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In Response to the “Fun Killers”


simians who beat wwii vet to death

On August 16, 2013, a promising young Caucasian was senselessly gunned down by two black teens, and a Hispanic teen.  White America is understandably upset.  We should be.  We can take a beating for a long, long time because we have thick skin.  We aren’t complainers.  We don’t dwell on negative things.   However it is time for angers to swell.  When will the violence directed towards us abate?  When we finally put our feet down.

Does anybody remember the lesson we learned from Neville Chamberlain?   Remember his little chat with Hitler?  Remember how well that went?  “Peace in our time” those were his words.  Our ideologies are just as juxtaposed with the extremist black agenda as the Allied and Axis powers.   Just look at the article that bigtimer posted about the New Black Panther Party.  They want a white holocaust and that includes the disingenuous white liberals as well.   I do believe in diplomacy to a point, but when do we stop looking tolerant and start looking weak?  I would say now.

The list of black on white violence grows longer by the hour, and the vast majority of America is gagged from saying anything about it.  Take for instance the brutal beating of a WWII vet who was wounded in the line of duty.  This man, known by his friends as “Shorty” was waiting for a female friend outside of the Eagle’s club to walk her home so she would be safe.  I think we can all say ‘that was mighty white’ of Shorty.  It is typical for the greatest generation to contribute one final act of kindess before crossing into the unknown.  His death means less character and more evil in the world.

The good news is with each passing act of violence, white guilt and politically correct speech (which are weapons of mass destruction for the left) are rapidly losing their bite.  They have awoken a sleeping giant.

I am NOT calling for violence.  I am not calling for KKK style tactics.  We are not racists nor are we extremists, no matter what the POTUS says about us.  We are identifying a problem that threatens the security of our communities, our families, and our selves, and neutralizing it.

Let us not be drawn in by Old Testament retaliation.  An eye for an eye shames us all.  There is legal and political recourse we can take.  If there is one thing we know, it is that violence perpetrated by the right is excoriated in the media, whereas violence by the left is almost celebrated in a way.

Now hear me, I am not telling you to be defenseless.  Jesus may have turned his cheek, but we have a right to self-preservation.




  1. Henry Stanton

    This crime was committed by two Black teens, and a Black Caucasian.

    • RedSeeingRed

      Yea, I originally wrote this piece when the media was calling the third piece of trash a hispanic. I forgot to change it before it was published.

  2. Get your CCW permit, take a defensive hand gun class, go to the range often to practice, talk to your neighbors about neighborhood defense – get ready to protect yourself and your family because if you’re of a certain skin color and/or have certain political and relgious views then it will be up to us to protect our lives and property.

  3. Jack Daniels

    Howdy all,

    Been traveling around Alberta visiting family before heading out to Tokyo.

    Been catching up on all the posts and I can’t tell you how infuriating the news has been lately.

    RSR, I’ve noticed your posts lately, you are a great addition here, and I enjoy them. I will make one minor adjustment if you don’t mind.

    The manner in which you refer to Jesus, and turning the other cheek insinuates that Jesus was a pacifist.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. This concept of Christ as a pacifist is a recent, leftist and communist idea.

    In point of fact, the opposite is true, Jesus warned his disciples in his final hours that if they lacked a sword ( A sword was the finest offensive weapon to an individual soldier and its equivalent today would be a military assault rifle) that they were to sell what extra garment they had and purchase one. Lk 22:36

    This is not endorsing pacifism.

    Consider also, Romans 13:4 ” For the one in authority (righteous leader…i.e Reagan) is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.”

    Then there is Paul’s writing on the subject in his first letter to Timothy: “But if anyone who does not provide for his own, especially those of his own household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

    It is foolish to think that a man would provide a home, furnish it with food, and facilities then refuse to install locks or provide means to protect his family and property, as referred to in Exodus 22:2-2 that if a thief breaks into a home and is struck so that he dies, there shall be no guilt for his bloodshed.

    We are in fact instructed to meet any threat to our life with lethal force.

    Th turning of the cheek refers to minor or non threatening issues, in other words, have compassion, humility and patience with others. Danger to our lives is completely outside the realm of what this statement from Jesus refers to.

    Just thought I mention that because so many people ( Christians and pacifists) wrongly believe that we are not to fight back or defend ourselves …and this is a dangerous and foolish teaching.

    Bon courage to all of you. These indeed are evil days.

    • Jack you are 100% correct sir. Jesus was no Pacifist. There is nothing I can add to what you said. Have a safe trip.

    • RedSeeingRed

      Wow! Thank you for the info! I am not as well versed in the bible as I should be, but I was mainly referring to Jesus allowing himself to be crucified. Perhaps I should have chosen my words more carefully. “Jesus died for our sins, but we don’t have to die for theirs.” would have been much better.

    • Yeah, I can’t quite picture a pacifist walking into the temple and flipping over the tables of that particular group of moneychangers. Seems to me there was a mention of grabbing cords and whipping some of the thieves-in-official- clothing.
      Since the Temple was also part of the ruling government at the time and the ‘moneychangers’ were official agents of that body it would not be far from walking onto Capitol Hill and kicking arse. It needs doing but I know few who would have the stones for it.

      • quartierleblanc

        I got up to take a leak and have to comment on this. The ruling government was Roman and the Temple of Herod was not part of the government. In fact the Romans kept a garrison there at the adjacent Antonia Fortress to keep order. The Romans held the Jewish vestments and other articles of religious worship in the Antonia and if the Jews were “good” let them have them to use till they had to be returned. The money changers were there to exchange standard Roman coin for coinage deemed proper for religious purposes ( sacrifices for the temple etc ) Roman coins at the time were about 80% silver and for Jewish religious needs the coins had to made of purer stuff. The coins were also used to pay for what was called the Temple Tax, a tax on Jews worldwide. The Romans did not like this idea, frowned upon the practice and tried to discourage it. Therefore to say that the money changers were an arm of the government is totally incorrect. The money changers were a part of the religious aspect of the Temple. Herod only ruled his own kingdom, essentially the Kingdom of Herod ( there were a lot of Herods in those days ) as part of a tetrarchy with Pilate, the Roman procurator in charge of the whole area, commonly called Judea. Essentially Herod was management of a part of Judea for the Romans and had little to say or do except as the Romans demanded.

        • When the Romans conquered they did whatever they wanted. Often as in this case they left varying degrees of the indigenous administration functioning as long as it did what it was told. The line between church and state was pretty tight in the Israel of that time and the money changers were most definitely in cahoots with the church . Money exchange was only part of the services offered. One of the bigger money makers was the ‘blemished sacrifice’ scam. When a supplicant approached with his offering the priest could refuse it as flawed but an approved vendor would sell a proper offering – for an exchange of the ‘bad’ animal and a sum of money . Amazingly when the next person showed up with a rejected animal the previously not good enough offering was suddenly all better and another exchange was made..
          I don’t really understand a purpose to the history ‘correction ‘.
          My statement on the money changers being part of the regime -while broad – is not incorrect . The point was Christ went definitely ‘non- pacifist’ against some serious power when it was called for.

          • What the scriptures do document is that this was the only time that Jesus used physical force in his ministry and that he might have been open to the idea if the situation was right. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course the situation in the Temple would have been that of blasphemy to Jesus and beating would have been a trivial penalty compared to usual sentence of death as he would himself shortly undergo.
            The lines of rule were never really blurred as you so imply. Judea was ruled defacto by Rome with the Procurator in charge, who lived in Cesaerea on the coast. Jerusalem itself would not have been considered the major city. The client king, in this case Herod, provided the Jews some idea of autonomy which wasn’t much more than an idea. In fact Herod would have been more of a civil administrator, making sure that Rome was happy first. Even the coinage used in the Temple for exchange had to be approved by the Romans. Coins were more than money in those days, they were also advertisement. The money changers were part of the religion but were never part of the government. Even Herod had the common sense to put his palace a good distance away from the Temple. On the other hand the Antonia was part of the temple and pass through to it you had to pass by the fortress itself. A Roman reminder of who was in charge. However, they would have little to say or do about what went on inside the temple as long as no “rules” were broken. The Romans might have been amused with the money changers but their activities would not been of concern.

  4. I know without doubt the black on white crime across America escelated and was a direct reaction to all the race baiting after the Zimmerman trial. The thugs got a permission slip via their leader and the black panthers demanding all whities be killed. When hate speeches are allowed against a certain group and ignored by MSM and the government this will spur the next behavior, which is the act of hate being carried out. The MSM got all over Paula Dean for saying the “N” word, but there was never a mention about the black panthers demaning all whties be killed!!!!! So if white people are confused as to why one group has permission to demand we be killed and this is kept silent…don’t be surprised by the killings….we are walking targets!!!!

  5. This rat bastard!
    MLK III incites racial violence in Washington: Says Trayvon Murdered

    Even though Zimmerman was found not guilty in a kangeroo court, with extreme political pressure, that suppressed major evidence…

    MLK III: Trayvon Martin Killing Shows That Skin Color ‘Remains a License to Profile, to Arrest and to Even Murder’
    “However, sadly, the tears of Trayvon Martin’s mother and father remind us that, far too frequently, the color of one’s skin remains a license to profile, to arrest and to even murder with no regard for the content of one’s character,” he said, calling for the repeal of “stand your ground” self-defense laws, CBS News reports.”

  6. Pointy End out

    It won’t stop until coon season opens….

  7. quartierleblanc

    LIke always Ed, you hit the nail on the head. I’m just wondering what skin color MLK 3 was talking about, since most Black homicides are done by other Blacks. He must have had to many 40’s before his speech.

    • Snake Oiler

      Or maybe guzzled too much ‘purple drank’.

      “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein

    • RedSeeingRed

      Ha! I’m sure his father would be proud of the loud mouth, race baiting, coat-tail riding nobody that swam out of his scrotum.

  8. That’s right, Jack.

  9. Just read an article which explained why theblack on white hate crimes are not called hate crime. In order not to INCITE WHITES.

  10. Another good one, RSR. Also, I’d like to share recent discoveries with other AWD readers which are very telling, and that is 1) The Thug Report, and 2) New Nation News

    • Yeah, but don’t use the dreaded ‘N’ word to describe this filth, that would be too horrible to accept. So much worse than murdering a defenseless 99 year old woman in her home during the course of a robbery. Goddam negro filth. Hey Colonel West, where the f*** are you? Effing war hero is not as outraged as decent WHITE PEOPLE are about this shit, hell no, these are his people. Crickets from the so called black conservatives nation wide.

      Burn in Hell for this you filthy negro scum.

      • quartierleblanc

        Hey Michaeal, don’t you think Colonel West has eaten enough leftist shizer for a while? I’d give him some R&R, his actions and words speak for themselves.

        • Not to me they don’t. He can take permanent R&R for all I care. He is just one example, maybe I should find some oithers huh? Herman Cain? How’s about all the ‘conservative black bloggers’ we never hear from?

          Actions? Pigford, NDAA? Deal breakers my man, deal breakers. It would only take one of those for me.

          Sorry QLB, I am profoundly angry and filled with hate for all blacks, no matter who they are.

          A bientot

          • Michael T, I agree. It’s been very quiet from the so-called black conservatives on black on white violence. And I’ll never forget that West voted for Pigford.


          • Thats all I’m saying. They just seem curiously silent when it comes to black on white violence. There was a mayor or police chief somewhere who spoke out about young blacks behavior, can’t remember where it was. If they would just say something, their stock might go up a few points.

          • Not good enough. All he is concerned with is how Obama will react to it? Where is the outrage Colonel West? I’ll tell you sir, it is with WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!!!

            Hold your people accountable to the world, if you have the courage.

          • What would have him do? Just curious. His military career ended and he was almost put into military prison for defending his command which was predominately White.

          • I’m not talking about whether he likes white folks or not. Maybe he could use the example of his own life as an Army Officer to enlighten black youth. I don’t know. For Gods sake, say something! He could put as much effort into it as the race pimps put into theirs. I think he runs around acting white. Look at the district he lives in and represented in Florida, my home state BTW. All well to do whites.

            West was a Tea Party candidate, why didn’t he get re-elected? Because he didn’t do his job. But everybody likes him because he is a tough talking black conservative who takes Obama to task sometimes. We just seem to love it when ‘our’ negros talk smack about Chicago Jeebus. I don’t get that.

          • West lost his job in a marginal red district and was targeted for being a Black conservative. But tell me how he wasn’t doing his job. This should be good.

          • You like him and I don’t. We’re getting off track here QLB. Sorry there is no reply below your screen name so I put it on mine.

            It’s getting late, good night sir.

  11. RedSeeingRed

    Great info, Thunk!


    Since they have commited a adult crime sentence them as adults hang the older one hold the younger one in prison until he reaches adulthood and hang him as well

  13. Slam Dunk there Michael T !!!!

    I am just fed up with the negroes.
    The few conservatives there are in this Negroid race are silent!!!
    Yesterday, I went to a “gun show” over in Bossier City, Louisiana. It is next to Shreveport, LA.
    Hundreds of tables, and their Convention Center was packed full of white people, and I saw only 1 nig.
    When he walked up to a table, the vendor said “go away nig, you are not welcome in here.
    He just stood around and glared until later, the local Police Dept. escorted him out of the bldg.
    The gun show erupted in clapping and hoo-rah’s.
    The State of Louisiana has a very large percent of the black population.
    It is my belief,,,that any rioting there,,, and the alligators will be over-fed rather quickly.

    • quartierleblanc

      You know chuck I call like I see ’em and the first people to get savaged are the Black conservatives. The left will do anything to ruin their careers and lives. Is this about race? Maybe so. But it’s definitely about culture. And guess what culture let this happen. It’s the Democratic/Liberal/Progressive one that made the difference.

      • About culture? Do you think cultures simply appear out of thin air? People create cultures, not the other way around.

        It is about race. Races create cultures. We see the result of negro culture in 80-90% black Detroilet. There are no white people to blame, no excuses. They control the govt, the police, the schools. That’s the culture negroes create because that’s what they are capable of.

        We see the degenerate, evil culture created by $$$-Bolsheviks in Hollywierd. Everything from Lady Doo-doo to rap music to “Brokeback Mountain” pumped into out society by the $$$s to destroy America. That is what J–s create where they control everything.

        No, not about culture. It’s about race and nothing else.

        • Bingo Ken, well stated. But if you speak up for the White Race, well, we know what happens don’t we. I believe QLB to be the finest of people, but he is on the wrong side of this race thing.

        • quartierleblanc

          Like I said before, the race thing is still a maybe. The Scots/Picts practiced cannibalism and human sacrifice well into and past Roman times. The Germans ritually sacrificed and tortured their captives and lived in hovels a thousand years ago. Scandinavians aka Vikings went berserk ( A Viking word ) well within the Middle Ages. Culture has a lot do with it. Unfortunately there are forces within our own who are White who want to destroy what it took our race centuries to create. Who is your greater enemy, the Black thug or the politician who created him? One is just an enemy. The other is an enemy and a traitor. The ancient Romans had a way of getting to the heart of the matter, however they didn’t suffer from much guilt. Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem defending me and mine and absolutely none calling a spade a spade. ( no pun intended)

          • I’d return to my Middle Age roots if it would help. We have lost our warrior mentality over the millenia. Maybe some ceremonial fires with some heads on some pikes and a bit of pillaging would give some of them a moment of pause.

          • Bullshit, we haven’t lost a thing. Ever hear of the Long Patrol or Carlson’s Patrol on Guadalcanal? Absolutely medieval and against some of the best light infantry in the world. We send a man out on four tours of duty in Afghanistan with Blue on Blue violence common and one day he goes a little nuts and then we send him to prison for life. They’re putting the wrong people in prison.

          • Ok QLB, noted. I don’t want to fight about it.

          • “The Scots/Picts practiced cannibalism and human sacrifice well into and past Roman times. The Germans ritually sacrificed and tortured their captives and lived in hovels a thousand years ago. Scandinavians aka Vikings went berserk ( A Viking word ) well within the Middle Ages. Culture has a lot do with it.”

            You don’t seem to know much about history. The Sumerians, Minoans, Egyptians, Chinese and Indians practiced ritualized cannibalism and/or human sacrifice also. That Germans “lived in hovels” is a stupid statement. They lived in “hovels” only compared to modern homes with central HVAC and indoor plumbing. EVERYONE lived in “hovels” by your standard. Frankly, nearly everyone sacrificed defeated enemies to “the gods”.

            Are you simply ignorant or do you make these idiotic statements in an attempt to desecrate western civilization?

            “Who is your greater enemy, the Black thug or the politician who created him? One is just an enemy. The other is an enemy and a traitor.”

            Another utterly false statement. The politician didn’t make the negro thug. That’s simply what they are – savages. One can say the politician unleashed him on society, but one cannot say they made them. Is the politician an “enemy and a traitor”? When one looks at these “politicians” who are “traitors”, the ones who are traitors are simply following their indoctrination by j$$-Bolsheviks.

            Now, if you want to get down to the very bottom of the disaster, you’ll find a j–.

          • You’re awfully hung up on the Jews. Did one of them fail you in your 6th grade examination and send you to special ed till you dropped out?

        • quartierleblanc

          As I have also said before, Blacks are incapable of sustaining a modern society much less creating it. Camden, Detroit, East St, Louis and Baltimore to name a few show this. Then across the ocean we have practically all of the African continent with most every country having at least one major bongo party. That record speaks for itself. However liberalism has caused virtually all of the associated problems.

        • RedSeeingRed

          I agree, but people create culture based on circumstance. I think the democrat slave masters share an equal blame for the behavior of the blacks.

          • I agree with you on that RSR. And when the race war finally does start, the Democrap leadership will not be forgotten, in fact, any survivors should be shipped out with any black survivors to the mother country where they can live happily in mud huts fighting over scraps of dried wildebeest, while burning dried zebra shit to keep warm.

          • And they should pay a higher price in doing so. The Romans would have thought so and would have demanded payment in full.

          • Excuses, excuses, excuses. Show me the great culture of sub-Saharan Africa. Who is the Mozart of the Hottentots? There isn’t one. Where is the science nexus of Africa? There isn’t one. Who is the Hippocrates of the Zulu? There isn’t one. Where are the great stone monuments of West Africa? There aren’t any. Who is the Confucius of the Africans? There isn’t one.

            You can’t blame the Democraps (as evil as they are) for everything. You’re simply making excuses. Blacks naturally gravitate to the Democraps because they offer to steal from others to give to them and blacks are all about stealing. That’s their real culture.

          • You might have a pointt there if you exclude Egypt (which I do).

          • The Egyptians were not racially negroid. They were Caucasian. Note the light skin, thin lips, moderately high cheekbones:


          • Exactly! Yet folks like Sharpton will claim that they are the decendants of those Egyptians.

          • Who is the Mozart of the Hottentots? Ken S

            LOL 🙂

        • Ken,
          well put.

      • qlb…

        Nail on head! – Agenda matters.

  14. lock&load time to pop the perps…….PERIOD no more turning the other cheek

  15. Chickens coming home to roost

  16. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  17. Since the government will not protect whites, we will have to protect ourselves, and that will be violent and bloody, and the dark race will lose and rather quickly too.

    I would hope that the black conservatives are spared when the purge comes, but while individuals are intelligent, when individuals turn into a mob, that mob will destroy anything in it’s way without caring about liberal or conservative ideologies.

    It’s only a matter of time before whites realize that we outnumber the government forces (300+ million of us vs a few hundred thousand of them) and that we can “fundamentally transform America” without the assistance or approval of the government. Uncle Sambo’s storm troopers may have the edge in weapons technology, but unless they are willing to irradiate the countryside with fallout, they are gong to get their asses kicked up around their shoulders to the point where they will have to unzip to see where they are going.

    • Whites are maybe 200? 270 million in USA and aging.
      blacks =43M
      Asians = ?
      Lations = ? [what is a latino?]

      • We may be aging, but a 95 year old can still pull a trigger.

        The racial breakdown does not mean anything, if the government chooses to stand for/with the blacks, it won’t matter, because my guess is the asians and latinos (mexicans) will be on whiteys side. Why, you ask? Because asians and latinos are willing to work, study, and better themselves, while the dark race wants absolutely everyone to wait on them hand and foot and worship them as the kings they wish they were descended from.

        As a whole, the dark race consists of lazy, arrogant, self absorbed, spoiled assholes who would betray anything or anyone, including their own race, to feel better about themselves.

        If we can’t kill them, or remove them, we should at least bring back segregation, and stay separate from them.

  18. Why are you afraid of being a racist? I don’t get that. Every other group exhibits racist attitude, but it a white man does, then the dog poop hits the fan. Get over it, the only reason I don’t associate myself with other whites is that they are pansies.

  19. Hell, I’m a racist and proud of it. I’ll be a racist until someone can show me without a shadow of doubt what the dark race has done to contribute to the betterment of humanity, and tap dancing and jazz music doesn’t count.

    Until that time, the dark race is unqualified to be called a part of the human species.

  20. The Dem-lib-jewish controlled media played a huge part in the down fall of the American culture ..I call it like i see it too.

    • quartierleblanc

      The Jewish/lib/Dem media wouldn’t have a market if you didn’t use their product. Don’t watch NBC at all and write their sponsors about how much you don’t like them and how long do you think they’ll last? But next week you’ll watch football or whatever is on the tube and they’ll laugh all the way to the bank. Besides that Jewish media seems to be losing. Time, USN&WR and Newsweek are essentially gone. The print newspapers are also in deep trouble with the exception of the WSJ and Washington Times which are hardly liberal. Then there is Mark Levin and Micheal Savage, not your average Jews.

      • Q,
        glad you know me so well….in fact i do not watch their programs and i could care less about football…you seem to defend the jews often…may i ask are you jewish/..
        as for me I study many different views of history and respond with what I believe….I do not hate the jews nor think they are any better or worst than any other culture ..but I do not blindly defend their actions ..
        thanks again for your feed back.

        • quartierleblanc

          Here’s something to think about it.

          Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again.

          A line from a play called The Resistible Rise of Aturo Ui, by a German named Berthold Brecht.

          No, I’m not Jewish, though I play one on TV ( just kidding ). You must not know me very well either. BT and I went over it real well one day when I castigated the Israeli government on the treatment of Christians there.

        • Jigg, do you notice that he’s now devolved to blaming YOU for watching the Televitz? It’s not j–s fault that they have created a racist monopoly in infotainment and deliberately subvert all that is good and actively promote filth and deviancy. It’s your fault for watching it.

          Blame the victim!

          • Victims don’t have choices. You do. I don’t pay a cent for Hollywood crap. Nada. Here’s a suggestion. Read a book. Mark Levin’s book would be a good start, but the words might be too big for you.

          • Well, you’re wrong on history. You’re wrong on culture. You’re wrong on j—s. I guess you have to descend to insults don’t you?

            There is no “Hollywood crap”. There is only j– crap. That because that’s who directs, writes, produces the stuff. If you cannot admit simple and obvious facts, you are the one with the problem.

          • I’d get it right before shooting your mouth off. I’ve criticized the film industry from day one here. But tell me this. Do you blame the Anglo Saxon Protestant traitors among us as much as the Jews?

          • Hey hey hey, let’s keep it civil. We have the right to disagree, but let’s not forget that we are more or less all on the same team.

          • As hard as I try, I haven’t yet been able to master the glad suffering of fools. I will try harder.

          • Get past the 6th grade and it will get easier.

          • Q,
            I would of thought you above child like come backs like you are throwing at Ken……
            I expected you to be more civil.

          • Yes, exactly. Recall your history. The Russian Revolution was a relatively bloodless event, free elections were held and everything was going to be fine. That is, until the communists found out they had been rejected and decided to shoot their way into power. The following civil war left, by some estimates, as many as 10 million dead. While the White forces were situated well enough to defeat the Reds, their disorganization and petty bickering led to disastrous defeat. It took three-quarters of a century to shake off the oppressors – God only knows how long it will take to undo all the damage. One thing that the other side knows is how to organize and keep their disparate force of zombies and motley mob of malcontents ginned up. For the oldthinkers (which definitely includes me) among our ranks, I counsel peace. But, then, no one asked me.

          • Great history reminder, Snake Oiler! That has always been the pitfall of our party. It is to be expected that a group of free thinkers will have disagreements, however one skill we MUST learn to master is the art of graceful disagreement.

  21. Media [aka Soros ville]:

    In an attempt to promote stereotypes of African-Americans as violent and dangerous, Matt Drudge is featuring on his website the photos of two black teenagers who allegedly killed an Australian athlete, leaving out the photo of their alleged white accomplice.
    On August 16, Australian baseball player Christopher Lane was shot and killed while jogging in Oklahoma. Two black teenagers have been charged with first-degree murder in the case while a white teenager has been charged as an accessory for allegedly driving the getaway car. Conservative media have suggested that the shooting was racially motivated, despite the fact that one of the alleged perpetrators was white and that the local district attorney said he has seen nothing to “indicate that the killing of Christopher Lane was related to either his race or to his nationality.”
    Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan, who has a long record of bigoted commentary, claimed during a Fox News appearance that the murder is part of a societal trend in which “interracial violence is overwhelmingly black-on-white.” Drudge is featuring that commentary under photos of the two black teens charged with murder, leaving out their alleged white accomplic

    Only racists notice who commits crimes!

    • So, I guess that Obama is not the first black president as he is half white. Just like the teen you are referencing. And, I guess that you would feel we don’t have a black violence problem. Despite the fact that black commit the majority of violent acts, that are reported. In the US, a black male is 1400% more likely to commit a violent act compare to his white counterpart and world wide the figure is 400%.

      • I’m pretty sure luckys post is from Media Matters, a far left think tank that is funded by George Soros.

      • We have not had any real leadership in this country since Reagan, and we haven’t had a President for the last 5 years.

  22. I Don’t Know What to Think’ About White House’s Silence on Chris Lane Killing, Says Oklahoma Governor

    • The cop should have cleared the way with a few 12 gauge rounds before going to the woman’s aid. Mobs, especially black mobs, can only be quelled by extreme violence as it’s all they respond to.

    • quartierleblanc

      You should look up my running commentary here about the Chicago murder rate.

  23. No matter how thick the veneer of civilization seems from the comforts of the armchair, it covers the animal only in quiet times.
    Patton said it best: “You put your hand in some Goo that used to be your best friend’s face; you’ll know what to do.”
    By adhering to gangsta culture and eschewing the merits of civil behavior modern blacks are in a target rich environment because so many ‘Civilians’ are firmly entrenched in civil behavior.
    Not being feral themselves, most folks aren’t expecting feral behavior.
    Forums like these prepare the mind.
    Prepare your mind and your ass will follow.
    Most folk will be sieved by action. They will either fold into victims, or be transformed into the Primate at the top of the food chain, becoming either chaff or wheat in an instant.
    As feral blacks and other dissolute Fartknockers have declared open season on the weak, the old and the alone; the burden falls to the prepared, and the ready. As Men, we owe protection to these folk.
    Lazlo is a man of peace, and will not be shooting up the hood as long as he is unmolested, and sees no deviltry.
    But when I do I assure the following:
    I will not retreat, lest the Ghost of Andrew Jackson kick my ass.
    I will not give quarter because ‘Dead men tell no tales’
    I will lament, not a sausage!
    PAX Americana!

  24. Great article Red!
    And some of the best comment and debate I’ve ever seen here.
    It’s good to see folks finally getting riled.

  25. If there is anything I’ve learned from both Conservatives and Liberals, it’s that we can have all the ” Right” answers and still be mean. And when you’re mean it’s hard for people to listen to, much less desire your truth.

    Shane Claiborne

  26. What say you?????????

    wIth all the news about “polar bear hunting” and the gang murders of
    elderly and/or generally defenseless “white” people……

    it tends to set up a natural legit defense for the first “white” person that
    kills 6 or more while protecting himself with a legally carried handgun….

    BTW…. get a good pistol, your CCW, and practice……a “battle rifle” might
    also come in handy.

  27. RedSeeingRed

    Ok! 99 comments! Who is going to be #100?

  28. Concealing Racist Black Violence

    Black mob violence is now so frequent and intense that even big city editors can’t keep it out of the news anymore.
    The latest high-profile story, now familiar to many, is the recent beating and killing of the 88-year-old World War II veteran Delbert Belton at the hands of two black people in Spokane. Allegedly.

    A few days before, two black people stalked and killed Chris Lane, the 23-year-old Australian college student in Oklahoma. Allegedly.
    A few days before that, three black people stalked and killed 27-year-old nurse David Santucci in Memphis. Allegedly.
    A few days before that, a black mob in St. Paul beat Ray Widstrand with a sock full of rocks that will leave him with permanent brain damage. Allegedly.
    In St. Louis this week, a black mob hit a hot dog vendor in the head with a hammer. In Chicago, this weekend, a black mob attacked a police officer, fracturing his skull with a baseball bat.
    And in the space between the time I started this article and when I finished it, I received the worst video I’ve ever seen: Several young black people bully and beat up a three-year old girl. “After the footage was taken, the 12-year-old cameraman went onto Facebook and posted the video with the title “When white people piss black people off,” reported Kristin Tate of

    When White people piss off Black people

  29. Anyone want to shed a tear for this feral animal… one less welfare recipient… LOL

  30. RedSeeingRed

    They caught the second thug who killed Shorty!

  31. So what are you calling for? You want us to realize something bad is happening that we are all wise to already. What political action should we take? The courts are run by the liberals who overwhelmingly support black run America.

    At this point, who gives a rats ass what the media or anyone else thinks of us.

    • RedSeeingRed

      I am proposing first, self defense. Secondly I am proposing we ditch the cold feet and start reporting the crimes committed by blacks and white wannabes. For some reason in this country, upstaning white people are afraid to report what they see. They just keep walking, afraid of the bogey man I assume.

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