Nothing says #blacklivesmatter better than swarming cracka fine dining hangouts in Manhattan to disturb the quiche, brie and wine spritzers of liberal whites. It’s what Mike and Trayvon would have wanted. Instead of protesting the sanctity of black criminal ghetto thug lives, black ghetto thug protesters have now chosen to inconvenience pasty, pencil-necked, liberal whites in their fine dining establishments. But isn’t this exactly what cowardly NYC progressives have voted for since the 60’s? Reality? Meet Irony. And please pardon Angry White Dude as he opens up and snacks on a big ol’ can of refried schadenfreude and savors the moment.

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Now that they have burned/looted/destroyed Ferguson and other ghettos to protest…errr…what was it?…oh yeah, BLACK LIVES MATTER!…black thugs are not content to go gently into that good night of welfare checks, food stamps and killing each other as before. Now the truth in all this comes out.

The #Ferguson protests were never about white cops killing black criminals. Or white people killing blacks. Or black lives mattering. We know black lives certainly don’t matter to other blacks who slaughter each other by the tens of thousands each year. This whole thing was about getting in the face of crackas for the protesters. Since those uppity cracka restaurants in Manhattan don’t take food stamps, we’ll just show them racist, white-privileged honkies that black thugs in America do have power. The power to make complete assholes of themselves. As if all the violence, crime, and douche baggery committed on a daily basis in America wasn’t enough.

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I didn’t know what that video was titled so I went to Youtube and typed in “black woman mcdonalds.” There are dozens of videos of black women in McDonalds making asses of themselves. None reflect positively on black women. Youtube must be racist. I won’t brunch at Youtube again.

Welcome to the culmination of the great experiment of The Great Society and Political Correctness. If only blacks in the 60’s were given free money, free health care, free housing, free food, Affirmative Action to award them positions they didn’t deserve, etc, they would rise up and work shoulder to shoulder with productive America. A dream that would have black people judged by their character and not their skin.

And indeed that has happened. Black people like the protesters in NYC, LA, Ferguson, etc ARE being judged on their character. And it ain’t pretty. Sorry, MLK. We tried.

After 50+ years and trillions of dollars wasted, we now have a large segment of black America that despises America, hates white people, is totally dependent on government handouts, and commits the majority of crime in violence while making up approximately 13% of the population. Just like the woman in the McDonalds video above or the #blackbrunchnyc gang, the black ghetto thug class likes nothing more than to annoy decent, responsible people enjoying the results of their labor by acting like savages.

But I feel nothing for the feckless, white NYC liberals who sit there in embarrassment as those “underprivileged minorities” destroy their lunch. They are the enablers of the black thug mentality. They thought by paying them all those trillions for nothing would keep them on the black side of town. How did that work out?

White liberal northerners have ridiculed Southern conservatives and called us racists for having the temerity to dismiss the poison of political correctness. No, I don’t feel sorry for those wastes of oxygen trying to eat their overpriced lunch at their overpriced beanery/wienery in New York. Let them choke on their herb-encrusted political correctness with a side of stupid!

The faux excuse of “racism” has given blacks a force field that protects them from judgment for any despicable action. This is what progressive/liberal/stupid people have created. What if a group of white Tea Party members stormed a black dining establishment and started chanting “hey hey ho ho, black on white violence has got to go!”? We will never know because responsible, considerate producers don’t bother people minding their business.

The black thug protesters (and their white socialist comrades) will continue to stick their unwashed fingers in the eye of privileged whiteys in NYC and LA because they know NOT ONE of the people they are bullying will fight back. It’s easy to fight a pacifist who won’t punch back. But, like Mike Tyson said, everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Eventually, these thugs will block the wrong street or bridge, storm the wrong restaurant and somebody is going to do something about it.

So enjoy your brunch, leftist Yankee wastes of space! Maybe Shaniqua and LaTrell won’t shove your cracka face into it this weekend! This schadenfreude is tasting pretty good down here in Dallas.


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