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Damn, son. If your gig is being a Latino activist who makes a living protesting Donald Trump who said some illegals commit rape, then don’t rape! It kind of proves Trump was right and kind of puts you out of a job. Unless you count raping and jail as a job.

Here is the cat accused and arrested for raping an illegal woman in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is an illegal from Peru:


Great googly moogly! That cat is ooo-ga-lee! Now you understand him having to resort to rape! A face like that would gag a maggot.

Yapias is the director of Proyecto Latino de Utah. That means “Proyecto Latino de Utah” in Spanish. Here’s Yapias at a press conference not denying the rape. Uh huh. This cat is so ugly illegals in Utah are streaming back to Mexico as not to have to look at him. Gringos are moving to Mexico, too!

Yapias said, “”I’m a human being and like anybody else there is shock. It hurts you you know.” Yeah, kind of like being raped. And having your earnings seized by the federal government to pay welfare to illegal alien rapists.

Once again, Trump is proven correct. And the ironic thing is a Latino “activist” (aka too sorry to work a real job) who protested Trump proved him right.

Maybe George Bush was right. Yapias was only raping the illegals Americans don’t want to rape.



  1. Can you imagine having to be the woman enduring THAT forcing itself on you? Gah; makes me want to throw up in my mouth!

    Here in my hometown a while back, an illegal snatched an 11 year-old girl off her bike, dragged her into an empty house and raped her, and left her. The neighborhood burned the house down. They caught the bastard in Mexico about two years later and brought him back for trial; still ongoing.

    Too bad he didn’t have a .40 ‘accident’ on the way back…

  2. lock&load everyone time for the revolution! I am ready!!!

  3. Isn’t it odd that every piece of flotsam from the Mexican community or the Negro community that can climb a podium and rail against ‘whitey’ is treated like a saint by the media. Until he does some crime that they just cannot excuse,…every word he says is a word of truth. It doesn’t matter what kind of lying piece of feces he is. On the other hand if a white man takes up for his race and rightly complains about the discrimination from the government toward white people,…he is immediately attacked by the media and by his own government. He is slandered. He is called a racist, a white supremacists, a homophobe, a xenophobe, a Nazi, and anything else they can think of. His followers are called the same and the IRS begins a huge investigation on all of his tax papers. We must rebel. Remember that where words fail, bullets seem to be heard clearly. They will not listen to white people are even entertain their plight. Fighting time is almost here.

  4. Is that the alien from “Enemy Mine”?

  5. It will be interesting to see what happens in cities like Baltimore, Detroit and St. Louis after Trump wins the presidency. I am sure this will give the communities of color more reason to destroy their city and steal their new big screen TV as they know their time to do these fun-filled activities is limited.

    Accountability is a real b*tch in their world!

  6. This guy looks like the inspiration for that internet meme, Pepe the Frog.


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