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The dudes and dudettes of AWD have received a Valentines Day invitation to take our unique brand of right-wing extremism over to the great blog I Own The World. Big Fur Hat is inviting us to share posts in The Bullpen at IOTW and for his loyal readers to do the same in AWD’s FEMA Camp. AWD feels a little weird about getting a Valentine’s Day invitation from another cat like the Big Furry one (wait, that didn’t sound right). I would have preferred the invitation came from the supa-sexy filly and IOTW regular Mary Jane Anklestraps. Just saying that name gets me vibrating in my tingly parts, baybah!

This is a great way to foster some inter-blog camaraderie between two of the leading right-wing extremist web pages. I guess Big Fur couldn’t find a working “Reset” button to give AWD so he has sent us this Valentine’s invitation. Here’s what Big Fur told his readers:

I don’t know what that damn ying-yang thang is. AWD ain’t no damn Chinese! I’m 1000% ‘merican, man.

While Big Fur is willing to let his readers “sleep” with another blog, AWD has a few reservations. I guess I’m just an old-fashioned dude. Yeah, you can go post away at the Bullpen…but I’ll consider you to be the little hoo-ahs that you are! Oh, I know that some of you run around on AWD with some of the other bloggers. Don’t even deny it! Some even read those wussypants, PC-tards like HotAir! But hey, you don’t have a ring on your finger do you? The Big Sexy doesn’t like sharing his fillies. But this time I’ll make an exception! At least you’re not slipping around with those greasy, little libtards like Little Gay Footballs and the comm-a-nists at PuffHo! Or you damn well better not be!

So tomorrow, let’s show that AWD team spirit and head over to I Own The World and post some groovy sh*t that will show that AWD dudes and dudettes are large and in charge! I will warn you to practice safe blogging. I think Big Fur Hat is a yankee and, as such, who knows what kind of diseases he has crawling all over him. You might want to load up on some industrial strength antibiotics and use proper protection. Safe-blogging! Word to the wise!

So the Big Sexy gladly accepts the Valentine’s Day invitation from our good friend and diseased yankee Big Fur Hat and his loyal subjects at I Own The World. I would have really been worried if the invitation had come from that Mr. Pinko dude. That cat is strange! I’m pretty sure he moisturizes.

AWD hopes everyone has a very sexy and successful Valentine’s Day and gets your share of some hot lovin’. Except you trolls. To hell with y’all. LibTrolls shouldn’t even practice anything that can lead to reproduction!

Remember, if chocolates and roses don’t do the trick….guns, duct tape and rope damn sure will! Always has for AWD! How can a filly resist such ro-maince? She can’t! She’s all tied up and has duct tape over her mouth!

Here’s the link to The Bullpen. Let ’em fly!



  1. Mary Jane Anklestraps

    So… My check must have cleared. Haha.

    • Mary Jane, what a treat to drop in here and see you prettying up the place. When Barry gets the roads and bridges fixed up you need to come out and hunt hogs and rattlesnakes with us.



  3. General Quarters


  4. But will you still respect me in the morning?

  5. Jack daniels

    Ok, so I added a blurb…but in my haste to get in and out, I forgot to upload a picture….I was so nervous!!

    You both are my favorite blogs…though I rarely comment here.

    • Hi JD…

      Just wanted to say I miss your comments…been wondering now and then where you’ve went. – Glad to see ya! 😉

      • Jack daniels

        Hi bigtimer,

        thanks for welcoming me back!!

        It seems I’m always being welcomed back!

        I’ve been getting ready to move to Tokyo for the next five years, so I’ve been a bit short on commenting… doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading!

        But a day doesn’t go by I where don’t at least pop in and read what’s been posted from you folks!

        AWD, trust me, y’all (and the regular commenters) are the reason I drop in!

        • Tokyo…wow! – Just curious…what are you going to be doing there?

          Wishing you the best no matter what endeavor your on. 😉

          • bigtimer,
            probably looking for sanity since there’s very little in this country anymore.

          • Thanks!!

            I will be teaching business English to Japanese corporate employees and managers.

            Need a change of scenery, and the opportunity presented itself!

            Ga steve, you’re not kidding! Hopefully by the time I return, we will have returned to our sanity and have reclaimed this great republic!!

          • Thanks for the reply. On a side-note, one of our grandson’s just returned from Tokyo not all that long ago after teaching there himself.

          • What did he think of it? Did he enjoy his stay? I know my kids are looking forward to moving there.

          • He enjoyed it a lot….sent us some beautiful gifts too. They’re truly precious.

            Btw…hope you get the time now and then and keep us updated to how you’re doing and such. And if you like it as well.

            Like ga steve mentioned, maybe….just maybe, this country will be turned around somewhat by the time you get back to the USA. – Here’s hoping!

          • Thanks bigtimer!

            And you can bank on me popping in. The one thing you gotta love about the http://www…you can be anywhere and communicate instantly!

            You guys help keep me sane, as there are very few like minded people here where I live, so I need the likes of AWD and iOTW!!

  6. AWD,

    Hey! I resemble that remark.

  7. Czar of Defenestration

    Duct tape and rope?! I’ve always been partial to cable, padlocks and concrete blocks myself….

  8. My wife gave me a hall pass for Valentines Day. So, at the insistence of BigFurHat, I sauntered over here with my pink heart on.

    She told me not to come home with any FTD’s. I don’t get it, I thought she loved flowers.

    Thanks for posting my links at FEMA Camp.


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