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Pic: Andrea Tantaros

This is a bit of a follow-up on my earlier story “Broken Dreams and Daddy Issues. “ The gist of the article was essentially advice to Bill O’Reilly about how to avoid those pesky sexual “her ass meant” charges that seem to follow him around and cost him his job at Fox. Part of that advice was to avoid women that are commonly referred to as “head cases.”

One of Bill’s accusers was the former “The Five” host Andrea Tantaros. If anyone is the poster girl for a head case it’s Andrea. At 38, she’s on the downhill slope yet she remains unmarried. That is a huge red flag and begs the question of exactly what is wrong with her. It might be quite a bit and the term “damaged goods” comes to mind. Andrea seems to be one of those gals that work real hard to get into the 8 category on a good day, yet imagines herself a perfect 10 if everything goes just right. We all know the type. She is under the belief that most men want to fornicate with her and while this may be mostly true, it’s under the context of what is called a one-night stand. We want you to go home early sweetheart and please don’t call or text. You’re not getting flowers much less meeting anyone’s mother in the near future. You look and act just a little too nasty for that. Being in your late 30’s doesn’t help your act either.

While accusing O’Reilly of sexual “her ass meant” he is not the only one. Tantaros has also accused Roger Ailes in the process. It seems that Roger told her to “turn around so he could get a better look at her.” Wow, Andrea, that’s setting the bar pretty low. I bet if Liam Hemsworth told you the same thing after a two double scotches, you’d probably go to the ladies room and then hand him your underwear along with a not so discrete text message.

But it doesn’t stop there. Andrea has also accused former Senator Scott Brown, actor Dean Cain, reporter John Roberts and former Green Beret Ben Collins of sexual “her ass meant.” Simply unbelievable!

Hey Andrea, do you think the message you’re putting out might be an issue? Or maybe, just maybe it could be the figment of an overly active imagination and a lot of wishful thinking. You don’t seem to have problem putting out more than a few bikini pics on the net? Money says you like the attention, but that’s not going to get in the way of an easy payday is it?

Tantaros has also accused the network of cyber stalking, hacking her computer, tapping her phone calls and attacking her with fake online accounts. It seems like the only people she hasn’t blamed are the Russians and space aliens.

What does this all mean besides avoiding the obvious head case, especially at your place of employment?

For one you should consider sexual “her ass meant” as a growth industry in the law profession. Blood sucking lawyers will go to any extreme to extort money by creating new crimes/civil injuries. I attended a sexual “her ass meant” class a few months ago and was told that it can mean “anything the woman perceives it to be.” That translates into whatever they imagine or can lie about, especially if a paycheck is involved.

It also denotes a new weapon that the left uses in the war on men, especially white men. If the left doesn’t like somebody, they will just find a convenient head case to make up charges. Problem solved because for the left the head case is always right.

What this really represents is just another example of the fact that liberalism is a mental illness and a path to societal suicide.










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  1. Nick Digger

    Tarantula was screwed over by FOX subsequent to her April 2016 book release. They claimed some micro-technicality contract breach, which may have been technically accurate but still came off skeezy as hell. If I were to grant Miss Tarantula the benefit of the doubt, I’d say that these her-assmint lawsuits are her way of striking back accordingly. Again, skeezy as all hell but as any port in a storm / any shiv in a street fight.

  2. JMV

    This is all on the Murdochs. They wanted a network that had the highest ratings out there, and since sex sells, they hired a bunch of above 6 bimbos with long legs, big tits, and short skirts. But because the Murdoch family has billions of dollars to piss away on lawyers, they forgot that with those good looks, you also get batshit crazy. It’s kind of a package deal these days, hot and crazy. Had ‘ol Rupert not gone for immediate high ratings, and instead had gone for quality journalism, the Fox News Corporation wouldn’t be paying out millions in hush money to a bunch of talentless bimbos who think that a nice shape and an anchor position makes them intelligent, important, and that people will take them seriously when all they really are, are gold digging attention whores and the equivalent of internet clickbait.

    Note to AWD. Nick Digger posted first, but for some reason, when I was about to fill out the boxes for name and email, on my computer, Nick’s email addy was already populated in the email box. I hope this was just a glitch in the system, as I sure as shit don’t want my email addy out there…

  3. lepke

    It would appear that she is bat shit crazy.Has a track record of doing these things.Once you pay one of those types off ,they come out of the woodwork looking for easy money. O’Reilly should have been made to defend his sorry ass with his own money.

  4. Marc B.

    Excellent appraisal of Ms. Tantaros, but you are being overly generous. She’s a 6.5 on her best day, and can’t bring the heat like the elder and much classier Julie Banderas. By Fox News/Fox Business standards, Banderas average despite being a real looker outside of 1211 Avenue of the Americas.

  5. Nick Digger

    What befuddles me is how FNC lost their ability to handle these headcases.

    Rachel Marsden was one of the original panelists on Red Eye, until she began making allegations about her ass-mints. FNC security escorted her out of the building on May 30, 2007 and Red Eye continued onward for (almost) another ten years.

    2007: Fox goes to the mat for an obscure 3AM show that’s only been around for a few months.
    2017: Fox sacrifices their flagship program/personality despite two decades of ratings gold.

  6. Quartierleblanc

    First of all I just love the term “her ass mints.” Hilarious. I never knew about Rachal Marsden or for that matter who she is or thinks she is.


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