Doritos has released its newest disgusting homosexule Super Bowl commercial for 2014. Keep in mind, the NFL wouldn’t accept a commercial from a gun company because…well, because guns are not politically correct! And, to libtards, guns are scary! Screw the NFL and their pink cleats and homo commercials!

Doritos seems to have targeted the finger (and other things) sucking set in their last few commercial campaigns. And they’re making AWD sick over here! Message to Doritos. Men sucking the fingers (and other things) of other men is not funny. Nor is it appealing except to men who don’t suck the fingers (and other things) of other men. Which is approximately 98% of the population. Not a great idea if you want to sell Doritos to men who don’t suck the fingers (and other things) of other men in America.

Here’s the 2013 commercial that made AWD ralph all over his boots:

Any dude that tries to suck AWD’s fingers will soon be spitting chicklets! It’s safe to say that finger-sucker in the commercial vacations on Brokeback Mountain. That sh*t ain’t right.

Anyone who isn’t revolted by that commercial has definitely seen one up close and personal! Guaran-damn-teed! I’m sure Doritos sales skyrocketed in San Francisco and Nueva Jork after that offensive piece of garbage aired! I’m also sure sales plummeted in the real world where men don’t suck fingers (and other things) of other men!

Not to be content with grossing out 98% of America in 2013, Doritos doubled down on the gay glory hole scenario in 2014.

Great googly moogly! That’s some gay sh*t there! Once again, screw the NFL! They could have two poofters doing the flippy floppy on camera before they’d allow a gun commercial!

Keep in mind, this commercial was banned from the Super Bowl by the PC NFL because it was too violent!

Maybe the PC NFL would have accepted the commercial if Daniel Defense had the husband and father suck the barrel of an AR-15!

AWD can pretty much say I won’t be watching the Super Bowl this year! If I do for some reason, you better believe I will be draining the Captain during the Doritos sucking commercial! Maybe I’ll be cleaning one of my AR’s. But I won’t be buying Doritos in the future. Let them try to make their revenue projections selling to finger (and other things) suckers in Mexifornia and Nueva Jork! Hell, maybe Doritos can come out with a new pink color “Zesty Homo” Doritos!

Here’s another Doritos commercial AWD found on Youtube. I think this one was for the French homo audience. Which means the entire male population of France. Homosexuality was invented in France, after all.

Sh*t ain’t right!


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