Hard to believe it’s been four years since Andrew Breitbart’s passing. Here’s AWD’s thoughts a day or two after I heard the news. RIP, Andrew. You are so missed!

AWD has been in a lot of places and I’ve seen some crazy sh*t but I don’t believe I’ve ever met anyone like Andrew Breitbart. AWD got a text this morning from his Angry White Mother informing me of Andrew’s passing. It will be, for many of us in the “pissing off libtards” bidness, like the death of Elvis. We’ll never forget where we were or what we were doing when we heard the bad news.

AWD spoke with Andrew last about three weeks ago and I can’t say it went very well. We had made plans to do something and he backed out at the last minute. Bluntly, AWD was pissed. But that was Andrew. He has been called arrogant..and indeed he was. But he was brilliant. He was fun loving. He was scattered. He was self-loving. He had a great heart. And he had guts! I remember one night him sitting in a chair in a hotel room reading an article to a small group about himself that had run in the LA Times. It took nearly an hour to read it…but he read every word and also gave commentary in between paragraphs. It was surreal to see someone that into them self. But it wasn’t offensive….more curious to the onlookers. Andrew was enjoying every word!

I once saw him speak to a Tea Party group. He was scheduled for 20 minutes. He spoke for one hour and ten minutes. He actually sweated through his shirt AND sports coat! Not a person left the audience!

Once over lunch he told me his goal was to destroy the mainstream media. And we discussed AWD’s goal to destroy political correctness. He loved my Angry White Imam posts. Since our goals were indirectly linked, we shared that commonality. And we both didn’t mind pissing off PC liberals along the way either. For AWD, it is a hobby. For Breitbart, it was a true vocation. And he did it better than anyone.

I’m so sad for his family. I teared up a bit today thinking about not seeing my children again to tell them how much I love and adore them. Or my beautiful filly of a wife. From what I hear, Andrew was a devoted father and good husband. I never had the opportunity to discuss that part of his life with him. We shared the same taste in music and discussed that one day over the best muffaletta sandwich in Dallas.

What I will remember in Andrew Breitbart is his devotion to spreading truth no matter what the cost. He was not conventional. He envisioned a day when the mainstream media would be made totally insignificant. He didn’t have the time to complete his mission. But he and his team have broken some of the biggest stories in recent years. ACORN and exposing voter fraud come to mind.

His recent CPAC speech was one of his most provocative. He told of having a video of Obama in college that would do great damage to the President this election cycle. Many, including myself, have speculated today if that may have something to do with his strange passing. We may never know. But we will see the video. AWD spoke with a close contact of Breitbart’s this afternoon and it was said there were several copies of the video spread around the United States.

I wouldn’t say AWD and Breitbart were friends. We knew each other and were friendly. He would sometimes answer my calls, sometimes not. But we shared the same love of exposing the danger of liberal politics and the tremendous deception libs use to further their cause. And that was enough to bind us.

I was going to call Andrew this week about something I wanted his help on. I’m sorry that the last time we spoke, I had gotten sideways with him. I left him a text on his cell this morning saying, “RIP, my brother. You fought the good fight! You will be missed.” And he will.


Here’s Chris Cassone’s great tribute to Breitbart. The video was put together by Big Fur Hat of

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