I posted this photo because you won’t see it on any grocery store lines last minute checkout counters. Nor will you see it on the MSM. Our President is too busy doing People Magazine interviews and shows like Entertainment Tonight to ensure he engraves his name at the grocery counter. This censored story however is bad, very bad. Not only for our military, but for our country. This photo shows an awakening of a lot of veterans who are serving, or have served, and are now feeling a personal attack from our Commander in Chief. And our military is ALL about policy and ZERO with skin color as the leftists would have you believe.

Currently there are Marines and service members, NCOs AND GENERAL STAFF, who are disgusted with the clear infliction of threats of reduction, policy, and handling of the wars from this administration. Reduce more? How? Would these reductions include taking away more of our medical benefits and tuition limits for our service members?

The state of Ohio is home to the largest Marine Reserve Infantry Units that saw action in Iraq. This unit paid a horrible price. Remembering the “unjust war” in the eyes of this President, the people of Ohio should be sick to their stomachs. Furthermore, those who voice outrage against our Commander in Chief are either being subjected to Courts Martial or detained indefinitely. What about the frustration of leaked operational security? Did Obama not think there would be a backlash? This is our COUNTRY’S MILITARY FOR GOD SAKE! But the open hostility and resentment of the military from the President begs this question. Why is this happening? What is the root of the open frustration? Name it, with whoever you ask; each has their own reason.

Personally, it is seeing the bureaucracy of the local Veterans Hospital. Dealing with the VA which has made me more determined than ever to quickly find civilian health care. Many of us are struggling to support our families as we go back to college trying to prepare for a second career. To think those benefits are going to be cut further honestly scares me. I pray every month my GI Bill will go uninterrupted because of the V.A.’s inefficiency and inability to handle their responsibilities with our veterans. Not to mention the selective disability cuts to those that get out and retire. Why are these cuts selective? To save money, of course. And we will end up seeing more soldiers with wounds receiving nothing at all.

When I see the lobbies full of our Wounded Warriors both past and present, I see a lot of patriotism. I also see a tremendous amount of frustration. Many of those wait, and wait, and then are told to wait some more. These “streamlined” web pages you go through with the VA frustrates me to no end. I can’t imagine a Korean Veteran having enough computer savvy to navigate the confusing websites to fine where to go for service. Poor guys.

There are many Korean and Vietnam Vets who suffer horrific PTSD after only one tour, let alone those who have served 5 to 10. These vets are usually given “anti’-depressants” to cope. In my opinion, these are the worst drug ever to help those who have served multiple tours and suffer psychologically. The flat line of emotion needed for combat also takes its toll on their home life. Even with the birth of a child, those who suffer PTSD and are fed anti-depressants feel no spark emotion. When they finally come off of these “anti-depressants” the extreme emotional upswing is tremendous in both the highs and the lows. Sparks are added to gasoline and our veterans suffer even more as they come home to a broken health care system.

Come November, we will see the impact of the pro-military vote. To our veterans who have served before, we need to ensure this election result goes in our favor. Our support structure is in critical need of repair. Sadly, my heart hurts for our Wounded Warriors that have endured so much pain from this administration. I am afraid of the outcome.


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