A lot of Americans are itching to send troops to Syria and Iraq to fight ISIS after the Paris terrorist attacks. I understand the anger and desire to kill ISIS vermin but there are a few questions that remain unanswered:

1. After ISIS is destroyed or melts back into the crowd once it realizes death by US Marines is close at hand, what savage Muslim group will fill the void? There are various flavors of Islamic terrorist groups. Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, etc. While being different goals, they share one thing….Islam. Which begs the second question:

2. Is ISIS an ISIS problem or an Islam problem? I believe the answer is the latter. Crime, rape, violence, poverty soon follow anywhere in the world infected by Islam. While there may be millions of Muslims who are not terrorists, there are millions more who are. Islam brings no benefits with its dependent, fanatical hordes. It serves no purpose yet schemes its way into power and influence with its out of control immigration and birth rates. While utilizing every politically correct excuse, Muslims offer no quarter to others once in control. Islam is a cancer on the global body.

So before sending more troops to their deaths in Syria and Iraq, America needs to have a full realization that we are not fighting a terrorist group of a few million members. We are fighting a quasi-religion/political group with a billion members dedicated to killing any non-believers. Either we destroy or outlaw Islam or prepare for unending, unwinnable conflicts with savages who, while not fighting against us in their countries, seek to immigrate onto our shores to kill us here.


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