Something stupid this way comes. No, it’s been with us for decades in Washington. And to think liberals called Dan Quayle stupid! Joe Biden is the Alpha and Omega of Stupid.

AWD dug up this old chart-topper on Biden after seeing this video:

[yt id=”hNxYLgUgO1Y”]

Butt buddies, eh? At least he’ll admit it, unlike Hopenchange. Any parent’s goal should be to not grow old and embarrass their children. Biden grew old and embarrasses his entire country on a daily basis. I actually pray to Allah to keep Imam Obama’s cold little heart pumping the vile poison coursing through his veins. Yes, Obama is preferable to Joe Biden. And a ten day old turd is preferable to Obama! Let’s enjoy another day in which our country is humiliated by the first openly retarded politician in history. Thank you, Crazy Uncle Joe, thank you!

Saying Joe Biden is a stupid idjit is like saying Michael Moore is politely plump. Or Whoopi Goldberg is merely homely. Everyone knows Michael Moore was recently arrested for impersonating Jabba the Hutt. And Whoopi…my Lawd…ooo-ga-leee! With those stupid dreadlocks, Whoopi looks like the Predator…on a bad day! Whoopi scares small children…who have yet to be born!

The major question concerning Biden’s mental acuity is whether he is really just THAT stupid or is it because he’s an old, tired libtard whose brain has rotted with inane Democrat talking points over the decades he has spent infecting Washington. If Joe Biden is the best Delaware’s got to offer….Great Googly Moogly! I ain’t ever taking my big sexy ass anywhere close to that burg! Not that I would anyway. Some of that Biden-like stupid might rub off!

Biden has been released by Obama to entertain us with his Bidenisms on the campaign trail. You know you’re a mental disaster zone when you have a common description, “Bidenisms,” to describe all the crazy sh*t you say in public. Allowing Joe out of his cage also shows how pathetically stupid Obama and his puppet masters are. Ask yourself, would you let Joe Biden anywhere near a microphone and a camera if you were running for office? After listening to Biden over the past four years, I have actually found myself praying for Barack Obama’s health! I crap you negative! Obama is astronomically horrible as President. But Biden? Sheee-ut!

Today, Biden told the libtarded morons in Danville, Virginia who attended his campaign stop:

“They’re going to put y’all back in chains.”

What’s sad is the mongrels in attendance believed him! Tomorrow, we’ll see Nancy Pelosi on MSLSD saying “oh, yes, Romney and Ryan will put everyone in chains before pushing them off the cliff.” And to think Dims ridiculed Dan Quayle for misspelling ‘potato.’

Biden later told the people “we can win North Carolina” while in Virginia. Poor thing doesn’t even know where he is anymore. Bless his little stupid heart!

Here’s VP Bozo in action:

Not content at making a total ass of himself, he even ridiculed the sign language interpreter:

[yt id=”q4aB_75o0dc”]

I guess with Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Fwank, Dennis Kucinich, Butter-hair Wasserman Schultz and countless others, perhaps Biden doesn’t sound all that wacko after all…for a Dim. People, I present you the modern-day Democrat Party!

Liberals long ago cornered the market on stupid. Nothing they do or say makes any sense. Nor does it work. The only people more stupid than the current pile of Dims in Washington are the morons who vote for them! These voters are long past the dumbing down of America. Hell, they’re well past the stupiding down of America! If you live in a blue state, watch your step on election day. You might step in a huge puddle of drool!

AWD fully expects Biden in the next few weeks to say that Romney and Ryan will castrate all black males, crucify liberal Jews, send old people to their secret Republican concentration camps, and behead anyone who isn’t a Republican (he borrowed that from the Muslims). Even sadder, liberal voters will believe him!

Here’s the average liberal voter (this has been shown on AWD before. If you haven’t watched this, it’s a must-see):

[yt id=”mm1KOBMg1Y8″]

Joe Biden has set a new low in America. It will be difficult for anyone to break his world record on monumental stupidity. But I guaran-damn-tee you the one who does will be a Democrat. Stupid, it’s what they do. And there are so many more waiting in the wings!


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