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AWD was going to write on how the wussypants GOP Establishment hates conservatives. But then I remembered we had touched on that subject a few weeks ago.

A top wussypants GOP strategist ran over to liberal website Politico to disparage Trump supporters as “clowns.” This is on the heels of Juan McPain calling Trump supporters “crazies.” All those names for Americans who want our federal government to enforce immigration laws and protect American lives from illegal alien criminals! But those sushi-gnawing GOP Elites in Washington don’t worry about American lives, unless it is their own.

I’m not sure how long this can until a third party emerges. So it puts Democrats in charge? Tell me the difference between Republicans and Democrats! Your thoughts?

How many times must you walk through that Republican Establishment door only to get bashed in the head with a GOP baseball bat in the face to realize the Republicans hate conservatives! Many like to refer to the wussypants liberals in the Republican Party as RINOs. As if the Republican Party still represents anything conservative!

AWD has long said the only people that hate the Tea Party more than Democrats is Republicans. But I repeat myself.

The term should be CINOs. Conservative In Name Only. Or at election time. Because all Republicans love to return to their homes and bloviate how they vote conservative the vast majority of the time. Yesterday’s confirmation of socialist Loretta Lynch illustrates how they “vote conservative.”

Lynch had been filibustered but Republican Co-Leader (Harry Reid is the other) Mitch McConnell decided, as he does the vast majority of the time, that he would grant Imam Obama’s wishes and confirm a new Attorney General who actually is to the left of Eric “The Black” Holder! If that is even possible! McConnell even whipped votes for cloture of the filibuster. 20 ancient liberal relics-R who swear they are conservatives at re-election time voted to kill the filibuster. THEN they voted against Lynch for confirmation, knowing the confirmation was in the bag.

The twenty Republican “conservatives” who voted for cloture are:

Alexander (R-TN), Ayotte (R-NH), Burr (R-NC), Capito (R-WV), Cochran (R-MS), Collins (R-ME), Corker (R-TN), Cornyn (R-TX), Flake (R-AZ), Gardner (R-CO), Graham (R-SC), Hatch (R-UT), Johnson (R-WI), Kirk (R-IL), McConnell (R-KY), Portman (R-OH), Roberts (R-KS), Rounds (R-SD), Thune (R-SD), Tillis (R-NC)

In the confirmation vote, ten “conservatives” voted for the despicable Lynch. They are:

Orrin Hatch (Utah), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Jeff Flake (Ariz.), Susan Collins (Maine), Rob Portman (Ohio), Mark Kirk (Ill.), Thad Cochran (Miss.), Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), and Ron Johnson (Wis.).

You’ll notice that AWD’s senior senator in Texas, John Cornyn, voted for cloture and then voted against Lynch’s confirmation. THIS IS HOW REPUBLICAN RELICS IN CONGRESS FOOL THE STUPID REPUBLICAN VOTERS (SRV’s).

The vote for confirmation WAS the filibuster, not the official vote. McConnell, Cornyn, and the twenty wastes of space knew that the worthless ten would vote to confirm Lynch.

One notable liberal in the Republican Party that voted against Lynch’s confirmation was John Cornyn, AZ-RD. He’s up for re-election, you know. Wonder if he’ll once again promise to “build the dang fence?” Bwahahaha!

Many conservatives question ad nauseum why Republicans consistently vote against their convictions? They don’t! They vote their convictions. Their convictions are just not conservative! Those few Republican Senators like Ted Cruz who actually are conservatives are disparaged by the old guard liberal elite that have infected Congress and America for decades.

As AWD forewarned before the 2014 mid-term elections, NOTHING HAS CHANGED SINCE THE REPUBLICANS WERE PLACED IN THE MAJORITY! Mitch McConnell has voted exactly as Harry Reid would have if he had maintained power.

What AWD finds incredulous is Republican voters actually had hopes Mitch McConnell and John Boehner would suddenly embrace conservative values after decades of big-government, fiscally irresponsible, and anti-Constitutional votes when the GOP won control of the Senate! Stupid Republican Voter face…meet Republican Elite baseball bat! Again!

In the last Texas primaries, AWD voted for conservatives and withheld my vote for Establishment Republicans. Didn’t and will never vote for Cornyn. Also didn’t vote for George P Bush. I’m through with that bunch!

And yes, I’m completely ready for a third party. It’s not like splitting the Republican vote will really matter since Republicans equal Democrats in Washington. Even if the SRVs wake up and nominate Ted Cruz for President, he will accomplish nothing with Democrats McConnell and Boehner in control of Congress.

The true enemy of conservatives is not the Democrats or even the repugnant Republican Elite in Washington. Our enemy is the SRV! Stupid Republican Voter! Those who run memes of George W Bush on their Face Book pages that say “Miss Me Yet?” Well, hell no I don’t!

But AWD, W was much better than Obama! Really? How’s that Homeland Security financial sinkhole working out for you? Or the TSA Nazis who like to feel your weiner? Or the costly and failed “No Child Left Behind?” Or Medicare Part D that Bush sponsored with…I crap you negative…Ted Kennedy! Or the two unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the trillions wasted! All George W Bush expensive crap.

The Republicans in Washington hate conservatives. They tell us they hate us. The show they hate us. And yet you still vote for them!

The SRV’s will vote for El Jeb Bush who is worse than his brother and dad even when his platform is EXACTLY THE SAME PLATFORM AS HILLARY CLINTON!!! Where is the difference other than cankles!?

What does it take for SRVs to wake the hell up??? How many teeth must you lose to the Republican Party baseball bat until you realize THERE IS ZERO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS IN WASHINGTON?!

If you’re a conservative and voted for any of the tools who voted for cloture or to confirm Loretta Lynch, let it be your last. The time for being stupid is over. Call your worthless Senator that you now fully understand who and what they are and now fully understand their dishonest tactics! Tell your SRV friends and family that a vote for another big government R is the same as a vote for a big government D. You must vote for conservatives in the upcoming primary votes and not vote for the usual big government Republican choice in the general.

Tell the Republican Elite #NoMorein16! We refuse to vote for El Jeb or Chris Christie or Hucksterbee or any other Establishment con man! Let the Republican Party lose everything! It’s not like the Democrats would do anything different!

The question you must ask yourself is “when have the Republicans ever failed to disappoint conservatives?” When have they ever stood for the limited government principles that you and I believe? How are the Republicans any different from the Democrats? Tell me, please!!!

Talk to your friends and family. Tell them these things: Don’t be stupid! Don’t be a SRV! The time for stupid is over! If you want to break it down into mathematical equations, here it is:

Republicans = Democrats. Republicans + Democrats = Suck! SRV’s = Stupid!




  1. I gave up on the CINOs when they trashed Sarah Palin. I have to admit I did cast my vote for Willard but only because I believed it was my duty to vote and I sure couldn’t vote for the homosexual, American hating, muslim. If the Jebster, or any other Karl Rove candidate is the 2016 GOP nominee, then I have no choice but to stay home.

  2. You would rather we vote Democrat? I have never voted Democrat. Watching the riots in Baltimore boil over into another Ferguson I see the mentality of the Democratic voter. The constant charges of racism against the Republicans is the major reason why so many African-American voters, who don’t realize they agree more with Republicans on issues than Democrats, continue to vote Democrat. When they see through the liberal Democrat racism and begin voting Republican, we’ll see real change in many ways.

    What about the article you wrote supporting Ted Cruz?

    Ted Cruz does or says something good every day. Its so rare to see in politicians. He so solid, its hard to fathom someone like him exists. If he wasn’t a real person, he would be a corny unrealistic fictional character, from a cheesy novel. Mr. Cruz Goes To Washington. Mind blowing. Total opposite from the choomer in charge.

    Ted Cruz criticized his fellow Republicans for confirming Loretta Lynch, who has vowed to continue Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional amnesty program.
    He’s 100% right, and the Republicans are willing co-conspirators in confirming someone they know will violate the Constitution. Even now, they could try to stop amnesty by refusing to confirm Obama’s nominees, as Cruz noted. But they don’t even want to try. I hadn’t known, and I suspect no one knew, that Cruz had tried to persuade McConnell to hold up nominees. I’m glad that someone is trying to do something.

    Cruz blows away the RINOs. I hope he wins the GOP nomination.

    • Jenna, did you actually read the article?? Never asked anyone to vote Democrat. Just to not vote for Republicans. Only conservatives. They are not the same.


      • Yes, I actually read the entire article. Sorry, I do know the difference. There are only two choices on the ballot box last time I voted. Color me stupid if you wish. Or delete my post all together.

      • AWD…..Did Ted not vote on Lynch’s confirmation because of his run for potus?………

        • Newbie, Ted’s vote wouldn’t have made a difference. He was in favor of the filibuster. The filibuster WAS the confirmation vote.


      • Well there ya go AWD telling us who not to vote for… But ya won’t tell us who we should vote for…

        And saying vote for the conservative guy isn’t helping, cause there are only like three of them in politics, and they can’t hold all of the offices, they can’t head and staff all of the committees.

        Who knew Rubio was a Hispanic Tribalist, when he ran as a Tea Party candidate.

        Tell us where will the conservatives come from?

        The Constitution Party? Outside of about three or four states they don’t run candidates and nothing at the local level. How many here support or even know about this political party?

        The Tea Party? Their public activism and peaceful protest have been nullified by the Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives matter riots, not to mention completely ignored by the white house and shunned by Dem’s and R’s alike.

        And are not angry blacks and idiot white liberal communist, chanting slogans, and tearing up shit, more fun to watch on the news… Does the squeaky wheel get the grease?

        The Tea Party has become out of sight, and out of mind, in the 24 hour news cycle. Will a true conservative party rise up from the Tea Party?

        How about those stalwart conservatives in the Libertarian Party where their fourth plank supports in writing, open U.S. borders to foreigners, but wants isolation for U.S. global interest. What conservative will lead that party?

        How many graduates from MIT will have conservative values this year? See Redstater’s post

        Hell I was born a Liberal, my brain functions like a lefty, I lived most my life like a neo-con, I see and hear bullshit and the first thing I think is wow that sounds fantastic, free healthcare, World Peace, equality for all, love thy enemies… What’s not to like? Then reality sets in…

        Where are these conservatives of which you speak?

        I’m not trolling ya here AWD, I’d like to hang with them and change things.

        But look at Bill Whittle, his video messages get out to about 200,000 -300,000 people, Ben Shapiro and Andrew Klaven have even less hits, and these are highly scripted and slickly produced commentaries as good as anything in the Drive-by National Media. But yet Bill Whittle is still considered a fringe conservative kook.

        So who we gonna vote for? And will it make a difference outside of Texas?

        With respect,


        • Waspish, Ted Cruz.


          • I hear ya but then that only leaves one conservative left in the senate, and one in the house of representative.

            My glib response aside.

            Do you think Cruz can win? Why?

            Hillary or her replacement only has to flip the state of Florida for enough electoral votes to win. And 51.1 percent of the population in Florida are women, I suspect pro-life will sound like pro-Nazi if the National Democrat Media has anything to say about it.

            Cruz has to win every battleground state, and my bet is he will get the same support from the Republican National Committee that they gave Ken Cuccinelli… Zero.

  3. I have had only one solicitation from the RINO machine this year. I told him if he were gathering money for ammo, I was his guy. He hung up immediately.

    By Jove, I think I’ve got it!

  4. I have held my nose and voted for the party guy many times.My nose is getting sore.NO more ! Primary the RINO’s and go all out to defeat them.We did it here in my district with Dave Brat vs Eric Cantor last year.Cantor had all the money and power but we beat him. It can be done if you choose the right person to go up against the RINO.No screwballs,fringe nut jobs.Find someone good and get behind them.

    • Chump Change

      Actually, more, and much, much “worse” “screwballs,fringe nut jobs” are what the counter-communists need. A saint – like King, or even a capo – like Jackson, only get invited to the sit down, when Newton is already “burnin’ the bitch down”.

  5. Remember what Lenin said: The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves. If conservatives can’t understand that the Republicans have been infiltrated, then we will continue to vote for candidates that will either lose or will continue the leftist agenda.

  6. GrimmCreeper

    I don’t know if it was on these pages where I once read, conservatives are to the Republican party as blacks are to the Democrat party. Those words couldn’t be more true. Before every election the party of turncoats promises that it’ll apply conservative values when it has an opportunity to legislate. After every election those same people prove themselves to be liars. I’m with AWD all the way on this one.

  7. Who’s to be trusted? A candidates track record perhaps? Too many politicians say they will do one thing, and when elected, do the opposite! That makes it tough to trust anyone! Too bad the system is rigged rendering third parties totally ineffective, and forcing true conservatives to run as a republicrat!

  8. I’ve got an article written by Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr. that AWD needs to read, and perhaps even link to on his website. It appeared in the American Conservative Magazine, which used to be Pat Buchanan’s project in the beginning, but the neo-cons soon swarmed in like the plague of disease carrying locusts that they truly are, and with their sharp elbows, quickly shoved Buchanan aside and took over the publication.
    Republicans once stood for peace through strength, not endless war.

    Incidentally, I am not endorsing Eisenhower – who’s name is featured rather prominently in this article, but Ike did have the foresight to warn Americans about what he saw unfolding, with regards the evil of the Military Industrial Complex – which has now morphed into the Military and Security Industrial Complex and which is rapidly working to transform America into the new USSR. Ike’s prediction has certainly come true in spades. (No pun intended).

    Scanning the GOP field of candidates – you would find it very difficult to select any one of these rats who isn’t wearing an Israeli Lobby Electronic Dog Collar, to which Bibi Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson hold the keys and the electric shock remote control device – which means, more suicidally destructive and murderous wars abroad and more USSR style police state tyranny here at home, should the GOP win in 2016.

    Duncan lacks the testicular fortitude to pin the tail on the proper donkey, i.e, the jewish neo-con takeover of the GOP – which is why the GOP has become the party of endless wars all around the globe, and neither does he bother to point out that nearly all of the evil, demonic, and bloodthirsty neo-cons are former Democrats – who quietly and stealthily slithered over into the GOP beginning with the Reagan Administration and who then pushed aside the older, traditional conservative WASPs who once ran the GOP and kept it from becoming the endless war party that the neo-cons have transformed it into. For an excellent analysis on that topic, providing the article is still available on the web, look for Patrick Buchanan’s famous ‘Whose War?’ article – which was the cover story in an early edition of ‘American Conservative Magazine’ sometime around 2002-2003, if I recall, and Buchanan laid this entire coup de tat takeover of the GOP by neo-cons out in fine detail.

    • Can someone convince Cruz, Carson and Palin to start a third party?

      • Is either Chuck or AWD aware that Ted Cruz is 100 percent in favor of this TPP abomination and wants to give fast track authority to Obongo?

        The infamous Toe Sucker Dick Morris revealed that within this TPP arrangement, there are provisions that would allow the ‘free flow’ of workers between all of the nations who are signed onto the Trans Pacific Partnership scam. Hence, this means that millions of turd worlders who are not White will be able to bypass the regular immigration laws and move directly into the USA, whereby they will be able to take jobs away from native born Americans by being willing to accept lower wages.

        Plus, since they’ll all be non-white – every one of these scabs will be eligible for affirmative action hiring preferences which puts them in line ahead of native born White Americans. Oh, and here is another thing – they’ll be able to bring their spouses with them, whereupon if they manage to get her knocked up while they’re here, out pops an anchor baby who becomes an American citizen, which they’ll then use as justification to become citizens themselves.

        And, every one of these non-whites will become life time DemoNRat Party voters.

        Remember the earlier youtube video link that I shared in the past, where Ted Cruz was caught on video claiming that he wanted to see a 500% increase in the number of H1-B Visas?

        This man has zero sense of loyalty to his own fellow Americans, folks. This guy is a globalist, and does not give two squirts of rat poop about protecting American jobs and making sure that Americans employment prospects and salaries are not negatively impacted by cheap labor from the turd world.

        Here’s what John Fonte had to say about this issue:

        “Fonte, who writes:
        The elite coalition claims that it is speaking for American interests in strengthening our economy, expanding economic growth, and creating jobs. The American economy, the elites tell us, needs massive infusions of both low- and high-skilled labor. Their core argument is that there is a “worker shortage” in America….

        ….The problem with this argument is that these same companies have been firing tens of thousands of American workers (both low- and high-skilled) — sometimes in the very same week that they have petitioned the White House and Congress for more foreign workers.”

        Oh, and here is another aspect to Ted Cruz’s knack for talking out of both sides of his mouth. On one hand, Ted Cruz appears to be a very strong supporter of the Second Amendment , right? Well, anyone who’s ever gone to a gun show knows that the overwhelming biggest demographic group in America who are passionate supporters of the Second Amendment – are White males. So, can anyone here in the pro-Cruz camp explain to me how Ted Cruz can be trusted on his claim to be a huge Second Amendment supporter, when he favors policies that would import millions more non-whites from the turd world who will become life-time DemonRat Party voters, and who will help hand to the evil DemoNrats a permanent one-party dictatorship, whereupon these Second Amendment hating Communist bastards will then be able to pass any gun control or gun ban laws that they crave, and even be able to stack the Supreme Court with gun grabbing Commies who will simply rule that the Second Amendment is obsolete and no longer applies?

        Incidentally, am I the only one who posts comments here that realizes that the positions that a given politician adopts on various issues should be scrutinized very carefully, and that each position should be examined to determine if it is in any way inconsistent with a position said politician has taken on a related issue? There is something called overlap, you know. Such as the amnesty
        question, for example.

        A politician cannot be in favor of amnesty and then claim that they are a strong supporter of the Second Amendment – because amnesty gives the DemoNrats a dictatorship and with that dictatorship, they will take away our firearms.

        By the way. Over in the EU – the same thing has been happening, with regards to the ‘free flow of workers’ between all EU member nations, and this has resulted in the long overdue rise of European Nationalist Parties – who do not like having swarms of Africans or Muslims flooding into their nations and destroying the racial, ethnic, and social cohesion of their societies. The turd worlders are not compatible and do not assimilate into White European societies and are causing all sorts of problems, committing crimes, breaking world records for their propensity to rape White women in these nations – and yet, Ted Cruz and anyone else who supports this TPP nation wrecking trade agreement are apparently too stupid to examine what’s happening in the EU and reach the common sense conclusion that we do not want to duplicate the mistakes of our European cousins.

        • Thanks for the insight.

        • Carolina Patriot

          Your post is filled with speculation offered as facts. Further, you don’t understand H1-B visas are for trained and educated workers. American youth shy away from Mathematics, hard Sciences and Engineering and Computer Sciences because they are difficult and require work. Foreigner obtain these degrees as a pass into our society. We need them to continue to be a technological leader. Lastly. most Mexicans ARE NOT going to vote for Democrats. Most work hard. have families and aspire to become middle class. However, like Saint Donald the Truthsayer says, some are rapists , some are criminals and some are deadbeats. Those will probably be Democrats!


            How conceited and hateful towards your fellow Americans that you blame them rather than the class-biased indentured servitude educational system for failing to provide enough STEM graduates. The plutocrats who demand we get a job by going years without a job prove their hypocrisy by giving their brats plenty of allowance to live on.

            Every student should be paid $600 a week plus free tuition. That will recruit those with the most natural talent and motivate them to study. Those who graduate today are just bootlicking class-climbers who have no right to the jobs they steal from superior minds with too much self-respect to put up with such a childish, depressing, and insulting system.The rulers better give every student just as much allowance as the spoiled rich kids get or we will make sure those brats never graduate.

            Under the ruling class’s present unfunded mandate, all college means is living like a teenager because you’re afraid to grow up. But those conceited Mamas’ Boys who graduate no longer have to fear growing up because they will never grow up. Never becoming real men, they will easily be dominated by female gold-diggers; their sons will want to become women because of having such a wimpy, bootlicking male role model. No matter how much graduates deny it with their nasty remarks about “spoiled lazy American students unwilling to sacrifice,” they themselves have nothing to be proud of. The fact that college “education” puts inferior people in superior positions is the hidden cause of our economic decadence. Any country that pays its students for their grades will dominate the world economy.

          • There seems to be somebody going around down voting the insightful comments that could actually create change.

  9. I vote republican because voting for a democrat would be akin to voting for the communist party. Voting for a third party would be counter-productive and end up helping the democrats. Our system needs tweaking so a third party could have a chance but it is not set up like that. The Republicans are not doing what they should but they are the party with the most conservatives. If the democrats have one or two I would be surprised. The democrat party hierarchy should be arrested for treason.

  10. When I visit various conservative web sites and read articles like this, I get excited at the thought that in 2016 this nightmare will be over. But will it? While I believe that Ted Cruz is a fantastic candidate, one who could easily win the next election, he can’t do it without money, the majority of which would come from major fundraisers of the RNC. If the RNC doesn’t want Cruz but wants Bush, guess who gets all the money and the primary election win.
    On the other hand, you have Hillary Clinton who shouldn’t be able to run for President as she should be in federal prison, yet the DNC and all the lib minded voters are backing her and circling the wagons.
    Even a run off between Bush and Clinton should be hands down Bush, but it wouldn’t be. With all the corruption, voter fraud, voter intimidation exhibited in the past by the DNC, and now the probable inclusion of illegal aliens given the right to vote(only democratic though), I see no end to this and have no optimism for our future.

    • Even when we put the Rs in charge–it makes no difference.
      We have to fight both the Rs and the Ds–that makes it tough with all the corruption.
      All those fed up with the Rs and the Ds need a third party–it will be tough but not impossible.

      • I think we have an even bigger problem than you describe, Chuck. The biggest problem we have is those within the so-called ‘patriot’, ‘America-First’ community who insist on supporting, promoting, and voting for politicians – even after you show them hard evidence to prove that these individuals are just as corrupt, just as treasonous, and just as deceitful as the corrupt cronies that they are vying to replace.

        Take Ted Cruz for example. How can anyone watch that incriminating youtube video of this guy where he is openly screaming for a 500 percent increase in H1-B Visas, and for huge increases in legal immigration – all of which will take jobs away from native born Americans and cheat parents who’ve spent thousands of dollars in tuition costs to send their kids to college to get degrees in areas like IT and the STEM industries, but when those kids graduate – all the available jobs are filled with scabs from the turd world that guys like Cruz want to bring in, so Silicon Valley can pay their workers peanuts? And, with those peanut sized paychecks – these turd world scabs will be eligible for tax payer provided subsidies for ObongoCare and be able to qualify for every other social entitlement handout that the libs have put on the books?

        Frankly, I just cannot fathom how this bizarre idol worship for certain politicians can continue to thrive among Americans who have IQs above room temperature. Especially when these rats will look you in the eye – and TELL YOU STRAIGHT OUT that they intend to screw you if they get elected, and yet people still rush down to the polls and vote for them?

  11. Max & Eric

    I`m to the point that I will not vote for another RINO, I`ll stay home, and I feel I`m right about this.
    Without a real choice ( Bush or Clinton ) there will not be any hope left and personally I would rather watch the world BURN. the faster it burns the faster it will be over.

  12. Vote Trump/Cruz this time!
    They can and will win!

    • Alexandra

      Isn’t Ted Cruz not eligible to run for president due to citizenship? If so, he has no business running for VP. You can’t elect someone as VP that’s ineligible for President.

  13. Txsecededave

    I voted the same way the AWD voted. I will never vote for the lesser of two evils again. Because the lesser of two evils is still evil. I want Texas and/or Southern independence, but have been eyeing the Constitution Party Platform. National platform… and
    State Patform …

  14. Alexandra

    I think it was Churchill who said something about letting your politics dictate your beliefs, or letting your beliefs determine your politics.

    I’m a conservative *because* of my beliefs. I don’t believe in toeing the party line. I would’ve been against the Vietnam war, for example, because I know the *real* reason why we went (and it ain’t what you’ve been told)–not because of any liberal beliefs.

    The GOP sheep let their politics determine what they believe and toe the line.

    I voted for the Constitution Party candidate the last three presidential elections.

  15. Carolina Patriot

    We we told in the last election, to vote Republican again, even if we detested the candidates. The lessor of two evils I had preached to me. So we did , again, and handed them a HUGE victory. They betrayed us again. Its time to break the back of the Republican Party. There is no party that represents conservatives. Posters like “Jenna” are habituated and lack critical thinking and are destined to repeat their mistakes, over and over again, a sign of stupidity. I have begun preaching voting for Democrat Candidates in any race that a true conservative is not running. Lets teach the Republican Party a lesson they will never forget! Here in NC, I will vote against re-election of Tom Tillis and Richard Burr, my traitorous Republican representatives.

  16. SortingHat

    I’ll tell you why as I know the truth about it. Americans are conditioned to branding. For example let’s say Mar’s Bars gets loaded with corn syrup and they cut corners on sizes and ingredients.

    Then they call it the *New Improved Super Mars* or some stupid name and call it *streamlining* the candy brand to make it more enjoyable by all but in reality they are catering to the healthy critics by dumbing it down so everybody has no choice on what they buy but gives the false illusion of choice.

    Same kind of deal with EA Games who has a history of buying out smal l companies then firing the workers replacing them with their own who don’t know what they are doing and only care about monetary success not caring if people actually like the product long term.

    The original EA games was called Electronic Arts and at least attempted to care but they totally rebranded in the 2000s and went streamlined just focusing on cash cows.

    This is how Conservatives think because it’s their *brand* so must be loyal so as a result of conditioning they will come up with the lamest excuses no matter how petty to justify their votes even as everything comes crashing down around them.

    Communism however is the same big bankers on steroids because you replace big bankers with big governments who will regulate resources based on what sounds good on paper but doesn’t quite work out in real life due to many factors but if you dare say that they think you are planning a coupe de grace against them.

  17. SortingHat

    I propose that all US Citizens have a national boycotting the national elections to see how Congress can handle it when they don’t get their votes from ANYBODY both left and right. All you got to do is ignore the forums and refuse to show up at the voting polls en mass to send a clear message to politicians that their days are numbered.

    Their power base is collapsing around them as more Americans wake up that funny things are happening over in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington Dee Cee.

    HOWEVER I don’t think not voting ever is the right answer as if you vote local and state I believe you have a higher chance of success in matters closer to home then the fixed national elections.

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