You know, the song “I’m So Bored With The USA” by the Clash used to piss me off. I mean, who are a bunch of pasty Englishters whose ass we’ve pulled out of the fire more than a few times to say they’re bored with America? I never thought I’d find myself of the same mindset a few decades later. It grows more difficult to write about the presidential election because it’s all a scam. It’s more difficult every day to find a glimmer of hope that this will all end well. There’s just too much stupidity in America and it grows each year.

Liberal federal judges appointed by liberal politicians have overturned state Voter ID laws written to prevent the massive voter fraud taking place across America. The will of the voter is trampled because the voter doesn’t matter anymore. Globalists pulling the strings of the world have charted a course where America is just another country. They own Presidents and Congresses and their plans to destroy America cannot be reversed even if there was a will in Washington to do so. $20 trillion national debt, massive illegal and legal immigration of Third World hordes who have no allegiance to America except to feed off the dwindling number of American taxpayer producers. A severely weakened military that concentrates more on accommodating sex changes for soldiers than defending the country from our growing list of existential threats. Welfare and Food Stamps for everyone and anyone. ObamaCare now costs as much for a family of four as a monthly mortgage payment on a $400,000 home while insurance costs continue to rise on its way to Single Payer. A Constitution that is nothing more than a punch line for criminals like the Clintons and others as they face zero consequences for massive crimes committed when they were trusted with our safety. The thieves are not in the temple. They are running the joint.

I am hated because I’m a white guy who has played by the rules. I’ve never done anything against anyone and never taken a dime from the government. But I’m responsible for slavery, minority disenfranchisement, Islamaphobia, cops killing black criminals, sexism against women too ugly to get a heterosexual date, and every other ridiculous thing intellectual morons on college campuses and DC think tanks can come up with. And all I ever did to deserve this hatred is drive my tired privileged ass up the Dallas Central Expressway at 2 mph every morning and evening for a couple of hours to have the government take 50% of my earnings away and give it to the moochers who hate my guts.

What’s in this for me?

The Mainstream Media is nothing more than the propaganda organ for the left. AWD has been saying that for years but this election cycle has overwhelmingly confirmed the charge. The MSM overlooks every felony committed by the Clintons to focus on the fact that Donald Trump said the word “p*ssy” 11 years ago.

We are a crass, vulgar culture that worships trash and has long ago turned its back on anything sacred and pure. Where a 58 year old fool like Madonna can offer blowjobs for votes for Hillary. Talk about an incentive to vote for Trump! Where half the country supports men using women’s bathrooms. Where Black Lives Matter goons can burn and loot cities and their leaders be invited to the White House. Too many of us no longer stand for good or even recognize the difference! Lawmakers brazenly break the law. Manners, class, and respect are things of the past while the values that made America great disappear into the past.

Last night I turned on the local news to find a report that three black students at TCU sent a demand letter to the TCU President with a list of demands because they felt TCU had not done enough to make them feel welcome. And, of course, TCU has announced it will create a VP of Student Diversity position.

George W Bush lost me when he infamously said illegal aliens are doing the work Americans don’t want to do. That’s total bull shit. The truth is illegals are doing the work Americans don’t have to do because the government pays lazy, spoiled worthless Americans to not work through welfare, food stamps, and other handouts.

Michelle Obama loves to complain that the house she lives in was built by slaves. Well my house was built by illegal aliens. But who built our homes in the past? Or our roads? Or our buildings? Americans did. It is now impossible to find a white or black face building a road or house in America unless it’s a supervisor or some government bureaucrat. Our jobs, skills, training, and livelihoods have been given away by a corrupt government filled with corrupt politicians.

I received this fund raising letter today from SC Congressman Trey Gowdy:

Friend, we can’t afford to fall behind. The funds that we raise this month will go towards the crucial get-out-the-vote efforts that will determine the outcome of this election.

If you’re able, please chip in whatever you can to make sure that we don’t fall behind.

Reaching out to voters is the most important and expensive part of any campaign and I need your help to make sure that my campaign doesn’t fall behind.

I’m focused on putting Washington back to work, holding lawmakers accountable, and upholding my promise to put the safety and security of South Carolinians — and all Americans — first.

It seems Trey Gowdy has made it to the big leagues and plans on making it a lifelong venture. Just like every other one of the worthless creatures in Congress. Oh, but Trey sure does make some great little speeches when the cameras are running.

That Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner, the IRS Commissioner and their henchmen aren’t in the bottom of the jail, Trey Gowdy should immediately resign from office and personally go door-to-door in South Carolina apologizing for wasting his voter’s time and money! But no, he’ll continue his schtick of political professional wrestling in front of the cameras until he dies in office. Nothing will get done, no one will be held accountable for felonies committed, but he’ll sure make him some great speeches!

America forgot itself and gave itself away when politicians learned they could go unchecked by a population mesmerized by pro sports and celebrity worship. After all, it’s not difficult to lead sheep to their death.

The America I knew in my youth is gone forever. Given away for cheap votes and cheap labor. And it’s harder and harder to pretend this sinking ship can ever be righted.

I read today that the Philippine’s President is breaking ties with America to saddle up with China. His words, “America lost.” He’s absolutely right. And it’s not so much that we lost but we threw the game.

The poisons of Political Correctness, Diversity, and Multi-Culturism have been ingested into the American people for generations and now we are in our final death throes as a free republic. Killed off by stupid beliefs and kowtowing to leftist thugs whose goals are our destruction as a nation.

Last night, I heard a woman say “any woman who votes for Donald Trump is a self-hating idiot.” Another chimed in “He’s an idiot.” I asked “why do you say that? He’s a successful billionaire who has created numerous successful businesses and jobs.” She said “well, he’s stupid. All the things he said about immigrants.” I said “what in particular was it that offended you?” Of course, she couldn’t answer with any specifics. She and her friend have been spoon-fed their opinions by the Mainstream Propaganda Media. And there are hundreds of millions of Americans just like them in this country. They are idiots armed with false opinions and zero facts. Just like the Globalists running America want. Hillary voters. Stupid voters.

Hillary will win this election. The fix has been in for a long time. There is a massive voter fraud investigation now taking place in Fort Worth, Texas. Texas! Can you imagine how bad voter fraud will be in swing states? Now that Voter ID laws have been largely stricken down by leftist, unelected judges, millions of illegals will vote numerous times in numerous precincts on election day. And they won’t cast their votes for Trump.

I hope you too realize America is now a Banana Republic. We only have the privilege to pay for it.

It will be interesting to watch what happens under President Hillary. Certainly, more destruction to America, our freedoms, and our future. All the Globalists have to do is rid themselves of the threat of middle-class, patriotic, well-armed “Deplorables” and it’s all over. Don’t kid yourself they don’t have plans for our destruction. It will be interesting to see what happens when they come for us.

So yes, I’m bored with the USA. I’m tired of the Globalist rulers in Washington controlling my life and earnings. I’m tired of continuously being sold out by those who were sent to Washington to fight for me. I’m bored of the lunacy of political correctness that insults my intelligence. I’m sick of paying for refugees from the Middle East. I’m tired of open borders that allow millions of fertile illegal dependents to cross and stay. I’m sick of paying for their welfare, education, medication, and incarceration. I’m tired of listening to corrupt people and I’m tired of stupid people. And a country of stupid people is what America has become.

For some Music That Doesn’t Suck, here’s The Clash:

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