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Hump Day Angry White Puzzler


If anyone likes puzzles and has some good ones to share (that aren’t copyrighted or anything), please send them my way via ex_machina@live.com.

First to comment with the correct answer(s) wins. (The prize is bragging rights, and maybe, for the little fillies, a picture of Miles Long in the shower.)

Angry White Jumble

Angry White Jumble

This week’s jumble art comes courtesy Heisenburger King.

Angry White Brain Teaser

2 = 1



  1. if a=b then a-b = 0 so 2(0) = 0 thus 0=0. Feel like a giant nerd now.

  2. First that came to my mind right off the bat was ‘Common Core’ tactics…and lo and behold I just came across this…


  3. Mr. Rational

    The Jumble:



  4. Spurwing Plover

    Holder needs to be tried for Fast & Furious as well as assecory to murder in the death of border patrol agent BRIAN TERRY as well as Dereliction of diuty and Treason

  5. inagadadavida

    Dang and dang! I was just looking up that fallacious 2=1 “proof” the other day… looked to see if anyone had solved it yet and accidentally spoiled playing jumble.

    Here’s one: where the $&#* is the “dynamic input” button on AutoCad Civil 3D 2015?!?!? Supposed to be on the status bar according to the F1 help, but I sure can’t find it!

    • Try rightclicking on the DYN-button at the bottom and birng up Settings (Drafting Settings) and see what your settings are on the Dynamic Input tab?

      • inagadadavida


        Is that the button with the cursor cross and the small rectangle in quadrant 2 of it? That’s the button that the help file shows, but I.cannot.find.it.!!!

        Googly searching- some site I found says it’s gone from 2015 version?

        Typing in absolute coords is giving strange results. Using #X,Y seems worthless but *X,Y seems to work like I think it should.

  6. You would have to go beyond Pat Buchanan on the right to even approach the level of racism Holder engages in on a regular basis.I don’t generally think of black people as ni**ers, but for Holder-I make an exception

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