It’s the Christmas Chanukah Winter Festival season and the feelings of goodwill toward all men (Muslims excluded) is in the air. Yes, we ring in glad tidings of great joy and don we now our gay apparel (especially in New York and California) and play our little reindeer games. What does all this mean? Hell if I know but I thought I’d throw in some Christmassy talk there. Probably should have left out that “don we now our gay apparel” part.

Anyway, another reason to celebrate the end of December is because Imam Hussein is on his final days living in a house, so says his wife, that slaves built. AWD writes this from his home that illegal aliens built. Yes, Donald J Trump was elected today by voters of the Electoral College. Great was the happiness and celebration around the country. Even Hillary voters were happy. Here’s one:

Get it straight. This is HER America and we are only passersby. On second look, maybe some Hillary voters weren’t so thrilled about Trump.

Have you ever noticed that the people protesting Trump look a whole hell of a lot like people you see at Walmart on a Saturday night after midnight? The lady in the mismatched purple clothing with ZERO make up with the 70’s hairstyle that owns America in the video could easily be seen buying bulk cat food on aisle 34.

These types are the underbelly of America. Loud, unwashed, and monumentally stupid. Easily excitable, she erupts like Mt Saint Hillary when the Electoral College voters vote exactly as they have sworn to do. Wow! Whodathunkit, cat lady? Did you really think the voters were going to change their vote merely because they live in YOUR America? I hear there’s a big sale coming up on Kibbles n Bits!

Here’s a news report from Wisconsin about our purple Walmart-shopping cat lady but also has some other fellow WalMarter After Midnight shoppers. Great Googly Moogly those women are ugly! Skip to 1:55 in the video. Then bleach your eyeballs.

Some things you just cannot unsee. I’m not an expert on Yankees but I think those are the best looking women in Wisconsin. Unfortunately.

Conservatives act like adults when things don’t go their way. You didn’t see protests or death threats by our side when Hussein Hopenchange won in 2008 and 2012. We regrouped, worked, waited, and supported Donald Trump while he beat Our Lady of the Cankles like a red-headed mule! Liberals have cried like they little wusses they are and they changed nada! Not a damn thang!

But oh, the sweet tears of all these liberals are perfect to salt AWD’s margaritas. Maybe the purple Walmart cat lady can pick me up some margarita mix on aisle 12 once she loads up her 200 pounds of cat food! Bwahahahaha!

And cat lady? Maybelline on aisle 24. Live it, learn it, KNOW IT! Haven’t we suffered enough?


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