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Hump Day Angry White Puzzler


Don’t scroll down to the comments unless you want the answer. We’ve got someone quick with his anagrams (Erik) who’s figured it out already.

Here’s your first Hump Day Angry White Jumble. Enjoy.

Angry White Jumble


* Illustration courtesy Chris Katko. Source can be found here. Note I didn’t receive explicit permission for this individual cartoon in this usage, but I have received what I believe is carte blanche to use his cartoons on this site in the past, so I think I’m good on copyright issues here. If not, and you’re watching Kakto, let me know!



  1. Here’s what I’ve got.

    Ebola (boa)

    Penury (ury)

    Crimes (rs)

    Terror (tr)

    Based on the scramble (boauryrstr), it looks like Obama said “Abort yours.”

  2. Spurwing Plover

    If a asteroid hit Washington D.C. and total obltherated the place it would be doing us a favor

  3. inagadadavida

    Dang, I’m out of practice on these. I got the four individual ones but couldn’t get the final words. Makes you think!

  4. Spurwing Plover

    Obama looks like a Ferringi

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