El Jeb! Bush is going down in the polls faster than Barney Fwank at a San Francisco bath house. This obviously has the wussypants Republican Establishment worked up in a little ol’ tizzy.

El Jeb!’s campaign strategy of pissing off the conservative base, embracing illegal aliens, hablar’ing him some espanol every time a camera passes him by, cozying up to Big Bidness, and in general being another @#&* Bush has worked NOT TOO GOOD! El Jeb! is now polling at 4 percent.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is kicking serious boo-tay in the latest Pew Poll. Trump’s at 25% while Ben Carson comes in at 16%.

Oddly enough, Hillary Clinton also comes in at 4% with registered Republicans. Same as El Jeb!. Makes sense since there’s no difference between Hillary and El Jeb!. I made that part about Hillary up. But it’s still true.

So what’s the Republican Establishment to do since El Jeb! is biting the big one in the polls? They need a real con man. A real sneaky piece of dirt who will do or say anything to anyone to further their career. Someone you wouldn’t trust working at a car wash because he’d steal the change in your console. It appears the Republican Establishment has found their con man!

Official Portrait

When he needed the Tea Party’s help to be elected, Marco Rubio was a Tea Party man! Once elected, he threw in with Juan McPain and the Gang of 8 a@@holes because he wanted to snuggle up with the RINO Establishment and get some favors.

AWD saw a Rubio speech live about 5 years ago in Miami. I got the same feeling watching him as I did watching a speech by Colin Powell years before. He was talking the talk but something was off. I immediately told my friends Powell was a con man and not to be trusted. I told my friends the same after listening to Rubio. I was right about both.

Lately, Marco Rubio is acting more and more like an Establishment puke. He skipped the vote for funding the federal government. I crap you negative. He’s also been disparaging police and saddling up to the Black Lives Matter thugs. Again. I crap you negative.

Instead of for once listening to the conservative Republican base, the Establishment seeks to destroy the DC outsider Trump. Out with El Jeb!. In with El Marco. And they wonder why their base hates them!

The Establishment would rather kiss the culos of illegals and high five the homies of Black Lives Matter than listen to conservatives who put them in office! Does anyone need any more evidence that the Republican Party is over?

So watch for El Jeb! to pull out in a month or so. And watch El Marco to begin more bashing of Trump and taking more liberal positions than he already has. He’ll be the next Republican Hillary. Only a Hispanic one. An Establishment wet dream. Eso!


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