With all the judicial and legislative malfeasance to the rule of law and States rights of the past few weeks, one must seriously ponder whether the dissolution of the United States of America has begun?

There is no question the country is completely ideologically divided between those who seek to live under socialism in Blue States and we who desire to live under Constitutional governmental limits and restraints in the Red States.

We plainly see that Congress is broken beyond repair and populated by tyrants who have no intention of honoring their oaths of office and representing their constituents. Rather, they line the pockets of multi-national corporations at the expense of the American middle class while lining their own pockets with payoffs from corrupt lobbyists and Big Business (Republicans) and Labor Unions (Democrats).

Our country has been flooded by legal and illegal immigrants who have changed the structure of the entire American population. Rather than seeking freedom and to be Americans, most of these immigrants seek cash-based jobs and unearned welfare payoffs from a corrupt government that seeks to make them citizens in exchange for votes.

The Supreme Court now openly re-writes law to fit what is popular and politically correct. Governmental overreach is prevalent. The IRS persecutes law-abiding American citizens at the request of tyrants in office and NOTHING HAPPENS! The head of the IRS lies to Congress about deleted emails and shredded hard drives and NOTHING HAPPENS!

The EPA terrorizes individuals and business on the whim of extremist environmentalists. This results in killing more jobs America cannot afford to lose.

Hillary Clinton lies, deletes evidence and simply avoids Congressional demands for information concerning her inactions and involvement in Benghazi. Again, NOTHING HAPPENS!

Congress has become political theater (aka political professional wrestling) for those too stupid to see that the Democrat and Republican Parties are one. Both Parties work in tandem to enrich themselves and their political masters while destroying the economic fabric of America.

The situation of American normalcy is deteriorating at an increasing speed with each week bringing a new mortal blow to the American way of life. Politically correct cleansing of history is well advanced. Daily diatribes against white people is common in the media and on college campuses. This leftist indoctrination has contaminated the minds of too many of our youth to ever see them returned to logical, individual thought.

The individual has been trampled by the collective and the principles upon which the United States was formed are rapidly being destroyed and replaced by GroupThought.

Has the time come for civil disobedience in the face of a corrupt and failing federal government? What if millions of American simply stopped keeping the laws with which they disagree? The federal government certainly has no problem with this methodology! Nor do the millions and millions of illegal aliens who have invaded America with a nod and a wink, if not overt assistance, from the federal government. Why should I keep laws if foreigners and our federal government will not?

Or should actions become more overt? Is it time for Red States to consider seceding from the sinking ship called the United States of America? We have the blueprint for success. It’s called the US Constitution. Let the Blue States go their merry way into socialism but let them do it without money seized from those of us who create wealth and still believe capitalism is the greatest economic system devised.

Let those who seek to marry those of the same sex, abort babies, etc move to Blue States that worship those practices while allowing those states that oppose such to follow their consciouses and the results of state referendum elections.

If Texas refuses to recognize homosexual marriages, what is Washington going to do? Invade us? What if all the Red States who have held referendums on gay marriage band together and refuse to follow the law? Will New York and California declare war on us? Well, Molon Labe!

Everything eventually ends. The American way of life we have enjoyed is gone. Dead. Or in the parlance of our current times, muerto. The new system installed with surely fail as America’s moochers now outnumber producers. The bleeding of American wealth and culture is too advanced to stop.

It is possible for Americans to enjoy freedom again but it will not be possible in the current and future United States of America.

What to do? Thoughts?

Update: I saw this on American Thinker and believe it explains why America will separate into two or more nations.

Dissolving America


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