Everybody knows liberals are the worst dressers in history. Not that it matters much because liberals are pretty much ugly all day so nice clothing on a libtard is a lot like polishing poop. But there was a time when libtards could be spotted wearing their standard issue of worn out, smelly tie-died t shirts, ripped up jeans and sandals. Or maybe they’d break out that Che Guevara t shirt when they had a protest to attend and wanted to make a good impression. Those days are long gone!

Lebanese womerns are worse (if that’s possible) because they always look like bufforillas complete with those ‘women’s basketball coach’ dykie hairdos and flannel shirts. The only dude who would be interested in some flippy-floppy with those hags would be Bubba Clintoon. I mean, after all….Hillary. Hillary pretty much proves Bubba will do anything.

But tie-dyes and Che t shirts are Armani compared to what libtarded males are wearing these days! Hell, the modern libwear coming out these days would get laughs even in Nueva Jork and San FagCisco! Liberals are donning themselves some gay apparel with greater frequency these days. Here’s three “outfits” no one with a man thing should ever be caught dead in. Wear this sh*t where AWD saddles up to the bar and being dead is a purt’ near a certainty! So here’s three steps that will make you dress like a ‘tard and/or end up pig food out in Cooper, Texas

liberal fashion

Great googly moogly! That is what libs are calling male fashion these days! I crap you negative! And we thought metrosexuals were bad! A new low, even for libtards! I wonder if those dudes have any rooms for tampons in those dresses?

This sh*t shows the real goal of libtards. They want to turn men into women. They have greatly succeeded because what real man would ever be a lib in the first place? Think Ronbo Reagan ever ‘got in touch with his feminine side?’ Hell no! He was kicking the sh*t out of Russkies! Think the Duke ever moisturized? Yeah, right. Think Chuck Norris ever soaked away his troubles in a lavender scented bubble bath? Shee-ut! He was too busy delivering round house kicks to the melon of some bug-humping Viet Cong colonel!

Look at some of the libtarded tools on MSNBC to learn how not to dress unless you want to see a big, angry man-thing in close proximity! I mean, really. Does anyone really want to look like this pathetic poofter?

chris hayes

More like bend over and say “ahhhh.” What a pathetic, girly-man tool!

And who can forget the homo fashion stylings of Yoko Ono? I hear this line was very popular with the DNC.

yoko ono fashion

You have to give John Lennon credit for one thing. He had guts to sleep with Yoko Ono! After all, they produced Julian. Maybe he was drunk. Real drunk!

It’s not that hard to dress like a man. Clothes, as they say, make the man. That’s why AWD’s preferred winter wear is a pair of jeans, an AWD t shirt and cowboy boots. When it’s summer and the Texas sun beats down at temps over 100 degrees, AWD will be found in jeans, an AWD t shirt and cowboy boots. This ensem has been proven to be comfortable, perfect for concealing several handguns, and guaran-damn-teed to reel in the biscuit from the little fillies.

Now, AWD realizes our brethren trapped behind enemy lines in blue state gulags might want to rethink the jeans and cowboy boots thing lest they be mistaken for one of the @#&* Village People!

Conservative men are the only men left in America! And it’s our duty to teach our sons how to dress, act, and shoot like a man. Neglect these important lessons and your son might just end up counting thread counts on pillows up in Greenwich Village and being a libtard. But I repeat myself.

Here’s the great American Merle Haggard singing about manly behavior…and footwear.

Listen to Merle..and AWD. We’ll shoot you straight on how to dress and act like a man!


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