It’s difficult to watch the daily atrocities from the savages in ISIS in the Middle East. ISIS is rapidly taking control of large swaths of Syria and Iraq. They destroy everything in sight. ISIS is without a doubt the most evil organization we have seen in fifty years.

As difficult as it is to watch ISIS growing in power and slaughtering innocents by the thousands, ISIS is not America’s fight. Yet. Too many times Muslim countries have allowed Americans to give our own blood and treasure to rescue them time and time again. And every time we left, chaos quickly followed.

It is time America and our Western allies realize that savage Muslim dictators are the only way to establish a lasting peace among Middle East countries. The Shah of Iran, Hosni Mubarak, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, and Bashar Al-Assad. None of these will win the title for Mister Congeniality but they were successful in keeping the wild-eyed Islamists from doing exactly what ISIS is doing this very instant!

Facilitating the falls of these dictators was a huge mistake beginning with Jimmy Carter and the Shah, George W Bush with Saddam Hussein, and Obama with Gaddafi, Mubarak and Al-Assad. During their reigns, the Middle East was stable. Without them, it’s chaos. It takes a brutal savage to contain brutal savages.

Of course, American hawks in Congress like John McCain and Lindsey Graham have not helped. They have never met a war they don’t like. In fact, there are photos of McCain from a few years ago palling around with the current leaders of ISIS. He couldn’t wait to give them American arms and training! Helped fill his sales quota for his arms company bosses.

It’s time Middle Eastern countries, including Israel, take care of the ISIS problem. We armed Iraq to the teeth with sophisticated American weapon systems only to see them abandoned unused and captured by ISIS savages. Recently, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter reported that Iraq soldiers didn’t have the will to fight ISIS in the fight/surrender of Ramadi. Even when Iraqi soldiers held a tremendous advantage in numbers and weapons, they refused to fight. They were afraid the Americans would not provide sufficient air support. Well, to hell with them! Let them now live and die under the 7th century barbarians of ISIS! If Iraqis will not fight for their country and lives, why should Americans?

How many brave American soldiers lives were wasted in Iraq for….nothing! All those bright futures, all those tears fallen from the eyes of their survivors, for cowards in Iraq who don’t have the will to fight for their very lives! Perhaps Iraq deserves ISIS! Iraq should not ever again be the concern of the USA.

Also, has anyone seriously considered what groups would fill the void should ISIS be destroyed? Would they be any less savage? The unqualified answer is no. So why should the West once again spend hundreds of billions and waste thousands of lives to rid ourselves of savages only to watch them be replaced by more savages? It’s an expensive political dog tail-chasing event.

AWD released the only logical solution to deal with Muslim terrorists back in October 2010 in a post titled Kill Them Dead Military Policy. So far, it is still the only policy that makes sense in dealing with Muslim savages abroad and domestically. It is quite simple:

1. Immediately remove our troops and assets from Muslim controlled lands. Cut off all forms of foreign aid to any country that is Muslim controlled. Do not sell or provide weapons or armaments to any Muslim country. Completely disassociate ourselves with those parts of the world but leave the following promise written in blood: If any attack on the United States or its assets initiates from your country, we will kill you dead. Instantly. Without hesitation or mercy.

2. Remove instantly all non-US citizens who are Muslim or come from Muslim controlled countries. Students, tourists, illegals….every single Muslim that is not a US citizen must be deported immediately. Of course, AWD’s plan on securing US borders must be implemented immediately.

Muslims who are US citizens must be monitored as their loyalty, based on experience, to America is suspect at best. Our safety and security cannot be based on trust for those who have not been trustworthy in America and in other western democracies. Before you libtards start screaming racism or Islamophobia, just research Major Hassan of Ft. Hood or the Times Square bomber. Oh, and also that little thing that happened on 9/11. The safety of my family and fellow countrymen comes way above the sensitive feelings of Muslims.

If ISIS attacks America or American interests worldwide, we must use nuclear weapons to rid ourselves of future threats. Drop one nuke in Iraq or Syria and you’ll never worry about Muslim terrorism against America again.

It makes no fiscal sense nor does it make sense in terms of American lives to send soldiers to clear ISIS savages door to door in Iraq. I don’t care how many rockets McCain and Graham want to sell.

ISIS is not our fight. Yet. Let Middle East countries stand up for once and do what they must. Muslim countries are not like Germany or Japan at the end of WWII. Islam is a political poison of fanaticism and destruction for a large segment of its believers. And most Muslims are loyal only to Islam. That is why they cannot be allowed to further grow in America.

America needs to sit this one out. Not our fight. Yet.


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