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One of these things is not like the others…

Controversy exploded Monday as this Old Navy ad was set upon by alt-righters, primarily in the Twittersphere. Mainstream commentators are predictably outraged but there is, as always, much more to the discussion than mere “racism.”

Why are images like this, in which traditional Western types are replaced by or intermingled with blacks (and browns) now the rule and not the exception in all of our media?

In my book, I speculate that the prevalence of clean-cut blacks in all ads, TV programs and Hollywood productions is just liberal media operatives engaging in wishful thinking. I treat the topic like fun and games. Yes, black murder and illegitimacy are, statistically speaking, up in the stratosphere, while black test scores and income are miles below sea level. But I conjecture that the pop media Bizarro World, in which all blacks are gallant fighters, dedicated dads or driven geniuses, is not necessarily an attempt to hide the ugly truth. It is just a form of white lib charity. Baby boomer squishes want to make blacks, and themselves, feel good.

That was what I thought when I pondered the topic in “The Black Hole of Equality” (Chapter 5 of Under Bastard Christianity). The reality, I have become convinced, is much more sinister.


How under-30s are getting the Arthurian legends

What is taking place is the social engineering objective of “normalization,” with the long-term aim of lowering average IQ. What mainly young white women—and now, as we see in the Old Navy ad, young white men—are being told in media presentations is that blacks are the culmination of Western greatness. Blacks are our middle class backbone, our wholesome teenagers, our eager executives, our inventors and innovators, our men of action and our paragons of feminine beauty.

The media, acting as one entity, is sending a very simple message: Blacks are the most fabulous white people in the world, only without the annoying feature of actually being white. To understand the social engineering purpose behind this, we must think only of breeding patterns and coming generations.

Ha ha ha, The third world is hip and fun.

Ha, ha, ha. Third worlding yourself is one big party.

The takeaway, for the average young white media consumer, is that there is no disadvantage to breeding with blacks. In fact, they imagine that there is great benefit, because it is so damned cool. A white girl gets a hip, dusky, frizzy-headed spawn, just like the one on the diaper ads. (Ultimately fatherless, of course.) A white man gets to signal to the world that he not a “racist” like everyone thought, and at a more subtle level, that he is man enough to tame a primitive female.

The inevitable real world effect is twofold. First, just like the famous line in Titanic, in which the captain states that the sinking of the ship, post-iceberg, is a “mathematical certainty,” the lowering of IQ from race mixing cannot be avoided. In terms of averages, pure black African IQ is in the 70 range. White IQ is in the 100 range. Not surprisingly, due to relentless mixing over centuries, African-American IQ averages dead center, at 85.

Whatever sociological theories are overlaid on this, mathematically, the mix is an excellent bargain for blacks and slow motion Armageddon for whites. The IQ difference will always be split as the blending averages out. The white youth who—after a lifetime of seeing black action heroes, suit-clad black go-getters and mocha sex goddesses in ads and movies—decides to breed black, has just deducted as much as 20 points from his or her child’s IQ. Furthermore, since white genes are a painstaking refinement from primitivism, and are therefore recessive, the white parent will discover that his or her child does not look like a Swede or an Englishman, but like a modified Ugandan, or at best like a Mestizo or an Arab. The white legacy ends instantaneously.

Additionally, even if white IQ carries over into the mixed race offspring, the white legacy will be destroyed by issues of identity. The mixed race youth will obviously be “ethnic” in appearance, and will therefore be hyper-aware of not fitting in with, or owing allegiance to, Western civilization. The coffee-colored kid, who might even have a 130 IQ, will find his ego soothed by hip hop morons or critical theory professors, not by the unforgiving logic of Western patriarchs, much less the achievements of Beethoven or Newton or Nietzsche.

The net effect, make no mistake, is a devastating genetic and cultural downgrade for whites. This is not mere speculation or vague fears. Based on basic IQ data and tribal logic, it is a “mathematical certainty.”

The thing to bear in mind is that the people masterminding our media–the people behind the Old Navy ad and ten million similar representations–are well aware of this. The relentless promotion of anti-white breeding could not be a string of coincidences or well-meant errors in judgment. It is an agenda, and it is meant to produce a straightforward and obvious result: A fractured, low IQ population. . . . The kind of population that is easily controlled.


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