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How will you celebrate the Shutdown?


Gee, I could stand to lose a few tons.

A government shutdown may come at midnight. Feels like New Year’s Eve to me and I will celebrate, if the shutdown does occur. You are all invited to join me. I will undoubtedly feel a thrill up my leg as the clock strikes twelve. This is a moment for champagne. I must refresh my lipstick and find the right thing to wear…must find the perfect little black dress.
While flipping through the A.M. stations during the morning commute to drop the little munchkin at his school, I paused on a Geraldo interview. Trust me, I never linger on Geraldo since he is a self-important, farting airbag but I heard Anne Coulter and Alan Dershowitz discussing the potential shutdown. Beyond detailing the many supposed merits of Obamacare, Turdowitz added that “next, we need free college” which only reminds me of the grossly overblown, overreaching government monster we’ve allowed to flourish and engorge itself since the dawn of the Great Society. Our federal system is one morbidly obese lady who, once she dies from her overindulgence, her ridiculously-proportioned body won’t be leaving her trailer without the assistance of a bulldozer and a crane. Food, Phones, housing, medical, and this guy has no compunction actually demanding the government provision of free college? Turdowitz and his kind are shameless with their never-ending demands for more.

Has anyone been to college in the last several decades? What a money and time waste it is for innumerable students. Aside from students in vital departments like engineering and nursing, our institutes of higher learning are full of young liberal losers who have declared in majors like Ethnic Studies, Literature and Theatre Arts. Upon graduation, many of these kids are headed straight to the unemployment line with hundreds of thousands in student loans. And Turdowitz thinks our government should fund this enormous time-waste we call college? When I hear such idiotic demands for more government services, I feel the demoralizing desire for the entire thing to collapse, if only for the sake of good principle. Even if a shutdown were only to last a brief moment, it would feel oh-so-gratifying. Maybe I’ve had it with strategizing. Maybe I am desperate to see political men and women unafraid to stand for things they actually believe in. Hooray for Senator Cruz! Who said conservatives have no heart? I do have a heart and demonstration of principle just feels good.
Sure, there are many who say that a show of principle by our GOP would only result in the backlash in 2014. Thank you, Mr. McCain, for stating the Democrat’s case for them. McCain whined that the senate should not repeal or defund Obamacare and to think we should do so is “not rational.” With Republicans like McCain, who needs Democrats? We know the democrat disc jockeys are ready to spin a beat of how Republicans want to hurt the American people and take food from old people. Democrats are the masters of the blame game and Republicans will have a PR issue no matter which move they make. So why not make the move that’s based on our core beliefs as conservatives? And if some of our GOP are no longer conservative, how about they simply represent the will of those who sent them to D.C.? Rasmussen tells us that 51 % favor a shutdown. A solid 50 % of voters oppose the individual mandate. 36% cannot manage basic mathematics and thus are in support the mandate while the remaining 14% also haven’t got a clue. Even Obama wordlessly tells us, by his decision to delay by one year his employer mandate, that his healthcare plan will be a disaster if implemented on schedule.
What would a shutdown mean, in reality? If it goes on for very long, things could be a tad inconvenient. Would it all be bad? Nah. I don’t agree with the government guaranteeing housing loans, along with a number of other programs. And I can live without visiting a national park, probably for the rest of my life. The shutdown has no affect on other things. Never fear, Mr. Obama, the house and senate will still receive paychecks. That’s comforting.
Regardless, it’s doubtful that any shutdown would be allowed to continue too long. People have to be reelected, right? Don’t want to piss off too many constituents so a resolution will be reached eventually.

Many of us are overwhelmed with despair at the unfair, unmitigated media support for the progressive agenda. I cannot be the only one out here who would welcome a breakdown in the system, sooner rather than later. And a breakdown will come, my friends. The heights of Progressivism are unsustainable. The resulting instability could lend our system to eventual collapse, conversion to a de facto totalitarian regime or worse. We have already begun to falter under the current and recent administrations. So, tonight, the heavy decision hanging over me is…do I pair my little black dress with the spike heels or the suede stack booties?



  1. Go with the “spike heels” and a short red dress 😉

  2. Twist on my Mustachio and plot the demise of the enemies of America.
    The Monkey will be issued his double Holiday Grog ration and the usual hilarity will ensue.

  3. Laizo
    A friend of mine caught a spider monkey during one of his tours in the Nam, Named him Just n Case, the monkey hated the Liet and one night he got drunk and attacked him, Liet shot and killed him, a funeral for the monkey included the folding of the flag and 21 gun salute, all the guys caught hell for it but a bunch of 19 yr old’s took it in stride.

  4. How will I celebrate? By eating copious amounts of beans and cabbage and then farting in the general direction of Ovomit.

  5. I’m gonna pop the cork on a nice bottle of Champagne with a nice little Texas filly when it shuts down.

  6. I will have a big cup of don’t give a fk coffee because I don’t a fk. Shut it all down starve them libtards.

    • I’ll be working, voluntarily, on my own time, for nothing… Serving the politicians, government workers, and the “gibs-me-dats” that will suffer from government shutdown a nice big hot cup of Shut the F**k UP! 😀

  7. Keeping all of the congress-critters out of our lives from the head of the snake on down for a few years would suit me just fine. – I’ve had my fill of the laws imposed on us yearly!

  8. I would celebrate if these assholes in the house and senate wouldn’t still get their 6 figure salaries.

  9. I will for damn sure finally get a decent nights’ sleep.

  10. Thunk I’ll drank a few merican beers and eat a BLT, heavy on the bacon 😉

  11. Always a pleasure reading the Belle. You piqued my attention with the line on theatre arts. I met Jessi (an engineering major 2nd year) in the theatre arts building. I guess she was trying to PO her dad for some reason, I was chasing after 5 feet of pure cajun wildcat who thankfully I never caught. I saw Jessi and 40 years later she is still here. Thank God. Black dress and bare feet works for me TB. Have a nice glass of Piper Heidsecker. Tiny bubbles.

    • I love Deano! And the Piper. Cheers Wes!

      • nevernevernevergiveup (N3GU)

        Dean, what a classic guy. Only one of the rat pack who could say No the the Chairman.

        …”how long have i been on?……”
        “…when your drinkin”… get stinkin’… and the whole world looks good to you.”

  12. nevernevernevergiveup (N3GU)

    My main concern about the government shutdown is Dear Leader may be wanting it in order to secretly trigger the precarious economic balance our world is teterring on. Buy whiskey and cigarettes folks,it will the future currency of the US, once the dollar is dumped by EU and China as the Worlds reserve currency.

    I dont like sounding negative but i had a bad peronal experience on Capital Hill two weeks ago. Our government is really out to get us when they can. Prepare.

    God Bless America, may we crush our enemies.

  13. I will be asleep when the shutdown happens. But Saturday morning I will be wide awake at dawn, as usual, and I will be heading to the range with my ‘new’ slightly used ‘Bushie’.

    • Proud of you man. Live fire is invaluable. This may sound stupid and the first couple times you might feel silly but practice dry fire drills. Keep the Bush by your side all day and pretend someone just kicked in the back door. Pretend someone is out in the garage. You’d be amazed how much it can help in your situational awareness. You probably are young enough to sleep through the night but in the event you drank too much before bedtime practice grabbing it by the bed and take it along to the bathroom in the dark. Muscle memory, familiarity, second nature reactions. Keeps you alive to give unsolicited free advice. Finger off the trigger till you are ready to kill something. Pull the trigger when you identified the target and are ready; and no regrets to keep you up nights. Have fun!

      • Thanks Wes. Much of what you advise, I already do and have done with other weapons. This may sound dopey, but I can’t get used to how small the bullet is. If only I could set it down long enough to type. LOL

        • Yeah buddy. You’re not the only one that has issues with that peashooter but it does have lots of advantages. I prefer a MK 17 and a .45 but I’m old and can’t see like I used to. Ever since I was a kid I did headshots. Squirrels, rabbits, frogs, turkeys, deer, etc. Took forever to convince me center of mass made sense.

  14. Spurwing Plover

    Funny story about two birds a duck named trouble and a swallow named shut up one day they went out to fly together when they became separated the swallow was looking for the duck but he could find her finlany a police bird came along and kept asking the swallow his name he said SHUT UP everytime finaly the police bird said ARE YOU LOOKING FOR TROUBLE? the swallow said YES I AM COULD YOU HELP ME FIND HER

  15. As a critical and essential employee, I will wake up late. Have a mojito on my morning commute. Wander into the office and make the customary pitcher of special bloody Mary’s and work through lunch, hit a bucket of balls at lunch and go home early.


  16. Spurwing Plover

    The new revised versions of THE LITTLE RED HEN and THE ANT AND THE GRASSHOPPER

  17. Useless congress critters..

  18. I think that a few of us will get in pick-ups and drive north to D.C. It will take two days at least. When we get there we will drive as close to the white house and other government buildings as allowed and shoot the finger at all of them. Then we will blow the horns on the pick-ups and wave the Confederate flag. Last but not least, we will throw wadded up hamburger wrappers on the white house lawn and beg them to never open again.

  19. I’m just doing a happy dance :^)

  20. There was a government shutdown? Oh, I didn’t notice…. guess I will celebrate by going to work and have a few Coronas when I get home.

    funny how the critters in DC always get paid or get raises no matter how poorly they perform… we need to change that.

    The shutdown is nothing more than the GOP giving Obama and his low information voters “the finger”… I love it! Mandate my ass you childish twit..


    The Imperial Senate and the Imperial CON-gress and Emporer Palpatine Obama the Fink such scum and villiany other then the United Nations

  22. I celebrated by getting hammered last night, then woke up, cleaned all the fire arms and knives, bought 300 rounds and then got everything ready for the graveyard shift I work. Oh, and of course said my prayers and then my curses.

  23. Lt. Sandman

    Wednesday night. Think I’ll celebrate and go fishing.

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