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It’s difficult to watch the daily atrocities from the savages in ISIS in the Middle East. ISIS is rapidly taking control of large swaths of Syria and Iraq. They destroy everything in sight. ISIS is without a doubt the most evil organization we have seen in fifty years.

As difficult as it is to watch ISIS growing in power and slaughtering innocents by the thousands, ISIS is not America’s fight. Yet. Too many times Muslim countries have allowed Americans to give our own blood and treasure to rescue them time and time again. And every time we left, chaos quickly followed.

It is time America and our Western allies realize that savage Muslim dictators are the only way to establish a lasting peace among Middle East countries. The Shah of Iran, Hosni Mubarak, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, and Bashar Al-Assad. None of these will win the title for Mister Congeniality but they were successful in keeping the wild-eyed Islamists from doing exactly what ISIS is doing this very instant!

Facilitating the falls of these dictators was a huge mistake beginning with Jimmy Carter and the Shah, George W Bush with Saddam Hussein, and Obama with Gaddafi, Mubarak and Al-Assad. During their reigns, the Middle East was stable. Without them, it’s chaos. It takes a brutal savage to contain brutal savages.

Of course, American hawks in Congress like John McCain and Lindsey Graham have not helped. They have never met a war they don’t like. In fact, there are photos of McCain from a few years ago palling around with the current leaders of ISIS. He couldn’t wait to give them American arms and training! Helped fill his sales quota for his arms company bosses.

It’s time Middle Eastern countries, including Israel, take care of the ISIS problem. We armed Iraq to the teeth with sophisticated American weapon systems only to see them abandoned unused and captured by ISIS savages. Recently, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter reported that Iraq soldiers didn’t have the will to fight ISIS in the fight/surrender of Ramadi. Even when Iraqi soldiers held a tremendous advantage in numbers and weapons, they refused to fight. They were afraid the Americans would not provide sufficient air support. Well, to hell with them! Let them now live and die under the 7th century barbarians of ISIS! If Iraqis will not fight for their country and lives, why should Americans?

How many brave American soldiers lives were wasted in Iraq for….nothing! All those bright futures, all those tears fallen from the eyes of their survivors, for cowards in Iraq who don’t have the will to fight for their very lives! Perhaps Iraq deserves ISIS! Iraq should not ever again be the concern of the USA.

Also, has anyone seriously considered what groups would fill the void should ISIS be destroyed? Would they be any less savage? The unqualified answer is no. So why should the West once again spend hundreds of billions and waste thousands of lives to rid ourselves of savages only to watch them be replaced by more savages? It’s an expensive political dog tail-chasing event.

AWD released the only logical solution to deal with Muslim terrorists back in October 2010 in a post titled Kill Them Dead Military Policy. So far, it is still the only policy that makes sense in dealing with Muslim savages abroad and domestically. It is quite simple:

1. Immediately remove our troops and assets from Muslim controlled lands. Cut off all forms of foreign aid to any country that is Muslim controlled. Do not sell or provide weapons or armaments to any Muslim country. Completely disassociate ourselves with those parts of the world but leave the following promise written in blood: If any attack on the United States or its assets initiates from your country, we will kill you dead. Instantly. Without hesitation or mercy.

2. Remove instantly all non-US citizens who are Muslim or come from Muslim controlled countries. Students, tourists, illegals….every single Muslim that is not a US citizen must be deported immediately. Of course, AWD’s plan on securing US borders must be implemented immediately.

Muslims who are US citizens must be monitored as their loyalty, based on experience, to America is suspect at best. Our safety and security cannot be based on trust for those who have not been trustworthy in America and in other western democracies. Before you libtards start screaming racism or Islamophobia, just research Major Hassan of Ft. Hood or the Times Square bomber. Oh, and also that little thing that happened on 9/11. The safety of my family and fellow countrymen comes way above the sensitive feelings of Muslims.

If ISIS attacks America or American interests worldwide, we must use nuclear weapons to rid ourselves of future threats. Drop one nuke in Iraq or Syria and you’ll never worry about Muslim terrorism against America again.

It makes no fiscal sense nor does it make sense in terms of American lives to send soldiers to clear ISIS savages door to door in Iraq. I don’t care how many rockets McCain and Graham want to sell.

ISIS is not our fight. Yet. Let Middle East countries stand up for once and do what they must. Muslim countries are not like Germany or Japan at the end of WWII. Islam is a political poison of fanaticism and destruction for a large segment of its believers. And most Muslims are loyal only to Islam. That is why they cannot be allowed to further grow in America.

America needs to sit this one out. Not our fight. Yet.




  1. …and BHO agrees.

    • Big, do you not?


      • Not really…some days I agree, some I don’t. I guess you could you put me in the iffy column.

        My hubby totally agrees with you though…so, take it from there.

        Btw…fighting anyone under Dear Leader is a useless cause anyway…he made sure all of this started because of him not leaving a residual force in Iraq…but he did that purposely too. He loves him some ISIS…it’s been more than obvious.

  2. Dude,
    My country called and I went to Nam…gave my blood and body parts and a big chunk of my soul and mind for another people….came home was treated like sh!t….
    My son went to Irag 3 tours and gave his blood..body parts and mind for another people..
    Came home and like me has had to fight our government for even health care…
    Let me put it this way…the only war I want my family to ever go to again….is one we can walk to…..

    • Rebelpatriot

      Hey Jigg! From one vet to another, thankyou for your service.

    • al Qaeda had been working with FARQ in South America for a decade, and now with cartels…money and weapons for assistence. Our president embraces the Halil, fatwa, jihadi philosophies and leaves our borders open for the tired hungry masses all the while taking in 100,000 muslim refugies annually. If it is true that only 15% are radical, thats 15,000 radicals a year coming by presidential huggy invite….every year. The ISIS battle is here. Wars always start with reconnaissance. Know thy enemy…..Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

  3. Spurwing Plover

    When the UN(Useless Nations)ever going to call fora total ban on ISIS? their too busy cow towing to Castro and demanding all privatly owned gun in america be confiscated in accordance with the treaty signed by traitor John Kerry

  4. it doesn’t take a genius to end this carnage…….we have what we need to do the job and do it right…….if we want to defeat ISIS, or any other terror group of assholes that think they can do what ever they want all we need do is unleash our bombers………level the cities they dwell in……destroy everything……break everything……unleash hell………use incendiary type weapons and burn them out…….no need for ground troops….the minute they move we’re on them…..we have the capability……we have the high ground with satellite technology……they can’t run…..they can’t hide……

    there is no where to hide…..this isn’t Viet Nam…….there are no jungles……..set the middle East on fire……make war……..make war the way we know how to make war…….burn them……..A-10’s can run any remaining Muzzies down and eliminate the left-overs……..differentiating between this group and that group in not necessary…..just do them all………….

    our bombers can do the job and put an end to this threat to the rest of the world………

    make toast……..make toast of the entire Middle East…….

    breakfast anyone?

    just have to have the balls to do it……………..

    • You are so right! But this POS president does not want to kill his friends!

    • Rebelpatriot

      Bluto!!! I like your way of thinking. You have it so right brother! AWD has it right too. I would have to flip a coin between the two. But, I lean more to Bluto’s way.

    • Mr. Frosty

      We don’t win wars anymore because the Military Industrial Complex makes more money from endless drawn out conflicts. Our mission in the Middle East is to win their “hearts and minds” while dropping bombs on them. What a joke.

      Islam is cancer. All it does is consume and destroy. Everywhere Islam has taken root, hellish, savage, child-raping evil has been the result. We would be doing our children a favor by wiping this evil off the face of the earth forever. I don’t care anymore, any ideology that condones systematic child-rape is pure evil and so is anyone that defends such ideology in the name of “tolerance”.

      • Chump Change

        > any ideology that condones systematic child-rape is pure evil and so is anyone that defends such ideology in the name of “tolerance”.

        How about in the name of Ending Communism(TM) – abroad and at home?
        Margaret Thatcher still is A Hero(TM)!

  5. Just Observant

    So let me get this right. You want to go over there and kill ISIS? Well, not you but someone elses kid.
    The US govt funds ISIS, it is/was John McCain’s pet project. It would seem easier to eliminate the cronies in Washington.

  6. Chump Change

    ISIS is the most evil organization to be seen in fifty years – if you zoom that spy satellite camera in on one, particular, pile of sand in the Levant. By any – all – metrics beyond one particular pile of sand in the Levant, ISIS hasn’t even engaged in the most evil activities in the last fifty years. And, of the evil organizations that still exist, lounging on the laurels looted during just a few of their own atrocities from more than fifty years ago, ISIS isn’t even the JV squad – they’re barely the AV club.

    “Containing” the “re-awakening” with non-ecstatic leaders? Why do you think these, particular, haters of all things modern – well, more modern than a thousand years ago – are even able to get hoi polloi to stop long enough to listen to their manifestos? The European Powers have been “religiously” killing all – not any, but all – supporters of anything other than “Biggest looter wins!”, since They monetized the Earth being round. Every – not any, but every – time some queen convinces the termites to quit biting one another’s heads off and Build Something Glorious(TM) (hey, Nostradumbass, that one’s for you) the europeons serve their Professional Betters – “do their duty, for God and Country” – and light the hive on fire. Why will “next time” be any different? If the new Boss – same as the old Boss – convinces them to do something other than bide their time, for a chance to start wilding again, that is.

    You’re right about it not being americans’ fight – yet. But it is America’s. That – unfortunately – is why The Caliphate is american’s only chance.

  7. OBAMA is a muslim, And this means he will NOT kill Muslims.
    Simple as that.

    • ditto that……..he won’t kill his kind! How the hell did this bastid get to be President????? We are forked! no one is stopping him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I could not agree more, AWD!

  9. carnac123

    I see your point but I (first time) do not completely agree with your total take on the subject. ISIS is dangerous. They are demons. They are killing Christians by the droves and torturing Christian children. They are killing their own religious compadres who do not agree with their barbarity. They control a lot of oil. They control a large number of people and area. They use this area as a base to attack the US and other countries from. As long they have an area to retreat to they are going to be hard to stomp out. Even other terrorist organizations are looking at ISIS and saying,…”those guys are crazy”. These fools have Internet propaganda and websites and are anarchist/sadists working under the guise of vicious fake religion. I agree that their ISIS controlled area should be nuked more than once so we can wipe them from the face of the earth.

    • I am often times amazed at the almost unbelievable level of child-like ignorance of Goober Pyle brained morons like Carnac123, when the subject of using nuclear weapons worms its way into the conversation.

      Clearly, Carnac123 knows absolutely nothing about the incredible hazards associated with detonating nuclear weapons – or else he would understand that nuclear weapon explosions are not neatly and conveniently confined to a tiny and carefully specified area of the Earth. Exploding nukes results in extremely dangerous releases of deadly radiation, Goober brain. Radiation and radioactive fallout that get caught up in the Jetstream and which is carried around the world – which then affects every other nation which happens to be doused with rain or dust which contains traces of the radioactive fallout. Radioactive contaminated rain falls on agricultural areas, which poisons the food that people must eat and this includes innocent people all over the planet who have nothing whatsoever to do with ISIS. Radioactive rain also falls into the fresh water supplies which are provided by lakes and streams, effectively poisoning the water that hundreds of millions of people must drink in order to survive. Animals, plant life, and sea-life are also affected, thereby poisoning the very basic foundations necessary for human survival.

      Nations who have nukes are not going to be keen on having their nations contaminated by the irresponsible, reckless and brainless use of nuclear weapons by IQ challenged morons like Carnac123 and his merry gang of mentally insane, neo-con psychopaths. Nuclear armed nations might even be so concerned about such irresponsible behavior – which threatens their continued existence – and decide that it is past time for the neo-con cockroaches who infest Washington D.C. to be given a nuclear tipped Sunburn cruise missile suppository as a long overdue punishment for threatening the entire world with their mentally insane, pathological, blood thirsty, war mongering psychopathy.

      Carnac123 seems to me to be the sort of idiot who wears a yarmelke. Go back to the basement, Carnac123. :And lock the door behind you.

  10. Its good to see AWD finally announcing that he is sick and tired of the war mongering, Israel-First-America-Never neo-con cabal of blood thirsty psychopaths who, following their ‘New Pearl Harbor’ event on Sept 11, 2001, that their PNAC gang said they needed in order to snooker the gullible, nose picking stupid American couch potatoes into allowing them to kick off their 100 year long phony and fabricated Global War on Anyone Israel hates and wants the USA to shed mostly White American blood to attack and destroy for them – have turned the Middle East into the biggest and most chaotic region of the entire world.

    Has AWD bothered to read the infamous ‘Clean Break’ white paper that was ostensibly written for the in-coming Netanyahu administration back during the Clinton years? In it, the American based jewish neo-cons laid out what their objectives were – in it, they outlined the entire policy that we have been watching unfold ever since the New Pearl Harbor event “coincidence” (/sarcasm off) on 9/11/01 – which was basically a scheme to attack and overthrow every one of the Arab / Muslim nations who Israel considered an enemy, and then install a puppet-stooge as their leader who would take orders from Tel Aviv and Washington D.C. Heck, even the jewish former Gen. Wesley Clarke has admitted that he attended meetings where these bat-crap crazy neo-cons were talking about starting unprovoked, offensive wars against 7 or 8 different Arab countries – and Clarke’s recount of this meeting is available in video form on

    In fact, while I harbor nothing but the most extreme degree of raw hatred and contempt for every member of the loathsome Bush Family – even Poppy Bush and James Baker considered these bat-crap crazy neo-cons to be total lunatics and they referred to them as dangerous ‘crazies’ who needed to be confined to the basement. Well, GWB let these ‘crazies’ out of the basement and was stupid enough to staff his administration with them from top to bottom – and now, we can see by what is happening in the Middle East just how much of a monumental mistake that act of stupidity was to America and to the rest of the world.

    Oh, and let’s see how much longer AWD continues to bang the drum for Ted Cruz for 2016. Ted Cruz is a HUGE toe sucker for the State of Israel and it looks as if he and the donkey fellator Rick Santorum are competing in some kind of sick and twisted contest to see which one of them can utter the most war mongering promises to their jewish campaign contributors – literally begging these demonic bastards to put them inside the Oval Office, so they can start WW3 by attacking Syria and Iran and maybe even getting into a thermo-nuclear war with Russia and China.

    AWD is right. ISIS is not our fight. America has no interest in fighting in any more wars that the crap hole nation of Israel, and their mentally insane paranoid psychopath leader Netanyahu and his 5th column of treasonous neocons here in the USA try to lie our nation into.

    But, the question remains: What is AWD going to do when nearly all of the GOP rats who are running for president in 2016 are all wearing Israeli lobby dog collars and all are screaming for more and more and more WARS, because that’s what Sheldon Adelson demands in exchange for his dirty casino money?

    • As night follows day, why was this comment so predictable? Its the JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!!!!! If the Muslims go wild, its the JOOOOS! If your feet hurt, its the JOOOOS (that would be Dr. Scholl)! If the government is venal, and corrupt, and working counter to the interests of Americans, its the JOOOOS!
      Don’t be a sheeple, and follow that stupid line. Its a dead end. You (and I am using that word in the singular here) make your own destiny, and can’t always blame “the other” for your failures or inaction. Oh, and if you realize the JOOOS don’t control the universe or your sucess/failure, please don’t start blaming the flying spaghetti monster. Although that makes just as much sense.

      • Just Observant

        Your so called jooooos. Your word not his. They run our govt, our schools, our banks, our media and whatever vice you can think of and you sit there and deny it. Look who is the sheeple now.
        2% of the world population controls our live for the benefit of Israel and you cant see that?

    • Just Observant

      Well after two hous of verifying everything you said, you are spot on.

    • tucker
      Are you a government plant?

      • No, I am not.

        I am simply a Southern White male who has his head on the outside of his A-Hole and who has the critical thinking and analysis skills necessary to observe the obvious and then pin the tail on the evil donkey who is screwing up the United States and most of the rest of the White, Western world.

  11. Correct in that ISIS is not Americas fight… Sadly over here in Eurostan we are incapable of doing anything against ISIS and we are a damned lot closer!!
    The plight of Europe is not tragic, it is well and truly pathetic, thousands upon thousands of Muslims are landing on the shores of Greece/Italy/Spain on a daily basis, with no end in sight to this migration crisis in Europe, the seeds of self destruction have already been planted.
    The must puzzling thing about ISIS is the total inertia being showed from other Arab/Muslim nations as it as nothing to do with them?? Turkey is abomination and is part of NATO, that says it all…. Its like they are all waiting to see who is going to be on the wining side in both conflicts in Syria/Iraq, before taking in real action..
    The whole situation in the Middle East will continue for many more years….that’s one thing that is certain and more terrorist/Muslim attacks on innocent people is guaranteed…
    The West must start to fight fire with fire in the respect of dealing with Muslim thugs and stop pandering to the left…
    Dont worry to much you have still got a long way to go before you end up like Europe!!!

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