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Here’s a repost of a Code Pink post we did a few years ago. Unfortunately, Code Pink and their rancid vaginas are still around. They tried to take over a Ted Cruz event last week only to get their asses (and vaginas) publicly whipped.

It is amazing that people would actually do the things for attention that does Code Pink. Apparently, not enough male attention going their way. Sad, sad females.

What is it with liberal womerns always talking about their vaginas? They sure seem to be focused on their tingly parts all the time. Probably because no one else is! A week doesn’t seem to go by without some libtarded, horrendous-looking filly telling “old white men to stay away from my vagina.” Honey, speaking for all men young and old, we have zero interest in your coochie! Just keep your vagina, and the rest of you, the hell away from us!

You don’t hear dudes going around telling women to “keep away from my wang!” In fact, it’s usually quite the opposite with men trying desperately to get a little filly closer to his unit. How would AWD be portrayed by the press if I yelled, “Hey, all you libtarded liberal mo-rons, stay away from my huge man-thing!” They might think I was a liberal…except that part about having a huge man-thing would give me away as a conservative.

Angry White Dude is constantly sickened by the damage done to American society and culture by hard-core leftists like Codepink. These morons are just plain offensive, ignorant and disgusting. Codepink is at the forefront of these sickening leftists. Most Codepinkers appear to be hippie freakazoids, lebanese, communist, and/or any combination of these. They are also hideously ugly…in mind, spirit and appearance….keeping with liberal standards.

Codepink is now planning to travel with their vaginas to the Republican National Convention in Tampa. I’m sure there will be plenty of vaginas on hand in Tampa…probably attached to hookers. Not sure Codepink’s will be required. However, on their website, Codepink says:

Join CODEPINK and V-Day to bring your vagina to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL August 27-30!

Together, we will bring our resilient, creative, powerful vaginas to Republican fundraisers and to the convention hall. We’ll also take part in the Coalition March on the RNC and other peace and justice actions.

Bring their vaginas? What about their asses? Ta-ta’s? They’re leaving a lot of good things at home…if they weren’t a bunch of wildebeests! And what are resilient, creative, powerful vaginas anyway? Do the vaginas of Codepink bounce back after a tough day? Or being rejected by the latest man who wants anything to do with a resilient vagina? And what the hell is a creative vagina? My experience is they all pretty much just sit there not doing much. Not that it’s been a problem in the past. That’s been OK with me up until now. Now I gots to know what vaginal creativity can do to make the world a better place! As for powerful vaginas….what? Can Codepink lebanese crush walnuts with their vaginas? If they could, they would certainly have some powerful female units! I’d pay a dollar to see that!

One of the Codepink head commie lesbos said:

“My vagina’s furious and it needs to talk.” Our vaginas need to talk, too. They need to talk about the way women’s rights are threatened worldwide–from anti-choice legislation to inappropriate rape jokes to economic inequality to war and occupation overseas that disproportionately affect women’s lives.

Dayum! If we dudes don’t have enough to contend with from regular furious women and their gigantic pieholes…now we have to listen to furious vaginas too! Now AWD has “been to Memphis” and I’ve seen a lot of sh*t but I ain’t never seen a furious, talking vagina! Not that I’d listen to it anyway! Sounds like something you might see on a weekend drunk in Tijuana.

I’ll tell you one damn thing. Any furious vagina that crosses my path better back the hell down or it may find a bigger furiouser man-thing (the Captain) ready to instruct that vagina on how the penal system works around these parts! Afterwards, that previously-furious vagina better make me a pie with a smile or it’s Captain-time again! I’ll be damned if I take any lip off of some pissed-off vagina! Wait, that didn’t sound right!

I just think it’s the best that the nasty-ass bufforillas at Codepink keep their tingly, resilient, powerful, furious vaginas the hell away from me. I didn’t ask to have anything with them and, frankly, I’m tired of hearing about them!





  1. These creatures are an embarrassment to the human race…period. – Besides that…they’re attention whores too, I could give a rats rear about one single of them and their made-up delusions.

    …but I do enjoy some laughter at the end of the evening and AWD provided that…and then some.

  2. hahahahah

    The looney left is not only funny, but DEADLY.

  3. Where the F do you find this stuff? and that picture…gawd

    The gal [now dead] who had ‘Society for Acceptance of fat People’ was a dyke.
    Al Rantell told a story of her gorging on food at his radio station..
    I like Al [hes gay] his attitude was ‘get on a diet and get a life’.

  4. This is what happens when the leftists and libtards reign:

    A puppeteer charged with possession of child pornography fantasized about cannibalizing victims, authorities say

    Sandusky Shower Abuse Accuser to Sue Penn State

    Courtesy of Foxnews this morning.

  5. PAmadwoman

    Only liberal women (motto: speak before you think) concerned about rape and sexual oppression (and with the favorite pro-abortion mantra, “Stay out of my vagina!”) would shove their privates into the face of the entire world to make their point (whatever that is — still not sure). Or maybe that’s the idea, as AWD suggests: gross everyone out to wretching point so they never want to have a thing to do with you.

  6. Nasty-ass bull dykes……..I think I would rather kiss a dog’s ass……


    • Death to Libtards

      Bluto, are you sure that’s NOT a dogs ass? I mean the spiked collar generally goes on the other end if we cherish our pets, but…

    • Tell us how you really feel, Bluto! Personally, give me the menustrating, diarrhea-suffering posterior of a baboon to kiss before kissing one of these creatures.

  7. A quick question…….

    Is that a “liberal vagina” peaking out from under that dress?


  8. You where a vagina dress and then become offended when someone calls you a c*nt you might be a dumbazs.

  9. Death to Libtards

    Codepink: Those round bruises are from real men touching them with a ten foot pole.
    Case in point: Would a healthy heterosexual male rather look at the women anchors and contributors of Fox News or the alleged “women” at MSNBC? Forget politics, man, open your freakin’ eyes!

    Watch the conventions if you’re not convinced. The Republican women are better dressed, more attractive, and more intelligent EVERY TIME!

  10. David in SC

    10 to 1 that pigs on government healthcare. Now you know what obamacare is really about. Providing healthcare to worthless pigs like this who consume anything and everything throughout their entire life. That someone would let themselves get in such a condition is evidence enough of mental instability. A hundred years ago, people like this were institutionalized, now they are all free to run around amongst us.

    • Death to Libtards

      Now don’t you feel all warm and cozy because your Medicaid dollars paid for a Hoveround to carry her fat ass from protest to protest?

  11. Death to Libtards

    Forgive the crudity, but that photo cries out for one of two captions:

    “Slap the thighs and ride the wave in!”

    “Roll her in flour and go for the wet spot!”

    Please delete this if it’s over the top, crudity-wise.

  12. Death to Libtards

    True story time. I was in court on official business when the sheriff’s office brought in the female chain gang. Near the end of the line was a woman this size, dressed in a MuuMuu because they just don’t make orange jumpsuits that size. Rather than face the judge, she faked a fainting spell in front of the glass booth housing the clerk of court. I had to haul ass to save ass because the rolls of fat didn’t stop rolling for a good ten minutes. I don’t know to this day how they got her out of that corridor. It wasn’t the closest I’ve ever come to death, but it’s the worst case of almost getting swallowed up by waves of fat.

    • LadyGun12

      I thought you were going to tell us she didn’t have anything on underneath. Thank you for NOT doing that.

      • Haven’t seen you post for a while LG. Parole? You and hubby ready to hunt some hawgs over to Eastland?

        • Angus, talking with some of my Dallas homies about getting a trip up in the next couple of weeks. How does your schedule look?


      • Death to Libtards

        I’d like to take credit, but I was too busy running away from the tidal wave to look.

  13. “Here’s your sign…..”


    If Peace takes brains then liberals can count themselves out

    • Death to Libtards

      Hey man, you forgot the little sign under her big sign:
      War is not the answer, unless the question was:

      Actually, war solves a lot of problems. Killing people and breaking things is effective. But freedom isn’t free. Thanks, vets.

  15. Louisiana Steve

    Someone please hand me the eye bleach!

  16. Maybe the angry white dudes on this site could dress up as giant penises and take their angry tools to march on charlotte. Can you imagine the anger these qweefs would have at having to look at their giant oppressors? Aside from that I really am quite curious where one finds a giant pink vagina costume. Isn’t it racist though? Does the vagina come in black or rainbow?

    • Death to Libtards

      The OWS crowd will be marching there. I would hate for anyone in our crowd to be mistaken for the real “richards” there.

  17. Fed Up Texan

    Mayve it was sunburned.

  18. Guy Hontz

    For once i see eye to eye with the mussies.There are some women that ought to completely cover their heads and bodies meaning all the lib hags.

  19. ugh… I consider myself a HUGE fan of vagina but these liberal hags made me pause for a second ( so I wouldnt puke ) makes me love the sexy conserative wife in my life all the more!

    Hell these lunatics are screaming for men to stay out of thier vaginas… I cant imagine the man who would want to go there. Not even in a HazMat suit.. what vile nasty trolls liberal witches are! From what I understand aside from being fugly the use of deoderant and a razor are not part of thier hygiene either…. ugh, it makes me shiver

  20. Damn AWD, that was a work of art. Got tears coming out of my eyes.

  21. cpc314159

    Hell, I wouldn’t screw any of those pigs with somebody else’s dick!

  22. Code pink(not the self loathing poor singer of the same tag) has a wet dream…


    Worse than a STD!

  23. Spurwing Plover

    Code Stink acialuialy beleive there’s gong to be peace between the USA and Iran just how dumb can they be? Just more left-overs from the Summer of Love too many LSD trips

  24. Paul Wilson

    Most of these “Code Pink” things is ugly as Hammered S**T!
    Why would anyone even want to go near anything that funky??
    The picture above says it all.

  25. Lynn Sykes

    Code Pink ladies, please stop talking about your vaginas. You degrade the female sex, you sound especially shrill, and you REALLY need a high hard one! Reality check!

  26. Just Observant

    Well this blog went Hollywood. Without BT and RS it is done. Instead of re posts make a blog called Ant Man.
    It seems to be the trend. LOL

    • Just Observant, with the loss of Bigtimer, the pace and feel of the blog will be different. Maybe it will survive, maybe not. Redstater, while contributing great stuff, only posted a few articles per month. Bigtimer had the luxury of being able to stay on the page all day and comment on pertinent daily topics she posted. I do not have that luxury as I have a full time job and a few other business interests that take a goodly part of my time.

      AWD was the sole writer for the first 3 or 4 years before I invited Bigtimer and Redstater to contribute to the page. I generally posted one article per day. Side conversations would evolve in the comment section. All that changed when Bigtimer came aboard and could stay on the page most of the day.

      So, I apologize if the page is not meeting your expectations. Perhaps you will contribute some interesting posts to the page? I would like to find new contributors to keep the page moving forward. Or, I’m sure you can find many other blog pages to suit your fancy. Maybe a few of them even post original content rather than merely pasting the thoughts from others.

      awd aka Antman

      • Breaking News….this just in..from the Jigg Digg News Minute…
        No one will ever be able to replace Big Timer….she was a one of a kind person….and Lord knows we all miss her….
        I believed in BT and what she stood for….one thing she did believe in was this site…she defended the Dude and the loyal folks on here…..she had the guts to stick to her guns and did not kiss ass just to get along……she was the soul of this site…
        she was a dear friend to me and we played off each others post to keep the convos going…
        BT and I feed each other links and most of the time were of the same mind on most issues..
        I for one will honor her by supporting the fine folks that come here and enjoy the fact that AWD gives us all a place to express our views…..
        I feel it is important to stick together….here are some folks that stick together …and we must get united to stop them…..

        I care about this country and the life my kids will face…I learn a lot by reading the post and comments here …..it is surely refreshing break from the MSM spin machine..
        so with that said I hope we can keep AWD going …
        just my thoughts on things ..thanks for listening

      • Just Observant

        I like that you can handle criticism what I say without disdain.
        BT is someone who was my “devil’s advocate” as I was her “devil’s advocate”.

        I do miss her.

  27. MERCY…..nay nay that Va- jay jay…….

    we live in a very very confused world …here is another group that will make ya puke….


  28. You can tell who are the masters of these ridiculous liberal organizations like ‘code Pink’, green peace, and all of the black civil rights groups. Like Code-Pink; you always see them in front of Republican conventions or American embassies or American government buildings and court houses. When black nations kill whites or even kill blacks of another tribe by the hundreds of thousands, do you see black civil rights groups demonstrating in front of their embassies? No! Do you ever see code pink in front of the Democrat convention? No! Do any left wing groups ever protest in front of the Cuban embassy or the Russian embassy? These azzoles are not going to protest their masters and the ones who pay them. Code-Pink is a joke but it is really a good example of the left. The leftist are complete brain washed fools and the place where the weirdest of America can come and push their agendas on the regular, working-class people. The democrats are the covering for these people. China and Russia have been the most egregious destroyers of the environment and the earth in their own nations. They have poisoned and ruined millions and millions of acres in their effort to move their nations rapidly forward to industrialization. They did not care for their environment and still don’t. Do you ever see GREEN PEACE and other environmentalists freaks protesting in front of their embassies?? No! These organizations are just made for slowing down America and starting more leftist leaning groups for the leftist to join and cause problems. (I do agree with conservation but not to the extreme these groups demand ). When you see these pink fake vaginas dancing around like fools,….know that they are all leftist, communistic front groups.

  29. Spurwing Plover

    I woman wearing a bikni in france was beaten by five muslim Bitiches . Frankly frrance needs to round up and deport all muslims from their country

  30. Alexandra

    I don’t think it’s their, er, tingly parts doing the talking, more like they’re talking out of another orifice.

    Moonbattery at its finest.

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