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Something stupid this way comes. No, it’s been with us for decades in Washington. And to think liberals called Dan Quayle stupid! Joe Biden is the Alpha and Omega of Stupid.

AWD dug up this old chart-topper on Biden after seeing this video:

[yt id=”hNxYLgUgO1Y”]

Butt buddies, eh? At least he’ll admit it, unlike Hopenchange. Any parent’s goal should be to not grow old and embarrass their children. Biden grew old and embarrasses his entire country on a daily basis. I actually pray to Allah to keep Imam Obama’s cold little heart pumping the vile poison coursing through his veins. Yes, Obama is preferable to Joe Biden. And a ten day old turd is preferable to Obama! Let’s enjoy another day in which our country is humiliated by the first openly retarded politician in history. Thank you, Crazy Uncle Joe, thank you!

Saying Joe Biden is a stupid idjit is like saying Michael Moore is politely plump. Or Whoopi Goldberg is merely homely. Everyone knows Michael Moore was recently arrested for impersonating Jabba the Hutt. And Whoopi…my Lawd…ooo-ga-leee! With those stupid dreadlocks, Whoopi looks like the Predator…on a bad day! Whoopi scares small children…who have yet to be born!

The major question concerning Biden’s mental acuity is whether he is really just THAT stupid or is it because he’s an old, tired libtard whose brain has rotted with inane Democrat talking points over the decades he has spent infecting Washington. If Joe Biden is the best Delaware’s got to offer….Great Googly Moogly! I ain’t ever taking my big sexy ass anywhere close to that burg! Not that I would anyway. Some of that Biden-like stupid might rub off!

Biden has been released by Obama to entertain us with his Bidenisms on the campaign trail. You know you’re a mental disaster zone when you have a common description, “Bidenisms,” to describe all the crazy sh*t you say in public. Allowing Joe out of his cage also shows how pathetically stupid Obama and his puppet masters are. Ask yourself, would you let Joe Biden anywhere near a microphone and a camera if you were running for office? After listening to Biden over the past four years, I have actually found myself praying for Barack Obama’s health! I crap you negative! Obama is astronomically horrible as President. But Biden? Sheee-ut!

Today, Biden told the libtarded morons in Danville, Virginia who attended his campaign stop:

“They’re going to put y’all back in chains.”

What’s sad is the mongrels in attendance believed him! Tomorrow, we’ll see Nancy Pelosi on MSLSD saying “oh, yes, Romney and Ryan will put everyone in chains before pushing them off the cliff.” And to think Dims ridiculed Dan Quayle for misspelling ‘potato.’

Biden later told the people “we can win North Carolina” while in Virginia. Poor thing doesn’t even know where he is anymore. Bless his little stupid heart!

Here’s VP Bozo in action:

Not content at making a total ass of himself, he even ridiculed the sign language interpreter:

[yt id=”q4aB_75o0dc”]

I guess with Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Fwank, Dennis Kucinich, Butter-hair Wasserman Schultz and countless others, perhaps Biden doesn’t sound all that wacko after all…for a Dim. People, I present you the modern-day Democrat Party!

Liberals long ago cornered the market on stupid. Nothing they do or say makes any sense. Nor does it work. The only people more stupid than the current pile of Dims in Washington are the morons who vote for them! These voters are long past the dumbing down of America. Hell, they’re well past the stupiding down of America! If you live in a blue state, watch your step on election day. You might step in a huge puddle of drool!

AWD fully expects Biden in the next few weeks to say that Romney and Ryan will castrate all black males, crucify liberal Jews, send old people to their secret Republican concentration camps, and behead anyone who isn’t a Republican (he borrowed that from the Muslims). Even sadder, liberal voters will believe him!

Here’s the average liberal voter (this has been shown on AWD before. If you haven’t watched this, it’s a must-see):

[yt id=”mm1KOBMg1Y8″]

Joe Biden has set a new low in America. It will be difficult for anyone to break his world record on monumental stupidity. But I guaran-damn-tee you the one who does will be a Democrat. Stupid, it’s what they do. And there are so many more waiting in the wings!



  1. I’ve been cracking up laughing all day at Biden and his BS…he needs to keep his position along with DNC chief, they are this sides of the aisles bestest enemies…I pray they keep opening their yappers, including Dear Leader and his BS today, every-time they do so…it’s one more vote for us come Nov!

  2. Biden was made vp for one reason only. to make Obama look smart.

  3. Everyone in the white house knows all about Joe “chuckles” Biden.. Hell, they had to hire extra staff to follow him around with towels to wipe the drool off of the windows and to make sure he didnt go outside without wearing his crash helmet and mouth piece… what a tard

  4. a line in the 1933 classic “The Invisible Man” fits him to a tee……”He has the brains of a tape worm,a maggot”

  5. Cooter Brown

    Someone please Chain his ass up!!!! What a Moron!

  6. Joe Biden actually has brain damage from a series of small strokes.

    Guest Host: Jed Babbin on THE SAVAGE NATION (HOUR 1) 08-14-2012 [Joe “chains” Biden]


  7. If Biden has the “big one”,will Obama call in Hitlery or Axelrodent? Micheal Savage and Mark Levin both swear that liberalism is a mental disorder.


    Keep exposing these DUMB-O-CRATS for their acts of treason against america and her citizens

  9. Really funny headline white dude. Biden is a lifetime, slimy, phony DC hack which is why barry picked him. Beau biden is a sack of sh too, he is a sheriff or AG in delaware

  10. Calling Biden retarded EXCUSES his egregious remarks. HOLD HIM and OBAMA ACCOUNTABLE! He has “maxed out his DUMB Card.”

  11. Biden’s oars hasn’t been hitting the water for years!

  12. Biden is without question one of the stupidest people on the face of the Earth.

    Just think, this guy could become President literally in a heartbeat. It shows the depths of what this Country is becoming.


    Retarded people are more intellegent then this dip-wad will ever be

  14. Just wait till Ryan get’s his a$$ in the debate, this is going to be fun.

  15. If for no other reason, Obama’s choice of this idiot should be an indication of his total ineptitude to be POTUS.

  16. His VP had to be white, so he wanted a harmless, bumbling one who would be no competition to him on any level, and that’s who he got.

  17. AngryNYDude

    In a soauthern NYer’s term… he’s a PUTZ!

  18. Earlier today, Joe Biden said the following to a predominantly black audience in Danville, Virginia: We got a real clear picture of what they all value.
    Biden told his black audience that a Romney-Ryan administration
    ”They’re going to put y’all back in chains”.
    And that wasn’t the worse, that was not even close to Rock Bottom.
    You want to hear Rock bottom? In my eyes, Rick Bottom was back in November 2008 when the Main Stream Media and the Left managed to fool enough people to insert an anti-American, communist-sympathizing, bitter, friend-of-our-enemies into the Oval Office. The disgusting lies started from day 1 and are at the core of his so-called “presidency”. These are bad people who know they are doing bad things. Claiming the GOP wants to reinstitute slavery is simply another day for them.
    And when Rep. Andre Carson, that the Tea party wants to see blacks hanging from trees.What Republican wants to see black people lynched into a tree? The fact that no liberal can name one proves Congressman Carson’s statements are blatantly false, as they usually are.
    Just remember that the liberal onslaught hasn’t even gotten luke warm yet, they still have over 3 months of it to go.
    I must of missed the history class that the ” Racist Party” was the Democrats who had Bull Connor, George Wallace, Al Gore Senior, and the Grand Master of the KKK Robert Byrd.
    Joe Biden is a National disgrace but what’s frightening is that he is still actually more qualified to be president than Obama. And these bleeding hearts have the GALL to disgrace a FINE Patriotic American like Paul Ryon.

  19. Cinnamon Girl

    Michelle Malkin’s newest lead story about Biden, etc. is PERFECTION and a must-read! Here, she addresses the “chains” race-baiting from Biden, Wright, H. Clinton, and others:


  20. Okinawa Marine

    Whoopie Goldberg looks like a orangatang, she is the missing link. With those lips and swollen brow, just like an ape.
    You can call that racist, I call it a close resemblance.
    Put a banana in her hand, and she could live at the zoo.

    Her lips and nose are still flat from where the doctor stood on her face, when she was born, to hold her down while pulling her tail off.


  21. Grouchy Marx

    Overlooked in the so called Biden ‘back in chains’ gaffe was the fact he was using teleprompters.

    “This was no boating accident”!! This was written for him by the same 20 year old Hitler youth sitting in the backroom swilling Red Bull and trying to top each other with their blame and hate campaign speech rhetoric.

  22. Check this out…saw this live and couldn’t believe what I heard from her, for once she’s right!


  23. You can’t say that Biden is “AMERICA’S FIRST OPENLY RETARDED VICE-PRESIDENT”…….

    that just ain’t cool……..


    We wouldn’t want the PC police to blow a gasket.


  24. Enoch Powell

    He really is that stupid. He’s been like that his entire life. The reason he was chosen for Obonzo’s vice president precisely for that reason. They wanted a White man who could be the court jester for the Black man. They had to reach deep into the looney bin of course because Obonzo himself is a pretty dim and inarticulate bulb.

    An example. Recently Joe Biden addressed an audience of Blacks and he expressed himself in his inept version of ignorant Black ebonics. You would think that the Blacks would be angry at such obvious condescension and manipulation, but I guarantee you they loved it. The Blacks loved seeing Biden make an idiot of himself and prove to all the world that he’s the court jester of that affirmative-action parasite Obonza.

    The leftist project is to force all White people to demean themselves in this manner. You will note that even Romney, Obonzo’s opponent, is unable to attack the criminal enterprise known as the Obonzo administration because it would open him up to charges of “he a raciss y’all.”

    As White people we must REJECT the role we have been given by leftist traitors and criminals.

    • Snake Oiler

      Absolutely. Joe’s I.Q. is about equivalent to that of an ashtray. His latest episode only exposes him as a condescending, race-baiting, jive-ass bastard – in addition to being a halfwit peckerhead.

  25. American Infidel #1

    Forgot to add Anthony Weiner to the crew named above! Modern Day “The Multiple Stooges”!

  26. Snake Oiler

    This old photo of Joe may shed some light on his present condition…


  27. “Joe Biden reminds me of a simpler America, when a kid could go to the local drug store and buy cough syrup and model glue and leaded paint.”

    ~~David Burge aka Iowahawk


  28. Snake Oiler

    Regarding the possibility of Crazy Joe being replaced by Hillary, leading up to a 2016 presidential run…

    August 18, 2012 at 8:35 am

    Four years will change a lot…….including her face. This tired old harridan will be even less palatable to the American public than she is now. Plus she’s ugly, hateful, vindictive, and just as cold as Captain Skidmark.

    Alinsky is still Alinski, and his accolytes, once exposed, have a tough time walking it back. Hillary is a longer-serving disciple than is Obama. She’s just more stealthy about implementing his (Alinsky’s) tactics. However, anything she might propose will immediately be measured against what Obama has tried and what the people have categorically rejected, and they’ll reject it again.

    Besides, even if Romney is elected he’ll have a tough time repairing the fiscal damage Obama has wreaked on the country in four short years. We’ll likely be broke in spite of his best efforts……hell’s fire, we’re broke now! Hillary’s solution is the same tired old claptrap as Obama’s. We’ll just SPEND ourselves out of debt. When government is sucking up all the credit, and borrowers can’t compete with Uncle Sam in the ‘money store’, when business has been taxed to the max and it still isn’t enough, Hillary’s biggest constituency can kiss the welfare check goodbye. Then they’ll be pissed.

    So either way……whether she was on the ticket or not this year…..she owns the current state of affairs as much as Obama. Win or lose, there will be insurrection and mob rule. And her complicity won’t wear well once thre rule of law breaks down. If I was Hillary (shudder!!) I think I’d slink off into the distant murkiness and hope no one remembered who I was.

    And take Huma with you, PIAPS……..you deserve one another.

  29. My wife pointed out to me that Biden is kept around because he makes Obama look so much better than he really is. That and in this case he is the token white guy. It’s like the OK looking girl keeping the ugly fat ones close, so the contrast makes them look like a beauty.

    I really do not think Obama is a very smart person, but compared to Biden he looks like a genius.



  31. Don’t forget Joe the pervert, couldn’t keep his hands off the children of the people being sworn in by him.

  32. Spurwing Plover

    Now if this involved the GOP the media scum suckers would have a field day the media sharks would have a regular feeding freinzie and the media vultures would be circling overhead like they did with Cheneys hunting accedent and Dan Quayles misspelling Potato just another reason i quit watching these scum sucking scandal monger reptiles and i dont care for reptiles save for dinasours

  33. Disgusted Caucasian

    Laurel & Hardy, Deputy Dog & Droop along, Abbot & Costello, dumb & dumber and Evil & Dumb ass. We are so screwed.

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