There’s no bigger proof on the planet that liberalism is a mental disorder and a pathway to societal suicide than the progressive concept of transgenderism and transgender identity. To accept this sham is akin to believing that 2+2 now equals 5 or that the sun rises in the west. The belief promotes a mass DELUSION (remember this word) among the gullible, stupid and liberal.

First, lets examine a few definitions and a very basic lesson on human genetics. A transgender has been defined as man or woman who “identifies” as a person of the opposite sex. This is without any established scientific or biologic proof to back up this claim.

Secondly, a karyotype represents the appearance and number of chromosomes in a species. This is an important fact to know and remember.

Thirdly, the human genome consists of 22 pairs of autosomal chromosomes and a single pair of sex chromosomes. They are denoted X and Y. A combination of XX produces the normal female gender and an XY pair produces the normal male both in appearance and function. There are NO exceptions. Of course, there are genetic abnormalities and any deletion or addition to the karyotype (genome) has significant consequences to the person unfortunate enough to be born with them. For instance, Down’s syndrome is called Trisomy 21 and represents the presence of all or a part of an additional chromosome 21.

Abnormalities in the sex chromosomes (X and Y) very often alter the appearance of being male or female and can result in sexual ambiguity. The most extreme of these are those who are born with the sexual organs of both male and female or whose sexual organs cannot be fully determined. They were once called hermaphrodites but are now termed intersex. Such individuals are almost all universally sterile. They are also the ones for whom “sex change” surgery was developed. A very minor example of what can happen is Klinefelter’s syndrome (47, XXY) that is the addition of another female X-chromosome. It produces the standard snowflake liberal gamma male. However, they know their gender and “identify” as males, they just understand they aren’t very good physical specimens. These are not the people I’m talking about.

Lastly lets get back to the word delusion. It is defined as a belief that is held with extreme conviction despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Delusions are common markers of psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. Examples would be that of people who think they are Jesus, perhaps a space-alien from the planet Zanu Zanu OR someone who thinks he/she (read this as “identifies”) is a member of the opposite sex.

When looking at mental illness/insanity, one cannot choose which delusion is normal and which are abnormal. Logic, science, as well plain old common sense by definition states that all delusions are abnormal. If you have someone who “identifies” himself as Jesus or the Virgin Mary that person is hospitalized, often committed and treated for mental illness. He/she is not given surgery or a set of 12 disciples to preach to in order to make themselves feel better. However, in liberal la la land, if a genetically normal man/woman “identifies” as being of the opposite sex, then they are not only considered conventional, but are often lauded for things such as courage and fortitude in the face of adversity. What they really are is bat shizer crazy.

Case in point is Bruce Jenner aka Caitlyn. Bruce (I’m going to call him Bruce) was a world-class athlete who has fathered children. As such, his genetic karyotype is almost surely normal. Bruce is not really Caitlin and is not really a she. Bruce is really a he whose brain has been scrambled. HIS DELUSION that he is Caitlyn proves that he’s just another nut. It is genetically impossible for Jenner to be a woman ever. Won’t happen and never will despite transitioning, hormones or surgery.

For a rational human being to accept that a genetically intact human can think they are “trapped in the wrong body” and that this is somehow normal would demand a suspension from reality. Yet this delusional and clearly insane concept has been pushed down our throat by the left and the MSM.

I recently watched a female bubblehead on the MSM barely contain her indignation that the POTUS will no longer allow so called transgender persons to serve in the military. Really sweetheart? What happens when a transgender flying a B52 loaded with nukes decides to “identify” as a kamikaze pilot? It’s simply crazy.

Liberals not only promote this nonsense, they will seek to attack anyone who doesn’t embrace the delusion that transgender identity is normal and needs to protected as well as celebrated. The fact is that liberalism is truly a disease, one that is not only now becoming menacing, but is also a system that is not compatible with survival. Nothing will be off limits in the future if common sense as well as basic science is ignored. They are not our friends or neighbors anymore they are an infection. It will soon be about our very existence if the trend continues. Just remember, they are creating a society in which there is confusion about something as basic as what restroom to go into. Food for thought.



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