48 hrs, Pawn Stars & the News, who do I see acting like animals 99% of the time? Blacks. Nothing in this world is lower than a white girl with a black period with an end result of a bi-racial child no one wants, then the black guy splits on her. Stupid white women. Folk’s, this isn’t what I think but rather what I see every day as do you. Even the educated blacks on ghetto blacks are sick of their own kind which is why they move to white neighborhoods to get away from their own kind.
    I as a white man can’t stand the diversity / sensitivity crap. You don’t work then you don’t eat period. The only people I want to help is the senior citizens that have paid their dues. Don’t even get me started on illegals.

  30. AWD…There’s no such thing as black on black crime. It’s gang violence. It has nothing to do with race, rather it has more to do with socioeconomics. So please stop with that crap. Or are you going to write a post about white on white crime? Because that’s on television a whole lot. Anyways some black people hate white people, most don’t(because we have common sense), and another percentage just don’t trust you do to history. Oh well, it is what it is. Black people do not have ulterior motives to destroy your race (directed to the paranoid people in the comments), rather we’re trying get our crap together. So please stop it with the racist comments, it is not productive. At the end of the day my people are striving for EXCELLENCE, that is all.

    • Ascend, so there’s no black on black crime according to you but you want me to do a story on white on white crime? But of course, white on white crime exists. If it didn’t, that would be racist, right? Love that pretzel logic of yours!


      • Exactly my point AWD! If black on black crime exists ACCORDING TO YOU…then white on white crime should exist as well. So why don’t you post about that? Don’t try and turn this on me, because clearly me saying “black on black crime does not exist”, also extends to white on white crime not existing. But hey look at that pretzel logic of yours, trying to twist my words! It’s okay though,no hard feelings!!

        • Ascend, black on black crime exists as does white on white crime. You originally said black on black crime doesn’t exist. Tell that to the murdered black people every weekend in Chicago! Yes, crime exists. But, as someone pointed out in a comment, it exists much more at the hands of black people. According to DOJ and FBI data 3% of the US population (black males 18-49) commit 50% of violent crimes and murders. Care to explain that? Oh, I’m sure racism has something to do with it.


          • Could you give me proof of the statistics you speak of AWD? And if it’s true, are you really going to make 3% representative of the other 10%? Does that make any sense? 800,000 vs 44,200,000 ..really? Again majority of the time when it’s black on white crime (trust me) it has nothing to do with race. People kill people. And I’m sure those statistics you speak of have a loophole in there. Exists more at the hands of black people…man if only you knew the truth. I’m not about to repeat what I have just said in a comment to another person. So if you care for my to explanation then go find that reply.

        • ascend
          every morning i turn on the tv and see how many blacks were killed by the battle flag in Atlanta, and my favorite tv show is the First 48, it’s a program that show’s the content of the character of the negro.

    • Ascend,

      There is such a thing as black on black crime. Whenever a black attacks, robs, rapes, or murders another black, that is black on black crime. When a black does such to a white, it is black on white crime. Just because you say something with conviction, doesn’t make it so.

      Yes, there is white on white crime (strange how you acknowledge that, but refuse to recognize back on black), whites kill each other, and on rare occasion backs too (but usually when they deserve it).

      Perhaps there is not a conspiracy by blacks to destroy whites, but how do you explain blacks comprising about 13% of the population, yet they commit over half of the violent crime in the US? You get extra credit for not defaulting to the old “whitey be keeping us down crap”.

      You come here and accuse us of racism, but have you EVER taken a good honest look at your own people, and not made excuses for their anti-social actions? I doubt it.

      Oh, and as for your statement that blacks are striving for excellence, no, the only excellence they strive for is excellence in criminal activities. Yes, I am generalizing a whole group, but when that group has a majority of criminals, it’s what you do. Example: Blacks are generally anti-social lawbreakers. Deal with it.

      • Sir, I do not acknowledge “black on black crime”, “white on white crime”,”*insert race* on *insert same race crime*”. That’s actually “person on person crime” . I only acknowledge “white on black crime” or “black on white crime” when it is done with racial bias. Yet if it’s done out of stupidity, i.e. anger, jealousy, drunkenness..then it shall always be person on person crime.

        I would love to know why Black men are incarcerated at a faster rate than other races of men for the same minor crimes ╮(╯▽╰)╭ It’s crazy how when a white guy gets caught taking drugs he gets 6 months of probation, but a black guy gets caught with weed and he gets 5 years ╮(╯▽╰)╭ Again I’m befuddled!

        Lol a 17 year old boy deserved to die because he was walking home? Okay then (⊙_⊙) So whatever a black man does , even if it’s minor, when a white guy kills him he deserved it. Your words not mine.

        Yes thank you for reminding me that we are 13% of the population..Nah man statistics state that White people commit the most crimes (violent and nonviolent). The only reason why it seems the other way around is because our pool for crime is so small because of our population. So when one person commits a crime they account for a small number in our population but a bigger number contributing to the crime statistic. If you don’t get that then oh well. There are more whites in jail, on public assistance, and so forth. It just seems like there isn’t because you guys make up 60% of the population. Your big number helps things APPEAR balanced , but at the end of the day when it comes to crime you guys are no better.

        Whitey shall never hold me down because I know my worth, and I sure do not want nor need Whitey’s extra credit. So you can keep that.(⊙_⊙)

        And if the shoe fits…I accuse you guys of ignorance and racial bigotry wholeheartedly. Because that is what you are doing ╮(╯▽╰)╭ What is racist about this is the spreading of this negative image that is continually perpetuated by bigots like you; yes since you guys do make up a majority of the American media (unfortunately), any stereotypes you put out there is taken in as the serious truth for those who have never even met an African-American. So be careful.

        I look at my people all the time. I’m proud of my ancestry and the ones who are standing beside. Everyone should have that right to be proud of who they are. That 800,000 or so black men sitting in jail right now , shouldn’t represent the other 18,000,000 or so black men living in this country. Most of those guys are there for MINOR offenses.

        My people are hardworking, ambitious , and there are some who don’t even KNOW their potential because they can’t imagine a life outside of what they are told they were meant for. POVERTY.

        But don’t worry, we’re getting the memo and we will rise.

        So next time you generalize black people think about this: the world could go off and say “all white people are racist and the spawn of Satan; because they’re good at stealing, killing,and destroying.” Trust me, due to history and TODAY, you guys could EASILY fall into those stereotypes. Don’t judge others , and focus on your own problems because you guys do have them. ✌

        • Black men are incarcerated in greater numbers because they commit most of the crimes. Nice try on explaining away statistical facts, but it still won’t wash. Your post has exposed you as the racist you are.

          However, congratulations on your racial pride, more blacks need to have such pride. If they did, there would be a reversal in the criminal to citizen ratio among your people. (former would decrease, while the latter will increase) For more information, try using ratios, it may help you visualize it better.

          As to your Saint Trayvon comment, young Saint Tray-Tray attacked a man who identifies as hispanic, not white. Yet he still deserved to get dead, his age notwithstanding. He played a man sized game, and he lost. So did the gentle giant thug, Mike Brown. Deal with it.

          Concerning your final paragraph; News flash, the world has already gone off and accused all whites as racist and the spawn of satan. And while we may be good at stealing, killing and destroying, we are also good at creating, building, inventing, and innovation. If you need proof that white intelligence and innovation built the civilization that you currently enjoy, just look around and then thank us for the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the computer and internet and the wires that carry the information, basically everything that you use in your daily life is courtesy of the white man—You’re welcome, by the way. If you disagree, fee free to give up all the stuff that the evil white man has provided to you, hop on a white invented jet aircraft, and go live in a mud hut in the motherland.

          • It’s so ironic that YOU are calling ME the racist. Stop it with your superiority complex. Get over yourself dude. My motherland..that’s where you originally know that right? Without a black man there would be no long haul refrigeration system to keep YOUR FOOD fresh through shipment. Without a black man you would have no dryer machine; pacemaker; your trains would not run as smoothly or efficiently; traffic signal; gas mask; you would have no blood banks; light bulb filament (a key part of the light bulb); guess what? the only reason why you are even able to afford RADIOS, TV’S, COMPUTERS, AND OTHER DEVICES..IS BECAUSE A MAN..WHO IS BLACK BY THE WAY..INVENTED A BETTER ELECTRICAL RESISTOR, that was also more cost effective. Burglar proof cash registers; air filters; the first striking clock..Black man; the layout of DC..yep Black man saved that one; cotton planter that made it far easier to gather the crop than having an actual person do it..yep black man;irrigation in the man..irrigation in general AFRICAN. The biggest export in the BLACK ENTERTAINMENT. Your music, your media, THIS CULTURE would not be where it is today without BLACK PEOPLE. There are many more things but it’s too much to list. Keep in mind that whenever a slave invented something, it automatically went to the slave owner, because slaves were not allowed to own a patent. Speaking of which, without them, this country would not have survived economically for so long after the American Revolutionary War. SPEAKING OF WHICH…GUESS WHO’S FOUGHT IN EVERY SINGLE WAR ALONGSIDE THE WHITE AMERICAN…THE BLACK AMERICAN. We’ve been here since day one. You’re WELCOME.


            But we have everything, and you guys have everything. As Americans we need to stop this racial foolishness. At the end of the day we built this country together, we’ve fought for this country together, and we can live in this country together.

          • TRAYVON MARTIN WAS A 17 YEAR OLD BOY. A BOY! Who was walking home and was being followed by maniac who didn’t have the empathy to hold fire because the boy was black. What would you do if a creepy guy started following you for no reason? Run? Trayvon tried to do that. Fight? He tried to do that as well but in the end it was no use. FIGHT OR FLIGHT is a natural reaction and that BOY reacted as any human being would. And he lost his life because of freaking stereotypes.

          • Ascend, you do realize your are descending into idiocy at this point? What happened with the BOY Trayvon has been fully analyzed and a unanimous court decision was rendered. Yes, Trayvon Martin lost his life because of stereotypes. Stereotypes that were correct of large black teens attacking people. Unfortunately for Trayvon, the one he attacked had a gun and properly used it.

            I suppose you’ll tell us next that Michael Brown only wanted to help Officer Darren Wilson clean his sidearm?


          • AWD…How am I descending into idiocy? You act like the court is a place where all things are fair and true. If that is what you believe then you are (let’s be real because this is actually what you meant) the idiot. I love my country but even I know the system has many holes in it. So do you agree with the Casey Anthony verdict then? Since it was quote on quote “fully analyzed and a unanimous court decision was rendered.”

            Did I make you uncomfortable for pointing out the fact that he was child? Did my biological reasoning (since I noticed a lot of your commenters are experts on genetics and behavior) not meet up to your satisfaction? Was I wrong when I pointed out that naturally humans will react in two ways when in danger. Fight. Or Flight. Trayvon responded in the correct way, especially when the man who pursued him was not even a COP. Tell me sir? Where was my error?

          • Ascend, how did Trayvon “responding in the correct way” work out for Trayvon? Trayvon was a 6’3″ 270 pound thug. His Twitter page and his numerous school suspensions prove that. It’s so amazing how black people continually defend black thugs! And then you wonder why you have zero credibility?

          • AWD….What did he do that was wrong at the time of his murder? Please answer that question? Don’t bring up his past. What did he specifically do to incite this incident? And why do certain white people always feel the need to include the size of a black man in cases like these? It’s like you guys are scared of “THE BIG BLACK MAN”. Always trying to make it seem like you guys are the innocent ones, by making sure to point out his size! “He was big and scary!” Stop it. It makes you look weak and insecure. Zimmerman is a pork of a man who was at least 245 at that time. So he could have taken Trayvon down easily without killing him. AND ACCORDING TO THE AUTOPSY.. TRAYVON MARTIN WAS 6’3″ AND AROUND 160 POUNDS. You’re telling me that man felt threatened? PLEASE. AND PEOPLE WONDER WHY SOME BLACKS JUST DON’T TRUST WHITES.

          • Ascend, please don’t play stupid. Witnesses testified they saw Trayvon pounding Zimmerman’s head into the pavement. The photos of Zimmerman’s face and back of his head attest to this. All Trayvon had to do was keep walking and he’d be alive. But he just couldn’t help wanting to beat up that “creepy ass cracka” as he described Zimmerman to his friend testified he told her on the phone.

            Tell me, Ascend and then I’m done for the night. At what point of getting your head slammed into the pavement would you condone shooting your attacker?


          • Bashing his head into the pavement was what George Zimmerman deserved for being a creep and following a teenage boy for absolutely no reason. And look at you? Still not able to give me an answer as to why George Zimmerman started following him in the first place? Those cuts George Zimmerman received(yes I’ve seen the pictures) did not give him the right to shoot. He was a racist lunatic who was looking for trouble. Defending the death of a 17 year old boy wrongly targeted in the first place makes you a lunatic as well. Feared for his life…please that boy wasn’t going to kill him. Swear..racist white men and their cowardly ways. You guys look like punks.

          • So let me get this right. You can disregard information that YOU requested, and that’s ok, yet I’m not allowed to disregard your information. Is that about right?

            Yes I understand the kind of person you are now, so convinced of your intellectual and moral superiority that you just can’t resist giving us a piece of your mind, and you can’t really spare it, can you? Thank you so much for educating us ignorant heathens in the error of our ways

            An icon one day because God told you so…narcissism much?

          • I can disregard the information I REQUESTED because the information that was given is not UP TO DATE. I can’t go by a source that has not been updated since 2005. Especially when that source is giving out numbers that do not even apply to today’s times (aka 10 YEARS LATER). Nor can I use said source, if THAT SOURCE has information that date back to 1995. NOW IT IS DEFINITELY NO LONGER FACTUAL.


            And there is nothing wrong with knowing I have a purpose. There is nothing wrong with me claiming it, just as there is nothing wrong with me going for it despite what others say. I’m not being narcissistic because I do not believe my talents are above everyone else. I am unabashedly proud of who I am, where I come from, and where I will be in the future.

            If anyone has been narcissistic. It has been YOU. For actually believing because you come from the white race that you are naturally smarter than all people from the black population. For basically coming at me with the accomplishments of white men in the past, and saying “You’re welcome”…lol like you actually did all of that stuff personally! For trying with all your might to undermine what my ANCESTORS AND MY PEOPLE have done in this country/ in the world. IF ANYONE IS PRACTICING NARCISSISM, IT IS YOU. YOU ARE A NARCISSIST WHO BELIEVES YOU HAVE A NATURAL ADVANTAGE JUST BECAUSE YOU WERE BORN WITH A PALE COMPLEXION.


            Now I will SPARE you from my INTELLECTUAL and MORAL SUPERIORITY..your words not mine…since I don’t want to embarrass you guys any further.

          • Oh, Ascend, I’m not smarter than all other races because of my skin color; But I am smarter than you. You have failed in your quest to educate the evil white men here, you keep repeating the same old stories that we hear every day of how blacks created everything through their natural genius, and how they were cheated of everything by the white men.

            BTW, do you really think that the numbers of those 10 year old stats that you disregard have changed very much? Answer honestly, I’ll know if you’re lying.

            Your afrocentricity is your kryptonite, and until you understand that there are definite differences in the races, with blacks at the bottom of the list, and also accept it, you will never be truly free or happy.

            I truly hope you can someday find that happiness, instead of the miserable existence you lead now.

          • Look here WHITE BOY. As a black person I already knew from the very beginning that this whole back and forth with you guys was a lost cause. You wanna know why? Because people like you can’t be taught human empathy. You guys are SOCIOPATHS.

            You are a fool if you honestly believe stats do not change DRASTICALLY in a ten year time frame. Plus add on another ten, since most of the stats used in the information provided were from 1995.

            Please by all means..continue to live in a world based on race. You will lose in the end.

            You want to know what the most important thing in this world really is?


            You want to know what makes money?


            And guess what? You guys seriously lack in that area. And another thing. You can’t steal from other cultures anymore because the rest of the world has caught on to your slick ways.



            And you are not smarter than me sir..on the contrary you are far more FOOLISH.



        • “I would love to know why Black men are incarcerated at a faster rate than other races of men for the same minor crimes.”
          No you wouldn’t. The answer has been obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense for the better part of a millennium: blacks are genetically predisposed to both stupid and violent behavior. In a society where the rules were created by more capable people (read: whites and/or yellows), blacks will thus be far more often convicted of crimes. The fact that you’d prefer to ignore the truth than acknowledge it does not make it go away; it just makes you both a coward and an idiot.

          • A coward? Idiot? Describing yourself are we? How is it fair that blacks get longer time for doing the exact same crime as a white man. Maybe even lesser than that in some cases. I’m not making excuses for the ones who are in the wrong, but a lot of those black men who are sitting in prison right now are in there for MINOR OFFENSES. Stop generalizing 44,000,000+ people because 800,000 of them are in the slammer. Oh and Darwinism I see…Yep definitely describing yourself.

          • How about the black guy probably had a prior (and lengthy) record compared to the white guy who committed the exact same crime. When you have a previous record the sentences get longer, it’s as simple as that.

            But you don’t care, Liam provided requested documentation and you don’t believe it. You would find fault even if the documentation was signed by one of your own (Eric Holder). Your racism blinds you. Yes, I said racist, ANYONE can be racist, and you know it. I’ll even let you in on a little secret—Everyone, everywhere, is racist to one extent or another, even those who lie and claim that they aren’t racist, so I’m afraid you’re in the same boat you put us in.

            What are these “minor offenses” you speak of? Killing a white cop? A white child? Or merely drug offenses? The facts have been provided to you, you choose to ignore them, and the facts are that blacks are more violence prone, have less impulse control, lower I.Q.s, narcissistic tendencies, and are not suited to looking to the future before acting. Actions have consequences, break a law, and go to jail, it’s a very simple thing to understand, or are you one of those that think blacks can do no wrong no matter what they do?

            Oh, BTW, the website where you got the fabrications of black inventions? It’s just black wishful thinking.

          • Typical I swear! So is fabricated? is fabricated? Libraryofcongress aka is fabricated hun? Don’t try me. I go by facts not opinions. Let me let you in on a little secret. Race is IRRELEVANT. You know who created race? White people. Insecure white people, who wanted to make up a good reason why they were killing/capturing humans beings. CRAZY WHITE MEN LIKE YOU WITH AN INFERIORITY COMPLEX, WHO PRETEND TO OWN EVERYTHING JUST SO YOU CAN FEEL LIKE YOU ARE SUPERIOR. GET OVER YOURSELF. WE SEE YOU FOR WHO YOU REALLY ARE. INSECURE WHITE BOYS. I’m not racist because I don’t feel like I’m better than white people, I don’t feel like I’m smarter than another race because of my skin. I don’t need to bring down another group of people to know that I am special. I , Black girl, am going to change the world and be an icon one day. You wanna know why? Because God said so. And guess what? God didn’t create race. The devil did though. Good day! Me, my people, and our ancestors shall pray for your souls. Learn ancestors mistakes. DON’T BE LUNATICS.

          • Again, learn from YOUR ANCESTORS MISTAKES. Don’t be LUNATICS.

          • Oh and if you actually would research instead of looking for things that agree with biased’d actually see that there have been MANY CASES WHERE IT IS A FIRST OFFENSE AND THEY STILL GIVE A BLACK MAN FIVE TO LIFE. But of course you have step back and be neutral to see that.


        You whine all the time, but you refuse to boldly solve things by disestablishing this elitist republic and replacing it with democracy. Then we, the majority, would have voted down the 1964 Civil Rights for the Uncivilized Act. All this mugging and mooching since then would have been met with unrestrained police action, the only way we can defend ourselves against proven untamed savages.

        But your Masters in the plutocracy know we’d also have voted for economic freedom and forced mandatory unionization down their throats. Only a Bootlicking Buttboy for the Bosses refuses to admit that The Rich Despise, Hate, and Fear All Other White People. Your idols believe they were born with superior genes and have evolved into a separate race. The 1% turned the feral races loose on us, suckers. That never would have been allowed in a Direct Democracy. You phonies don’t fool me and I will expose you on the Internet. I recognize your buzzwords and irrelevant plutocratic spins indicating that you’re working for those economic parasites.

    • Ascend

      In reply to your request for corroborating statistics, the link below may be of interest. Regardless of any disputes re methodology etc, the figures are brutally stark. Blacks commit virtually every single form of criminal activity at vastly, hugely inflated rates in comparison to every single other ethnic group in the US (and pretty much worldwide). Google, “black crime statistics.”

      This pattern stands out after making every single conceivable adjustment for socio-economic conditions etc. For example, the poorest county in the entire US is Owsley County, Kentucky, which is, effectively, entirely white. Most of the other poorest counties are in the white Appalachian regions. Violent crime rated are less than half of the national average, and a tiny fraction of the rates found in the affluent black suburbs of Maryland, Virginia and DC.


      • Liam thank you for providing me with sources. I wanted to read completely through them without bias, and that is why this is such a late reply. I must tell you that the two sources you’ve pulled are extremely biased, and I must tell you that did not bode well with me from the start. I still read though and worked to see clearly. I was disturbed at how legit the statistics appeared and was shocked by them in general. Yet once I got to the bottom of the AMR file, I realized the sources used by this page date back to 1995 and it’s only most recent copyright was 2005. Due to those findings I cannot accept that source. Secondly, your National Review source was an interesting read for sure, but only due to the fact at how disgusting it approaches the topic of poor white people(classism rampant in the article). Then the comparison to said “white ghetto” to an Indian reservation is insulting to Native Americans who are in true crisis mode due to the unfair treatment from the American government. Lastly I don’t agree with his opinion that the difference between a black ghetto and a white ghetto is: “Those who have the required work skills, the academic ability, or the simple desperate native enterprising grit to do so get the hell out as fast as they can, and they have been doing that for decades.”

        Read more at:

        That’s not a difference…that’s a similarity. Black people have been trying and leaving the ghetto for almost 130 years now. This article was an opinion piece and not factual. I can not accept this.

        • Ascend

          Thank you for the reply. A couple of points. All sources are biased, always, and forever. This is a basic fact of existence. I picked the most stark example I could find and that I was most familiar with. In my opinion its broad brush strokes hold true. There are a myriad of other examples available, and from what I can gather these stats have only got worse in recent years

          Regarding Williamson’s article (Williamson is black himself), it’s late here and I don’t have the energy to re-read it right now, but I don’t recall him stating that there is any difference between black and white populations in the motivation of the most able to pull themselves out of economically blighted areas? If I re-read it and find I am wrong then I will concede that particular point, but I think that may be a strawman argument on your part.

          I feel that we are unlikely to agree on these issues under any circumstances, so I will say goodnight.

          • I am more than sure we shall forever disagree, but thank you for you respectful reply. It’s nice agreeing to disagree with someone and not be personally attacked. I still find the article to be unnecessarily biased even with a black man being the author. Good night

  31. Quartierleblanc

    Hell, I’d be happy if the brothers and sisters would just shut up in movie theaters. Trust me, the people on the screen aren’t going to talk to you.

    • Hell, I’d be happy if the brothers and sisters would just shut up in movie theaters. Trust me, the people on the screen aren’t going to talk to you.

      I attend movie theatres a great deal (I hold memberships to the two independent, non-profit movie theatres in our area.), and I have found that, while talking, texting and cell-phone use is a big problem in movie theatres today, among people of all colors, races and ethnicities and classes, it’s far less of a problem in the independent, non-profit movie theatres, which often show much better-quality films than the crappier up-to-date films that’re all too often shown in the antiseptic-looking multiplexes that all too often dot our highways and byways here in the United States.

      Some cinemas, such as Alamo Draft House (originating in Texas, but some are in NYC, also.), have a zero-tolerance policy for texting, cellphone use and talking in their cinemas. Anybody caught texting, talking on cell phone, or talking generally, gets kicked out of the cinema after two warnings, with no refund of their money. That, imho, is an excellent policy, because it sets out to show that people who often pay good money to go out and enjoy a movie have the right to do what they paid to do; enjoy a movie without these kinds of distractions. How I wish that more movie theatres and cinemas would implement and firmly enforce such policies.

  32. Hard Truth all white people hates black people… History proves it, you wrote it.

    • why don’t you learn the English language……you’ve been in the country for over 400 years and you still can’t speak or write or write the language coherently…….

      do you know what the word “syntax” means…….I seriously doubt if you do……….

      it just amazes me who you blacks survived this long…’re dumber than tree stumps……

  33. I agree I’m sick of being hated by blacks.I amsick of seeing the movie industry put white women with black men.they have brain washed white women to accept black men as partners.Every experience I have had with black people has ended badly.All because black people hate whites.I am 64 years old and I have seen the hate get worse as the years have gone by.I believe it will only get worse.

  34. If we were as bad as you say we are, there wouldn’t be any black people…

  35. John Q. Public

    After teaching public school in the hood for 30 years I know race issues and all the black racism against whites. Whites take their kids out of the school and so do intact black families. Only the lowest ones stay. They are the troublemakers that fight, yell and argue and refuse to follow simple rules of behavior. They would rather find a way to sue the school for something and blame the teacher. Integration has been a failure and blacks with good jobs and money put their kids in private schools just like whites.

    • john rossi

      Then I guess integration was just an experiment that ruined alot of white kids school experience. Inconveniencing white people lives a black specialty!

  36. I have been reading the the statements and replies and have arrived at the conclusion you are missing something that could come in very handy to support your arguments, real life experience.(Sorry to the English majors for the run on sentence.) This I have, and since I am stretching my writing skills legs I figured i would share. I was charged with Felony Aggravated Assault and spent close to a year in lockup with all the other killers, rapist, and other high class individuals. Of course this led to me losing my computer analyst management position. Who would have guessed, anyway I have some very interesting jail stories. I can now make a Tattoo gun with things found in a jail environment, make rope, brew alcohol and handle a small black group when the situation arises.
    My stay was short lived because on closer examination the the charged was found to be a fabricated
    lie but that is another story. Once released I ended up in a Hospital ( another story in itself ) having used up all my savings and ended up in the world of the black man. Homeless broke seeking government aid.
    This gives me a unique view into the lives of these characters you speak of, kind of like I am the Diane Fossy of poor uneducated, jobless Blacks. Let me know if any of you would be interested in reading of my adventures.

  37. No, the truth is blacks love (American )Whites. I hate blacks and myself for that. As long as we believe in whites Americans we will never be free and never move on.. That is the truth…

  38. Suzanne Williams

    Looking at the tags that you associate with Black people, and I shouldn’t perceive you too be less than ‘open-minded’?

    Blacks’ don’t hate Whites’. We hate Racist whites.

  39. LOL; Why would White people hate on a people they don’t know and which makes no effort from their direction? You wanna talk hatin’? Try those Korean bitches in LA selling milk gallons for $10 and doubling their female nail prices in Vegas from their to many numbers in LA.

    Grand Prize in Hatin’? The Chinese who hate fuqn everybody!

  40. I hate all white people… Fucking hate them so much… And we don’t need any god damn thing from you bitches…

    • weele_maz, thanks for proving the point of my article and for not taking welfare seized from my earnings. Now to convince your brothers and sisters to also not take our welfare dollars would be swell. After all, we already know the vast majority of blacks hate us whites. If only they hated our welfare, too!

      I’ll work on the white welfare moochers from my side.


  41. I travel the world, mostly islands because this is where people of color live. From Easter island to Jamaica, to the Cayman islands they all have horror stories of the white race and their destruction of their land, animals, and bring disease to their culture. They say white race is like a virus, it seeks a healthy host then set out destroy. Believe me, whites are hated Globally. Not just by Blacks.

    • morris, yes, all those roads, technology, healthcare, etc brought to the island people by evil whites is equally hated, I’m sure.


  42. Whites are to scared to speak up? No, its not fear, its just common sense! To say we are racists against Black America is old schooled because White America has changed its attitudes about racism since the MLK days. It is Black America with its bitterness about slave days not Whites in general! And its not an easy thing to forget about , bad time in America s history but you may as well get over it. Violence in Black neighborhoods is at an all time high, are they blaming each other for their slavery days? The only way to get over it is to face the facts-no one is a slave in this country and no one owes you a living! Stop listening and following this Liberal crap led by radicals in Washington D C! Get an education and take care of yourself and your family. You will be happier and you may live longer than most of the drug hustling thugs controlling your cities!

  43. Thanks for… enlightening me on things. I do agree, we as black people need to get our shit together. We can’t scream we’re being done wrong when we’re doing wrong ourselves. Black women clad in barely anything and black men trying to act tough. I know we know better. They know they do. I don’t think we should be wanting respect when we can’t even show ourselves the same. That’s why we’re labeled obnoxious, rude, loud and uncivilized. Its because we chose to potray that image. I think us blacks should admit our flaws and straighten that up before we go attacking people. I don’t agree with the whole people calling blacks: coons, monkeys and such but some are very much so. As far as us hating whites, it is true. We’re taught this. We’re not allowed to forget what happened because we’re told it would be a slap in the face to our ancestors. Now, I very much support you to not shoulder us. Like we’re taught in school, you’ll never get around with someone babying you or holding your hand. Its sad that civilized blacks don’t even get a chance because most think its okay to act savagely. But, seriously, I fully agree to stop trying to support us. My race needs to wake up. Hell, they’re not listening to their own. And what I’m saying now is what they would call betraying. Because anything not favoring blacks we should attack, right? But I realize what kind of world we live in. Every race has their own flaws. I just don’t understand why my race thinks it’s okay to be proud of being loud and obnoxious. Reminder, I do not agree to the whole generalizing thing. I think we all know not a whole race are exactly the same. I know they’re some good blacks but we keep on stopping ourselves. The whole segregation idea could help or it could be a historical repeat. History tends to do that. And, honestly, I don’t know why whites should feel like they owe us anything. Yes, its okay to help the blacks but only the ones trying to better themselves. Yes, I know that what whites did back in slavery was definitely wrong. But we can’t keep holding it against those who most don’t even agree with it. I only came to this page for one reason: to get both sides. Its repeated the question of: Why do whites hate blacks? But why not vice versa? Even though, I think hate just causes chaos between races. That’s why we’re like this now. But the fact that you’re deducing that a whole race are all stupid/slow is just not right. We all know better than this. We all know that not an entire race could be that. Because no matter what race you are, if you choose to be successful its completely up to that individual.

    • I am a severely flawed white person. 🙁 I don’t hate you. I was raised by parents who were very poor when they grew up. We cannot trace our ancestry past Indian Territory in Oklahoma. But we were rich because we were raised to respect everyone. I am afraid for my children and grand children. This world is a violent world.

    • Well said! Too many morons on both sides, keep thinking positive and fighting the good fight, stand tall as a human and as an American! This is all ours to lose is not acceptable, somehow the good will win!

  44. We don’t feel like whites owe is. If you were black you would see everyday racism. My dad has multiple degrees but has often been assumed to be uneducated because of his locks. Just because you don’t encounter the racism doesn’t mean it isn’t they’re.

  45. Whites copy black culture. Look at the songs and dances. Look at the music and you will notice it is mostly based on black culture. Did you know Elvis’ rock was based off black music (look it up)

  46. Boys and girls! Tsk, tsk. My god there is a war here on this internet site. Honestly…this is just what the Illuminate wants. All of us to fight and then kill each other and then they really have a chance to take over the world. I see thousands of layers of espionage slamming on the pavements of our society and nobody is paying any friken attention. Pay attention!!

  47. most dont understand how difficult it is to be black in america – – I remember my first day of kindergarten class , i asked a little girl , “can i play with you?” – she says ” I dont play with Niggers” — talk about trauma, scared the life outta me !! // furthermore, the same girl got a mean look from me one day – ( I acutally wasnt even looking at her), but her fear of my skin caused her to run to our white teacher and report my “angry” face . I was placed in time out (5th grade) The reason i had an angry look is because I had been molested that morning and it was weighing heavily on me -I’m sure the girl doesnt remember — anyway >>> – –Not just me , ask any black person about how they;ve been discriminated against and I’d bet my LIFE the memories start early-

    no matter how qualified you are – smart – prudent – advanced // it doesn’t matter – run into the right person and you’ll have another door slammed in your face – “sorry we dont have that here ” ” sorry, i dont understand your request” “sorry, it’s taken” “so sorry that happened to you” ” sorry , that’s not very common” ” sorry sorry >>> “sorry , YOURE BLACK” I can admire the racists that at least have the courage to be blatant about their feelings, no matter how misguided or hurtful. Most white people PRETEND to harbor no bad feelings towards us blacks and snicker when we’re not present. How do I know without witnessing. I can tell , the spirit of this hatred follows us all our lives – like a dark cloud that rarely escapes the lips of their white vessels. Nonetheless, I believe whites should understand that we as black people have to work 10 x harder to advance in life, due to a number of reasons. Poverty, socioeconomic standards, numerous (unexplained) exclusions ~ IM TIRED OF HAVING DOORS SLAMMED IN MY FACE for nothing more than my skin!- and folks are in constant denial about it – I AM EDUCATED – i DO have a job! – I dont blame anyones’ ancestors for fucking up – they didn’t know any better ~ , nor do i want a handout – but the truth is , it’s not fair for US dark skinned people- I hope that it boils over one day – I hope that we all revolt to the slavery that has been transformed into a this new twisted invention_ and terrorize some shit – ( NO PLANS ) in affect , just a dream!

    ~ go where you like – but you may be pulled over when you drive in a white neighborhood you’re not from and harassed by police / you may not be able to get a degree from the school you like , you may be told that they’re not accepting applicants – the house you want is off the market suddenly even though you have OVER enough cash to cover it – sorry – you’re not welcomed here – its so stupid – I’m beginning to learn to hate racist white people, and I have a white fiance! ~ I feel as a black person we DO have reason to have developed hard feelings to this invisible caste system. Ignorance brings out the worst in all of us- God Help Us !

    • I’m not buying it……..I’m not buying it…….I’ve been around a while on this planet and I see white people bending over backwards everywhere trying get along with blacks…….I’ve been all over the country and it’s the same every where I’ve been……whites go out of their way to be courteous and blacks are just as hateful and spiteful as they can be…….and the more courteous whites are to blacks the more hateful you blacks become……

      it’s been that way my entire life……..99 times out of a 100 it’s you blacks that start the crap when something goes down……it’s not us. it’s you…, I’m not buying your whining and complaining……….white people are not the ones burning cities to the ground……whites are not the ones attacking people……it’s you….your the ones committing the crimes……we don’t play the knock-out game with blacks….your the ones that are creating this environment and you blame it on us……..

      you’re the ones who have been in control of these American cities that are nothing but ghettos… did this… made these ghettos……we didn’t do this to you… have no one to blame but yourselves……….it’s blacks that are killing blacks in your ghettos, not us white people……I’m tired of your constant whining and complaining and blaming us for the bullshit you create for yourselves……..

      it’s not us…’s you…….

  48. not applicable

    There will be a time for everyone to answer for their own miss deeds. I am no saint. I have received racist oppression and have oppressed racially, amid other crimes on humanity and individuals. There’s no heaven in my eternal future. Be thankful for what you have…

  49. You have to look at it from the Blacks’ perspective. We Whites deserve their hatred – all we’ve done for the last 60 years is give up close to 40% of our income so that the government can house Blacks (Section 8), feed them (EBT cards), raise their children (AFDC), care for them (health care), provide an opportunity for them to educate themselves (free education) and provide for their every other need (welfare). We’re devils for that!

    Truth is you can never win the friendship of someone who feels inferior to you.

  50. A black dude who is trying to enjoy life

    Man all these racists comments its incredible. White people hate black people more then the opposite. This is ridiculus. Its not like black people enslaved the white people or anything, took away their rights. Their homes, their familys. Of course not it was the opposite. What the fuck is wrong with you white people pissed off that black people are dumbasses and poor. You took away their rights man. You set their development back hundreds of years and also took away their resources so that way they got poor. You know what. Lets get a president that belive that all white people should be enslaved for 300 years. Why? Why the fuck not, they deserve it man.

    • Quartierleblanc

      Nothing is stopping you. Go for it. After all Whites put a man on the moon. Your people have trouble setting off a bottle rocket without killing each other in the process especially if it’s in Chicago, Baltimore, Gary, Birmingham, East St. Louis, New Orleans etc etc etc.

  51. Organized jewry hates White Europeangenetic based people. In America they have been training Black folk to hate White people since at least the post-WW II, a war in which Jews were the winners. The MO of
    OJ [organized jewry] has always been primarily the hidden hand but with mass media control that is
    often accomplished by not reporting on power exercised by jews. The 1960’s seem to have been a major time of jewish high energy and one aspect was organizing Black people esp. for labor interests
    but by jewish communists and with an innate implicit anti-White agenda. Jews do not consider themselves White unless the moment favors them to do so; rather they teach their young from birth that White people have brutally abused jews in all manner of ways, the NAZI extermination meme being the most terrifying for the wee jews and most effective; and whether it is true or not does not matter because it is politically/officially true and not to be questioned. So Soros andhis 33 million to fund groups like Black Lives Matter as well as BLM, is not inconsistent but may represent a more ominous scheme designed to use Black people as the executioners once White people are a sufficient minority in America which may be sooner than expected. The 2008 US Census announcement that White people will be a mminority no later than 2042 [moved up from 2015] was based on White vs. non_White birth rates and it was sserted that such minoritization of Whites was irreversible. However, that estimate did not likely include the one million non_White Legal immigrants yearly nor the at least one million non-White Illegal immigrants yearly for the past 30 years. A Multicultural Society is being imposed steadily and by design on America through dispossion by immigration of the White people who were in 1965 approx. 90% of the population. In 1965 is when after a struggle since 1881 to 1965 jewish organizations spanning generations relentlessly strove to gain control of the US Immigration Law and Policy and achieved it in 1965. We blessed to have this information documented by Evolutionary-Psychologist retired professor Kevin MacDonald and it is worth the read and is avail as a free pdf. file download and documents this matter from 1881 to 1965
    when a jew-written immigration law designed to severely limit White people immigrant was enacted and ultimately, I’d say was deployed as a weapon to eliminate WHite people power in America leaving no poss obstacles for jewish total dominion over a multicultural society utopia based on a BABEL bible Story Template which seems as well to have included destruction of a great tower or two. Also in the last 25 years most f the US manufacturing capacity-as in factory machinery- has been ripped out of factories and shipped offshore and though it is usually referred in terms of lost jobs it is clearly more devastating than that implies. We are in a bad way. And now the anti White mem is emerging from jewry’s academia as anti-whiteness which comes form I think jewish communist writer Theodore W. Allen, who also tried to organize Blacks against Whites while maintaining a day job at the Brooklyn heights Yeshiva and passed on his vision to others of a White race not existing just a sense of entitlement called whiteness [my interpretation not his words] . Noel Saul Ignatiev is another such anti-White jew who in the 1990’s had produced an anti-White faux-academicish journal called RACE TRAITOR which purportedly sought to convince “White people’ to betray their race the mechanics of this are not clear to me. But there is a lot coming down the pike and it will probably not appear jewish generated. Portland City College was one of several colleges who had a WHITENES Month, [I forget exactly how they phrased it] for April 2025 with the expressed intention to repeat it yearsly. Unlike for other racial identities for WHITENESS the month is devoted to teaching [mostly Blacks seemed involved per videos online] how White People are in essence as the CIA-jewesss Susan Sontag famously asserted [something to the effect that White people are:] the cancer of the earth. jews seem all to be trained to be race warriors from birth; but to do it by stealth.
    here is a link to the MacDonald article 60 or so pages:

  52. im not black and you whites should go back to europe! all races hate your guts and wish you death stupid #$$%! all races want you to go back to Europe now!.oh and language,grammar,literature was invented by India indians not paleskinned foreign white illegal terrorists in non white native American indian lands..GET OUT OF OUR LANDS!

  53. the HARDER TRUTH– ALL RACES HATE HONKYS! i am hindu indian and want all whites genocideD’

  54. paul-harvey dubois

    Brilliantly courageous article. I encourage the author to pursue writing articles in this vein.

  55. this is the same kind of hate for whites that I have seen since the 70s – only difference is instead of verbal attacks, they are doing physical attacks and shootings

    they are what they are – terrorists – it is your job to protect yourself – which is why the 2nd amendment is so important

    the cops don’t give a crap about you – neither do the prosecutors – neither do the white juries who are brainwashed into thinking –well you know

    so all I can say is to avoid them if you can – defend yourself if you cant – and watch what you say

    we need to take away their free housing and make them get jobs to get off the street – that is what will turn things around

    last words: if you get called in for jury duty – do the honorable thing and vote to lock them up – if you don’t, you might be their next victim

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