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Gun Control has once again earned major time in the media.  What the MSM calls a debate is actually pushing through their twisted agenda.  They don’t bother to get both sides of the story, nor do the bother with facts.  They do not understand guns and make no effort to learn.  Here is a perfect example off the New York Times web site:

They call this a Glock .40. What the hell is a Glock .40?  Can you believe that?  If you are so stupid that you can’t tell the difference between a Glock and a 1911 should you really be reporting on guns?  The liberal left of America accepts everything this group of journalist dumbasses sells them and it never occurs to them to question the truth. I got into a debate the other day with a guy that felt we should ban those bad AR-15’s because they are really ‘Assault Rifle Machine guns and they can shoot through way to much ammo in their clip’.  

How is it possible to have that much ignorance wrapped up into one sentence?  When I asked him where he got the idea the AR was an Assault Rifle he gave me a condescending look and said ….  Uh … it’s in the name, AR – Assault Rifle.  He never did apologize when I informed him that the AR stood for Armalite Rifle. He didn’t know the difference between an automatic and a semi-automatic gun either.  He proudly informed me that he got his information off the news.  

I’m really not sure I can think of any new ways to make this group of idiots knowledgeable in the difference between a clip and a mag.  If they haven’t figured it out by now, I am pretty sure they ever will.  While doing some research, I found this nifty little chart that might explain where the MSM gets their information.

David Gregory waved an empty magazine on the air during Meet the Press.   He was aware that it was illegal to posses one in Washington D.C., but he chose to do it anyway.     He is another one of these journalist dumbasses who want to tell the rest of us what to do, but thinks he is above the law.  Their inflated ego’s get on KGG’s last nerve.

The Main Stream Media is one of the biggest problems in our country.  They have stopped reporting news and are promoting a socialist agenda.  It’s up to us to make them irrelevant.  I have stopped watching their programs and don’t subscribe to their newspapers or magazines.    It’s up to blogs like this one to report the real news.

Ted Nugent telling Piers Morgan to “Suck on my Machine Gun”!  KGG’s message to the media is, I agree with Ted!



  1. Mr. Grumpus

    Funny that you mention Glock .40’s KGG. Just got to my hotel room for the night and laid mine on the nightstand. It’s not an especially attractive gun, but very effective. On the other hand, the 1911 in the picture is very effective, and especially attractrive.

  2. I agree with Ted too…he summed up this whole situation for me.

  3. Mr. Grumpus

    Did I really spell “layed”? Oh dear….

  4. KGG, excellent post. There’s no bottom for the MSM…and nothing their mindless followers won’t swallow.

  5. Mr. Grumpus

    You are a funny guy, Red Yankee. Lol!

  6. I don’t know much about guns because I’m afraid of them. But I think you are being hard on these left wing Journalist and Socialist Gun-snatchers. So I asked my trusted source Mr. Mittens if it was possible under any circumstances or extreme conditions to confuse a Glock 22, 23, or 27, with a 1911 45 cal.

    Mr. Mittens claims these kinds of mistakes are very easy to make under the influence of Hallucinogens, Psychoactive Drugs, and/or excessive alcohol abuse. Also sexual asphyxiation can deprive the brain of enough oxygen to blur the cognitive perception between a Glock and a 1911 according to him.

    Also the stress of war, sometimes known as “The Fog of War” can cause mistakes in judgement. Many old Serbs died in Bosnia When U.N. Troops thought this

    Was a Mossburg 590A1 Tactical Tri-Rail Shotgun.

    So cut these Clark Kents a break KGG, it’s hard to be objective and factual when your brain is suffering from oxygen deprivation.

  7. Mr. Grumpus

    I agree with the Waspish one. How can one discuss the finer points of gun control, if one doesn’t even know what gun they’re controlling? Gotta paraphrase Blistered..

    Grumpus, out!

  8. The reason they use the word Glock, is because it is recognizable. You say the word Glock, and probably people know what that means. You say 1911, and folks don’t know. Also a Glock is a polymer framed pistol, and ‘black’. ‘Black guns’ are evil. ‘Black guns’ are assault weapons. They use careful phrasing to push their agenda. Back in the 90′s Clinton used the phrase ‘cop killer bullets’ when referring to hollow point rounds. It got peoples attention.

    They are not stupid, they are calculating and precise.

    • Glocks are not “Evil”

      How can anything made from recycled Barbie dolls be evil?

      And re-purposing unwanted Barbies is Green too, everyone should own a Glock to show they care about the environment.

      And saying anything “Black that kills” is code for disenfranchising a whole generation of underprivileged Urban youths sitting in prison because they made a mistake.

      But I agree with the calculating and precise part.

  9. Mr. Grumpus

    No Michael, I didn’t spell right. One of my good friends at AWD took care of my spelling, and that’s OK. I really love this website, thank you everybody! Dude, BT, Red, Mike T, QT, Vixen, KGG, and others I’m missing. Thank you, great minds of the center right(normal americans)!

  10. I just went back and looked at that poster with the Glocks and AK-47’s. For some reason I can’t stop laughing at it. I don’t know what kind of car that is, but it looks like a Plymouth Valiant.


    Hey in our county fair last year they were selling those neat toy machine guns with make the machine gun sound and richocah sounds when you pulled the trigger

  12. Had a “discussion” about gun control at work yesterday. The proponent asked; “why would anyone need an assault rifle?” Of course, I had to ask for the definition of assault rifle, which he could not come up with aside from M-16, AK-47, AR-15, etc. I had to inform him that M-16’s were full auto and mostly illegal anyway. So I commenced to explain the liberal definition; flash suppressor, pistol grip, barrel shroud, detachable “high” capacity magazine, etc. He agreed that he would call that an assault rifle and that nobody needs one. So I asked if he had ever shot or loaded a 10/22. He said he had and admitted that loading the standard 10 round magazine was tedious, but that a .22 rifle is in no way an assault rifle. I then explained that with the above cosmetics and a 25+ round “banana” clip, indeed it was. I asked him to explain why a .38 revolver wasn’t usually considered a “bad” gun but a .380 or 9mm was. He said it was because of the bullets. When I showed him a comparison of the ammo he had no response. I admitted that the semi-auto DID carry more, but that the “bullets” were basically the same diameter, and that the .38 had (in my opinion) better (single round) stopping power. So again I argued that the whole debate was over cosmetics. I then trotted out the FBI’s recent statistics on hammer/blunt object vs. rifle murders. He, of course was dumb to that statistic. I explained that “rifle” also included so-called assault rifles. So asked him to give me an idea of what exactly was an “assault” hammer”? Ball-peen? Claw? Tack hammer? Double faced? I also asked if a wooden bat should be considered a traditional bat and aluminum an assault bat. Or if a smooth rock was any “safer” than the much dreaded assault brick. When he finally realized that the argument IS strictly about appearances and NOT safety, he admitted that he “might” have been wrong. I’m sure we’ll have this same argument again and again, being that he gets his information from the alphabet networks.
    I only wish that someday the requirement to register for welfare, food-stamps and voting will be as difficult as buying a gun.

    • I had a similar experience not to long ago. Very carefully explaining to him pretty much what you did replete with pictures, and physical examples when necessary. He too admitted maybe he was wrong, and then proudly declared, “But I am right that NO ONE needs to own a gun period!” ::facepalm:: GD mouthbreathers! To add insult to injury, the dude was retired Air Force! WTF OVER?!

  13. Man… I don’t have as much gun experience as a lot of you folks on here. But even *I* can tell the difference between a Glock and a 1911. And I sure as hell know that AR does NOT stand for “Assault Rifle.” Because at least I was able to open my eyes, ears, and mind. And close my mouth. Something these libs and “journalists” seem to be lacking.


    Piers Morgan is a blabbering stupid numbskull too stupid to know he is stupid


    The NEW YORK SLIMES needs to go the way of the dinsour Its usfulness was worn out after the infamous WALER DURANTY was gushing all about joe stalin AND HIDING THE TRUTH

    • Amen, SP – I’ll bet damned few people know this story and all should check it out. The Slimes and the Washington P— are worthless and should be out of here, along with many more newsrags. To me the #1 most amazing thing about leftists is their love for murderous dictators.

  16. Assault weapon : anything that looks scary to a liberal.

  17. master of sinanju

    I’m having the same types of discussions at work. Brain dead idiots who know nothing of weapons,telling me assault weapons should be banned, example: ruger mini 14. These geniuses use this firearm on the job in their gun posts! When I asked should they be banned they said no its not an assault weapon! I said exactly it fires one round per pull of the trigger! Some fellow (ill informed/ignorant) law enforcement huh?!

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  19. John Liberty

    That gun is a 1965 Walther S&W M&P Shield Peacekeeper 1911 Series 99 Multi-Auto with dual clips and semi-bore acurizing that fires NATO bi-nomial wad cutters and .50 caliber armor-piercing depleted uranium penetrators. It was first used by Congolese Special Forces troops during their invasion of Iceland in 1966, which led to the Scandanavian Uprising and Lutefisk Festival of 1967 and the introduction of the phenominal Swedish singing group ABBA several years later. Or so it has been reported by several major media outlets. The AP reported this pistol looks very much like just a squirt gun. New York Times says they are still conducting research on the matter.

    • Kansas Gun Girl

      I really, really need one of those guns!! 😉

      I’ve always wondered about the force behind the singing sensation ABBA!!! For some reason, I can’t get the phrase ‘dancing queen’ out of my head!!


    The Colt 45 automatic was one of the U.S. Militaries sidearms from WW I to WW II and into vietnam

  21. Why is it that people who report on guns know squat about them. I love my glock 21 and my 1911 and AR

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