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Tough Questions, Hard Truth
Tough Questions, Hard Truth

The truth. The scoop. The inside source. Ahead of the curve. My source. Not reported in the press… but where does it come from?!?

I want to trade notes with y’all about where we all get our news, information, analysis, views, etc. on a daily basis. Blogs are great for rants and discussions (and AWD has the freshest and most in-depth of both!) but aren’t usually sources. I know there are some aggregators/ feeds, but if they all just link to AP they’re the same old tripe. I want original and I want uncensored! Chime in with any source of original reporting or good analysis that you have. Tell me where it comes from!

As alt/conservative patriot types, we claim to pride ourselves on not trusting the “mainstream media.” This, in spite of the fact that the Bull O’Really show has more viewers than CNN plus any other network, so what is the mainstream, anyway? And where does it come from?!?

I was thinking about this the other day, that it might be a good idea for us to share some of our resources, then “michael” linked to Hal Turner in a comment earlier today and I knew it was time! Turner had disappeared a few years back, something about the FBI and Federal penitentiary or some such, but I used to enjoy his “different take” on the news. It certainly wasn’t mainstream, but where did it come from?!?

I’ll give a couple of mine to start us, and y’all can just keep ’em coming in the comments section:

AWD- the Angry White Dude
Type- blog
Content- anti-PC focus, hilarious rants by the owner on Dims and Rino’s alike, “boosting” under-reported or local news stories, original content from contributors, great comments

The Tea Party Economist-
Type- website, daily email news feed (free subscription)
Content- economic analysis (follow the money!), under-reported economic/ financial news, liberty issues, Ron Paul linked but not his site

Type- website
Content- focused on immigration issues, aggregates news and analysis that is not reported anywhere else, features some of Patrick J. Buchanan’s best work, Peter Brimelow, deep analysis

So, before I start thinking that the world is so prosperous and peaceful that Pierced Organ can spend some quality CNN time reporting on a little strumpet f&#*ing her way through college, let me know who tells you the truth!

Music that “reportedly” does not suck:



  1. Spurwing Plover

    I quit reading the news papers and magazines and quit watching the news many many moons ago i havnt watched the news since Sept 12th 2001 its all leftists propeganda cant trust those reptiles

  2. Bargis Tryhol

    AWD does a great job posting the news that no one will touch. Here’s one you might have missed…

  3. Dr Poontang

    I didn’t know just where to put this but I wanted to share what happened last night. I was going to the local supermarket and at the door were 3 urban yoots hooping and hollering and just being a general nuisance. They were right in front of the door and as I walked up I simply said “Excuse me gentlemen”. One of the yoots looked like he was going to get an attitude and then the other said “Come on we gots to go”. It was not until I was getting my cart that I noticed my shirt had ridden up and my 45ACP Glock 30 was fully exposed in all its glory. This is not a problem here in Iowa because as long as you have a valid permit you can open carry if you wish. I prefer to conceal carry just to keep a low profile, go on about my business and not cause alarm or undue attention. When I left the yoots were nowhere to be seen or heard. I can’t help but wonder how many decent people I spared from being annoyed or harassed by these thugs.

  4. Spurwing Plover

    The main-stream media is like the horns of a steer a point here a point there and a lot of bull in between

  5. Inga, great question. I’ve written two things on the subject in the past, so I’ll summarize here. The first post was about ways to get original reporting (–namely, do our own investigative reporting (not likely to happen), connecting the dots on public data, or establishing counter narratives of existing stories (the last two are obviously related).

    The second was my attempt to scour local news to bring otherwise obscure stories to light (

    Bottom line is that I think we’re stuck with AP feeds for national and international news, and local news outlets for local news. Again, short of people actually going out there and James O’Keefing The Powers That Be, we’re not going to dig up anything ourselves. So the best we can hope for is to unearth public data that’s not being reported on or amplifying underreported stories.

    Lastly, to echo John Derbyshire, if there is hope, it lies in the comments threads. In this case, I’m speaking specifically of various news stories, etc., that commenters bring to everyone’s attention.

  6. Its all propaganda…. including FNC

    The free press and real journalism does not exist anymore

  7. Chicago guy

    Here in Chicongo, I recommend second city cop.
    for all unvarnished local crime news. The local msm are simply propagandists for democommie
    pc shitheads, and deniers of black on white crime.

    • I totally agree, Chicago Guy. I read the Second City Cop blog every day. It’s the only way to find out what is really happening in our Hell Hole known as Chicago. The local news stations are nothing but propaganda outlets for Rahm & Company; I gave up watching them long ago.

  8. inagadadavida

    RedStater- I had forgotten about your “Local News” post of just a few weeks ago. Sorry about that. I do like the idea of using the local news, it just gives us hundreds of news outlets that are truly independent of each other, unlike most of the national news coming through AP. I left AmRen open, figuring that you would use it for this purpose. I like the link you gave to publicintelligence, I just bookmarked that.

    Chicago Guy, I like those links you give. Local stories, but totally from a police perspective. It’s good to know what the cops are thinking, and having to put up with. They are the ones that might kick in your door in the middle of the night by mistake, or on some misguided assignment. Remember the kid takin’ a dump a couple of weeks ago who was CCW permitted and the five-0 used that as the reason to do a no-knock?!? Lucky no one was killed!

    On a similar note to that, I’m glad that we do have some military types that chime in here. They are the ones that are going to shoot at civilians, or side with them, if SHTF.

    A lot of why I wanted to know what people are reading is on account of Ukraine. I sure heard a lot of otherwise rational people (including here) who thought we just ought to roll on over to that conflict and get ourselves in neck-deep. I never could get a solid line on who these “protestors” were, or what they wanted. That situation still scares the sh*t out of me.

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