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Hillary’s Resurfacing


I’m in the camp of those who believe that nothing–nothing–Hillary Clinton does is by accident. Accordingly, her recent resurfacing in PA must mean something. But what?

Hillary represents our corrupt Establishment perhaps better than anybody. And it is this Establishment that has been hell-bent on destroying Trump since he first proved to be a serious contender for POTUS.

And while they might have failed to prevent him from getting elected, they have been proving pretty effective in bringing great harm to his nascent presidency.

So my guess is that Hillary’s resurfacing is another jaw on the multi-dimensional pincer meant to bring down Trump. While they do everything they can to destroy his credibility with intelligence leaks, bogus conspiracies, FUD, incessant, negative propaganda, etc., they begin to parade their Queen out to the public to begin to get the rabble used to the idea of her as Leader of the “Free World”.

Which I find extremely concerning.

Clearly, they smell blood. But perhaps even worse, they may be ready to draw it. Let’s review:

Trump is the Establishment’s enemy #1 because he represents–perhaps for the first time since Andrew Jackson–a genuine threat to the disgustingly bloated and corrupt, trillion-dollar gravy train known as Washington DC. And those who have been riding this train are highly motivated to keep it chugging along, so there are lots–we’re talking millions–of people ready and willing to do whatever it takes to take out this obnoxious scrapper who threatens their unduly fat paychecks, perquisites and power.

Look at the MSM–I’m talking both “news” and entertainment here–relentlessly stoking Trump assassination fantasies.

Look at Secret Service agents publicly saying they won’t take a bullet for Trump, while intruders on the White House lawn have enough time to walk right up to the front door, as detailed floor plans of Trump Tower mysteriously go missing.

Pat Buchanan has a nice article out on the recent Comey hearing. He makes it clear that multiple felonies were discovered by Comey’s investigation–felonies committed by our very own government…against Donald Trump.

Do you think anything will come of these felonies? Of course not. Because any governing or judicial body that could be tasked with undertaking such an investigation–the DoJ, a Congressional inquiry, the FBI–are almost certainly all part of the same drive to take out Trump. Foxes, hen houses, etc.

So now they trot out Hillary to Scranton, PA (home of the fictional Dunder Mifflin paper company). Coincidence? Or do you think they’re trying to start getting Hillary into the heads of all those nice, working-class white people who went for Trump in November ’16? “See, you stupid crackers, Hillary’s just like you. She’ll totally look out for you little people when we install her on the throne. So don’t you worry your silly little heads about it should something bad happen to Trump.”

I hope Trump realizes just how evil the monster is he picked a fight with. Because if he’s not careful, he’s going to get the JFK treatment–and probably sooner rather than later.



  1. Red, the question has to be asked. Would Trump be safer with his own private security rather than the Secret Service? We know the FBI is corrupt. The CIA worse. The Secret Service appears to be incompetent. Or are they on a mission? I would caution POTUS Trump to be very wary of everything that is managed out of Washington, DC for the very reasons mentioned in your article.

    Tick. Tick. Tick.


  2. Quartierleblanc

    Making a martyr out of Trump would create a very vindictive genie that would never be put back in the bottle.

    • I think the current cold civil war would get hot quickly. And our side has the most guns…and we don’t hold them sideways.

  3. My friends and I have discussed the possibility that the Democrats and others would try to assassinate our president. We pray for his safety. We also have discussed the possibility of going to war with this rotten deep state bunch of trash if need be. They are not going to stop the people form electing an outsider if we decide to; especially one like Trump who has the best interest of the US in mind. Trump needs hundreds of his voters as security watching the Secret Service, CIA, and FBI. It is extremely SAD that a patriot cannot trust his own government in the US. Our government needs cleansing with extreme prejudice.

  4. My friends and I have discussed the very real possibility our great president is being set up to be assassinated by his own government. The Democrats are behind this. They will be blamed if one of Trump’s hairs is disturbed. We will not take any attack on Trump lightly. In fact we will go extremely violent if the people’s choice is hurt in any way. I am tired of a few thousand government zombies assuming that only they can be in power and ignoring the people’s vote. The Democrats are not (IMO) patriots and are detrimental to the whole American system. The are nothing but socialists and use the tactics of Bolsheviks. Leave Trump alone are face the very real wrath of the people.

  5. It may be time to bring in the Marines so the SS can stand down long enough to get straightened out.

  6. Excellent article. Thank you. You used the term ‘resurfacing’ and the immediate mental image which formed in my mind was being on deck during whale watches off of Wildwood, NJ.

  7. I also have thought of someone killing Mr. trump. Everyday I wake up hearing more and more insane things that you know will end in some type of explosion. The police not using sub-automatics at the Berkley crowd is not a good sign. Look at some of the people there dressed in black. Is this an indication of another country creating civil unrest? This is why we have a 2nd amendment. But as you know, Hillary would get rid of the 2nd. How convenient for her. Also remember the German people right before the war came along? They discovered that they had their phones bugged and people learned to not talk about politics in public places. They then had their guns taken away from them and bang! WWII started.

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