I SMELL A RAT! Generals or the Government?


By American Infidel #1

First off, congratulations to the new AWD page, pretty fricken hip. Now we can study current events and opinions that much more when we visit the site, as you can see ALL THE BULLSHIT with what is wrong nowadays in one glance. Almost as overloading as trying to watch that crap flick “Avatar” when it came out! Great setup AWD. I see a 3D AWD page in the future! Maybe?

Now back to the headlines with Afghanistan! We have had a lot of recent incidents in the news with our troops deployed to Afghanistan. Why now, after ten years, do we see such a shift in behavior with the conflict itself and the behavior of our troops? Our warriors after 9/11 where given a task to invade Afghanistan, dismantle Al Qaeda, and, more importantly, hunt and eventually kill the most wanted man in the world, OBL. Guess what: We have successfully completed those tasks! Could this have been done faster? Absof***inglutely! That is what happens when you pillow fight! I think my older sister hit me harder when I was a kid than what our current administration has allowed our forces to utilize against the Taliban. Our government and media have entered into the fight and have used kid gloves on the enemy these last two years. Why? Because our media and leadership have been infected with weak-kneed politicians and propagandists. Especially when fighting ARABS! Would we have fought this way in World War II and expected to win?

Hitler and Emperor Hirohito would have eaten our lunch, taken our milk money, and stolen our Halloween candy! They almost did. But back then we allowed our troops to fight and kill the enemy. America’s strategy actually included propaganda from our media. Hell, nowadays the weak Europeans aren’t allowed to draw a cartoon about Islam, let alone create a SOUTH PARK episode including the Prophet Muhammad!

Would we consider using nukes if our back was up against the wall today? WE lost millions of troops back then in battle! Today, there’s not a f***ing chance our leadership would nuke the enemy. The generation of WWII must be shaking their heads at us. They would say “Son, your losses so far were just the landing at Guadalcanal. There will be many more.” We would eventually lose millions in WWII. But there is something worse…

This is the first time we as Americans are going to see our leadership allow WE THE PEOPLE to lose a war. And for what? Reelection. Our troops have done their job and they are HEROES! They have performed everything asked of them only to have an adminstration bargain away gains with the Taliban. In addition, the Obama administration orders our Generals to waste their time making apologies to the enemy over the burning of a few Korans. And our Generals don’t have the guts to stand up to the politicians and DOD!

Maybe our troops are starting to get frustrated as well. Ask the Marine or Soldier on the third tour away from his family, wife and kid, who has lost buddies only to have Obama and his henchmen bargain with the Taliban for a country we have no need for. If we are asking men (the troops) to grow up through the ranks and become war fighters, don’t treat them as Sunday School teachers, social workers, or Mother Teresa…those jobs were and are already taken. But that is exactly how the Obama administration has restricted our military in the last several years. They have infected our soldiers with a liberal hogwash. The liberals, socialists, Democrats, and Obama have forgotten one thing…our military is there to win wars! That means KILLING people, bringing them to their knees and taking the fight out of them!!!

Here’s propaganda used to ridicule the enemy and raise morale. Maybe we were on to something! We use Kid Gloves today…Think we much.

How could I say that? So heartless huh… Well, get over it–you’re on the web page entitled “Angry White Dude”, not Huffington Post! We are allowed to use language like that here. FREE SPEECH is awesome huh?! But this is just the perspective from our troops who sacrifice everything everyday for their country and fellow man and woman serving alongside them. At least the meateaters do. Let our troops take the gloves off once and for all and destroy this enemy. Believe me, the ARABS will quickly remember the battles of Najaf, Fallujah, Ramadi, Al-Qhaim and many others in Iraq during the last presidency. When our Marines were allowed to roll, we devastated them.

Our administration is bargaining with The Taliban to end the war right in time for election season! Obama’s a HERO, not our troops! Yeah, I would be a PISSED OFF Marine as well, no pun intended. You know they could do worse, such as waiting until they get home, all of them.

It is only going to get uglier my friends.


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