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The LLC (Lying Liars in Charge) are closet AWD fans. They can’t help it; Barry and his crew come here for the honest pulse of American views, values, and a straight forward perspective. Not the watered down, shaped ideology of MSNBC or CNN. Anyone that has every worked a hard day’s pay know that the best advice you could get is the answer you normally did not want to hear! More of us on sites like this provide the dose of reality to the LLC; and it could not happen at a better time, Independence Day. This tragedy of one Patriot could very well be today’s Paul Revere. However, since October 25, 2011, the LLC have attempted to stop the horse on this case. It now has finally come to a head; that “can” of the Fast and Furious debacle can no longer be kicked down the election road. Eric Holder and his Commander in Chief are now being required to answer for their or the DOJ’s mistakes to the harshest of critics, The American people.

Barry’s fight is a simple one. We know what is currently going on in the manner of foreign policy, so please attend to something more pressing right now. Troops are dying! But wait…another vacation or campaign stop beckons! No answers still for the family of Brian Terry. I guess executive privilege has its privileges.

From the view of an honorable American, every President and his Department of Defense, through the entire chain of command should WANT to provide answers to a family of such a good American like Brian Terry. Our military and its commanders are required to conduct investigations, document in command chronologies, and answer as to why any Marine, Soldier, Sailor, or Airman on the battlefield were killed in action. This is simply a standard operating procedure, but, more importantly, honesty–an emblem of trust we have with the American people. Once we lose the trust of our families, we do not get our patriotic volunteers.

No different is the case the case of Brian Terry. Why is his sacrifice such that the President is not required to explain the actions that led to his murder? Last time I checked, Border Patrol Agents were not in the CIA and what occurs with them is public information. This case is the near equivalent of a California Highway Patrol Officer being killed by a group of illegals. Cut and dry, Obama is protecting an extended arm of a corrupt government. Good! Protect Eric Holder and go to jail with him.

Barack Obama, you are the first black President but it does not make you the first President of our country. Many have served this great responsibility before you. Presidents who have served the office before you have had to answer for MILLIONS of service members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice during America’s many wars. Remember that today, when you reflect on what Independence Day really means. A group of men signed their death warrant for this nation’s countrymen and women so that they may be free. Self-sacrifice is a trait of a leader, and especially an American President.

Do what is right for this country and its people. But that is just my advice; I am sure you can get better from Al Sharpton.



  1. Great piece American Infidel #1…great choice for a hero as well.

    Thought I’d throw this in here too…read it this morning.

  2. KennakaKeeper

    I may not comment on everything posted in this great, I mean GREAT site but every once in a while several will catch my eye that I find myself reading over and over. This is one that truly set itself apart from the others as one of the truly inspirational, forthright, thoughts of a true American. You as well as the others that post their thoughts and opinions are to commended and I thank you all for being who you truly are, AMERICANS….

    • American Infidel #1

      Thank you for the kind words! I think AWD has quite the chemistry here with ideas and news. Seriousness balanced with comic relief.

  3. Enoch Powell

    Ha ha. Obonzo is the first black president and typically enough he is the worst. As bad as Bush/Clinton/Bush were, Obonzo wins the prize as the absolute worst. Of course he’s the worst because he has actually achieved his mission.

    July 4th is a day to remember and to venerate, but there’s nothing to celebrate. We have lost what we had almost entirely. Benjamin Franklin responded to a question as to what kind of government he and his colleagues had constructed. He said, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Well, we have lost it. We are now living under a leftist tyranny where the government is the enemy of its own country.

    We’re going to have to create another day to celebrate. Very soon.

  4. AI#1, excellent piece. Should be required reading for the turds in the exec branch.

  5. Paul Bonnichsen


    I’ve read many different articles on Fast & Furious… many speculate the operation was targeted at our second amendment rights. Should this be the case and considering lives were lost, it is my hope our elected officials will get the same justice any of us in the private sector would receive… jail time.

    Great Post!!!

  6. American Infidel #1

    Thank you all, very much appreciated. Still not enough.

  7. Georgia Girl

    AI#1 – I very much enjoy reading your posts…thank you for another great article –

    Congrats “BIG” on your IOTW debut!

  8. Spurwing Plover

    The real heros of america Not the political hacks getting front page leftists news headlines in the usial Birdcage liners

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