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Doritos has released its newest disgusting homosexule Super Bowl commercial for 2014. Keep in mind, the NFL wouldn’t accept a commercial from a gun company because…well, because guns are not politically correct! And, to libtards, guns are scary! Screw the NFL and their pink cleats and homo commercials!

Doritos seems to have targeted the finger (and other things) sucking set in their last few commercial campaigns. And they’re making AWD sick over here! Message to Doritos. Men sucking the fingers (and other things) of other men is not funny. Nor is it appealing except to men who don’t suck the fingers (and other things) of other men. Which is approximately 98% of the population. Not a great idea if you want to sell Doritos to men who don’t suck the fingers (and other things) of other men in America.

Here’s the 2013 commercial that made AWD ralph all over his boots:

Any dude that tries to suck AWD’s fingers will soon be spitting chicklets! It’s safe to say that finger-sucker in the commercial vacations on Brokeback Mountain. That sh*t ain’t right.

Anyone who isn’t revolted by that commercial has definitely seen one up close and personal! Guaran-damn-teed! I’m sure Doritos sales skyrocketed in San Francisco and Nueva Jork after that offensive piece of garbage aired! I’m also sure sales plummeted in the real world where men don’t suck fingers (and other things) of other men!

Not to be content with grossing out 98% of America in 2013, Doritos doubled down on the gay glory hole scenario in 2014.

Great googly moogly! That’s some gay sh*t there! Once again, screw the NFL! They could have two poofters doing the flippy floppy on camera before they’d allow a gun commercial!

Keep in mind, this commercial was banned from the Super Bowl by the PC NFL because it was too violent!

Maybe the PC NFL would have accepted the commercial if Daniel Defense had the husband and father suck the barrel of an AR-15!

AWD can pretty much say I won’t be watching the Super Bowl this year! If I do for some reason, you better believe I will be draining the Captain during the Doritos sucking commercial! Maybe I’ll be cleaning one of my AR’s. But I won’t be buying Doritos in the future. Let them try to make their revenue projections selling to finger (and other things) suckers in Mexifornia and Nueva Jork! Hell, maybe Doritos can come out with a new pink color “Zesty Homo” Doritos!

Here’s another Doritos commercial AWD found on Youtube. I think this one was for the French homo audience. Which means the entire male population of France. Homosexuality was invented in France, after all.

Sh*t ain’t right!



  1. Spurwing Plover

    a idea for those funny classic bubble gum cards WACKY PAGAKES would be DORK-RE-TOS chips for true liberals

  2. Considering that they allow these kind of commercials (which might be considered ‘mind-bendingly’ suggestive and serving the goals of the cultural marxists), while at the same time rejecting the Daniel Defense ad….maybe a boycott of the SuperBowl is in order. Seriously, get out of the house and show them that you are not watching this annual event which all of America is supposed to be enthrall of…free yourselves folks, and let the PTB know it. Things don’t change until we stop taking it. Just my opinion.

    • Mr. Rational

      Don’t just boycott the StuporBowl.  Don’t just boycott the Negro Felon League.  Dump your cable subscription and turn off your television.  Read books.  Borrow (good, old) movies from the library.  Cut off the monster’s revenue stream.

      Stop financing your own cultural degradation and physical dispossesion.

      • Just moved into a new place, won’t be getting cable or supporting the propagandists in any way. Gave up on the NFL decades ago.

        • I have not supported professional football in many years, haven’t eaten Doritos in as many years either.

          I don’t care to watch men in tights hike and tackle each other because it looks gay, and I don’t eat cheesy junk food, so Doritos should market that shit to liberals.

          Remember Fritolay junk food got the ban hammer in NYC just like firearms,

  3. Doritos shouldn’t be eaten by humans. They’re made with genetically modified corn. The corn is grown with pesticides already in it. When you eat the corn, you eat the pesticides which is poisonous.

    • CombatMissionary

      Gotta die of somethin’. Although the Doritos go best after a double cheeseburger, fries, a shake and a large soda.
      Besides, I’m not sure how much stock I put into that GM stuff. Monsanto might make money with GM foods, but they won’t make much money by killing their clients off.

  4. imtoooldforthis

    Not watching the S.B.this year and I’m done buying Frito lay products. I don’t care if a person is gay but I’m sick to death of having that crap pushed in my face every chance they get.

    • iron mike houston

      I just watched these four commercials with my wife and the three doritos commercials were very gay! The gun commercial was very good. I am an NFL fanatic and I have wrote several emails to the NFL about how pussified it has become and never got a reply in the last two years. I will not be buying doritos any more. Those were some very sick commercials. It just makes you think who actually made these ads and thought it was a good commercial. It was very sick!

    • absolutely.

  5. boycott is one of the best ways to make a point… but just not buying a product only goes so far.. you need to write the manufacturer and let them know you are not buying the product and the reason why…
    then and only then will they get the point.

  6. Thank you all. I have been saying it for quite a while, boycott and buycott. If we won’t get out to vote, then at least vote with our dollars. My wife and I just made a major life decision, no more NFL. Understand we love football but cannot watch the complete denigration of a once fine sport. No more booty shaking halftimes, no more jungle boogie dances just for catching a ball, no more sexist commercials bashing males. Thank god for the SEC but I am wary that it too may become another NBA, NFL.

    I think Daniel Defense will get more PR from their rejection than they could have got from the commercial. After all the NFL cannot show a handsome white couple with a beautiful baby promoting self defense. That does not fit their agenda. Maybe if they showed a gangsta robbing a convenience store with a Daniel Defense product they would have been approved.

    I also agree with letting manufacturers know why you are not buying their products. I wrote to the advertisers in Wonkette when they bashed Sara Palin’s special child. I received replies from all of them. They listen when $ are at stake. Find the worst offenders, ie Progressive Insurance, Costco, etc. and tell them you will no longer support them for their anti American, leftist, socialist, statist posture.

  7. Foolsball sucks islam weenies

  8. Calamity Jane

    OMG!!!!! AWD posts comments about the “newest disgusting homosexule Super Bowl commercial”, and an advertisement for a gay dating site pops up under it!!!!!!!

    I snipped a frame from it….. closed the site….. and now in its spot is a T-Shirt ad.

  9. If the commercials don’t make white men look like helpless idiots, they have to make us look like a$$hole bandits.

  10. When you don’t think it’s wrong for the TSA to rub your balls to get into an NFL game, it follows logically that nothing’s wrong with men sucking other mens … appendages in NFL advertisements.

    Join the boycott of the NFL, and buy from Daniel Defense

  11. awd can you maintain a boycott & buycott list on your website. Add doritos, volkswagen, and tide laundry detergent to the list.

  12. Spurwing Plover


  13. Do yourself a favor get some sort of DVR and fast forward. You can see a whole collection of stupid men commercials at

  14. Robert What?

    Please! I just ate. I think I’m gonna hurl. I’m definitely off Doritos and any other product from that company. Their crap is bad for you anyway.

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