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Hunting Humans is Legal with 15, 30 and 150 Round Mags


If we are to believe Senator Diane Feinstein, it is legal to hunt humans! Not only is it legal to hunt them, but we can use 15, 30 and even 150 round mags to do it. I can only assume that this must be in California since that is the state she represents. I certainly know that it isn’t true in Kansas.

This crazy, delusional excuse of a human is spending all her time trying to impose tyranny on the rest of us. She makes up stuff when she has no facts. She isn’t capable of entertaining a sane thought and yet she is shredding our Constitution.

The Senate Judiciary committee began hearing Feinstein’s “Assault Weapons Ban of 2013.” A group of senators who took an oath to protect the constitution are spending their days attacking the second amendment. What exactly do they think, “shall not be infringed’ means? These anti-American, anti-patriotic Senators will stop at nothing until they have imposed total tyranny on us. They do not desire to make us safer, they desire to control us. It is up to us Constitution loving patriots to fight these bastards and what they are trying to do.

Texas Senator John Cornyn (R) has pointed out that this same ban was tried under President Clinton 19 years ago. This experiment was ineffectual in reducing murder or violent crime rates according to a study by the Department of Justice. By our governments own admission, these bans do not work. This is further proof that they are after control.

Look at what the strict gun laws of Chicago have done! It’s the hot-spot of crime in the country. The more they enact their control, the more crime numbers increase. Chicago is the perfect example of criminals not observing laws.

If Feinstein is allowed to push through another gun ban, it will have an affect on crime. It will go through the roof! The more disarmed Americans become, the more crime we will have. It is up to us to stop her. You may reach your member of Congress at 202-224-3121.



  1. Ditto on the crazy, delusional excuse of a human.


    Typical liberal blabbering nincompoop and mindless old hen doing too much idiotic clucking and giving this old shorebird headache

  3. Excellent. When does Democrat season open?

  4. Snake Oiler

    March 9, 2013 at 11:18 pm



    Senate Bill Would Take Guns from Mentally Ill

    Expect the list of reasons to ban gun ownership to expand beyond original intentions. (just like every piece of legislation!)

    Frank Lautenberg add-on, takes away guns for any “domestic” disturbance. You can get in a bar fight and kick the crap out of anyone you want, but if your “friends with benefits” partner lies to the police, they take your guns away. NO misdemeanor should eliminate a Constitutional Right, thanks Frank and Republicans who approved this!

    Extensive list is included in the full comment.

  5. The Federal Government has a Department of Justice to enforce the governments laws upon we the people.
    We the people need an independent Justice Department to enforce our laws (the Constitution) upon the government workers.

  6. Mr. Grumpus

    Emperor Palpastein can go piss up a rope.

    • Snake Oiler

      The Application of the Hegelian Dialectic

      It has only three steps:

      • Step one: INVENT A “PROBLEM”: Make an outrageous accusation, propose an absurd theory as if it were truth, (Global Warming) or focus on an issue that already exists and distort it out of all rational proportion.
      • Step Two: PROMOTE AND POLARIZE THE “PROBLEM”: Use the news media newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. Elevate the issue to a fever pitch so that soon even people who don’t usually care about politics become drawn in to the conflict and then demand a “solution” to the problem.
      • Step Three: OFFER A “SOLUTION”: Through the dialectic any answer always involves either compromise or complete capitulation to a solution that takes away one or more of our rights and further undermines the constitutional protections we all are guaranteed.

  7. KGG,

    I’ve got a feeling things will not get better for those of us who support and believe in the Constitution. I’m thinking the long road of success most of us have experienced has now turned to gravel with deep ruts… I believe a second revolution will come sooner than we think.

    • Snake Oiler

      Once upon a time in a land far, far away – there was a king… but now we have a government. Legislators who in their wisdom write laws to keep the people safe. Senators and Representatives elected by the people now earn salaries much greater than those represented but this is to reward them for the hard work they do while caring for us the people. We have judges wisely interpreting laws and making sure that our rights and property are safe and not abused. Yes, America is a free land flowing with milk and honey… The milk must be government inspected and approved as does the honey. This is for the protection of the people. We no longer need a king to tax and steal from the people – we have a US Congress.

      Once upon a time our Founding Fathers had a dream and they worked that dream… but we have let it slip. The modern America no longer lives in freedom. We pay over 50% of our personal earning for taxes of one kind or another. We must purchase licenses or permits for all kinds of occupations, gun ownership, marriages, ministerial services, marketing, travel, vehicles, operators, contracted services… and on and on the list goes. Taxes aren’t just for the earnings but for our property, for our inheritance, for our sales, for our every thing. Insurance is no longer an option for our lives but is legislated as law for many circumstances.

      We still believe or pretend we live in a free land… and although it is a rich land of opportunity, our government is binding our resources by restrictions and regulations, taxing us into the poorhouse and keeping the public generally uninformed. We the people have allowed the government to grow too large and too powerful. We are now led to believe we must look to the government for every move we make in our lives. That is not freedom. Are we now any better off than the ancestors under the thumb of a dictator king?

      We pretend we own property but the reality of it is that we are leasing it from our government, much like the landlords of our ancestors. If we fail to pay taxes or follow legislated and bureau-crated laws and regulations, the government henchmen will come and filch your home and property. Not FREEDOM ~ not true ownership.

      Once upon a time our Founding Fathers fought and established a nation that was a Republic and FREE – That was real, but now our freedoms have diminished and are rapidly becoming non-existent. Today we no longer live in reality; today we only pretend we are free.

      • Snake,

        Thanks for that link… pretty well sums it up.

        I ask myself daily as to how much longer I want to live in America… really nothing here for me anymore.

        • Snake Oiler

          I know what you’re saying, Paul. If it all goes in the crapper, here’s where I’m heading…

          The liberal-left’s belief in its own intellectual superiority is no more borne out by fact than is its pretense of tolerance. If we look at its stances on specific issues, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that in reality, the majority of liberals simply aren’t that bright. Take “gun control.” Liberals have been pushing it for decades. The best evidence we have strongly suggests that concealed-carry laws cut crime by allowing law-abiding citizens the best means available of protecting themselves from the criminal element as well as create a perception among would-be criminals that their intended victim might be armed and able to shoot in self-defense. John R. Lott Jr. has done some of the best work on the subject beginning with his landmark More Guns, Less Crime (orig. 1998; three editions). Liberals will tell you that he didn’t control for this or that variable which only they can see, and claim that his studies have been debunked. He’s been blacklisted in academia; this Ph.D. economist who had held positions at Yale and Stanford prior to his major statements on gun laws will never teach at a university again. His conclusions have not been invalidated. All one need do is look at cities like Chicago with the strictest “gun control” laws in the country and a truly stratospheric crime rate compared with a town like Kennesaw, Ga. which requires its citizens to own guns and has a murder rate of virtually zero (really!).

    • Paul, I think your right about the gravel with ruts, but I think the Revolution is off a bit. The severe backlash Red mentioned has also caught up some Demos in it and they are starting to question what the hell is going on. Severe and immediate pressure on Demos in the Senate will scuttle the anti gun thing hopefully long enough for a deep breath and everyone wind down a notch or two. That said, buy lots of ammo Now, it will be currency as it is in gun shows right now.

  8. She’s totally desperate. She knows her BS is going to pass anything anytime soon. – Idiot Deluxe!

  9. God ,,strike this bitch down NOW~~

  10. Remember, Feinstein has a gun permit. She wants to keep you from having one. She is also very rich and politically connected, of course and has armed protection. It doesn’t bother her if you’re a target and completely unprotected from harm.

  11. Snake Oiler

    Then there is literary anthropomorphization of inanimate objects. For instance, in this Toledo Blade column, writer Jeff Gerritt points out how most black murder victims were “killed by handguns” as he kills our language. Now, since this phraseology can serve to facilitate the gun-control agenda, you can decide whether Mr. Gerritt is extremely smart or extremely stupid. But when one says “killed by,” the “by” implies action by an entity with will and purpose. A marksmanship competition can be won by a marksman with a rifle. Similarly, a victim isn’t killed by a gun with a criminal; it’s the other way around. And unless firearms develop intellect, free will, and the power of locomotion, this won’t change.

    • Rush pointed out the language problem years ago when he was warning about the left
      intent to get rid of the SUV’s by accusing SUV’s in accidents of being the cause not the driver as it should be. Ever since I’ve noticed the media points out how a SUV ran over, into or generally was at fault rather than the driver. That was a decade ago. Just the other day he mention how football is on their target list now. They are probably waiting for “The Last Boy Scout” moment. Then they can foist the “Real Football Game, Soccer ” on us. BORING!

  12. Senator sh*tstain and her fellow gun grabbers can all sprout wings and fly straight into hell.

  13. For what it is worth America is here for me and my family. I am staying until the last piece of brass is fired and my blade is broken and in the dirt.

    I’ve spent enough time in other country’s and spilled enough blood in them, they don’t want a republic and I am too old to assimilate into another culture.

    Yep, America is here, where my boots are!

    Blistered, out!

    • majorityofone

      I completely agree.

      This is my country and no one is going to drive me from it. I wish the Constitution trashing liberals would realize the Constitution protects them from me even more than it protects me from them. When it is no longer applicable, then there is no longer a government.

      I don’t expect Whinestein and her fellow pond scum to get a clue anytime soon however.

    • Kansas Gun Girl

      I’m with you Blistered!



  15. Register one, hide the the others.

  16. FuriousFatMan

    it’s pronounced FEINSTEEEEENE!


  17. not so “Fine-swine” can own a gun but no one else can. Just another useless,lying ,pos that hopefully will be abducted by aliens.

  18. F%%k crimestein and the lefty horse she rode in on. I really dont care what this shitbag has to say unless its her last dying breath.


    Just like the evil eleltists pigs from ANIMAL FARM

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