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AWD has seen this stupid Heineken beer commercial several times recently on the free movie channel (refuse to pay for socialist HBO):

[yt id=”DN0vqqg-JBQ”]

Is this the best that Heineken can do? I mean, other than using a under nourished 12 year old boy in the commercial, who writes this sh*t? This commercial is so ridiculously awful in every way, I wouldn’t drink a Heineken if I was stuck on an island with Rosie O’Donnell and needed a severe case of beer goggles to continue the human race. But then, does anyone really consider Rosie O’Donnell human?

AWD must admit that I didn’t know who this little pencil-neck tard in the commercial was until I looked it up on YouTube. His name is Neil Patrick Harris. I’m not sure what he did or does to warrant him trying to sell beer. All I can say is I wore suits bigger than that when I was in the second grade.

Hey Neil, who do I contact at Heineken to reimburse me the 30 seconds of my life wasted watching your little nairy ass waste my time? Put down the cerveza and pick up a cheeseburger!

I’ve never known anyone who drinks Heineken beer. Most around these here parts drink Shiner or Lone Star. Occasionally, a Coors Light. A word to the executives at Heineken: a 12 year old poofter will not encourage anyone to drink your beer. Stupids!



  1. Disgusted Caucasian

    Not to mention that he’s a butt invader as well.

    • haaaaaaaaaaa not many straight people in Hollywood is there? Have not been to a movie in years! Might go see the new Jurassic Park. Sick of lesbos & faggots

      • Lakeland2015

        You must have been living under a rock or just plain stupid. Straight actors make up 90% of every single movie, TV show and in music. Are you that dense?

  2. Spurwing Plover

    The ones who make this comercials must be a 70’s type pot-head

  3. I drink American……………..that’s right….American…………

    I refuse to drink socialist beers….from socialist countries…..made by socialists………

    up your ass you damn socialist……..and you fags too….up your’s………..

    I drink American beer…..brewed right here in the good ole USA……..the best beer in the world……..

  4. Dooge Houser,,,,Patrick something hyphenated 3 words.,,,,
    A real prick that also likes himself stuffed.

  5. Alexandra

    That guy IS a poofter!

    Should’ve used Lootie.

  6. Coors light??? are you kidding? I know you make fun of Englishters but they make some very good beers.
    I can’t think of an American beer I would drink.

  7. Yah, yah…. Harris is HI-Lariious.

    Give him a stout so thick you could cut it with a knife, and he’d implode.

  8. carnac123

    I have enjoyed several beers in my life. I prefer a few of them over the rest. I do NOT like Heineken . It is (as they say) SKUNKY. It stinks. The fact that it is imported may impress poofters and nouveau trash,….but not anyone serious about how a beer should taste.

  9. OMG AWD, you are such a redneck buffoon! It’s a full time job keeping you from hurting yourself.

    Heineken International pays Neil Patrick Harris to pitch beer…

    Neil Patrick Harris use 12 year old boys to pitch penis.

    Like Hot-dogs at a gay cookout no wonder Heineken beer taste like shit.

  10. Hello? I think I’ve been blocked?

  11. Were I stuck on an island with Ms. O;Donnel, I’d conclude the human race wasn’t worth it.

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