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So, Anthony Weiner is back at it. Here’s a Twitter text he sent several years ago the first time he got caught sexting photos of his man thing out to women.

@lonelytrashywoman Hi babe, it’s me, Anthony. You know, Carlos Danger. Wanted to send u a quick tweet. U probably heard that I’m now in sex addiction rehab. I know, it sucks. Just texting the word “sucks” gets me so hot for you! Are you hot? Tell me in detail what you’d to about it! OK, wait, I’ve got to at least pretend this sex rehab thing is serious. Gotta keep the PR up, ya know. And speaking of keeping things up, I’ve been dreaming about you and me in the hot tub. I know you could find some ways to keep me up, baby. Tell me all about how you would do it babe. Mmmmm….I like that! Wait..must concentrate!

Anyway, the sex rehab is the best thing we could think of to keep my marriage scam going. But this blows! Mmmmmm…did I just write ‘blows?’ Oh baby, I wish I was in the Congressional gym right now in front of the mirror….like always, I would have to be careful…never know when Barney will be sashaying through the locker room. But it’s worth it to take pictures for you with me standing tall like a proud liberal warrior ready for battle. OK, must concentrate!

Here at sex rehab they threatened to take my BlackBerry away if they caught me on Twitter but I told them I needed it for national security and important congressional votes. They actually bought it! Speaking of buying, did you ever get that little Victorias Secret number I told you about that turns me on? Oh baby, I would love to see u in that….we’d be in front of the fire…drinking a glass of wine….with some Kenny G on the stereo….mmmmm….I would take u in my strong, muscular arms and kiss your soft neck, I would then kiss and whisper in ur ears….then I would lick your face all over….mmmmmm…oh yeah, baby…that gets me so sexy!

Ok, must concentrate! So anyway, Huma is gone for a few weeks with Hillary to try to get over all this. It used to bother me a lot about Huma and Hillary being lovers…but then I thought about Huma and Hillary in front of the fire…drinking a glass of wine…with some Kenny G on the stereo…mmmmmm..Hillary holding Huma in her strong, muscular arms and kissing her neck, whispering in her ears….licking her face all over….mmmm man, that gets me so hot! Well, not Hillary specifically..but the thought of her licking Huma’s face all over…just like us. There I go again…must concentrate!! OK, I’ll be here at sex rehab for a few weeks until the heat blows over..there, I said ‘blows’ again! I wish you could see what you do to me. After a few weeks, they say I’ll be cured from my online addiction. Or should I say ‘online a-dick-tion.’

Oh babe, I wish you were here to see the little congressman right now…he’s missing you and needs your special attention….mmmmm. Dammit! Must concentrate! Gotta run, my doctor is coming…oh, did I say that? Must concentrate!



  1. He’s only human, ‘ya know. He just fell off the wagon! I mean, who doesn’t get all hot and sext-y with your baby right next to you? That’s normal, right?

    So much for rehab. Off to divorce court. That is, if Shrillary doesn’t do Huma a solid and sees to it that he has a little accident first… Gotta collect those Congressional bennies.

  2. If only Bill Clinton had a son……

  3. Wait a minute…isn’t that the guy Andrew Britbart humiliated when he, Anthony “Weiner”, posted pics of his erected swizzle stick on Twitter and tried to say he accidentally dropped his phone, took a picture and it magically uploaded?

    If so, pathetic! That’s worse then a pedo getting out of jail and going out to eat at Chucky Cheese.

  4. Hope this helps to get Hillary Clinton defeated in this upcoming Presidential election.
    Wiener could show up holding his wiener!

  5. Anthony Weiner is a Jew and his wife Huma is Arabic. What is wrong with this marriage???? A lot. I think Weiner, at one time, was taken with the little Arab girl but (IMO) she used his money and connections to bring herself up into politics. It seems she is never at home; she is on the road with crazy Hillary. Weiner himself is a little dick-waiver and the idea that he was playing Mr. Mom for long periods of time made him even crazier. Weiner thinks a lot of himself (apparently) but Huma does not seem to share his adoration for himself. Now he got out of some rehab and started exposing himself again on the internet to some woman and Huma discovered his latest transgressions. This is the legend of Weiner the loser and his wife. This is all what I think happened and I may be all wrong. My opinion.

  6. Quartierleblanc

    Lets face it Anthony has a future in the porn business. I’ve already heard on the radio that the offers are coming in and that a gonzo/parody flick is in the planning. The wife will be named Hummer. He may even play himself. Classic. Just think that this guy was a Democratic congressman appearing as an attack dog on national TV. I can’t stop laughing.

  7. It’s amazing to me how long garbage like this seems to stay in the news.

  8. I’m concerned about you AWD , did you just flip another man’s meat to get into character for this post? Or are you now writing romantic fiction for Doubleday press?

    You’ve been acting weird since Bruce Jenner came out, when’s the last time you’ve been in a drunken fist fight? Do I need to come out to Texas and give you a hillbilly refresher course?

    Please find another subject to write about because Anthony Wiener is beneath you, er I mean, you don’t need to pick a bone with Anthony, no wait that’s not right either… Just go shoot something, aww damn, I mean go pig hunting.

    • Waspish, it might have started with me getting my kitty cat, Miss Mittens two months ago. But I did get buy a new pocket gun. Not my fault it has a pink grip. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have a Perrier to settle down.


      • OK intervention is on. Do not shoot yourself in the vagina with that pink handled gun before we can get you some redneck therapy.

        I think I know what the problem is, Texas has had a lot of water recently, and because it’s dry out there most of the time, ya’ll got no idea what to do with yourn selves, and have gone plumb crazy.

        Just look at these fools here, everyone in Virginia knows that you pull a ditch-board with a riding lawnmower not a golf cart.

        Oh and congratulations on being a cat owner, teach it to shoot and let it carry the gun with the pink handle.

        And remember the world is full of F-ked up Liberals like Bruce and Anthony, but that doesn’t mean you and I have to drink Perrier.

  9. this guy makes me puke

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