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A lot of Americans are itching to send troops to Syria and Iraq to fight ISIS after the Paris terrorist attacks. I understand the anger and desire to kill ISIS vermin but there are a few questions that remain unanswered:

1. After ISIS is destroyed or melts back into the crowd once it realizes death by US Marines is close at hand, what savage Muslim group will fill the void? There are various flavors of Islamic terrorist groups. Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, etc. While being different goals, they share one thing….Islam. Which begs the second question:

2. Is ISIS an ISIS problem or an Islam problem? I believe the answer is the latter. Crime, rape, violence, poverty soon follow anywhere in the world infected by Islam. While there may be millions of Muslims who are not terrorists, there are millions more who are. Islam brings no benefits with its dependent, fanatical hordes. It serves no purpose yet schemes its way into power and influence with its out of control immigration and birth rates. While utilizing every politically correct excuse, Muslims offer no quarter to others once in control. Islam is a cancer on the global body.

So before sending more troops to their deaths in Syria and Iraq, America needs to have a full realization that we are not fighting a terrorist group of a few million members. We are fighting a quasi-religion/political group with a billion members dedicated to killing any non-believers. Either we destroy or outlaw Islam or prepare for unending, unwinnable conflicts with savages who, while not fighting against us in their countries, seek to immigrate onto our shores to kill us here.




  1. isis is either an islam problem or………

    is islam.

  2. Neither, it’s a white-hating racism problem. It’s what you get when the leaders of a nation don’t merely fail to make what’s best for their people their major focus but actually divorce themselves from their people and wage war on them. The violence that happened in Paris is just a by-product of the violence of genocide through racist colonialism the System is waging against its people. So is racist criminal violence against whites.

  3. Islam is a 7th century cult.
    An insane man’s rambling.
    It is a cult.
    Muslims follow it as a religion.

  4. Keep ALL REFUGEES out of the US for the time being, never allow non-citizen muslims. At least the Rep. governors understand the dynamics of jihadism, even if Obutthole doesnt. We have superior air and sea power. Cluster bomb, use missiles, whatever is necessary to eradicate this scum. Not get them to stop-eleminate their worthless butts. What kind of world are we leaving our kids/grandkids if we dont?

  5. ………………………………this is my pet Fido……he’s a good dog……………………….

  6. president Traitor and number one patron of and contributor to the “Hate America First” crowd…..

    admits in video that he supports ISIS and has trained them……….see it before it’s taken down off the web………….

  7. Spurwing Plover

    Our problem is the United Nations Multi-Culteralism and Diversity as well as Obama and his open borders policy

  8. Disgusted Caucasian

    OStalin refuses to engage ISIS because they have the same agenda as he does….destroy America. OStalin uses the old ‘we don’t want to get involved in a ground war’ excuse for his inaction. We don’t need to commit ground troops at all. We could lay waste to the ISIS capitol from the air with little, if any, risk of loss of human life. Ask the Germans or the Japanese if a war can be won from the air.

  9. Do you really want to send US troops into a war zone with the current Commander and the current ROE’s? It would just mean a bunch of dead Americans with no effect on the situation. Now, if you change to ROE’s to kill everything living, then I am for it. Tur the Middle East into a lifeless landscape.

    • David, I don’t want to send troops. I’d rather send tactical nukes and wipe them out then see who comes forward next. Rinse and repeat.


      • That would be most prudent. I would love to see the area turned into glass. It would solve many of our problems. Then we could work on getting our population of always offended back to Africa.

      • Crankywhitewoman

        I’d like to see Iraq reduced to a glass encrusted parking lot. Only one way to do that, but with Obama’s balls held safely within a handbag (that’s to die for) in Michelle’s closet, that won’t be happening anytime soon,

  10. Correct—Islam is the problem. They hate ‘infidels’—people not of their so-called religion, and worship violence and bloodshed. They’re barbarians and should be wiped from the earth.

  11. Just cross off the word “more”.

  12. Rebelpatriot

    ISIS must be defeated (killed). Every last one of them. Islam must be destroyed and banished from this world. Until this happens, muslims must be removed from this country. Islam (muslims) have no loyalty to America. They are here to take over America and install Islam and sharia law. Make no make about this, we defeat Islam and banish it or we either submit to it or die. If anyone thinks I am wrong, I have been to numerous muslim countries.

  13. According to Bernie Sanders in the Democratic debates just the other day, (Yes, I taped it. Took 3 sittings to watch it without breaking the TV), Global Warming is the cause of terrorism around the world. Now you know. No more debate needed. Just saying… (I fear these idiots are a bigger threat to the US of A than ISIS.)

  14. it’s time to use the same process that got rid of Speaker Bonehead and get rid of Paul Ryan…….

    already this piece-of-shit, Ryan, is siding with president Shitstain and betraying the American people……..this bastard wants to bring in more of these god damn terrorists and he is paving the way for Shitstain and Hidabeast Cankles to do just that………..

    I know a sac-o-shit when I see one and I see one…..and this sac-o-shit’s name is Paul Ryan………

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