If there is a politician AWD despises worse than Obama, it would be John McCain. You say, worse than Hussein Hopenchange, AWD? Yes! Moreover, hell to the @#&*in’ yes! I know what Obama is. I know what McCain is supposed to be. McCain has done more to hurt the conservative cause in the years he has infected Congress than Obama. McCain’s a bully and a coward too afraid to join the Democrat caucus.

McCain is also a war monger and the top salesman for the defense industry. He would gladly go to war with any country that happens to have a gun. If they don’t have a gun, McCain will sell them one and then declare war!

Now he’s up for re-election. So now he rolls out all the lies and spends the next year and a half trying to convince the stupid Republican voters in Arizona he’s a conservative.

The first tip off was when McCain came out against Loretta Lynch for Attorney General. BUT MCCAIN VOTED FOR ERIC HOLDER!!!

Juan even went as far to publicly criticize his man-servant Lindsey “Fredo” Graham and Jeff “ain’t nothin’ but a” Flake because they support Lynch. Together, those three form the Three Stooges of the Senate. If not for re-election, McCain would vote for Lynch just as he did Holder!

Second sign of the weasel-osity of McCain. He said he would support Ted Cruz should Ted win the Republican nomination. Bwahahaha! McCain has been perfectly clear he despises Ted Cruz since Ted won his Senate seat and let the Wussypants Republican Establishment he would not be controlled.

How humiliating it must be for John McCain to have to so obviously lie to keep his old grizzled ass in the Senate. But AWD is enjoying every moment of schadenfreude as McCain tells lie after lie to fool his constituents. Conservatives should take every moment to heap ridicule on him as he blatantly tells his stupid lies!

If you are in Arizona and vote for John McCain or Jeff Flake, you’re the problem! The stupid problem. We don’t need that. The Republican Party is full up on stupid.

Remember when McCain tried to cram through Amnesty for illegals with Ted Kennedy? He wanted open borders. He even hired a Mexican government official as his Hispanic Outreach officer. More recently he said the GOP would have to nominate an Open Border candidate to win the White House. Well, here’s a commercial Señor Juan McPain ran before his last election.

[yt id=”r0lwusMxiHc”]

McCain can kiss my danged ass. He’ll say or do anything to win and then he’ll immediately go back to being the biggest a**hole in Congress!

DON’T BE STUPID AGAIN, ARIZONA! Haven’t we suffered enough with your @#&* Senators?


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