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Human Sacrifices to an Insatiable God


In light of this morning’s tragic–but completely inevitable and yet completely avoidable–terrorist attacks in Brussels, here’s a repost of an old post of mine back from 9/2014. (And, yes, I know that’s Kali.)


The news out of Rotherham, England is as infuriating as it is heartbreaking—at least to those possessing both heart and brain. Some have made the connection that the raping of thousands—thousands—of little white girls by Pakistani Muslims is not so much an act of perverse sex as it is an act of conquest.

I agree with this sentiment.

But the Muslims and sundry other ne’er-do-well hordes who now infest so much of England and elsewhere throughout Europe really didn’t have to expend much energy to conquer us. They simply showed up and reproduced prolifically—all on the dime of us subjugated whites.

(In our terminalist world, being a cockroach is a sounder strategy than being a civilized, productive human being.)

What does it say of a culture where the “men” stand idly by and watch their prepubescent daughters get raped by hostile aliens? What does it say of our leadership that they not only force this peril upon us, but then prevent us from being able to do anything about that danger except be victimized by it? That we can’t even so much as complain about it for fear of being branded a “racist”?

Our elites have given up the Jewish God and Christian incarnation of said God in favor of the god known as “Diversity”. Unlike the Jewish God, which commanded that human sacrifice be no more, god “Diversity” is voracious in her appetite for human flesh.

And it must be white flesh.

How many white virgin children must be sacrificed to god Diversity? How many innocent whites—from the youngest to the oldest—must be sucker-punched, beaten to a pulp, shot, tortured, and/or murdered in sacrifice to god Diversity? How much money must be spent financing our own subjugation to god Diversity? How much of our amazing civilization must be destroyed to appease god Diversity?

Our self-appointed elites are the high priests who, alone, understand the awesomeness of god Diversity, and therefore are alone in understanding why we must all bow down before her. We peasants cannot fathom the divine glory of god Diversity, and so should not resist, but welcome, our slaughter in her name. We should consider it an honor to be savagely beaten and killed in her name; to watch our daughters raped in her name; to see our friends and family destroyed by her; to see our civilization crushed under her foot.

Truly we do not appreciate the wisdom of our betters, the high priests of god Diversity, for it all seems…evil and insane.




  1. Spurwing Plover

    Next month is Earthday when all the eco-freaks get together celebtate the only day they do celebrate and sacfificing uncountible unborn to their earth Godess Gaia and listening to Maya Angelou’s mindless drivel or hearing Julia(Butterfly)Hill praying to her tree spirit Luna(Such as lunatics like herself)and liberal eco-freaks running dress as Trees,Flowers,Owls,,Rats,Frogs,Wolves, and Fish to prove their out of their minds

  2. In other news, President Obama praised Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution as a model for all the world and apologized AGAIN for America for being a evil and selfish nation while adoringly waving his limp wrist in solidarity while calling for more Moselms to come to America.

    Christianity as taught from Biblical doctrine has been replaced in the West by the religion of suicidal, baby-hating white people practicing multiculturalism and diversity. This mass insanity has infected the minds of tens of millions of our people who, like Angela Merkel in Germany, the Trudeaus of Canada, the Labour Party in Britain and the Democrat party and Trump-hating Republican party-hierarchy in the U.S., keep preaching, contrary to overwhelming reality, that more immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East enrich our nations and support human rights.

    How will Europeans or Americans, who do not respect themselves or their Christian heritage, defeat Islam?

    Abortion has killed far more European and American children than Islam ever will. Europeans and their descendants in the Americas, with a degenerate pope in the Vatican who trumpets Merkel’s feces-for-brains immigration policy, have lost the will to defend what their ancestors achieved and secured.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the Rules for Radicals playbook dictate that America has to be crushed and destroyed, so that it can be “transformed” into a Marxist Utopia? It remains to be seen if Obozo and company will ever be held responsible. It’s sickening… even disheartening.. how many innocents have to die before the liberal PC crowd gets the hint? islam is what it is. pure evil. they will not stop until the entire planet is under sharia rule. Unless they are stopped like the empire of japan and the nazis were. This is serious, and some people just refuse to “get it”..

  3. We sane people must fight and kill the god of diversity before it kills the white race. Too many white children are being brainwashed in schools to believe in this ‘diversity’ god/goddess. White parents must do several things. First….if we can afford it,.. send white children to private schools. We must then pool our monies and make more private schools. We must check to see what our children are being taught at school. We must teach our children to be proud of their white race. We must ………HAVE more WHITE children. Lastly….we must gird for war if we need to.

  4. Spurwing Plover


  5. Good column. The god Diversity. But its too late. My town is overrun with Moooslims and Mexicans. Too late.

  6. Spurwing Plover

    Opening the gates lower the drawbridge the hun’s come pouring in to rape,pillage,burn and kill and King Obama welcomes them in

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