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Hillary is still feelin’ the Bern even though she and her corrupt DNC cronies have sewn her up for the Dim nomination. That old wild-eyed, tortured hippie Bernie just won’t play ball! Bernie would be smart to stay out of public parks at night.

Hillary is desperate. Threats are moving in from every side. Plus the fact that everyone in America hates her guts will make it hard to give Bubba a few more turns with White House interns. There’s a new book coming out soon by a former Secret Service agent assigned to the White House during the Clintoon days that outlines how Her Cankleness terrorized the staff acting like a crazed lunatic. And Hillary still has to answer for her illegal server deeds while serving as the worst Secretary of State in history. There have been many bad SecStates but none ever gave enemy nations access to Department of State emails. After which she repeatedly lied to Congress. Also gaining traction is the numerous counts of anyone who threw a few bucks to the Clinton Foundation (Inc.) would soon find themselves the recipient of millions of taxpayer dollars thanks to Hillary.

Also adding to her problems is the fact that Dims usually count on a wussified, Beta-male Republican nominee too afraid to call out Dem nominees on their malfeasances. Think McPain and Mitt. This time is different. Not only is the GOP nominee a guy who will call out every piece of dirty laundry in the massive Clinton closet, he appears to enjoy doing so.

So with all this negativity surrounding her, what’s an evil witch with zero morals to do?

Go after those evil old guns! Well, that ought to please the commune of Bernie supporters living on tree bark up in Oregon. Unfortunately, as every other Dim has found out, the tremendous majority of Americans hate gun control and vehemently oppose candidates who plan to impose restrictions on the Second Amendment.

But here’s Desperate Hillary pandering to the unwashed Bernie morons with gun control and some very peculiar statements about the Second Amendment:

Heh heh heh. Closing that mean old gun show loophole that doesn’t exist! She also wants to allow victims of gun crime to hold gun manufacturers liable. That’s like holding Ford responsible for damage done by drunk drivers. Or holding computer companies liable for SecState’s that break federal computer information law.

Hillary once again proves AWD’s First Theory of Politics: Liberals depend on stupid!

Of course Hillary and her fellow socialists want government to decide the validity and limits of the Second Amendment! As long as they are running the government! The socialist wet dream is an unarmed populace. Easier to control. Ask they guy who stood in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square how well their unarmed protest worked once the Chinese commies in charge decided to send in the military.

Trump should beat Hillary to death with her statements and beliefs on gun control. Especially after Americans have suffered through 8 years of the greatest gun salesman in history. We don’t trust government. We don’t like government. And if the Dims want to run a tired, worn-out, despicable Hillary Clinton who wants to run on gun control, have at it!

I don’t know what Trump will do as POTUS. I’m resigned to think he’ll do some things conservatives like and others we will hate. But we do know we will hate every single thing Hillary would do. And she might just enter in the second American revolution. Hmmmmmm.

Desperation looks good on Hillary! So will stripes!



  1. She’d look even better with pennies on her eyes…
    I don’t care what she does, any firearms that I own will not be taken by her overreaching anti gun bullshit. The only reason she wants to outlaw gun ownership, is so she can rule the nation like a tyrant without being afraid of the citizens rising up in armed insurrection, which is exactly what will happen if she is elected.

    • pennies on her eyes, along with about 500 other sob’s in Government.

      • Ain’t nobody taking our guns. They get me they got to get you, about two weeks of that sh!t and we’re suing for a place at the new table. No local cop is going to give up his everything to take Pop’s guns. Pop’s gun for the future. Live it, believe it, make it happen! Pi!$ on them!

        • Pop’s guns. The new global initiative, without the sh!staines of a Clinton. A 501-c-4 that even Lois Lerner can’t fuk up! Pop’s guns, pop’s guns, I’m loving it!

  2. Guns&Butter

    Let her.

    I’ve done and will continue to do my part as an enthusiast to convert unarmed citizens into well armed enthusiasts. I see this happening every week at my range, with no assistance. The youth rifle league that I volunteer at is flourishing like never before. Men, women, and children getting the bug and keeping them in the black week after week.

    Do your part in shedding a positive light on our passion, and they will follow. I rarely talk to a new shooter about home defense, tactical training, or anything else beyond safety and accuracy tips. Help build their confidence as a shooter, and they will naturally realize they have the tools to further train to protect themselves and their loved ones.

    Oh yea…Hillary stinks.

  3. …and fuk Muhammad Ali, Cassius Clay or whoever the fuk he was! Somebody got sent to Vietnam, some mother and daddy lost their son because this loud-mouthed piece of sh!t didn’t have the balls. Fuk him, Malcolm X and Elisha iwanna cutyurclitoff. And fuk Hilary and her rapist husband. I’m in Harrisburg, ,Pennsylvania, come see me about my comments! Fuk allya cum breathed MuthafukSa! I’d give you the address but I don’t want our local cop to give up his donuts and blow-jobs for a week. I got a Belgian shepherd just dying to meet ya. Fuk all ya cocksuckers!

  4. I feel the Bern, and so will the harridan tomorrow. Goodbye Hill, and wait for the audit. OMG…you give up all that money, spend fifteen years in prison, and Jesus says, “Sorry, I never knew you.” This is what they meant in the good book you dumb-assed bitch! I’m so dissapointed.

  5. …………………Hillary’s message to all Americans about guns……………

  6. Come and get some, Shrillary!

  7. Hillary’s definition of responsibility is lying. She calls lying cooperating. Her definition of a record of failure is a record of accomplishment.

    No one on the left believes in the Constitution. From Clinton’s own mouth she believes it is a antiquated outdated document written by old white slave holders. The modern incarnation of undermining it is to declare it is a “living document”, that should be interpreted however the popular winds at the time say it should. Which essentially means that the constitution says nothing but what the government tells you it says. Abhorrently we even have a few SCOTUS justices that believe this totalitarian nonsense. Give that wing of the political spectrum a majority on the court under Hillary and you can be assured that more than just the second amendment will cease to exist.

    Molon Labe!!

  8. Quartierleblanc

    The evil witch will say and do anything at this point. The next order of business is to preorder the book that the secret service agent wrote. I have read that’s it already in the NYT top 10 list and it hasn’t even been released yet. She’s got to be sweating that.
    She will run on an anti-gun agenda, the big issue will be what she will be able to pass if elected. And if elected can you imagine the run on guns, especially AR’s and the so called high capacity magazines.

    • Guns&Bacon

      Get’em while they last!
      Kidding…kind of.
      I live in New England, and holy hell are our gun stores busy. Especially after some mentally ill moron shoots up a place, or Obama starts talking nonsense. Sometimes I think he must have stock in some of the major gun manufacturers. If Hillary wants to do her part in arming Americans, let her keep howling.

  9. Why I might need my gun…

    Oversight & Gov’t Reform Chairman Chaffetz Outraged By ICE Releasing Criminal Aliens Back On Streets

  10. Wylde Byll

    Molon labe butch.

  11. Spurwing Plover

    Her Bill Obama and Kerry would look a lot better off with orange jump suits with numbers on them

  12. pandelume

    Man, that Matheson character is one nasty piece of work.

    • Bill Matheson

      Not really. I’ve just given up on your failed ideological model. Reality ain’t pretty, but it must be faced.

      • Bill Matheson,
        Your latest post has disappeared from the site, (((someone))) must have taken offense.

        • Joe Stalin


          • Comments on Bill’s piece by one of AWD’s Jewish friends:

            Hi Miles,
            I had to chuckle a little when I read this. Your friend obviously thinks he’s come up with something new and insightful, but really, it’s just a cover version of a moldy Oldie, in this case the Tsarist forgery The Protocols of Zion.

            Yeah, Joooos are all powerful, and you can tell that by the fact that crimes against Jews in America and the EU that target them based on their religion are not only at record highs but are more common than hate crimes against any other group. At this point, Jews are so all powerful that a major part of the globe is exactly how Hitler wanted it – Jew free. We’re doing a damned poor job running things to suit ourselves, aren’t we!

            Here’s where your friends’ point falls apart. What he’s talking about when he talks about ‘Jewish influence’ has little to with Jews and Judaism but everything to do with Marxism. His example of Hungary (and plenty of Hungarians would take issue with his blanket description of them, BTW) focuses on the fact that Georg Lukacs and Bela Kun were born Jews. What he leaves out is that they were committed communists carrying out Moscow’s diktats. And that like all committed communists and Marxists, they had no connection with Judaism or with their identity as Jews, having converted to a new religion, ‘socialism’.

            When you look at it, this is the case of a lot of Jews on the Left with George Soros and Bernie Sanders being contemporary American examples.The idea that people like these are somehow promoting a Jewish agenda is even more ridiculous when you look at how these folks regard Israel and even observant Jews in their own country. This too isn’t unusual. Karl Marx was a virulent anti-semite and Torquemada, who led the Spanish Inquisition that targeted Spain’s Jews and eventually convinced King Ferdinand and Isabella to expel every Jew in Spain was an apostate Jew who converted to Catholicism.

            Even more to the point, it’s arguable that the Western Civilization your friend is so fond of was created by the collision of Jewish monotheism and Greek philosophy. Certainly Christianity was.

            What your friends’ ‘echo’ symbol is doing is basically a smug lil’ smirk designed to besmirch every Jew. Even though he tries to retrieve it in the very last sentence, it’s obvious where his feelings lie. He’s entitled, but there’s a certain nameplate that goes with that uniform, if you get my drift.

            Now, a more pertinent question that could be asked is why so many Jews trend Left. There are a number of historical reasons for that, but it’s easier and a lot more fun for some folks to do what your friend does here…to make it into some kinky Protocols of Zion conspiracy theory.

          • I appreciate the willingness of both AWD and his Jewish friend to discuss the issue.

            The problem with the argument provided against my thesis is that–as many people have observed regarding Jewish debate style–it places all the focus on a few individual trees, but studiously avoids acknowledging the forest.

            The simple fact is that Marxism/Bolshevism and its vanguard in the West, cultural Marxism, would not exist without Jewish think tanks, Jewish funding and relentless Jewish activism.

            To cite supposed deviations from the pattern, in an attempt to divorce these movements from Jewishness, is intellectually dishonest.

            To cite ludicrously-hyped Jewish victimization, without acknowledging at least the possibility that these were/are *backlashes* against very destructive Jewish group behaviors, is intellectually dishonest.

            To bring up Hitler (inevitably) without bringing up Bolshevism’s death-count, methodology, and especially its main actors, is intellectually dishonest.

            To studiously avoid the fact that all of the historical stereotypes re Jews (“usury,” supremacism, promotion of degeneracy, disdain for gentiles) are readily observable–are unavoidable for anyone who cares to look–in our present culture, is intellectually dishonest.

            Anything may be nitpicked and obfuscated but the fact remains: all of the most sweeping trends tell the same story.

            I don’t think AWD’s friend is necessarily dishonest on purpose. “Garden variety”Jewish identity is built around a victimology, and this causes most Jews to panic a bit, and to begin generating excuses and deflections, any time their group faces criticism.

            All that said, I would be glad to have an actual flaw in my thinking pointed out. I will be glad to revise all my views if it can be shown that the major patterns don’t exist as I perceive them.

            Many thanks for the discussion.

  13. San Jose Firefighters REFUSED TO HELP Pleading Teen Trump Supporter Fleeing Terror Mob

    You’re on your own in Democratville…

  14. Trump supporters were ‘running for their lives’ after San Jose rally, police report says

  15. Alexandra

    There’s that book by Roger Stone about Hillary, I placed a hold on it at my local library.

  16. it amazes me just how our founding fathers understood what makes us free and keeps us free……..we owe them so much it’s unreal……….

  17. Quartierleblanc

    Woke up to news of the “mass shooting” in the gay nightclub. You can rest assured that Hillary will get on her knees with this one. A lot will depend upon who the shooter is. If it’s a White male God help us. If it’s a Muslim or Minority you can expect excuses by the dozen and quickly forgotten and buried in the news.

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