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These things are pretty predictable when the heat is turned up on Democrats and the Mainstream Propaganda Media can’t quieten things down. Time for another mass shooting! Who knows where the next white psycho ginned up on psychological drugs will turn up armed to the teeth with an AR-15 to do the Democrat’s business?

A mass shooting would do two things that Democrats love and need:

1. A mass shooting would remove the growing focus on Hillary’s obvious failing health. Dr AWD believes Hillary stumbled and nearly fell yesterday at the 9/11 Memorial after having to shoulder the tremendous weight of corruption she and Bubba carry around after decades of being the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics. Whatever is wrong with Hillary (how much time do you have?), she is clearly in a massive decline health-wise and may not make it to the election.

2. A mass shooting gives Liberals the chance to further indoctrinate stupid people on evil guns that just keep jumping up and slaughtering innocent people at another favorite of Libs, gun-free zones. The shooter must be a hated white male for moral equivalency purposes with the Black Lives Matter crowd and Propaganda media that consistently and conveniently ignores the massive Black on Black murders weekly in AmeriKKKa.

AWD isn’a a conspiracy nut, but I am deplorable and I pray my prediction of a mass shooting doesn’t come to pass but Her Cankleness and the Dims know she is in deep Dukakis and her campaign, her health, and her ability to hide her health are in serious decline. A mass shooting/calamity sure would be convenient for Hillary about right now. “Oh Allah, please let it be with a semi-automatic AR-15 assault rifle with a 30-round ‘clip.'”

Does anyone reading this believe AWD’s prediction is plausible if not likely?



  1. Bread and circuses — a Dem specialty.

  2. I whole-heartedly agree. TPTB don’t give two sh*ts about anything except maintaining their power, so if they gotta crack a few eggs to make that happen, so be it.

    Expect the shooter to be described as a white male (regardless of actual race and sex–“he” could end up being a black female, but the MSM will say she self-identifies as a white male)–or, if not, it was because of the legacy of slavery/Islamophobia/the oppressive partiarchy of white males, etc.

    Also, expect it to be a fully semi automatic assault bazooka with a high capacity 6 million round clipazine that you totally don’t need to hunt deer with because the second amendment is about hunting what are you a deplorable tinfoil-hat-wearing white trash redneck?

    “In the early 1960s, America’s top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.

    The whole point of a democracy is to have leaders responding to the public will, and here this is the complete reverse, the military trying to trick the American people into a war that they want but that nobody else wants.”

    Why Can't My Basket Hold All These Deplorables?

  3. there is a full blown epidemic happening in the d’himicrat party…….all the d’himicrat elites now have pneumonia……..apparently elite d’himicratas have all contracted the deadly disease of pneumonia and have passed the infectious disease along to all those whom they have come in contact with………..

    while no one from the republitard party has contracted the deadly disease, d’himicrats are all reporting to have been stricken with the contagious disease all of a sudden by some mysterious happen-stance…….no one seems to know why this disease has chosen only d’himicrats but the one sided affliction does seem to have it in for for top level d’himcrats………

    Chuck Schumer is now reporting that he had contracted this deadly disease last week and is now in full recovery mode…………”thank god”……..

    it is true that the lower un-important d’himicrats have not been infected….yet……so far it is only those big level d’himis that seem to be spreading the disease and are at death’s door with the deadly pathogen…….although, the d’himi’s that have contracted the disease have been seen to mingle amongst the crowds at the 9/11 memorial event and this could cause the disease to spread rapidly, as pneumonia is a highly contagious pathogen and could affect thousands…….

    a scenario with thousands, maybe millions, coming down with this contagion could be the needed boost that the Hildabeast’s campaign is looking for…….the Hildabeast campaign may be trying to garner the sickly, the dead and dying, and are planning on going for their sympathy vote……..

  4. “Oh Allah, please let it be with a semi-automatic AR-15 assault rifle with a 30-round clip.”

    Not good enough. It also need to be one of the “deplorables”, preferably a straight white male Christian flyover country rube that’s on psychotropic drugs and had a troubled childhood.

  5. Disgusted Caucasian

    There’s that word again….deplorable……oh….that’s right….that’s me.

  6. exclusive report………..the first records of Hildabeast’s health records have been released……….no other website has these records………………

    a clandestine operation was scheduled to be pulled off under the cover of darkness to get these records at great danger to those who were to break into the Hildabeast campaign offices………..when the plot was un-covered the Hildabeast campaign released th documents to the public for publication……..

  7. read it and weep Hildabeast………stuck your foot in your mouth and bit down hard, huh bitch……..

    here is the latest photo of the crowd at the Trump rally yesterday………..complete with a new slogan….and it works…….

  8. Sebastianthelittlebigmule

    I wouldn’t put anything past them at this point , that are desperate , they are scared and their lust for control knows no bounds , imagine what they might Try to pull off just to get the sypathy vote ?

  9. Quartierleblanc

    Anyone with half a brain can tell that the Hildebeest is sick and markedly so. I would like nothing better than for the witch to dump a pile in her pantsuit when she debates Trump. BTW who is the big black dude who always seems to present when she screws up>

  10. Chaffetz Served FBI With Subpoena For Clinton Documents On Live TV

    The game playing, cover ups, foot-dragging and hiding of information is getting old and Rep Chaffetz and his committee members have had enough (House Oversight Committee).

    We now have a full blown rogue Government under Obama.

  11. I know it sounds cruel, cold and almost ruthless. I am not sorry though. The Clintons, like Obama, have inflicted massive damage on this nation. They have enriched themselves at the expense of American liberty, security and countless lives.

    In that light, watching Hillary be dragged into a van like a DUI suspect on Cops was not something I found disconcerting. Quite the opposite. It means she can go live in some quiet place called Sunny-Brook Farm in the Catskills and make baskets for the next 10 years while she becomes a spokesperson for Depends…

  12. Hillary server workers plead Fifth 11 times before Congress — in 10 minutes

  13. week-ass liberal piece-of-crap wuss of a man apologizes for being a man when he asks the “the Clinton grifter” Chelsea Clinton, a question ……….. this freak’n jerk-wad actually apologizes to the Clinton grifter for being a man………..

    are you kidding me……”APOLOGIZES”for being a man…… jerk-wad liberals are freak’n something else……..what an ass-hole………you disgust me……….no wonder the country is going to hell with jerk-wads like you man-pussies…………oh, and by the way “you ain’t no man jerk-wad”……….

  14. Yes. exactly what I was wondering the other day. What next? And where?

  15. DeplorableHopester agrees. She wants power so badly that she would put her health and the USA at risk. She’s a real deplorable political whore and all the minions that follow her.

  16. Obama To Import 110K “Syrians” Beginning Next Month (Oct 1) – Bringing Euro-Chaos To USA

    In attempting to explain during House hearings why they are ignoring the fact, as testified to by numerous high level individuals involved with the process, that we are unable to properly vet the Syrian supposed “refugees,” this drivel fell out of his mouth. Taylor said, “It’s not that we don’t have perfect information on the individuals, some of that information destroyed, it does not mean we can’t check other data sets for data that helps us better understand who we’re dealing with and to validate their stories.”

    As best as we can decipher the meaning behind his disjointed sentence, that’s exactly what it means. There are no databases to check, that testimony came from a variety of top level individuals involved in the process, in DHS, The State Department and the FBI. Even Jeh Johnson admitted it on multiple occasions. There is no way to validate a story unless he’s checking their Facebook profile page, useful probably but hardly a source of validation.

  17. News Flash……this just in….

    photo of “the Hildabeast” getting ready to go to the debates………


  19. Obama implicated in Clinton email scandal…….this is why the Hildabeast was not indicted… would have dragged Obongo into the fray……Loretta Lynch and the DOJ were protecting him at all costs………therefore, no indictment of the Hildabeast. in order to protect Obongo….

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