AWD so hoped Rand Paul would be different. He showed promise. Less wild-eyed wackjob fanatic than his father, he at first appeared to be more pragmatic and marketable than Señor Batsh*t Crazy Ron Paul. He could have been Mr Tea Party. He’s just the latest George W Bush. Pity.

As hard as he may try, deoxyribonucleic acid is something not easily defeated. Especially when your DNA has a majority of the enzyme CRAZY swimming in it. Yeah, yeah, Paulbots, Ron Paul had some good ideas. Where did it get him or us? It’s just that he comes across as a weird little dude who wears wrinkled cheap suits with tennis shoes. That’s because he’s a weird little dude that wears wrinkled cheap suits with tennis shoes. I’ve met him. You haven’t. OK, OK, call me a neocon. Paulbots use the word “neocon” more than Al Sharpton uses “racist.”

Something got to Rand once he got to Washington. It’s called the Republican Establishment. Winning his seat because of huge support from the Tea Party movement, Rand now had to choose which of two masters to serve. He chose poorly. But predictably. He kissed the ring of the Establishment. It happens to nearly all of them.

Rand lost many conservatives by endorsing Mitch McConnell during his reelection campaign. That was a real stupid move. You’ll note that Ted Cruz did not endorse McConnell’s fellow waste of oxygen John Cornyn. But Rand thought he’d get some ass-kissing points in with the Establishment boys if he played along and endorsed a lifetime corruptocrat that supposedly stands for everything Rand supposedly opposes. Again, he choose poorly. The Establishment gobbled up Rand’s endorsement and now back El Jeb Bush for the 2016 nomination.

Rand then began pandering for hard-core Democrat votes. He promised to return the right to vote for convicted felons, most of whom are black. He pandered in front of black audiences at black colleges telling them how government had failed them and he would fix that.

Rand even joined the Crips in Los Angeles to pander to violent drug gangs. I just made that up but it’s not far off the radar of Rander the Panderer’s ability to smooch the boo-tays of those who will NEVER vote for him or any Republican. Many have tried, all have failed.

Rander also made a huge mistake by trashing Donald Trump. Rand’s conservative fans have abandoned him and his Establishment-pandering self and moved on to wildly support Trump and Ted Cruz. Predictably, Rand has gone nowhere. As El Jeb found out, pissing off the base is not a valid methodology for winning support from the base.

Trump has figured out that the American conservative taxpayer is beyond being sick and tired of illegal aliens, Islam, welfare moochers, weakened defense, etc. That is why he will be the next President. Rand Paul wants to return the right to vote to Democrat-voting felons. Good luck with that strategy, Rander.

Now Rander’s big money supporters are tiring of his act. He is polling just above Benedict Arnold and has big money problems. Go figure. Maybe he should hit up Mitch and the boys for some coin. Oh, they’re still throwing away their Big Business millions on El Jeb and won’t return Rander’s calls!

AWD guesses Rander will end his laughable presidential campaign within a month and go back to being bought off by the Establishment boys in Washington. If he plays his card right and continues to kiss the right soft, lumpy asses, Rand can look forward to a rewarding lifetime of being a Senator and living with the fact that he sold out his supporters and his country.

This is the problem with too many Libertarians (if Rander can still be called that). Too many are concentrated on little debating societies among themselves that achieve nothing or they are batshit crazy. Or both. I think it’s really that a great many Libertarians just want to smoke pot. Might as well, they never achieve anything anyway.

Maybe Rander IS a Libertarian.


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