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The Tea Party movement came out of nowhere in 2009 in response to Obama’s and the Democrat’s rapid movement of America to the left. The movement immediately had two dangerous enemies. One was overt, the other hidden.

The Tea Party movement began the first time conservatives had organized and taken to protest in modern history.

The original Tea Party principles, before being bastardized by johnny-come-lately “Tea Party” groups were fiscal in nature. Basically, most Tea Party groups followed:

1. Fiscal responsibility – the government spends less than it receives/takes
2. Personal responsibility – American citizens should be self-dependent and not welfare moochers
3. The Rule of Law – The government must enforce equally all laws
4. National sovereignty – American laws supersede any and all international laws and the UN
5. Free market capitalism – The government allows the free market to provide without dangerous sanctions, taxes and regulations.

By keeping social issues from the equation, the Tea Party enjoyed broad support with socially liberal people who believed our federal government was fiscally out of control. AWD personally knows a Democrat who calls himself a Tea Party member. He supports gay marriage, abortion, the legalization of drugs, but believes the government spends too much money.

The open enemy to the Tea Party movement, liberals, immediately ordered their lackeys in the mainstream propaganda media to decry the Tea Party movement as racist. The principles of the Tea Party were in direct opposition to the socialist principles of the Democrat Party. Since Democrats cannot defend their principles and because most Tea Party members were white, the mainstream propaganda media began a long-term attack accusing the Tea Party of racism which exists today. Overlooked is the fact that 95% of blacks vote Democrat.

The hidden enemy of the Tea Party was and is the Republican Party. But the Republican Party desperately needed the votes of the Tea Party to win a majority in the House and later, the Senate. So the Republicans drafted Contracts For America and made various promises they had no intention of keeping. They attended Tea Party events and decried the evil Democrats. The Tea Party did not have a chance against these professional liars.

But who was the Tea Party to support? The Democrats were openly socialist and the Republicans were saying the right things. Most Tea Party members knew the Republicans were worthless and would walk back every promise they had made. So the Tea Party chose the lesser of two evils in the 2010, 2012, and 2014 elections and voted for the GOP. Each of which were very favorable for the Republican Party in Congressional numbers. All of which resulted in virtually zero changes in policy from Congress under Democrat leadership.

After having been screwed over and insulted by the Republican Establishment for years, the Tea Party now considers the Republican Party as dangerous as the Democrat Party. That is why Washington outsiders like Donald Trump and Ben Carson are topping the polls for the Republican nomination.

Liberals (and the Republican Party) have been excited with the release of a Gallup poll that shows support for the Tea Party at an all-time low. The popular question is, is the Tea Party dead?

Well, the answer is yes. And no.

Gone are the early days when a million patriots traveled to Washington to protest. Many large-city Tea Parties have ceased to function or have disintegrated into smaller groups. And the media coverage of the Tea Party hardly exists these days unless to cover negative reports on the movement.

What went wrong? It’s pretty simple. Tea Party members realized the Republican and Democrat Parties in Washington are the same. Tea Party member have only a handful of politicians to carry their message. The vast majority are corruptocrats are part of the DC Establishment machinery and continue to do drastic damage to America while lining their own pockets.

Personally, AWD knew the Tea Party movement had been taken by the Republicans when John Boehner was elected as Speaker in 2010. Boehner proved to be a gutless man who stood for nothing but the status quo. Something incoming Speaker Paul Ryan will also defend and support. Nothing changes in Washington.

So the Tea Party quit working as strenuously at the national level as it did in 2009. The good news is many Tea Party groups now focus their efforts on State and local level politics. Texas is a good example. Texas has hundreds, if not thousands, of local community, even neighborhood Tea Party groups that work diligently to elect fiscal conservatives in their state legislature. The last session saw numerous Tea Party-supported candidates take office in Austin over liberal Republican and Democrat lifelong politicians. It was the most conservative session in Texas history. Other states have done the same. The Tea Party realizes Washington is broken and cannot be repaired. States are an entirely different thing.

Many individuals and groups have tried to profit off of the Tea Party movement over the years. We receive daily emails from groups raising money for….themselves. Some organizations have performed quality services and training for local Tea Party groups. Others are scams trying to make easy money from gullible people.

The Tea Party has had numerous successes. One stands out above all. The Tea Party movement awakened millions of previously non-political people from their American Idol-induced slumber. It made ordinary citizens realize they can actually make positive changes in America. These were not professional political droids but everyday working men and women. AWD is not proud to admit I had never voted in a primary election before the Tea Party movement. I have every primary since.

The Tea Party today has given up on the Republican Party. They now support conservatives who say they will fight for Tea Party principles. Is Trump a conservative? Will he break his promises? We don’t know yet. Same with Ben Carson. But we do know we cannot trust Republicans.

So the Tea Party isn’t dead. It’s just working locally and is not as public. State and local results are promising. It is more experienced, better trained and organized, and realizes now which groups and individuals are and are not friends. Which spells very bad news for the Republican Party.

Until the current version of the Republican Party is dead, the Tea Party will have little or no effect on Washington.



  1. Spurwing Plover

    I see that one obamas golfing goons has comapired the Tea Party the ISIS typical from a liberal twat whos has probibly been hit in the head man times with a golfball

  2. The TEA party did one thing, as you point out it clearly showed that there is only one party in our country. All political tension is only for show and to generate cash for politicians. But it also did something else, it clearly shows that voting and the political process are worthless. That means that in the near future we will likely see the emergence of a more violent movement, that is all that is left to effect change and restore order. I hope that takes the form of the separation of the occupied CSA from the union.

  3. I have thought about joining but never have.

    It’s not dead. There will always be a Tea Party, in spirit. If not, America is truly dead. So the question is how much influence does it still have? The more influence, the healthier America will be. It is beyond being a political party, and goes to the heart of the individual American spirit. And that “spirit” naturally crosses all political lines. This is what Libs are probably scared of.

    Leave it to the old guard and Liberal media to get it wrong. They ask if the Tea Party is alive or dead? It is the wrong question. The right question is how influential is the Tea Party? We don’t debate its existence.

  4. Spurwing Plover

    Liberals opposed to Tea Party becuase Tea Party opposes Big Goverment

  5. Disgusted Caucasian

    Nothing political matters anymore. Even the ‘freedom caucus’ sold us out by voting for that sleazy establishment pick Paul Ryan. There is no political solution left.

  6. is the Tea Party dead ???????………

    might as well ask if the philosophy of “conservatism” is dead…….and I think we all know the answer to that……..”hell no it’s not dead”……….

    our darkest hour may still be yet to come……..and it may come in the form of Paul Ryan……that remains to be seen……if the piece-of-sh*t knows what’s good for him he had better wake up real quick, fast, and in a hurry………we’re watching him…….and won’t take kindly to another one that intends on screwing us in the ass like Bonehead……………

    we’re done with these assholes……..”d-o-n-e” ..spells done………….

    through the ballot….through Article V of the constitution…….or from the barrel of a gun……. it doesn’t make no difference to me………………..I almost prefer from the barrel of a gun and lets be done with it………………….

  7. Wow!!! Watching CNN defending the ‘Gotcha’ questions during the GOP debate… LMAO Anyhow, I say the Tea Party is very much alive in the hearts of conservatives. We may not take to the streets in a show of force, but we remain alive and will fight our pathetic Rep party until the day we die.

    Hello to the old gang at AWD… still miss BT.

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