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Here’s the deal. AWD has taught his children this truth throughout their precious lives: Don’t ever argue or fight with the police. You will lose.

Something Dr Wang Chung learned the hard way that you will eventually always do what the police want you to do. The hard way.

By now everyone has seen the video of the guy with the bloody mouth being dragged off the plane. Oh, the outrage! But there were three other people selected at random by a computer to give up their seats on that United flight. Why weren’t they also beaten and bloodied? Because they simply got their butts off the plane. Dr Chung decided to become a Youtube sensation.

Oh, and the guy isn’t a doctor anymore since he propositioned male patients for sex. According to the NY Post:

Dao’s own medical license was suspended in 2003 following his arrest on charges including unlawful prescribing and trafficking in a controlled substance.

He was accused of providing prescriptions for Vicodin and other narcotics to a former patient he later hired as his office manger, who was identified in news reports at the time as Brian Case.

The men repeatedly hooked up in motels, with Dao paying Case around $200 each time and also sharing in the drugs, according to a 130-page file compiled by the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure.

On the day he was busted, Dao was secretly videotaped with Case in a Red Carpet Inn in Jefferson County, Ky., “with his shirt off and his pants undone,” the records say.

Ooooh, Doctor Freaky Deaky! Something tells me Dr Wang was angling for a big, juicy lawsuit.

Back to AWD’s parental genius. I told my children to become docile like little schoolgirls if they ever have dealings with the police. First, police work is dangerous and I want cops to be as relaxed as possible. Two, police carry guns and have radios. Any sh*t you give cops will be met with other pissed-off cops at the very least. You may end up getting shot in the face. Which, last time I heard, can ruin your day. Even if the cop is in the wrong, you’re still dead.

I instructed my kids to be respectful and peaceful. If the cop is a badge-heavy Rambo type, Dad will deal with him through my attorney. There’s a time to express outrage at crazy cops. While they have you pulled over is not the time.

Do I believe it was wrong of United and the cops to beat and drag the guy off the plane? Yes, I do. They should have upped the offer for free travel bucks to buy someone else’s seat. Eventually, someone would have bitten. And United could have avoided millions of dollars of bad press. An ounce of prevention.

But Dr Wang wanted to be a star and get himself a lawsuit. He’ll probably end up with millions for his busted mouth.

It’s a big hassle when airlines oversell flights. Someone always has to be bought off for their seat. But if an airline is going to sell more tickets than they have seats, they must bear the responsibility to buy back the seat from the ticket holder. Whatever the cost. If someone buys a ticket with the expectation of leaving and arriving at a certain time, the airline must honor that. And everyone has a price for selling their seat. Had United offered First Class seats to Tahiti, people would have been lining up in the aisle.

United Airlines got played and now they will pay.

United shareholders, AWD is available to be the CEO and make United a not-stupid airline. Call me.



  1. There’s a poll out asking who’s to blame for this whole fiasco.

  2. The queer just had to be a drama queen. Hey everybody, look at me, look at me, LOOK AT MEEEEE! I’m special, I suck dick!


  4. Unreal.
    “I have patients to see!”
    A: No, you don’t.
    B: If you did, and they haven’t scheduled a heart attack or stroke for Monday morning, get your ass off the plane and reschedule your appointments instead of screeching “I’m a DOCTOR,” as if it makes you GAWD ALMIGHTY on two feet.
    C: You asshat, I paid a lot of money for this seat and I want to get where I need to go and you’re holding me up. I would’ve bloodied his face at that point!
    D: UA is now sucking ass because this tiny little bastard was a combative ass. Never use them.

    And finally, AWD is right about the cops. You fight a cop, you lose every time. My mother taught me at an early age to wave, smile, be nice even when NOT pulled over, and act professionally when you are pulled over. They’ve got a nasty job. Every time I’ve been able, I’ve offered an officer a bottle of water, or a sack of candy, ect. They act stunned every time.

  5. Look at it this way: Every other race puts up a fight when they are being pushed around (justly or unjustly). White people just meekly surrender. Maybe we should learn something from them?

  6. And when I buy a seat, whether or not I have a criminal past, have I not purchased a commodity and have a reasonable expectation that the company that sold it to me is going to honor the contract? That the company is not going to bring a police officer to my seat to punch me in the face and drag me off? If they want to buy my seat back from me, they should simply keep offering me more money until I am willing to sell.

    As far arguing with the police, you are correct that they will just keep bring more force until they win. That does not make them right or moral.

    • ASM, I agree. If you saw in the article, AWD called upon United to keep upping the ante until someone voluntarily leaves. No one made United sell more tickets than seats. They should bear the full financial responsibility.


  7. I criticize this guy on YouTube. When people disagree with me and call me names I shriek like a woman, bang my head into an armrest and feign unconsciousness. BTW, should I buy the Lamborghini or the Porsche?

    • Fled the Undertow

      Exactly right. The demands for UA to keep upping the ante sets a costly precedent…one that we purchasers will ultimately pay for. If the “right” to the seat belongs to the purchaser instead of the airline (assuming they “bought” the seat when, in reality, they only leased it), two things will result: A) overbooked passengers will hold out indefinitely, waiting for the “round trip tickets to Tahiti” every time, and ticket prices will go up to offset this new expense. Not to mention B) that people who may need to be removed from the plane for other reasons (say, intoxication or belligerence) will refuse to disembark, loudly screeching about their “rights” as well.

      The fine print on the back of each ticket clearly explains that the purchaser is bound to the rules and limitations outlined by the airline, including instances of “refusal to transport” for a whole slew of reasons. Legally, Wang Chung has no leg to stand on, and should go slink back under whatever queer rock he came from in abject humiliation for acting like an entitled, obstinate girlyman. But a low-information jury will undoubtedly award him a new Porche, and we regular airline travelers will end up paying for it.

      Thanks a lot, Doctor Douchebag.

  8. collective stupidity never solves any problems it only creates more…
    in this case we have 2 parties behaving stupidly…#1 the airline shouldn’t over book and if they do they should “buyout” some seats with free tickets or hotel rooms or cash…if you have stock in this airline i would sell quickly because with this type of leadership they will surely lose money or fail.very bad for business to have that video go viral..#2 the a$$clown doctor should not have said ” i am not moving , you will have to drag me off” to the authorities…he was a combative jacka$$ and got his just reward for playing tough guy…i see a massive lawsuit and or settlement in the near future…we deserve what we tolerate…

  9. Sarge the Annihilator

    Problem I have with this whole thing is WHY the police were even there in the first place. the Doctor (Scumbag or not, doesn’t matter) wasn’t hurting anyone or threatening anyone. So the airline calls the cops the cops should have laughed at united and said not our problem. I didn’t know the police had a duty to settle petty disagreements without either party violating the law. If the law was broken then the cop needs to back it up with statute. I also feel if the police work outside their authority then the officers are responsible for their actions and should not be able to hide behind the badge, if it was just and righteous, I don’t care what they do to the guy and the cops always right. But this just smells like its a case of do what I say because I`m a cop and your not, with no legal standing. and I probably shouldn’t question this or else the IRS will audit me again this year.

  10. Quartierleblanc

    I’m all in for the little guy. His checkered past is immaterial. He’s also owed a debt of gratitude. This crappy airline practice will stop all because of a little defiance on his part. You can rest assured that no one will be physically removed in the future. Frankly I’m glad this happened. EVERYONE hates the airline industry and anyone who has flown just a little has been screwed over by them. Using the police to beat your ass and then remove you from the plane after you’ve been seated is thuggery. As far as I’m concerned and for just about everyone else, you’ve made the deal, now keep the deal. The airlines would have used Congress and the courts to keep the system alive forever.

  11. Disgusted Caucasian

    The airliner was NOT overbooked as many in the fakestream media have parroted. The flight was full of paying passengers. United decided to boot four paying passengers so four of their crew could get a free ride to another city to work another flight. This is NOT an overbooking situation. When United called in the thugs on the defiant passenger, no one gave a sh1t, or even knew about about his character flaws. The character assassination of the victim is designed to make United Air thugs look justified. Airlines have been given cover to abuse and inconvenience passengers ever since 911 and they have taken full advantage of that situation. United will fail as a result of this incident. Margins are thin in the airline business and I smell a boycott in solidarity with the Dr. Dao. UAL/Continental will also have to deal with the pending lawsuit and public relations nightmare they have created for themselves. With a customer service level including beatings and ejections, many will choose another carrier even if United lowers fares to recapture market share.

  12. George Weinbaum

    The cops had no business getting involved in a CONTRACT DISPUTE between an airline and a passenger. I disagree with you AWD. Who the hell do these cops think they are to commit battery against an airline passenger? Because United said so? Suppose a flight attendant claimed the passenger refused to commit suicide? What then? Should the cops kill him? Where do you draw the line? Should passengers always OBEY airline personnel? Is this Stalin’s USSR? Like hell! The cops should have refused to drag the doctor off the plane. Now the cops should be arrested! That’s right. The cops are criminals in my book. Let United pay the doctor say $100 million. I assure you United would never do this again.

  13. Quartierleblanc

    You got it in one George. You can rest assured every day that someone flying is going to pray they get bumped, especially if they are already seated. Fix the problem. On the other hand, look for ever increasingly belligerent passengers to test the limits in search of a payday. I’ve seen a few. Then their are the mistakes. I was once seated next to a totally obnoxious drunk. The flight attendant somehow thought I was his buddy and was somehow involved. I wasn’t. Thankfully fellow passengers supported me. What AWD is getting at is about behavior. You can resist, but don’t be a butthead about it.

  14. I heard this story on the radio news and thought you jack-off…….you were told to get off you get the “F” off….

    I’m sick and tired of these jerk-wads that think they don’t have to abide by rules. and can defy the authorities when ever they feel like it….that they’re so special……..the gook, er I mean upstanding citizen, was told to get off……then you get off…ya got me jerk-wad……..

    I wouod have beat the piss out fo the defiant little bastard myself if I was there……he’s have more than a broken nose………

  15. Usually they do the bidding for your seat before the boarding process.All they had to do was up the ante until someone took the money . This guy gives new meaning to the phrase “Chinese take out “

  16. Deserttrek

    the cops acted like railroad thugs , they belong behind bars, the united employees also need a severe ass whipping again and again. the cops are pieces of shit, they should have walked away.

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      Exactly…because it’s not the cops place to be choosing sides in a contract dispute between United and one of their customers.

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