In Response to the “Fun Killers”


simians who beat wwii vet to death


On August 16, 2013, a promising young Caucasian was senselessly gunned down by two black teens, and a Hispanic teen.  White America is understandably upset.  We should be.  We can take a beating for a long, long time because we have thick skin.  We aren’t complainers.  We don’t dwell on negative things.   However it is time for angers to swell.  When will the violence directed towards us abate?  When we finally put our feet down.

Does anybody remember the lesson we learned from Neville Chamberlain?   Remember his little chat with Hitler?  Remember how well that went?  “Peace in our time” those were his words.  Our ideologies are just as juxtaposed with the extremist black agenda as the Allied and Axis powers.   Just look at the article that bigtimer posted about the New Black Panther Party.  They want a white holocaust and that includes the disingenuous white liberals as well.   I do believe in diplomacy to a point, but when do we stop looking tolerant and start looking weak?  I would say now.

The list of black on white violence grows longer by the hour, and the vast majority of America is gagged from saying anything about it.  Take for instance the brutal beating of a WWII vet who was wounded in the line of duty.  This man, known by his friends as “Shorty” was waiting for a female friend outside of the Eagle’s club to walk her home so she would be safe.  I think we can all say ‘that was mighty white’ of Shorty.  It is typical for the greatest generation to contribute one final act of kindess before crossing into the unknown.  His death means less character and more evil in the world.

The good news is with each passing act of violence, white guilt and politically correct speech (which are weapons of mass destruction for the left) are rapidly losing their bite.  They have awoken a sleeping giant.

I am NOT calling for violence.  I am not calling for KKK style tactics.  We are not racists nor are we extremists, no matter what the POTUS says about us.  We are identifying a problem that threatens the security of our communities, our families, and our selves, and neutralizing it.

Let us not be drawn in by Old Testament retaliation.  An eye for an eye shames us all.  There is legal and political recourse we can take.  If there is one thing we know, it is that violence perpetrated by the right is excoriated in the media, whereas violence by the left is almost celebrated in a way.

Now hear me, I am not telling you to be defenseless.  Jesus may have turned his cheek, but we have a right to self-preservation.



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