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Jogging Is Bad For Your Health


Caption pic:( left) Katrina Vetrano (right) Chanel Lewis

No kidding. And you even thought it was good for you? Don’t believe me? Just ask Vanessa Macrotte. How about Katrina Vetrano or perhaps David Stevens? Well you can’t because all three were murdered along jogging trails. That’s just a very short list of people who were recently killed while minding their own business doing their daily runs. I have no difficulty finding numerous other examples. In fact, it seems to be quite a common occurrence. The numbers are simply astounding. Of course the mainstream media would never report this.

Just for your edification, Vanessa was murdered and sexually assaulted (allegedly) by Angelo Colon Ortiz. Chanel Lewis did same thing to Katrina. David was killed and mutilated with a sword by nutcase named Thomas Johnson.

What is clear is that human predators are using jogging tracks as hunting grounds. And why not, after all where can you find large numbers of people who are mentally distracted and physically winded? Running trails are the perfect ambush chokepoint. Combine that with some earbuds attached to a smart phone, a good dose of liberalism and you might as well put a sign on your shirt that says FOOD.

There are a number of strategies that can make you safer.

First is one of my favorites and that is avoidance. Why use jogging trails at all? There is a huge choice of aerobic workout machines available, both for home use and at fitness gyms. Some establishments have indoor jogging tracks. Of course those things cost a bit more money than a pair of jogging shoes and running apparel.

Another good plan is to obtain and jog with a dog. “A dog” means a large, athletic animal that loves to run and has a bit of a reputation as a protector. A prime example is Money Shot, my beloved Anatolian Shepherd. Money might love me, but he absolutely adores the missus. Any attempt on the infringement of his mamma’s safety would likely lead to measures most unpleasant for the miscreant attempting to do so. No doubt his original Turkish breeders would be delighted with the outcome. While performing double duty as guard dogs at home, they have special requirements and are not for everyone.

Then there is the simplest solution and that is to just obtain a gun as well as some of the training that goes with it. The big question is exactly what kind of handgun to carry for exercise. Remember, not only do you want an anti-ambush firearm, but also you want it to be light and small as well as reliable.

Your goal, first and foremost, is to stop the attacker. The simple sight of a firearms is often enough to drive a would-be mugger away. Even a shot with a miss will draw attention to yourself from others who may go to your aid or make a call to the PD. Predators don’t like attention or noise and just like in the animal kingdom, they know that getting injured has bad consequences for them.

There are plenty of small weapons out there that are ideal. IMHO I would keep the weight to below 24 ounces unloaded (that’s a pound and a half to you libs) and preferably below 20. Suggested calibers include 9mm, 380 and the venerable 38 Special

It’s nice to have so many good choices in handguns. It’s no secret that I love snub nose revolvers, however in terms of training they can be considered specialized weapons. Despite low capacity (5 in a 38) they are reliable and can be used to contact without malfunction. Ideal examples are the Ruger LCR and the S&W 638.

In the semi-auto category there are numerous pistols to choose from with makers like Ruger, S&W, Walther, Sig, Kahr, Glock and Bersa offering a number of quality products. Keep in mind that reliability is the most important thing to look for especially with small handguns.

One of the most overlooked issues is training especially for a jogging scenario. It’s difficult to train for such a circumstance and there are a variety of reasons for this including safety. While there are specialized gun training courses for specific situations such as car or home protection, I can’t find anything from the gun gurus that drills down onto the this aspect of self defense.

Finally, there is the big question of the best method to carry the weapon. The fact is that there’s probably no perfect way. You do want to protect the gun from sweat as well as to make sure it doesn’t bounce around. In addition, you have to be able to access it as quickly as possible. I’ve used a no-label fanny pack that I bought from a vendor at a gun show that’s now showing its age. My only regret is that I wish I knew who the guy was and that I had bought an extra 3 or 4. Best bets seem to a bellyband, fanny pack or a specialized chest rig for athletic carry. “The Jogger” made by Active Pro Gear is ugly, somewhat bulky and certainly not a fashion statement. However it does represents a good option in terms of price, ease of access, sweat protection, security and comfort.

In closing let me provide a bit more motivation for runners to arm up. The bottom images show Fusako Petrus 86, beaten to death by Neven Glen Butler 18, an 11th grade dropout and thug rat. (An even bet says you know which person is which) It seems that Fusako died while attempting to help her 61 year-old friend who was being assaulted by Nevan while they were walking around a high school track. Nevan was also detained in the beating of a 92 year-old woman a few days earlier. No doubt Mr. Butler will be described as a good boy, looking out for his family while trying to become a rapper and rocket scientist. But hey, black lives matter, yours doesn’t. The MSM will blame it on slavery or White Privilege. Ultimately the only person you can depend upon for your self-defense is you. Don’t become another example in this crime category.

Stay armed my friends.







  1. I sure love my Smith M&P .380! So small and fits easily in my pocket. Of course, I have Gunter the Glock .40 in my computer bag at the ready with two extra mags at all times should things get sporty. It’s a great feeling! Oh, jogging sucks!


    • Quartierleblanc

      The numbers of people who have assaulted, raped and/or killed while jogging really is astounding. I took about three days off and on the write the article and in the space of that time Fusako Petrus was murdered.

  2. “Man is granted a certain number of heartbeats in his lifetime. I’m not going to waste any of those heartbeats by doing something so foolish as jogging.”
    Neil Armstrong

  3. Timmy T. Bone

    You cant carry a firearm in a lot of the commie blue states. Here in the People’s Republic of NJ they give carry permits to no one. They are more concerned that you might hurt the poor dindu. Than of course you will be charged and put in jail and sued by the dindu’s family.

    That being said there are other ways to handle this. I used to have a Siberian Husky and we would go power walking. He could go and go and go and go. He was basically an exercise machine with paws and fur. 2 mile walk/run was nothing to him. I would also take along my so-called walking stick (really a beating stick – a 5 foot length of dried ash) and pepper spray.

    In all the years I had him nobody bad ever approached to us because they were not sure what he might do. Siberian Huskys look like wolves and they dont really bark either. He just stares at you with those ice blue eyes. People would ask what is he thinking about and I would say he is wondering what you taste like 😉 .

  4. I am confident that ones environment has more to due with the danger than the jogging trail or the activity itself…Here in rural America our joggers tend not to be assaulted by wanna be rappers gang banger types…Of course we also have none of those types…LOL…If you live in a swamp watch out for the gators and snakes…Stay armed my friends…

  5. Quartierleblanc

    Just to let you guys know there was a fatal knife attack at Gregory Gym at UT, a place where guns are prohibited. Food for thought. Another insane attack by a minority against white students. Money says that the family members of the victims wish someone would have armed.

  6. Poupon Marx

    Well, Dude, I’ve taught some girlfriends to shoot, even introducing them for the first time to firearms. One gal was petite and had small hands and had no trouble shooting a .45 auto. 30 to 40 rounds or there about, no problem. I’ve done so much research on .45 and 9mm that I am permanently mentally scarred. I have pinged Massad Akoob.

    Our hypothetical girl on the trail gets accosted. She should have a special “fanny pack” where a compact auto can be withdrawn immediately and without any fuss. I like the double action of the Sig the best. Always one in the chamber, so either pull the trigger or cock the hammer. Things are going to happen fast and at close range, almost certainly. That first shot is going to be the clincher. Fuck “placement”. It’s going to be a millisecond of time that is life or death. I’m talking:
    Technical Information

    Caliber: 45 ACP +P
    Bullet Weight: 230 gr
    Bullet Style: Sierra Jacketed Hollow Point

    Ballistics Information:

    Muzzle Velocity: 950 fps
    Muzzle Energy: 461 ft lbs

    Once that large cross sectional slug rips into sub-human flesh, the rest of the clip can be emptied rapid fire; start low and let the recoil move the pattern on up. If the first shot hits the reptile even in the arm, that will cause pause and shock. Big bullets make big holes.

    Another not often mentioned aspect is the report of the .45 when in front of the muzzle. Rather than a half-constipated pop, you get an ear-splitting shock wave of sound and energy. This is almost guaranteed to produce involuntary hesitation. If you have a chance, take a 9mm and a .45, and look down the barrel at each one, like YOU were the perp. I did, and the big hole of the .45 was way more intimidating.

    All the usual palaver about second placement, magazine capacity, more control, etc, etc, etc, does not apply when the perp pure is coming at you and closing very fast, so close that you can probably smell him.

    That’s my take. Ya’ll do what you want.

  7. Quartierleblanc

    Interesting take, especially since I’m a big advocate of speed for what I term an anti-ambush weapon. It always brings me back to Jack Ruby punching Lee Oswald’s ticket. He was the most heavily guarded man in the world, yet Jack put Lee’s lights out, walking past 70+ LEO’s with a single shot from a Colt Cobra 38. Food for thought.

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  9. You forgot about the knife.

    Great running companion, stainless steel with a synthetic handle equals sweat resistance and rinses off easily after the run, I just keep the edge sharpened and ignore any minor corrosion.

    Clip it into the waist band at the small of your back, put your hand on it the second you see a ‘youth’ or a ‘teen’ on the jogging trail, don’t stop running if you git axed a question.

    If grabbed, perforate the punk several times in the throat and/or groin area with the point of the knife and keep running, he won’t chase you very far.

    You were out for a run after all,

    Cost $35 bucks,

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