AWD met Ted Cruz just after he announced his run for the Senate. His opponent was well-connected with the GOP Establishment, well-financed, moderate Texas Lt Governor David Dewhurst. At the time, Cruz was polling in single digits. Dewhurst would have been in Cornyn’s and McConnell’s back pocket from the day he infected Washington had he won.

I didn’t know too much about Ted except he had been a fine Solicitor for Texas and his father Rafael had survived being imprisoned in Cuba by Castro. I had heard Rafael speak and enjoyed his message of conservatism and how he came penniless to America and succeeded by hard work and sacrifice. Rafael Cruz is an immigrant that has made America a better place.

Ted was different from most politicians I’ve met. Usually I have felt like showering after meeting many of them. Cruz listened and asked questions. AWD must admit that I was probably a little rude informing Cruz several times that I neither like nor trust any politician. I told him that if his plan was to go to Washington and be the next John Cornyn or Kay Bailout then he should not waste my time.

Cruz promised (politicians like to make promises. Keeping them? Not so much) he would never be usurped by the Elite and would be a champion for conservative values. I still didn’t believe him.

AWD can say that Ted Cruz is the one glimmer of hope I have for this country to survive in its present state. True to his word, he has not faltered in his values nor has he lost his backbone when taking on the Democrats and Republican Elite. It’s obvious the wussypants GOP Elite hate Cruz worse than the Democrats. John McCain even called Cruz a “whacko bird.” Coming from McCain, that’s a badge of honor! That should be Ted’s campaign slogan: VOTE FOR THE WHACKO BIRD!

I have with the other GOP candidates. Rubio and the Gang of 8. Nope! Rand Paul bashing Voter ID to black audiences and saying he would restore voting rights to felons. He also endorsed McConnell. Rand has become a big-time panderer. And we don’t need panderers. Pass on Rand. Plus, he has his father’s blood in his veins. Walker is an Amnesty squish even though he says he isn’t. He also has been weak on 2nd Amendment. Negative. Vote for El Jeb? Get real.

The problem President Cruz will face is not so much working with the Democrats but with the wussypants Republicans. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a reelected Senator McCain announce he will caucus with the Democrats should Ted win the Presidency. McCain’s man-servant Lindsey Graham and lap-dog Jeff Flake would gladly follow.

Getting Boehner and McConnell to pass legislation to repeal the damage that has been done to America over the past twenty years will be difficult if not impossible. They are Democrats in the Republican Party and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them do everything in their power to destroy a Cruz administration. In fact, I expect it from them.

Does Ted have experience running a big state? No. He doesn’t have much time in Congress either. I don’t give a rat. Ted Cruz has conservative cojones as big as the moon. And balls and guts are enough these days. Plus Cruz is smarter than everyone else running for President combined. He’s smart, tough, and dedicated to taking a conservative chain saw to Washington. It’s the only way America will survive as a Republic. AWD believes that with all of his big, sexy heart.

You can easily see that Cruz is who the Democrats and Republicans fear most. The Mainstream Propaganda Media is already trashing him and telling how he is disliked in Washington and cannot win because moderates won’t support him. Fox News even has their RINO knives out for him. That’s all I need to know to realize we have found our man!

The Republicans will surely lose again should they run another big-government RINO squish. History teaches us that or we would have had a President Dole, McCain, or Romney. W ran as a conservative and won twice although he governed as a big-government RINO squish. Karl Rove can shove his little stupid whiteboard sideways.

Ted Cruz will win and win big if he’s the GOP nominee. If he’s not, I’ll vote for a Rand Paul or Scott Walker with a frown. I won’t for El Jeb, Christie, or any other left-wing Republican. Ever. Again. #nomorein16

Ted Cruz is a conservative and has cojones. That’s enough.

Maybe that should be his campaign slogan!


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