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IQ Destruction Media


mix race ad
One of these things is not like the others…

Controversy exploded Monday as this Old Navy ad was set upon by alt-righters, primarily in the Twittersphere. Mainstream commentators are predictably outraged but there is, as always, much more to the discussion than mere “racism.”

Why are images like this, in which traditional Western types are replaced by or intermingled with blacks (and browns) now the rule and not the exception in all of our media?

In my book, I speculate that the prevalence of clean-cut blacks in all ads, TV programs and Hollywood productions is just liberal media operatives engaging in wishful thinking. I treat the topic like fun and games. Yes, black murder and illegitimacy are, statistically speaking, up in the stratosphere, while black test scores and income are miles below sea level. But I conjecture that the pop media Bizarro World, in which all blacks are gallant fighters, dedicated dads or driven geniuses, is not necessarily an attempt to hide the ugly truth. It is just a form of white lib charity. Baby boomer squishes want to make blacks, and themselves, feel good.

That was what I thought when I pondered the topic in “The Black Hole of Equality” (Chapter 5 of Under Bastard Christianity). The reality, I have become convinced, is much more sinister.

How under-30s are getting the Arthurian legends

What is taking place is the social engineering objective of “normalization,” with the long-term aim of lowering average IQ. What mainly young white women—and now, as we see in the Old Navy ad, young white men—are being told in media presentations is that blacks are the culmination of Western greatness. Blacks are our middle class backbone, our wholesome teenagers, our eager executives, our inventors and innovators, our men of action and our paragons of feminine beauty.

The media, acting as one entity, is sending a very simple message: Blacks are the most fabulous white people in the world, only without the annoying feature of actually being white. To understand the social engineering purpose behind this, we must think only of breeding patterns and coming generations.

Ha ha ha, The third world is hip and fun.
Ha, ha, ha. Third worlding yourself is one big party.

The takeaway, for the average young white media consumer, is that there is no disadvantage to breeding with blacks. In fact, they imagine that there is great benefit, because it is so damned cool. A white girl gets a hip, dusky, frizzy-headed spawn, just like the one on the diaper ads. (Ultimately fatherless, of course.) A white man gets to signal to the world that he not a “racist” like everyone thought, and at a more subtle level, that he is man enough to tame a primitive female.

The inevitable real world effect is twofold. First, just like the famous line in Titanic, in which the captain states that the sinking of the ship, post-iceberg, is a “mathematical certainty,” the lowering of IQ from race mixing cannot be avoided. In terms of averages, pure black African IQ is in the 70 range. White IQ is in the 100 range. Not surprisingly, due to relentless mixing over centuries, African-American IQ averages dead center, at 85.

Whatever sociological theories are overlaid on this, mathematically, the mix is an excellent bargain for blacks and slow motion Armageddon for whites. The IQ difference will always be split as the blending averages out. The white youth who—after a lifetime of seeing black action heroes, suit-clad black go-getters and mocha sex goddesses in ads and movies—decides to breed black, has just deducted as much as 20 points from his or her child’s IQ. Furthermore, since white genes are a painstaking refinement from primitivism, and are therefore recessive, the white parent will discover that his or her child does not look like a Swede or an Englishman, but like a modified Ugandan, or at best like a Mestizo or an Arab. The white legacy ends instantaneously.

Additionally, even if white IQ carries over into the mixed race offspring, the white legacy will be destroyed by issues of identity. The mixed race youth will obviously be “ethnic” in appearance, and will therefore be hyper-aware of not fitting in with, or owing allegiance to, Western civilization. The coffee-colored kid, who might even have a 130 IQ, will find his ego soothed by hip hop morons or critical theory professors, not by the unforgiving logic of Western patriarchs, much less the achievements of Beethoven or Newton or Nietzsche.

The net effect, make no mistake, is a devastating genetic and cultural downgrade for whites. This is not mere speculation or vague fears. Based on basic IQ data and tribal logic, it is a “mathematical certainty.”

The thing to bear in mind is that the people masterminding our media–the people behind the Old Navy ad and ten million similar representations–are well aware of this. The relentless promotion of anti-white breeding could not be a string of coincidences or well-meant errors in judgment. It is an agenda, and it is meant to produce a straightforward and obvious result: A fractured, low IQ population. . . . The kind of population that is easily controlled.



  1. Disgusted Caucasian

    “young white men—are being told in media presentations is that blacks are the culmination of Western greatness. Blacks are our middle class backbone, our wholesome teenagers, our eager executives, our inventors and innovators, our men of action and our paragons of feminine beauty.”

    Don’t forget about the ‘Tuskegee Airmen’ Bill. They won WW II for us all by themselves.

    • I met one of those Airmen…. He was a genius! The black bell curve IS to the left of the white curve but the right “tail” is ahead of the White average. The Tuskegee men largely came from that tail…..It’s the HALF of the population that reside left of the average mark that are causing the grief…..

      • Bill Matheson

        Realistically, the blacks on the right tail are, most of the time, probably <50% black. You are discussing European brain construction disingenuously classified as African. It's more propaganda.

  2. Mr. Rational

    The white youth who—after a lifetime of seeing black action heroes, suit-clad black go-getters and mocha sex goddesses in ads and movies—decides to breed black, has just deducted as much as 20 points from his or her child’s IQ.

    Found elsewhere:  “You will meet seven dwarves in real life before you meet a black as smart as shown on TV.”

  3. Joe Stalin

    Well, ANY allusions to Blacks being the end all of Western civilization can be assuaged by simply visiting the engineering and physics departments of virtually any University: you’ll find whites and Asians there, with Blacks hardly making a dent. And consider it’s the outer reaches of the right side of the bell curve that gives us the notion of scientific progress; very low numbers of Blacks even in the running. White women mating with Blacks is the Death of the West if their offspring is the future.

    (I always found it amusing spotting a white woman in the passenger seat of a Ferrari (the one with the transparent cover over the engine) and an athletic looking Black man getting in the driver’s side near Oak Street in Chicago. No wonder a Black woman where I used to work talked about how African men thought white women were the ne plus ultra and NOT Black women!)

    “Prospects for women and minority doctoral scientists in engineering and other math-intensive areas are examined. A calculation of the ethnic-gender profile of this segment of the workforce is made for U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Rank ordering on mathematical reasoning ability predicts that women will top off at approximately 27 percent of this market. Similarly, rank ordering predicts almost 99 percent of math-intensive doctoral jobs will go to whites and Asians of primarily Chinese, Japanese, Korean and South Asian descent. Asians will continue to be represented in these fields well beyond their numbers in the general population. A study of the math-intensive academic marketplace predicts that women will top off there at about 22 to 23 percent. ”

    “Cognitive decline, the result of third world immigration, differential fecundity and gene flow, will mark the end of Western ascendancy. Described herein is the path to collapse and the improbable circumstances surrounding its discovery.”

    • They may not be the end all of western civilization, but unless controlled, they will end all of western civilization.

  4. Ever notice TV commercials over the past few years? You can see there or four in a row that feature Blacks. So smart, so hip, so beautiful and oh so wise. Too bad reality is nothing like commercials.

    • RebPirate

      I’ve noticed and have come to the conclusion that those companies don’t want my business. Until recently you were hard pressed to find a white person in a Black-Donalts…I mean McDonalds commercial. Way before the bathroom flair-up, Target began their ambigously gay and mixed race commercials. Same with All-State and Nationwide insurance commercials making whites, especially males look stupid. Subaru had a run of ads a few years ago where most of the “couples” were of the same sex. Remeber those stupid Hanes commercials with the white men (and women) fawning over and behaving stupidly around a washed-up basketball player?
      These people don’t WANT my business, even though it is MY demographic with the most “expendable” income. If the person on the package doesn’t look like me, I’ll probably not buy the product. And the last time I checked, there were still more people that look like me spending money on stuff.

      • Bill Matheson

        The problem is, they’re not targeting people like you and me. The target is people who don’t analyze what they see and come away with the impression that blacks (and browns and gays) are exactly like normal white Westerners, only better. Social engineering is a numbers game. Move x percent of the population in a certain direction and the dynamics of society fundamentally change. They already know x percent will respond negatively, but they also know the indifferent and the stupid take whatever they see regularly to be reality.

        Also, you can’t consume any mainstream products of any kind without getting a full dose of diversity. We are under a full spectrum propaganda campaign.

        We can, however, point out what’s happening whenever possible. Many, many people sense that something is wrong and just need it articulated. That’s how we start to move the numbers our way.

      • You’re assuming the usual model of advertising, that selling is good etc. but under the Fed-Jew system, they can print their own money. So profit hardly matters. The prefer propaganda. If you don’t buy, so what? Many Jew ‘news’ organisations run at real losses for years, but Jew organisations top them up one way or another.

  5. carnac123

    When Cheerios made its first bi-racial-couple commercial people wrote in from both races complaining about it. Other companies followed with their own commercials pushing race-mixing before the pushed their products. Cheetos has one with a white woman and bi-racial kids in a tent with her black husband/boyfriend. Some companies hint at race mixing. They cannot show a blonde white woman standing innocently somewhere without a black male standing by her. Zillow and make race-mixing commercials. People complained about all of these and now they are complaining about Old Navy’s commercial. Did the companies listen to their customers???No. Some even doubled down on the race mixing and were “proud” of what they were doing. They are ruining America and the white race and it must be stopped. They are arrogant about their actions just like the federal government is about their liberal actions. . Time for boycotts. Write these companies and tell them why you are boycotting them and do it. In the name of decency….quit buying from these companies and get others to stop too. We do not need them. I do not buy from them and if it comes to it,….I will not buy American period if they do not stop this attack. Have you asked yourself why these commercials are suddenly being shown? Obama is pushing this and is trying to get them mainstreamed before he is out of office. BOYCOTT!

  6. the media thinks it can socially engineer whites out of the picture……99 times out of a 100 it’s a black man with a white woman……rarely is it a white man with a black woman……well….not interested……think I’ll stick to white…..just not interested in a fat ass, big balloon lips, a nasty condescending attitude, or two eyes and a smile peering at me in the dark………

    the plan of the buckwheats is to dilute our whiteness…..and the media is in on it to get rid of our whiteness by marrying into the whites and darkening the skin tone…….buckwheat has a plan to get rid of us and is trying to make us all buckwheats…….and the media is complicit…..they are literally forcing “buckwheat-ness” on to all of us…..every where you look it’s nothing but buckwheats……buckwheat a are being shoved down our throats……every where you look……all the television shows….all the commercials…’s buckwheat propaganda……..

    if it isn’t the homosexual agenda then it’s the “buckwheat agenda” being crammed down our throats……the government even has plans on forcing buckwheat housing on us…….every where we go to get away from the buckwheats they follow us……..if there aren’t enough buckwheats in your area the government of Obongo is going to legislate that low income section “8” buckwheat housing be built to accommodate ever more buckwheats in your backyard, roaming the streets at night, looking for whitey……….

    welcome to Obongo’s America …….”Buckwheat Haven”…….

  7. Bravo Bill. I see we’re reading the same material more or less and you’ve done another great job of articulating what I believe is an accurate synopsis of what’s happening in the world, and what the future holds for the White race, unless something radical can be done to stop and reverse the process before it’s too late. Thank you so much for writing this great article which I can share with others – when circumstances allow for it!

    As a White man it’s always been very disturbing to me whenever I’ve observed White girls being attracted to ‘ugly’ (in my opinion) black and brown males in part because they are simply ‘different’, and what’s ‘different’ is exotic which makes it seem more attractive than it really is.

    The other ‘part’ of the equation is that the continual and ever increasing bombardment that Whites have been exposed to by Hollywood, the MSM, and Academia in the form of ‘Negro’ worship, and worship of non-White ethnicity in general has taken its toll on the consciousness of almost all White boys and girls in the fundamental ‘homelands’ of the people who are of White European origin.

    Now, if this were only on a small scale, the disgusting mixing of the races is something I could live with even though I’d never feel happy about it. However, when it ultimately leads to the marginalization or even extinction altogether of the entire White race as we know it, then that’s totally unacceptable to me and I’ll do whatever I can to prevent it from happening.

    In case you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend that everyone watch the recent debate now available for viewing on YouTube between one of the White race’s principal advocates Jared Taylor squaring off against the bi-racial ‘Diversity’ advocate university professor Wilfred Reilly.

    Although there is no violent confrontation, the deck is totally stacked against Jared Taylor in every way and his direct attacks on the ideology of the brainwashed, hostile PC multicultural pro-diversity crowd of university students including the typical White liberals is not that different from the one-man gangbusters effort that the brave Trump supporter made recently when marching head on into a hostile throng of anti-Trump protesters.

    The main difference is that the experienced and talented Jared Taylor was able to win the debate hands down (from my point of view) while his opponent and the mostly hostile students made fools of themselves. The conclusion at the end is the most surprising part and I won’t spoil it for you.

    I’ll finish by saying how grateful I am that there are brave and talented people like Mr. Taylor and Bill Matheson (author of this article) who are willing and able to express themselves so well on behalf of all White people. Below is a link to the debate. Enjoy!

  8. WestCoastDude

    I’m all for this site, but this was one of the most borderline-racist articles that has ever been posted here.

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      It just happens to be the truth Left Coast Dude.

    • WestCoastDude,

      Don’t see anything racist about AWD’s article. I could give a hoot who one decides to marry or date, but pull your head out of the sand and at least admit that the media is trying to push an agenda. I for one will boycott any store who pushes the black/white mixed marriage advertising.

  9. Well, I’ve never been a fan of Old Navy anyway. Their clothing is tasteless, flashy, loud colored and often made to appeal to anorexics and fad diet groups. Also, their prices are astronomical! For what they wanted for one shirt I could have easily gotten three, with some style also, offline and maybe cover shipping and handling.

    Anyway, wasn’t it Old Navy who tried to appeal to the 90s grunge punks? Worn out, raggedy clothing that looks like it was salvaged from a dead bum. Remember seeing a grunge set going for $149.99 once. I just laughed and said “Boy, I got a goldmine in clothing at home if this is what it’s worth!” 😛

    Anyway, I never pay attention to “popular” clothing store commercials. Mixed couples or not, they are designed to appeal to the “sheep-people” culture. I’m sticking with my wolf and dragon shirts, Dickies pants also and whatever’s affordable and not…gayish looking.

    Good lord, some clothing stores don’t have ladies and gents departments anymore and it’s gotten hard to tell the two apart!

  10. And here I thought it was just me being paranoid or racist in thinking there are a lot of these ads out there! I was just very observant!

  11. Spurwing Plover

    They took and remade movies(The Nutty Profesor,Walking Tall,Flight of the Phoenix ,Dr Dolittle,Etc)that origionaly uses a white actor and replaced them with a black actor as part of their PC poppycock and i even remember a verson of Tom Sawyer Huckleberry Finn where they use the name Crazy Joe instead on Injun Joe

  12. Spurwing Plover

    Phooie on Reparations for Slavery how about reparations for the buisnesses and residents of Ferguson and Baltimore from the mobs of unwashed uncivilized beasts to burned llooted and vandalized their busnesses make the rioters and riot instigators pay the price

  13. Poupon Marx

    “……the people masterminding our media–the people behind the Old Navy ad and ten million similar representations–are well aware of this”. Those “people” are Jews, for without them, the multitude of maladies would be be have been attendant in America. Anti-Semitic? Of course, but necessarily, and “mathematically certain”.

    Start with and work your way through the irrefutable proof, evidence, and facts. Inconvenient? Who gives a shit. Truth and veracity are all that matter.

    • You Talking To Me

      I am a white computer engineer with 27 years in the field. I have multiple undergraduate degrees and have a masters in my field. I started out of college with what used to be this country’s most famous laboratory. In my 27 years of working, ask me how many blacks I have encountered in the field? Take a guess, go ahead. I am not talking about fluffy bullsh*t management jobs, I am talking about hands on engineering where you have to think. LESS THAN 20. Read that again, LESS THAN 20 IN 27 YEARS. Out of that 20 ask me how many I would consider legitimately smart – less than 5.

      99% of people I encounter in engineering are either white or asian. And its not that blacks are not given the opportunity. Hell they get college a lot of the time for basically nothing while the rest of us get to pay out of the wazoo.

      This is going to sound really racist but the reality is they cant do it. They dont have the brainpower and are lazy. You can wish you were smart all you want but it doesn’t change your genetics. You either have intelligence or you don’t. You cant learn IQ. There is a total and complete disconnect between what the media portrays blacks to be and the way they are. The media shows these witty, brilliant people. Its nonsense.

      Here is the reality – the group that you are not allowed to every discuss controls the media. And I mean all the media – TV, print, hollywood. They are the ones pushing this race mixing stuff. Dont kid yourself that this group is not the ones who are doing it. Just look at the names of the people and than do some digging on who they are. Its almost always the same. These same people are also deeply entrenched in the govmt, academia and finance. They have an agenda and are ramming it down the public’s throat whether you like it or not. If you happen to mention that you notice its a particular group you will be immediately ostracized and be accused of being anti-ABC.

      As Voltaire said “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

      • rightwingterrorist

        Bravo, YTTM!

        You too, Bill!
        Love your writing.

      • ‘I mean all the media – TV, print, hollywood..’
        They also control advertising.
        And information collection: pollsters, public relations, opinion sampling, consumer surveys, attitude surveys…

  14. theres more on the horizon……this is what we have to look forward to…..these types of miscreants infecting the government at every level……..president Obongo is slapping Christianity in the face…..mocking us with this appointment……putting homosexuals in charge of the military and now this………Obongo is forcing this down our throats whether we want it or not…….

    Obongo (a closet homosexual) is sitting in his back room laughing his ass off……….

  15. Black people don’t have lower IQs. They just have a messed up culture where parents have babies at young ages and don’t emphasize education and reading to their kids as much as white parents do.

    I know from the actual experience of being around a lot of poor black people–All of them could have been doing better in life if they had a proper education and had grown up in different environments. They were mentally capable of doing well in life.

    Smart people don’t typically marry dumb people anyway so white and black couples you see are very likely both intelligent or both dumb.

    This is the most racist thing I’ve seen from you, AWD, and all the comments to follow are making it clear why people think Tea Partiers are racist. I don’t throw that word around much either.

    • Usuck, AWD isn’t the author of that piece. Bill Matheson wrote it.


    • I know from the actual experience of being around a lot of poor black people–All of them could have been doing better in life if they had a proper education and had grown up in different environments. They were mentally capable of doing well in life.

      You should brush up on statistics (see, e.g., “Sampling Bias”). The short of it is: Your personal experience not matching scientific statistical analysis doesn’t invalidate said analysis, but rather invalidates your attempt to impose your extrapolations of personal experience upon global phenomena. Bill’s stats are sound; your personal experience is nothing more than what it is: your personal experience.

    • Also, per AWD’s comment above, brush up on your reading comprehension and/or observational skills–especially when dropping accusations of the dreaded r-word.

    • And while you’re at it, why don’t you explain the uniquely black response to getting an education as “Acting White”.

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